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8. d. Catechisms and Text-Books - Continued. Peddie's (James, W.S.) Syllabus of Exercises on the Shorter Catechism,

0 3 Struthers' (Rev. Dr G.) Explanation of the shorter Catechism. New edition,

0 4 Chalmers (Thomas): A Biographical Study. By Jas. Dodds. Crown 8vo,

26 Chamber of A'miction (The); or, Scriptural and Practical Con:

siderations, Directions, and Consolations for the Sick and
Afflicted. 32mo,

1 Charlotte and her Enemy. Fcap. 8vo,

0 Christian Casket (The): A Sunday Treasury. 32mo,

1 0 Christian Souvenir (The). By the Editor of "Sacred Poetry.”

2 6 Clark's (Edson L. The Races of European Türkey': Their History, Condition, and Prospects. Square 8vo, :

10 6 Clarke (Sarah' M. S.). - Miss Trouble-the-House and her Adven. tures. Fcap. 8vo, .

09 The Countess and her children ; or, Country Life in Russia. Fcap. 8vo,

09 Little Madeleine: A Story for Children. Small crown 8vo,

0 An Enemy's Friendship; or, The Christmas Gift. A Story of

the Franco-Prussian War. Small crown 8vo, Illustrated, 1 0 The Doctor's Daughter : A Book for Girls. Sinall crown 8vo, cloth gilt, Illustrated,

0 Polly Wyatt; or, Virtue its own Reward. Crown 8vo, Illustrated, 2 0 Scenes and Sketches from English Church History, Crown 8vo, cloth extra,

3 6 Mayflower Stories. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, Illustrated,

3 6 Cloud of Witnesses (A) For the Royal Prerogatives of Jesus Christ ;

being the Last Speeches and Testimonies of those who have
suffered for the Truth in Scotland since the year 1680. Re-
printed from the Original Editions, with Explanatory and
Historical Notes. By the Rev. John H. Thomson. Demy 8vo,
Illustrated, cloth extra, .

5 0 Collier (Joseph A.) –The Dawn of Heaven. 32mo,

0 Cousins Reconciled (The); or Prejudice Overcome. Small crown 8vo, Illustrated,

1 6 Capples (Mrs George). --Hard to Win ; or, A Yoke Broken. 'Smali crown 8vo, ls. 6d. ; gilt, Illustrated,

20 Dexter (H. V., D.D.). --The Unerring Guide ; or, scripture Precepts topically arranged. Small crown 8vo,

26 Dick Ennis, the Village Schoolboy. Fcap. 8vo, Downie's (Rev. Thomas) The Believer on Pisgah. Crown 8vo, 5 0 Duncan (Rev. Henry, D.D.). —Sacred Philosophy of the SeasonsWinter. Fcap. 8vo,

4 6 Dancan’s (Mrs Mary Lundie) Memoir; being Recollections of a

Daughter by her Mother. Ninth edition, with fine Engraving
of Kelso, crown 8vo,

2 Duncan's (Mrs Mary Lundie) Rhymes for my

Children. 32mo,

0 2 Dyer (William). - The Famous Titles of Christ. Fcap. 8vo, .

0 Eadie's (Rev. Professor, D.D., LL.D.) Lectures on the Bible to the

Young for their Instruction and Excitement. Tenth edition,
small crown 8vo,

1 0 Edgeworth (Miss). –The Bracelets; or, Habits of Gentleness:

Fcap. 8vo,
Waste Not, Want Not; or, Two Strings to Your Bow. Fcap. 8vo, o
Elspeth Sutherland; or, The Effects of Faith. Fcap. 8vo,
Exiled Family (The) and their Restorer: An Allegory for Young

Christians." Square 8vo, cloth extra. Illustrated by Dalziei

1 6 Family Prayers for Working People, for Four Weeks. Edited by

the Rev. John HALL, D.D., New York. Small crown 8vo, 1 0








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8. d.


