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I 2 mo.


For a fuller Catalogue see David Nutt's Catalogue of German Books, 91 pp., sent free on receipt of

one penny stamp. Ahn (F.). A new practical and easy method of learning the German

language. Author's Edition. 2 Parts in one volume. 12mo. Cloth. 35. I. Exercises. (86 pp.) Sewed. IS. 4d. III. Reader. (118 pp.) Sewed.

1 II. Theoretical Part. (120 pp.) Sewed.

Key to First and Second parts. Sewed. 8d. Andersen (H. C.). Sämmtliche Märchen. Complete edition, with frontis

piece and 67 illustrations by V. PETERSEN and L. HUTSCHENREUTER. Crown 8vo. 1888. (vii. 727 pp.) Boards, cloth back.

Ausgewählte Märchen. With many illustrations. 18mo. 19th edition. (224 pp.) Fancy boards.

Bilderbuch ohne Bilder. 1bmo. (94 pp.) Boards. Andra (J.C.). Griechische Heldensagen für die Jugend. 2nd Edition. With

Woodcuts and coloured Plates. 12mo. 1884. (xviii. 519 pp.) 35. 6d. Auerbach (B.). Novels.—See German Cat., p. 12.

Auf Wache. Roquette (O.). Der gefrorene Kuss. Novellen. Edited by A. A. Macdonell.

1886. (126 pp.) Cloth. Baedeker's Traveller's Manual of Conversation in English, French, German, and Italian. 12mo. Limp red cloth.

3s. Bauernfeld (E.). Die Bekenntnisse. With notes by J. Morris. 8vo. 1867.

. (80 pp.) Boards.

IS. 4d. Bartels (Albert, Ph. D.). The Modern Linguist, or Conversations in

English, French and German, with vocabulary, models of receipts, letters, &c., and tables of weights and measures. 14th Edition Square 16mo. 1887. (xii. 170 pp.) Cloth.

The Modern Linguist, or Conversations in English and German. 12th edition. 18mo. 1884. (vii. 168 pp.) Cloth. Becker (K. F.) Handbuch der deutschen Sprache uth edition. 8vo. 1876. (xiv. 756 pp.) Sewed.

75. Benedix (R.). Plays arranged for translation into English. With notes

by Morris and Asher, and copious Vocabularies. Crown 8vo. Cloth or Boards.

Each is. 4d. Dr. Wespe. 5th edition. 1887. (138 pp.) Ein Lustspiel. 3rd edition. 1879. (102 pp.) Die Hochzeitsreise. 3rd edit. 1887. (08 pp.)

Mathilde. 3rd edition. 1876. (74 pp.) Das Lügen, 3rd edition. 1887. (137 pp.)

Doctor Wespe. With a biographical and literary introduction, arguments, notes, and complete vocabulary, by F. Lange.

1888. (197 pp.) Cloth. Bernard (Madame). English Idioms with their German Equivalents. 1858. (iv. 306 pp.) Cloth.

55. Beumer's Schriftleser. A most useful little volume for reading German current hand. 8vo.

8vo. (80 pp.) Sewed. Schönschreibehefte. German Copy-books with Headlines. 8 numbers. Square 4to.

Each 4d. D. NUTT, 270, Strand.

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I 2mo.




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I 2 mo

Die Familie H.
Das Haus. 2 vols.
Die Nachbarn.

2 vols. Nina. 2 vols.

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Is. 6. 23. 60. IS. 64. 25. Od.

13. 6d.

35. 6d.

Beyer (E.). Brief and Practical German Grammar for the use of Science

Students, with Reader (in Roman characters) selected exclusively from recent scientific works, and Vocabulary of scientific terms. 8vo. 1885. (vi. 90 pp.) Cloth.

25. 6d. Exercises to accompany the above.

8vo. (51 pp.) 1885. Boards. Black's German and English Dictionary.-See Thieme. Boileau (D.) The German Linguist. A complete course of instruction

in the German language. 12mo. 1854. (255 pp.) Cloth. 35. 6d. Bremer (F.). Novels.

Streit und Friede.
Ein Tagebuch. 2 vols.
Die Töchter des Präsidenten.
Vater and Tochter.

2 vols Brockhaus' English, German, and French Dictionary. 3 Parts in 1 Volume.

Square 12mo. 12th edition. 1883. (1081 pp.) Half bound. 1os. 6d. Bünger (W.). German Tales selected for the use of English Students.

With complete vocabulary. 12mo. 1870. (viii. 304 pp.) Cloth. 35.
The Vocabulary separately. Cloth.

German Travelling Conversation. With copious vocabulary and interleaved with blank paper. Square 18mo. (iv. 72 pp.) Cloth. 15. Busch (O.) and Skelton (H.) Manual of English and German Conversasation.

4th edition. 12mo. 1872. (ix. 341 pp.) Cloth. Campan (Mad.). Conversations of a Mother with her Daughter. German

and English, by Mad. VEITH. 12mo. 1850. (228 pp.) Cloth. Is. 6d. Campe (J. H.). Robinson der Jüngere. 12mo.

