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For the Right Understanding of the

Laws and Covenants,
Whereby Man has been obligʻd thro’thé several

Ages of the World to guide himself in order
to Eternal Salvation. Wherein the most impor-
tant Points of Religion are explain'd and set

in a true Light.
Chiefly design'd for the Benefit of young Students in

Divinity, but very Useful to be perused by all Re-
ligious Persons, in order to their Right Understand.
ing of GOD's most Gracious as well as most Just
Dealings with All Mankind, from the Creation to
the End of the World.

By the Revd D' Edw.Wells, late Rector of cites-
bach in Leicestershire, and Bleachly in Bucks.

Printed at the THEATER for Will. Wells Bookseller

in Oxford: and Sold by Ja. Knapton, Cb. Rivington,
in St Paul's Church-yard, and For. Hazard at the Bible
in Stationers Court, Booksellers in London. 1729.

· 574



Vice-Can. OXON.

Feb. 6. 1728.

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T T must be granted, that it is of the very big hejt

Importance to have a right Knowledge of the
Terms of the Gospel-Covenant; forasmuca

as on a right Knowledge thereof depend a right Belief and Practice, and on these depends our Eternal Salvation. As such a right Knowledge is necessary to every Christian, so it is in the most pecial manner to a Divine ; forasmuch as a wrong Notion in one whose Business it is to instruct others, thereby becomes more liable to spread its Contagion, and so to prove pernicious to the greater Number of People. It can never be enough lamented, that the great Cunning of that grand Enemy, who is always making it his Bufmess to fovo Tares among the good

Seed, has so far prevail'd, that there is scarce any one material Point of the Gospel-Covenant relating to Sal vation, but what is misunderstood by some Party or other of Christians, or of such at least as call themselves fo. Hence it comes to pass, that the Ge-. nerality of Books concerning Divinity is more or less tainted with wrong Notions of the Gospel-Covenant ; and particularly such Books as usually fall or are put first into the hands of young Students in Divinity, on account of their compendiousness, and fo Smalness and Cheapness; as the Common Systems, Enchiridions, or the like. By these unhappy means

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