Fanny Garden : The Happy Effects of Sabbath School Teaching.
Illustrated. Fcap. 8vo, cloth,

0 4 Ferrier (George). -North Berwick. With a Descriptive Account

of the Bass Rock, Tantallon Castle, and other objects in its
Vicinity. Eleventh edition. Illustrated. Crown 8vo,

1 0 “This is a model guide-book."-Courant. Fife (M. B.)-In Glenoran. Crown 8vo, cloth extra,

2 6 “A pretty tale of Scottish village life."-Athenæum. Findlay (Jessie Patrick).—The Lost Tide. Small crown 8vo, Illustrated, paper, ls. ; cloth,

1 6 Finlayson's (Rev. Thos., D.D.) Memorials. Crown 8vo,

4 6 Finlayson (Thomas). - Bernard Palissy, the Huguenot and Potter. Small crown 8vo,

1 0 First Christmas Tree (The). — From the French. Fcap. 8vo, 0 4 First Printer's Early Days (The). - The Story of Gutenberg. Fcap. 8vo,

09 Fir Tree of the Jura (The), and Other Stories. Fcap. 8vo,

0 4 Forbes (A. K. H.).—Climbing the Ladder; or, Tom Fairbairn's Progress. Small crown 8vo, gilt, Illustrated,

2 0 Jim's Treasure ; or, Saved from the Wreck. Small crown 8vo, gilt, Illustrated,

2 0 Four Years in a Cave : A Tale of the French Revolution. . Small crown 8vo, Illustrated,

1 6 Fred the Apprentice. Fcap. 8vo,

09 Freiberg (The Young Carpenters of): A Tale of the Thirty Years'

War. From the German. Small crown 8vo, gilt, Illustrated, 2 0 Gardener's Daughter (The). Fcap. 8vo,

0 6 Garrett (Edward). -At any cost. Crown 8vo, Illustrated,

3 6 Plainer Binding, without Illustrations, paper boards, 2s. ; cloth, 2 6

"Should rank high among Mr Garrett's stories." --Spectator, By Still Waters : A Story for Quiet Hours. Crown 8vo, Illustrated, 2s. 6d.; cheap edition, paper, ls. ; cloth,

. 1 6 We have read many books by Edward Garrett, but none that has pleased us so well as this. It has more than pleased, it has charmed

All through it runs a golden thread of spiritual wisdom that makes you linger as you read. The best character drawn with great care is

We have all of us, we hope, met such good, kind, wise women, who seem to be sent into the world to put things straight and

lift everybody to a higher plane of existence."-Nonconformist. One New Year's Night, and Other Stories. Small crown 8vo, gilt edges, Illustrated, .

2 0 Equal to the Occasion. cloth extra, Illustrated,

2 German Drummer Boy (The); or, The Horrors of War. From the German. Small crown 8vo, gilt, Illustrated,

2 0 German Pastor (The). — Theodore Fliedner. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, 04 Gibson (J. Munro, D.D.). -The Ages before Moses : Lectures on the Book of Genesis. Crown 8vo, second edition,

5 0 " Discourses which will live in the memory, and can hardly fail of being useful, especially to young men who care to have the questions which the history in the Book of Genesis presents fairly considered and

answered." - Literary World. Giles (Chauncey).—The Gate of Pearl. Small crown 8vo, gilt, Illustrated,

1 6 The Magic Shoes. Small crown 8vo, gilt, Illustrated,

1 6 The Magic Spectacles. Small crown 8vo, gilt, Illustrated, 1 6 The Wonderful Pocket. Small crown 8vo, gilt, Illustrated, 1 6 Gillies (J. B.). -Edinburgh, Past and Present. With Notes of

the County, Historical, Descriptive, and Scientific, by Rev.
JAMES S. Mill, FLORA Masson, and Dr GEIKIE. Crown
4to, cloth extra, with 150 Illustrations, .

