The castles of Wolfnorth & Mont Eagle, by St. Ann

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Page 173 - Thy voice was a stream after rain ; like thunder on distant hills. Many fell by thy arm ; they were consumed in the flames of thy wrath. But when thou didst return from war, how peaceful was thy brow ! Thy face was like the sun after rain...
Page 93 - Annir, he said, retire. Retire to Gormal of shells; a beam that was set returns. I remember thy whitebosomed daughter ; dreadful king away ! Go to thy troubled dwelling, cloudy foe of the lovely ! Let the stranger shun thee, thou gloomy in the hall ! A tale of the times of old ! i COMALA: BRAMAT1C POEM, ARGUMENT.
Page 226 - Dost thou not know me/ said Gaul, 'red-haired chief of Cuthal? Thy feet were swift on the heath, in the battle of car-borne Lathmon; when the sword of Morni's son pursued his host, in Morven's woody land. Dunrommath! thy words are mighty, for thy warriors gather behind thee. But do I fear them, son of pride? I am not of the race of the feeble!
Page 250 - Gormal that often echoed to my winds, when my spear was red in the chase of the boar. Let dark Cuthullin yield to me the ancient throne of Cormac : or Erin's torrents shall show from their hills the red foam of the blood of his pride." " Sad is the sound of Swaran's voice," said Carril of other times : " Sad to himself alone," said the blueeyed son of Semo.
Page 48 - Collath's stately son? Who sat in the midst of the wise, but Dargo of the mighty deeds? Thy hand touched the trembling harp: Thy voice was soft as summer-winds. — Ah me! what shall the heroes say? for Dargo fell before a boar. Pale is the lovely cheek; the look of which was firm in danger! — Why hast thou failed on our hills, thou fairer than the beams of the sun? The daughter of...
Page 250 - ... with sighs. She raised her eyes to the king. She would speak, but thrice she failed. Fingal heard the words of the bard; he came in the strength of his steel. They mixed their deathful spears : They raised the gleam of their arms. But the sword of Fingal descended and cut Frothal's shield in twain. His fair side is exposed; half bent he foresees his death. Darkness gathered on Utha's soul. The tear rolled down her cheek. She rushed to cover the chief with her shield; but a fallen oak met her...

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