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Prayer of Thomas Aquinas before

study, I. 34.
of St. Chrysostom, in use in the
Greek Church, 112.
Protestantism, vindicated, 1. 183.

Idolatry upheld by the Papists, 1. 182.
Images and pictures, condemned by

the Council of Eliberis, II. 232.
Index Expurgatorius, its jealousy

about Apostolic Succession, II.273.
Indulgences, meaning attached to

the term by the antient Scholas.
tics, I. 39.
absurdity of the system of, 291.
Infallibility, works in refutation of,

Inform, antient use of the term,

11. 126.

Reformer, what is requisite for one,

1. 91.
Reeve's Early Christian Apologists,

II. 320.
Rome, its abominations, I. 75; II.

44, 46.

Schisms, opposed, I. 376.
School Divinity, crabbedness of, I.


Jesuits, their rise, importance, num.

bers, and intrigues, I. 535 –537.
Justification, obscure notions of

prior to the time of Luther, I. 7;
evidenced, 10, 52, 67, 96, 118.

Kaye's (Bp.) Ecclesiastical History,

I. 172, 191; 472.

Lambeth articles, II. 136.
Liberalism of the present age, an er.

ror of a former day carried into
wider operation, II. 242.

Scott's Continuation of Milner's

Church History, I. 52, 67, 91.
Scriptures, decree of the Council of

Trent respecting their use, II.
132; of Pope Leo XII. and Pope

Pius VII. ibid.
Slave, Scriptural meaning of the

term, II, 205.
Slavery, modern enormity of, II.

94; 219.
Smith's Errors of the Church of

Rome, I. 183, 198.
Socinianisin, works in refutation of

it, I. 117, 238.
Supremacy, Papal, first workings of,

İ. 13, 186; II. 185 ; indefensible,
I. 214; 547.

Marsh's Edition of Douglas's Crite.

rion recominended, 1. 61; 178.
Mendham's “ Literary Policy of the

Church of Rome" noticed and re-

commended, 1. 76.
Modern departure from Christianity,

I. 28.
Mosheim cited on the character of

Melancthon, l. 193; on early
schisms, I. 202 ; 253.

Nicene Creed, history, and defence

of, I, 177.

Theology of the Schools, I. 219.
Tithes always upheld by the Church

of Rome, II. 186.
Townsend's Accusations of History
against the Church of Rome, I.

Traditions of the Papists overturned,

II. 285.
T'ransubstantiation, exploded, 1.420.
Troy's (papal Abp.) Rhenish Testa.

ment condemned, I. 277.
Turner, Sharon, cited, I. 183; II.81.

Ordinary, meaning of the term, l.


Union of the two natures in Christ,

vindicated by Gelasius, I. 420.
Unity of the Church of Rome, II.


Papists, withhold the Scriptures, II.

do make "images for Divine wor.

ship, I. 182.
Peter, disproved to have been

Bishop of Rome, II. 285.
Phelan's Catholic doctrine of Tradi.

tion, II. 184.
Pupe, not the successor of St. Peter,

II. 273.
Pope Clement IV. anecdote of, I. 34.
Pope Pius IV. maintained idolatry,

I. 183.

Waldenses, vindicated by St. Ber.

nard, I. 116.

conduct of, 140.
Works in refutation of Popery, 1.19.
Worship, as defined by the Romish

Church, I. 503.





The Translator has greatly amplified this lodex, conceiviog, that as many texts of Scrip-
ture, pot noted in the Original Index, are yet illustrated by the connexivo in which they
stand in the work, it would prove useful to give them a place here. Also, io this Index are
included a few texts discussed in the Diusertation on the Death of Christ.




Gen. I. 1, In the beginniny God created the heaven

and the earth ...... ...... 1.
I. 27, So God created man in his own image II.
II. 2, God rested from all his works .... 1.
24, Therefore shall a man leave his father

and his mother and shall cleave unto his

...... II.
III. 15, It shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt / I.
bruise his heel

...... 3 &II.
IV. 5. Cain was very wroth and his countenance

...... II.
XXXIX. 10, He hearkened not unto her to be with

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Exod. XII. 14, Ye shall keep it a feast unto the
Lord for ever



XXXI, 16, 17, It is a perpetual covenant, a sign

between me and the children of Israel
for ever ......

...... ib.
Levit. XIX. 17, Thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy

neighbour and not suffer sin upon him II.
XXIII. 2i, It shall be a statute for ever, &c. I.
1 Saml. XII. 23, Be it far from me to sin against the

Lord in ceasing to pray for you ..
1 Kings XI. 3, Women turned away his heart ..
vol. II.

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2 Kings IV. 29, If thou meet any man by the way

salute him not, and if any salute thee,

answer him not again .... II. 279
Job XXI. 3, Is not destruction to the wicked, and a

strange punishment to the workers of
iniquity ?