10 6 “Readable from end to end."-St James' Gazette. “ The Illustrations are gems of the art."-Round Lake Journal. “The Vignette Illustrations are charming."-Spectator.


Sarah Russell.


S. d. Glardon (Auguste).- The Young Brahmin's Story; or, The Confessions of Bihari Làl. Crown 8vo, Illustrated,

3 6 Goldsmith's Widow (The), and Other Stories. Śmall crown 8vo, Illustrated,

1 6 Gordon (Janet). -Jacob Jennings, the colonist; or, The Adventures

of a Young Scotchman in South Africa. Small crown 8vo, gilt,

2 0 Gordonhaven.' sketches of Fisher Life in the North. By an oid

Fisherman. With an Introduction by the Author of "Johnny
Gibb of Gushetneuk." Illustrated, small crown 8vo. Cloth,
1s. 6d.; paper,

1 0 Governesses (A Book for). By One of Them. Small crown 8vo, 2 6 Grandma and Her Grandchildren. Small crown 8vo, .

1 0 Grant (David).-Lays and Legends of the North. Extra crown 8vo, 5 0 Gray (Agnes M.). -Adah, the Jewish Maiden. A Story of the Siege of Jerusalem. Crown 8vo, Illustrated,

3 6 Lady Willacy’s Protegées ; or, Homes for the Homeless. Crown 8vo, gilt,

5 0 Gray (Alice). —Thy Kingdom Come. The Story of Little Margery. Small crown 8vo,

1 0 Gray (Rev. William A.).-The Shadow of the Hand,' and other Sermons. Crown 8vo,

50 "Since the Rev. John Ker published his single volume of sermons some years ago there has been no such suggestive volume given to the

press as this by Mr Gray of Elgin."-Northern Whig. Greenwood (Grace).—A Year Abroad : Stories and Sights in France and Italy. Small crown 8vo, gilt,..

2 0 Grigor (John). --Arboriculture ; or, A Practical Treatise on Raising

and Managing Forest Trees, and of the Profitable Extension of
the Forests of Great Britain. Second edition, demy 8vo, cloth, 10 6

First Notice.--" He is a writer whose authorship has this weighty re-
commendation, that he can support his theories by facts, and can point
to lands worth less than a shilling an acre when he found them, now
covered with ornamental plantations, and yielding through them a
revenue equal to that of the finest corn-land in the country,
His book has interest both for the adept and the novice, for the large
proprietor and him that has but a nook or corner to plant out." Second
Notice.-" There are many facts to be gleaned out of it both by amateurs
and professionals.

Duly studied, too, it is calculated to prevent
failures, whether great or small, within the range of the subject on
which it treats, and the book carries on its face the evidence of thorough
and long experience, as also of no small facility in the art of attracting
the interest of every class of readers. We know no book on the subject
of planting so exhaustive in proportion to its size."--Saturday Review.

"In this book every branch of the subject is exhaustively and lucidly

treated."-Scotsman. Grosart (Rev. A. B.).— The Lambs all Safe. Fourth edition, 32mo, 1 0 The Pastor, an Helper of Joy, 32mo, .

1 0 Life and Poetical Works of Michael Bruce. Photographs, .

10 Gutenberg. -The Nobie Printer: A Tale of the First Printed Bible. From the German. Crown 8vo, Illustrated,

2 0 Haldane's (Robert) Exposition of the Epistle to the Romans. Ninth edition, one vol., demy 8vo,

12 6 Hall (Rev. John, D.D., New York). - Family Prayers for Working People, for Four Weeks. Small crown 8vo,

1 0 Hall (Bishop). - Breathings of the Devout Soul. 32mo,

1 Hallet Family (The). A Story for the Young. Small crown 8vo, 10 Hannah's Home. Fcap. 8vo,

09 Happy Ellen and Unhappy Bessie. Fcap. 8vo,

0 6 Hardy (Robina F.).—Jock Halliday, a Grassmarket Hero; or,

Sketches of Life and Character in an Old City Parish. Just
ready, Seventeenth Thousand. Small crown 8vo, gilt, with
numerous Illustrations, price, 28. ; in cheaper bindings, 1s. 6d. and 1 0

"The narrative is swift and Aowing, lit up with flashes of humour,
and also with pathetic touches that are equally true."---Christian Leader.

