Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Judicature of the State of Indiana, Volume 76

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"With tables of the cases and principal matters" (varies).

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Page 402 - Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking and making void all former Wills by me at any time heretofore made.
Page 390 - ' every estoppel, because it concludeth a man to allege the truth, must be certain to every intent, and not to be taken by argument or inference.
Page 410 - The present capacity of taking effect in possession, if the possession were to become vacant, and not the certainty that the possession will become vacant before the estate limited in remainder determines, universally distinguishes a vested remainder from one that is contingent.
Page 553 - All State, county, township and town officers may be impeached or removed from office in such manner as may be prescribed by law.
Page 515 - ... and this theory proceeds on the fiction of law that the domicile of the owner draws to it the personal estate which he owns wherever it may happen to be located. But this fiction is by no means of universal application, and as Judge Story says, "yields whenever it is necessary for the purposes of justice that the actual situs of the thing should be examined.
Page 515 - If a foreigner or citizen of another State send his property within a jurisdiction different from that where he resides, he impliedly submits it to the rules and regulations in force in the country where he places it.
Page 409 - The adverbs of time, therefore, such as when, then, after, from and after, etc., in a devise of a remainder limited upon a particular estate, determinable on an event which must necessarily happen, are construed to relate merely to the time of the enjoyment of the estate and not to the time of its vesting in interest.
Page 388 - The doctrine has no application where everything is equally known to both parties, or where the party sought to be estopped was ignorant of the facts out of which his rights sprung or where the other party was not influenced by the acts asserted in estoppel.
Page 206 - Unless otherwise specially provided, the time within which an act is required by law to be done, shall be computed by excluding the first day and including the last; and if the last be Sunday, it shall be excluded.
Page 579 - ... questions of fact by the court, it shall not be necessary for the court to state its finding, except generally for the plaintiff or defendant, unless one of the parties request it, with a view of excepting to the decision of the court upon the questions of law involved in the trial; in which case the court shall first state the facts in writing, and then the conclusions of law upon them, and judgment shall be entered accordingly.

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