Psal. I. 3, He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers

of water, and that bringeth forth his
fruit in due season

...... 1. 127
VIII. 6, Thou hast made him to have dominion,

...... 184,199
XLIV. 6, In Thy name will we tread under our

...... II. 146
XLIX. 8, No man can deliver his brother, nor
give to God a ransom

LXXXVI. 2, Preserve my soul for I am holy
CXVI. 12, 13, What shall I render unto the

Lord, &c. .... I. 55, II.
CXIX. 12, I have inclined my heart to perform

thy statutes even unto the end ....
Prov. XX. 9, Who can say I have made my heart

clean, I am pure from my sin ? ...
XXII. 24, Make no friendship with an angry

XXVIII. 14, Happy is the man that feareth

...... 1.
Eccl. IX. 1, No man knoweth whether he is worthy of

love or hatred, but all things are held

doubtful as to the future
Isa. XLII. 6, 1 the Lord have called thee, and have

given thee for a covenant of the people,
for a light of the Gentiles

... 22

8, 235
LIII, 10, If he shall lay down his soul for sin,


...... } & II. 523
LIX. 2, Your iniquities have separated between

you and your God ...... 1. 250,451
Jer. IX. 25, Behold, the days come that I will punish

all them that are circumcised with the
uncircumcised ...

...... 452
XXXIII. 8, I will cleanse them from all their
sins, and pardon all their iniquities

Ezek. XXXIIJ. 2, I have no pleasure in the death of

the wicked, but that the wicked turn

from his way and live ...... II, 432
Lament. V. 2, Turn thou us, and we shall be turned 1. 453






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Hosea I. 2, Go take unto thee a wife of whoredoms, &c.

42 Joel II. 12, Turn unto me with all your heart I. II. 14, Who knows if God will return and repent

...... ib. Micah V. 2, His going forth have been from of old,


186 Eccles. V. 5, 6, Concerning propitiation be not with

out fear to add sin, &c. Matt. III. 8, Bring forth fruits worthy of repentance V. 39, Whosoever shall smite thee on thy right

cheek, turn to him the other also II. 113 XIII. 4, The righteous shall shine forth as the sun .... ....

XV. 17, Do ye not yet understand, that whatso-

ever entereth in at the mouth, goeth into
the belly, &c. ....

XVI. 19, Whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth,
shall be loosed in heaven

286 XXII, 14, Many are called but few chosen .... 218 XXIV. 45, Who then is that faithful and wise steward, &c. ......

106 XXVI. 52, All they that take the sword shall perish with the sword

... II. 118 Luke I. 28, Mary full of grace

.... 1. 232 X. 11, Salute no man by the way

.... II. 279 XII. 19, Thou hast much goods laid up for many years, take thine ease, &c.

50 XVIII. 1, Men ought always to pray and not to faint

...... 1. 113 21, The kingdom of God is within you

160 XXIV. 19, Tarry ye in Jerusalem, until ye be

endued with power from on high ... 134 John I. 18, No man hath seen God at any time .. 180 III. 16, God so loved the world, that he gave his

only begotten Son, &c. .... II.
III 36, He that believeth not the Son, the wrath
of God abideth on him

.... 1. 251
V. 39, Search the Scriptures, they testify of me
XVII. 2, Thou hast given him power over all
flesh, &c.

.... II. 517 Acts III. 2, The Holy Ghost said, Separate me Bare nabas and Saul

1. 5 IV. 12, There is none other name under heaven,

given among men, whereby we can be

239, 318 VOL. 11.

2 Q 2

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VOL. PAGE. Acts V. 41, They departed from the presence of the

council rejoicing that they were counted
worthy, &c. ....

.... 1. 141,271 VIII. 22, Repent therefore, if perhaps the

thought of thy heart may be forgiven

44 XIII. 38, 39, Through Christ is preached the

63 forgiveness, &c.

& II. 346 XV. 10, Why tempt ye God to put a yoke upon

the disciples which neither we nor our

fathers were able to bear .... 1. 402 20, They should abstain from pollutions of

idols, and from fornication, and from
things strangled, &c.

.... II.
XVII. 28, In him we live, and move, and have

our being Rom. I. 10, That which may be known of God is manifest in them, &c.

393 V.8, God commendeth his love toward us, &c. 236, 242 19, By the obedience of one shall many be made righteous

II, 341 20, The law entered that sin might abound I. 385 VI. 12, Let not sin reign in your mortal body, &c.

..... II. 32 VII. 19, The good that I would I do not, &c. I. 126,253 VIII. 24, We are saved by hope .

51 25, If we hope for that we see not, then

do we with patience wait for it .... 37, In all these things we are more than conquerors

135 XII. 5, We being many are one body in Christ, &c. 515 10, Be kindly affectioned one towards another, &c.

26 XV. 2, Every one of us should please his neighbour

125 I Cor. I. 26, Ye see your calling, brethren, &c. II. II. 12, We have received the Spirit that we may

know the things, &c. .... . Note, I.
14, The natural man receiveth not the things
of the Spirit, &c.

IV, 8, Ye are full, ye are rich, ye have reigned
as kings without us, &c.

385 V. 3, Being absent in the body, I am present with you in spirit ..

109 XII. 21, The head cannot say to the feet, Ye have

no need of me

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