4to, with


S. d.

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Hardy (Robina F.)Continued.
Tom Telfer's Shadow : A Story of Everyday Life. Third edition.
Small crown 8vo, cloth, gilt, 2s.; plain, 1s. 6d. ; paper, 1 0

“Touched with genuine pathos, and illuminated by the freshness of
Scottish home life. Every character is made to stand out well."-

Glenairlie ; or, The last of the Græmes. With Six Original
Illustrations by Tom Scott. Crown 8vo,

3 6 Plainer Binding, without Illustrations, 2s. 6d.; paper boards, 2 0

“Brightly written, and does not Aag. The author is well up in the Scotch dialect, and gives some good portraits of Scotch character, which tends mainly to crossgrainedness and perversity."--Literary World.

“A book which contains such characters as Miss Leslie, Betty, and the impracticable 'oldest inhabitant'-a persona muta only-can need

no recommendation.”—Academy. Vita Vinctis. By ROBINA F. HARDY, ANNIE S. Swan, and

JESSIE M. E. SAXBY. Crown 8vo, cloth, ls. 6d. ; paper, 1 0 Trot's Message ; or, Whom Have I in Heaven but Thee? Small crown 8vo, cloth, Illustrated,

1 0 A perfect gem. The book is good, thoroughly so; and yet has nothing maudlin about it. Sparkles with wit and humour from the first page to the last; the interest never flags, and some of the incidents

are deeply pathetic.”-Fifeshire Journal. Hester Glen's Holidays. Square 8vo, gilt, Illustrated,

1 6 The Pearl Necklace. Fcap. 8vo, with Frontispiece,

06 Little Goldenlocks. Fcap. 8vo, with Frontispiece,

06 Nannette's New Shoes. Fcap. 8vo, with Frontispiece,

0 6 Katie, An Edinburgh Lassie. Small crown 8vo, gilt, Illustrated, 2s. ; plain, 1s. 6d.; paper,

1 0 “Genuine humour and pathos."- Athenaum.

“Particularly bright and pleasant."-Christian World. Archie: A Story of Changing Fortunes. Small crown 8vo, Illustrated,

1 0 Within a Mile o' Edinburgh Toun. 4to, Illustrated, paper boards, 1s. ; cheap edition,

06 A delightfully written and illustrated story."-Scotsman. An Edinburgh suburban idyl, the picture is perfect."Christian Leader.

“Simply charming."--Glasgow Herald. Fickle Fortune : A Novel. Crown 8vo, paper boards, 1s. ; cloth, 1 6 The Story of a Cuckoo Clock. Fcap. 8vo, cloth,

0 6 Harris (David). — True Nobles and Heroes, and other Stories. Small crown 8vo, Illustrated,

1 0 Henderson (Mrs). - Mr Graham's Daughters : A Story of Home

and School Life in France and Scotland. Crown 8vo, Illus-

2 6 Aunt Mabel's Prayer. Small crown 8vo, gilt, Illustrated, 1 6 Henderson (J. T.).—Robbie's Christmas Dream. Fcap. 8vo, 0 9 Henry and Eliza. Fcap. 8vo, cloth,

0 4 Henry (Matthew). ---Communicant's Companion. With Essay by John Brown, D.D. Sixth edition, fcap. 8vo,

1 6 Herbert (Mrs). - Eaton Parsonage ; or, The Secret of Home Happi. Sinall crown 8vo, Illustrated,

1 6 Highland Chairman (The) and his Son Dugald. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, o i Just ready, a New Edition of the most complete HOGARTH

ever published.
Hogarth’s Works. With Life and Anecdotal Descriptions of the

Work includes 150 Engravings, reduced in exact facsimile of
the Original Plates, specimens of which have become very
The whole in 3 series, 8vo, cloth,


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Hogarth's Works—Continued.

