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s. d. Johnstone's (Rev. R., D.D., LL. B.) Lectures, Exegetical and Practical, on the Epistle to the Philippians. Extra crown 8vo, 7 6

“Careful and helpful to the reader, and full of homiletic uses; in fact, a gouri specimen of a sort of pulpit instruction which grows daily more needful."-British and Foreign Evangelical Review.

A noble volume, a real boon to the man who purchases it."-C. H.

Spurgeon in Notes on Commentaries.
Lectures, Exegetical and Practical, on the Epistle of James.
Second edition, revised. Crown 8vo, cloth,

7 6 Katie Johnstone's Cross. A Canadian Tale. Illustrated,

2 0 Kennedy (Miss Grace). — Dunallan ; or, know what you judge.

Eleventh edition, crown 8vo, paper, 1s. ; cloth, ls. 6d. and 2 0 Father Clement; A Roman Catholic Story. Eighteenth edition, small crown 8vo,

1s. 6d. and 2 0. Profession is not Principle ; or, The Name of Christian is not

Christianity. Twelfth edition, small crown 8vo, gilt, Illus-

2 0 Philip Colville : A Covenanter's Story. ' New edition, smali crown 8vo, gilt, Illustrated,

2 0 The Decision ; or, Religion must be all or is Nothing. Twentieth edition, with Illustrations, small crown 8vo, gilt,

2 0 Anna Ross : A Story of Waterloo. New edition, with Illustra

tions, small 8vo, Andrew Campbell's Visit to his Irish Cousins.

1s., 1s. 6d., and 2 0

his Irish Cousins. New edition, fcap. 8vo,

1 0 Jessie“ Allan ; or, The Lame Girl. New edition, small crown 8vo, Illustrated,

1 0 Do. do,

Cheaper edition, fcap. 8vo, cloth,

0 6 Kippen (Jane M.).—Flora Maclean's Reward ; a Tale of the Hebrides. Crown 8vo, Illustrated,

1 0 Kitto’s (John, D.D.) Daily Bible Illustrations : being Original

Readings for a Year on Subjects relating to Sacred History, Biography, Geography, Antiquities, and Theology. Especially designed for the Family Circle. In 8 vols. crown 8vo, with fine Frontispieces, Vignettes, and numerous Engravings. New edition, edited and revised by J. L. PORTER, D.D., LL.D.,

Belfast, Author of "The Giant Cities of Bashan,” etc., 28 0 Separate vols. each

3 6

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"In practical service to teachers we must perhaps put Kitto first, but next to him we think Dean Stanley takes the place of honour, at least in relation to the Old Testament."--Sunday School Chronicle.

"You have here reading more interesting than any novel that was ever written, and as instructive as the heaviest theology."-C. H. Spurgeon.

"I never open it without getting help, and I find that much more pretentious books are largely built up of his abundant materials.

Do your best to spread the book, not only among ministers, but also among Sabbath-School teachers."-Aler. Whyte, D.D.

“One of the best books of the kind."-Spectator.

s. d. Kitto's (John, D.D.)Continued.

"It is handy in shape, beautifully printed, and well adapted for the daily use for which it was originally designed, while worthy to take its place on the shelves of a library as a work of reference."-Scotsman.

“As helps to the intelligent and systematic study of the Bible, they
have long been highly prized wherever the English language is spoken.”

-Daily Review,
Kitto's (John, D.D.) Life. By John EADIE, D.D., LL.D.
Thirteenth thousand, with Illustrations, crown 8vo,

2 6 Kitty Brown Beginning to Think. Fcap. 8vo,

09 Kitty Brown and Her Little School. Feap. 8vo,

0 6 Lame John; or, The Greenbrook School Boys. Small crown 8vo, 1 0 Landreth (Rev. P.). - Memorials of the United Presbyterian Hall. Crown 8vo,

5 0 Lawson's (late' Rev. Dr, of Selkirk) Life and Times. 'By Rev. J.

MACFARLANE, LL.D. Fourth edition, with many Portraits,
crown 8vo,

5 0
Edract from Letter of Thomas Carlyle.—"Your ‘Biography of Dr
Lawson' has interested me not a little; bringing present to me from
afar much that is good to be reminded of : strangely awakening many
thoughts, many scenes and recollections of forty, of sixty years ago-all
now grown very sad to me, but also very beautiful and solemn. It
seems to me I gather from your narrative and from his own letters a
perfectly credible account of Dr Lawson's character, course of life, and
labours in the world ; and the reflection rises in me that perhaps there
was not in the British Island a more completely genuine, pious-minded,
diligent, and faithful man. Altogether original, too, peculiar to Scot-
land, and, so far as I can guess, unique even there and then. England
will never know him out of any book; or, at least, it would take the
genius of a Shakespeare to make him known by that method; but, if
England did, it might much and wholesomely astonish her."