“For all practical purposes the three handsome volumes comprising this edition are equal to a collection of Hogarthian prints. We are quite sure that any one who adds this work to his library will be amply repaid by the inexhaustible charms of its facsimile prints.”—

Birmingham Daily Mail. Hogg (M. G.). - Doctor Dunbar, and Other Stories. Small crown 8vo, gilt, Illustrated,

1 6 Marian "Temple's Work, and What Came of It. Small crown 8vo, gilt, Illustrated,

1 6 Mrs Gibbon's Parlour-Maid. Small crown 8vo, Illustrated, Sarah's Present. Fcap. 8vo,

06 Howie (John). -The Scots Worthies. By John Howie of Loch.

goin. Revised from the Author's Original Edition, by the
Rev. W. H. CARSLAW, M.A. The Landscapes and Ornaments
by various Artists, Engraved under the Superintendence of
Mr Williamson ; the Historical Portraits by Mr Hector
Chalmers, Engraved by Messrs Schenck & M'Farlane. New
Edition, demy 8vo, cloth extra, with upwards of 150 Illustra-

5 0 How to be Beautiful, and Other Stories. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, 0 Huie (Dr R.). — The Orphan of Kinloch. Fcap. 8vo, cloth,

0 6 The Rescue. Fcap. 8vo,

0 4 Jacobus (Professor Melancthon w.).— Notes on the Four Gospels,

Critical and Explanatory. With a Harmony. Crown 8vo, 7 0 Notes on Matthew. Third edition, separately, .

2 6 Notes on Mark and Luke. Third edition, separately,

2 6 Notes on John. Third edition, separately,

2 6 “We spoke in strong commendation of the Author's Notes on Matthew as having more fitness to the wants of those who have no knowledge of the Greek Scriptures than any other popular Commentary known to us. We retain the opinion of the peculiar value of his labours. This new volume is of the highest excellence for the discriminating use of the latest materials for exposition, and for the condensation and clearness with which it unfolds and applies the contents of the

evangelists."-Nonconformist. Jamieson (Jane H.).—The Laird's Secret. New edition, crown 8vo, Illustrated,

3 6 Plainer Binding, without Illustrations, paper boards, 2s. ; cloth, 2 Ở

"To intelligent readers there is a charm in so genuine a story of modern life and thought."--Athenarum.

“The three girls are fresh and breezy as the heathery hills around them, and many of the situations they figure in are powerfully exciting. Once open the book, and you cannot lay it down till you have followed

the fortunes of the three sisters to the close."--Court Journal. Sir John's Ward. Extra crown 8vo, cloth extra,

5 0 My First Pound Note. The Story of Jane Halifax. Crown 8vo,

0 1 Jamieson' (Rev. Robert, D.D.). - Eastern Manners Illustrative of New Testament History. Eighth edition, crown 8vo,

3 6 Jarvis (Mrs). — Rough, a Clever Dog. Small 4to, cloth, Illustrated, 1 0

A true story of a clever dog, told in a most humorous and taking vein."-Dundee Courier.

“Novel and interesting."-Zoophilist.
Letters from Birdie-Land. Illustrated by Giacomelli and Harri-

son Weir. Crown 4to, pictorial paper cover, gilt edges, ls. ;

1 6 Jeanie Wilson, The Lily of Lammermoor. Fourth edition, crown 8vo, Illustrated, paper boards, 2s. ; cloth,

2 6 Jessie Gray; or, The Discipline of Life. A Canadian Tale. 'Smali crown 8vo, gilt, Illustrated,

2 0 Jex-Blake (Sophia, M.D.). — Medical Women, À Thesis and å History. Crown 8vo,

5 0

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