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Reflections on the Death of a Beloved Daughter. New edition, 32mo, cloth antique,

1 0 Lee (Lettice). —The Girls of Fairylee. Sinall crown 8vo, illustrated, i o Sunnyside School. Small crown 8vo, Illustrated,

1 0 Leslie (Madeline). — Bible Pearls, a Book for Girls. Small crown 8vo, gilt, Illustrated,

2 0 The Pearl of Contentment. Fcap. 8vo,

0 6 The Pearl of Diligence; or, the Basket Makers. Fcap. 8vo, 0 6 The Pearl of Faith ; or, the Little Housekeeper. Fcap. 8vo, 06 The Pearl of Forgiveness. Fcap. 8vo,

6 The Pearl of Meekness ; or, Our Little Belle. Fcap. 8vo, 0 The Pearl of Peace ; or, The Little Peace Maker. Fcap. 8vo, 0 6 Lieutenant's Daughters (The); or, The Little Mother. Fcap. 8vo, O Lindsay'8 (late Rev. William, D.D., Glasgow, Professor of Theology

in the United Presbyterian Church) Lectures on the Epistle
to the Hebrews. Two vols. demy 8vo,

21 0 Little Alfred of Anglesey : A Story of Boy Life Fifty Years Ago. Small crown 8vo, Illustrated,

1 6 Little Blue Mantle; or, The Poor Man's Friend. Fcap. 8vo, 0 6 Little Eddy Hill, and Other Lessons of Love. Small crown 8vo, 1 0 Little Effie's Home. Small crown 8vo, Illustrated, Little Leaven (A), and What it Wrought. Small crown 8vo, Illustrated,

6 Little Nelly; or, He Careth for you. Fcap. 8vo,

9 Little Pansy, the Minister's Orphan Daughter. Fcap. 8vo, . 09 Little Patience; or, The Child who Loved the Saviour. Fcap. 8vo, 0 4 Little Sabbath Breakers (The). Fcap. 8vo, . Little Sand Boy; or, Who is Best Off. Fcap. 8vo,

09 Livingstone (Dr David), the Missionary Traveller. By SAMUEL

MOSSMAN, Author of “ Our Australian Colonies," etc. Crown
8vo, Illustrated,

1 0 Logan (Alexander). – lays o' Hame an Country: Being Poems; Songs, and Ballads. Small crown 8vo, 2s. 6d.; paper cover, . 1 0


1 0


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Logan (Alexander)--Continued.

“To any one who has carefully read these poems, there can be little or no doubt that their author has a true poetic genius, coming nearer to Burns in many respects than any of his fellow-countrymen. So great is the likeness, especially in the power of expressing himself in the vernacular, that it is sometimes hard to be persuaded our author is not Burns himself. Yet we fail to detect any servile imitation. All is perfectly natural."-Literary World.

Lucy Raymond; or, The Children's Watchword. Small crown 8vo, gilt, Illustrated,

2 0 Macadam (Rev. Thomas). --The Master's Memorial : A Manual

on the Lord's Supper for Class and Bible Study. With Preface by Rev. Professor SALMOND, D.D. Sewed,

03 M'Cheyne's (Rev. R. Murray, of Dundee) Memoir and Remains.

By the Rev. A. A. BONAR, D.D. One Hundred and ThirtyFifth Thousand. Fine Portrait, extra crown 8vo, gilt edges, . 50 Cheaper Edition,

3 6 Memoir only, without the Sermons. Small crown 8vo, cloth, Illustrated,

1 6 Life of. Abridged from Di Bonar's Memoir. Crown 8vo, 1 0 Additional Remains, consisting of Sermons and Lectures. New edition, extra crown 8vo,

5 0 Do. do.

do. Cheaper edition, 36 Letters to Inquirers and Young Converts, sewed 6d. ; Do. in cloth,

09 Exposition of the Epistles to the Seven Churches in Asia, sewed, 6d. ; Do. in cloth, .

1 0 Daily Bread : A Calendar for reading through the Word of God in a Year. 32mo,

0 1 M'Gavin (W., Author of "The Protestant") -- Memoir of. By Rey. W. REID, D.D. Crown 8vo,.

2 6 Mackay (Charles, LL.D.).—Gideon Brown : A True Story of the Covenant. Fcap. Svo,

09 Mackay (Mrs). -Clifford Castle: A Tale of the English Reformation. Crown 8vo, Illustrated, .

2 6 The Family at Heatherdale; or, The Influence of Christian Principles. Small crown 8vo, gilt, Illustrated,

2 0 Macphail (Rev. S. R., A.M., Liverpool).- The Religious House of

Pluscardyn, Convent of the Vale of Saint Andrew, in Moray.
shire. With Introduction, containing the History and a
description of the present state of the Mother-House of Vallis
Caulium (Val des Choux) in Burgundy. In one vol. 4to,
Illustrated by 13 Full-page Lithographs, 2 Chromo-Litho-
graphs, a Badge of the Order in Gold and Colours, Five
Charters in Facsimile, and numerous Woodcuts. Price, nett, 21 0

A monument of persevering effort, admirable arrangement, and antiquarian lore. ."--Liverpool Mercury.

“Will take its place among the treasures of archæological libraries." --Inverness Courier.

“A sumptuous work, over which neither labour por cost has been spared."-- Aberdeen Free Press.

“A learned ard interesting work, marked by independent judgment, and written in a clear and agreeable manner."-St James Gazette.

“The book is an admirable one, full of painstaking research at first hand, animated throughout with a fine antiquarian spirit, and replete with information."-British and Foreign Evangelical Review.

“Mr Macphail has given us a very substantial contribution towards a better knowledge of Scotia monastica."- Notes and Queries,

“His book is one to be appreciated because lie goes into the question from the very beginning and carries it right out to the end."--The Antiquary.

An Illustrated Guide to the Priory of Pluscardyn. 4to, paper


1 0 8. d.

1 0

M'Neill (Peter).-Blawearie : Mining Life in the Lothians. Small crown 8vo, cloth, 1s. 60. ; paper cover,

“Mr M'Neill's description of mining life is admirably delineated."

Margaret, the Pearl of Navarre. Small crown 8vo, gilt,

Marshall (William, D.D.).- Historic Scenes in Perthshire. Smali


2 0

10 6


" An important contribution to historic literature; a succinct account of the history of each of the parishes." -- Perth Constitutional.

A very complete collection of local traditions."-Dundee Advertiser.

" Is full of varied and interesting lore, antiquarian, topographical, biographical, historical, and ecclesiastical.”—North British Daily Mail.

5 0
2 0

0 9


0 0


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The Principles of the Westminster Standards Persecuting. Small

crown 8vo,
British Church Leaders. Crown 8vo, mustrated,
Wycliffe and the Lollards. Crown 8vo, Illustrated,
The Story of Cranmer. Fcap. 8vo,
Mary and Archie Graham : A Sabbath Story for Children. Fcap.

8vo, cloth,
Mary Grant; ór, The Secret Fault

. Fcap. 8vo, cioth, : Master Peter's

Wanderings in Search of Knowledge: A Story of
Peter the Great. Small crown 8vo, gilt, Illustrated,

2 0 Meikle's (James, Surgeon) Solitude Sweetened ; or, Meditations

on various Religious Subjects. With Memoir. New edition, fcap. 8vo, bevelled boards,

3 0 Meldrum (Mrs). ---Gertrude Éllerslie : A Story of Two Years: Crown 8vo. New and cheaper edition,

3 6 ,

2 6 The Wish and the way; or, Passages in the Life of Rose Burgoyne. Crown 8vo, Illustrated,

3 6 Morning Mists; or, The Story of Zina. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, Illustrated,

3 6 Plainer Binding,

2 6 The Story of Aimée ; or, A Life Discipline. Crown Svo, cloth extra, Illustrated,

2 6 The Diamond Wreath; or, The Price of a Soul.' Tenth edition: Small crown 8vo,

1 0 Melland (Lydia).–Stories for our Soldiers.' 8 Books in Packet;

each with a beautiful cover, printed in colours, and of a
size to enclose in an ordinary Court Envelope. Price per

0 8
Military Blacksmith (The), and His Daughter Marion. "Fcap. 8vo, ŏ 4
Moncrieff (R. Hope). —Mr Leslie's Stories. With Illustrations and
gilt edges,

1 6 The Lycée Boys; or, School Life in France. With Illustrations and gilt edges,

1 6 The Martyr Shepherd : A Story of the Scottish Covenanters:

Small crown 8vo, gilt, Illustrated,
The Exiles of France. Small crown'svo, Illustrated, gilt, 1 6
Moodie (Susannah).--George Leitrim ; or, The Mother's Test.
Fcap. 8vo,

0 9 Morrison (Thomas, M.A., LL.D.). — The Acts of the Apostles and

the Epistles of St. Paul arranged in the form of a Continuous History. With Notes, Critical and Explanatory, Map, Gazetteer of Places, and Questions for Examinations. Second edition, revised, crown 8vo, cloth,

2 6 The Sabbath School Teacher's Handbook ; or the Principles and

Practice of Teaching, with special reference to the Sabbath
School. Crown 8vo,

2 0



5 3


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8. d. Mossman's (Samuel) Heroes of Discovery: Livingstone, Park,

Franklin, Cook, Magellan. Third edition, with Portraits.
Extra crown 8vo, gilt,

Plainer Binding,
Dr David Livingstone, the Missionary Traveller. Crown 8vo,

1 0 Nairn (Rev. Wm.; M.A.). -'The Books were Opened ; and Other Sermons, Crown 8vo,

3 6 Ned's Motto; or, Little by Little.' Small crown 8vo, gilt,

6 Needell (Mrs J. H.)—Noel Chetwynd's Fall. Extra crown 8vo, cloth, 0 Neil Willox : A Story of Edinburgh in the Days of Queen Marie. Crown 8vo, Illustrated, .

6 Plainer Binding, without Illustrations,

2 6 Newton (Richard, D.D.). — The Great Pilot and His Lessons. Small crown 8vo, gilt, Illustrated, .

1s. 6d. and 2 0 Bible Jewels. Small crown 8vo, gilt,


2 0 Bible Promises. Small crown 8vo, gilt,

do., 2 0 Bible Wonders. Small crown 8vo, gilt,

do., 2 0 Bible Warnings. Sinall crown 8vo, gilt,

2 0 Rays from the Sun of Righteousness.

Small crown 8vo, gilt,

Is. 6d. and 2 0 Reformation Heroes. 'Small crown 8vo, gilt,

do., 2 0 The King's Highway. Small crown, 8vo, cloth, 1s. 6d. ; gilt, 2 0 The Safe Compass. Small crown, 8vo, cloth,

1 6 The Light of the World : Lessons on the Life of our Lord for Children. 4to, cloth, Illustrated,

5 The Best Friend. Fcap. 8vo, The Best Warfare. Fcap. 8vo, .

0 6 The Best Work. Fcap. 8vo,

0 6 Rambles in Bible Lands. Extra crown 8vo, cloth extra, with numerous Illustrations, .

3 6 Nordhoff (Charles). -Crossing the Line : A Cruise in Small crown 8vo, gilt,

1 6 Ocean Venture : A Boy's Book of Sea Stories, Scenes, and Incidents. Small crown 8vo,

1 6 Old and the New Home: A Canadian Tale. Small crown 8vo, gilt, Illustrated,

2 0 Oliver (Rev. Alex., D.D.).-In Defence of'the Faith.' Crown 8vo, cloth, 5 0


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0 6




“This book deserves the attention of preachers and teachers, not so much for any special knowledge shown in it, though the author shows everywhere competent knowledge and clear judgment, as for the skill it shows in seeing strong arguments and putting them strongly. Lectures on apologetics are not oiten successful ; but the reason is not that the people cannot be interested in the subject, it is because few know how to pnt arguments in a form that the people will hear with interest and remember. Mr Oliver has succeeded, and, we have no doubt, many will be glad to learn from him how to teach others. Apart from this, the book has a mission. The author says that 'the lectures were prepired under the conviction that a simple, clear, and popular presentation of some of the main evidences of our religious belief was much needed, especially among the young.' He is right, and his volume forms an excellent gift book to young men."- British

Weekly. Order and Disorder; or, Charles the Thoughtless. Fcap. 8vo, 0 9 Orphans of Glenulva (The). -A Story of Scottish Life. Small crown

20 P. (8. O., Author of "Biddy"). —Carry Morgan; or, The Stolen Purse. Small crown 8vo, Illustrated,

1 0 Ivan Papof, the Russian Peasant. Small crown 8vo, gilt, Illustrated,

1 6 Jem the Tinker and his children. Small crown 8vo, Illustrated, i 6 Joseph Pilmor, the Quaker Soldier. Small crown 8vo, gilt, Illustrated,

2 0 Lucy Smith, 'the Music Governess. Small crown 8vo, Illustrated, i 0

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