1887. Cloth. Chamisso (A. von). Peter Schlemihl's wundersame Geschichte. With Vocabulary by F. SCHRÖER.

1884. (93 pp.) Sewed. Commercial Correspondence in 15 languages, by Sommerville, Borel, Brasch, etc. 8vo. Sewed.

Each 25. 6d. Bohemian-Danish Norwegian -- Dutch - English-French - German Hungarian

Polish-Portuguese Roumanian-Russian-Servian-Spanish-Swedish. The letters being the same, page for page, in all the parts, each part will serve as a Key to the others. Connor (James). Conversation Book in French, German, and English, for

the use of Schools and Travellers. 7th edition. 16mo. Cloth. 35. 6d. Copybooks (German) with Headlines. A Progressive Series of Eight Numbers, each consisting of 24 pp. Square 4to. Sewed.

Sewed. Each 4d. Crabb (G.). Extracts from the best German Authors. With Analytical

Translations, Notes, and a Vocabulary, by DR. HAUSSMANN.' 8th
12mo. (xii. 283 pp.) Cloth.

55. Dammann (K.). German Accidence, or Essentials of German Grammar.

Sixteenth edition. 8vo. (68 pp.) Cloth. Demmler (F.). A Compendious Grammar of the Modern German Language. New edition. 8vo. 1859. (iv. 172 pp.) Cloth.

3s. Exercises to ditto. New edition. 8vo.

1860. (viii. 103 pp.) Cloth.

German Reader; a selection of extracts in prose and verse from distinguished German authors. 12mo. 1867. (viii. 172 pp.) Cloth. 4s.

D. NUTT, 270, Strand.




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I 2mo.


I 2mo.

IS. 60.

35. 6.

I 2mo.

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25. 6d.

Iz mo.

IS. bd.

45. 6d.


Echtermeyer (Th.). Auswahl deutscher Gedichte für höhere Schulen. 27th edition. 8vo. 1883. (xxvi. 927 pp.) Cloth.

65. Ebers (G.). Novels. Crown 8vo. Sewed. See German Cat., p. 19.

Eine Frage. Idyll. Edited with literary introduction and notes by F. STORR.

1886. (116 pp.) Cloth. Edwardes (D.). A Companion to German Grammar and Composition.

1888. (108 pp.)

(108 pp.) Cloth. Eichendorff (J. v.). Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts. 18mo. Fancy

cloth. Elwell (W. O.). New and Complete English and German Dictionary,

remodelled and greatly improved. 2 parts in one volume. 28th
1886. (xiv. 860 pp.) Cloth.

6s. 6d. Esop in German: Æsop's 108 Fabeln für die Jugend. With 3 coloured plates. 18mo. Boards.

IS. 6d. Eulenstein (Ch.). An easy Grammar of the German Language. 7th edition.

1877. (vi. 156 pp.) Cloth. Progressive Exercises for Speaking German. 4th edition.

1861. (80 pp.) Cloth. Eve (H. W.). A School German Grammar. 3rd edition, revised and

enlarged. I 2mo. 1886. Cloth. A companion volume to the Author's “French Grammar for the use of Wellington College."

A Short German Accidence and Minor Syntax, abridged from the above. Crown 8vo. (102, xv pp.) Cloth.

Uniform with the Wellington College French Accidence. Exercises to accompany the preceding, in preparation. Feller (F. E.). English and German Pocket Dictionary, with a Pocket

Companion for Travellers, containing conversations, geographical vocabulary, table of coins, etc. 2 parts in one volume. 32mo. (504, 48, 425 pp.) Limp roan. 35. 6d., or in 2 vols., limp roan, each 25.

English, German, and French Pocket Dictionary, for the use of Travellers. 3 vols. 32mo. 1886. Red cloth in case. 6s. 6d. Flaxmann (R.). Handbook of English and German Conversation. 9th edition.

1882. (xx. 539 pp.) Cloth. Flügel's Complete English and German Dictionary. Adapted to the

English Student, with great additions and improvements, by C. A. FEILING, A. HEIMANN, and J. OXENFORD. 2 vols. large 8vo. (v. 741, 779 pp.) Cloth.

£i is. The same. Abridgment for the use of Schools and Colleges. 2 pasts in i volume. 12mo. (760 pp.) Cloth.

6s. Fouqué (Baron Fr. de la Motte). Die Jahreszeiten. 4 parts in i vol. 16mo. Cloth.

55. Separately :

Undine. 9th edition. 1887. (152 pp.)
Sintram und seine Gefährten. 7th edition. 1886. (216 pp.)
Die beiden Hauptleute. 3rd edition. 1873. 196 pp.)
Aslauga's Ritter. 3rd edition. 1873. (70 pp.)
Vocabulary to Aslauga's Ritter and Die beiden Hauptleute, by J. V. DANN. 16mo.
1873. (go pp.)

Sewed is.
D. NUTT, 270, Strand.

I 2 mo.

3s. 60.

Sewed is.

Cloth Is. 60. Sewed is. od. Cloth 2s. Sewed is.

Cloth Is. 6. Sewed is. Cloth is. Oct. 35. 25. o.

I 2 mo.

25. 60.


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Aus meinem Leben.





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25. 6.



Hermann und Dorothea.

Werther's Leiden.

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Freudenberg's (W.) New practical Method of learning German. Cr. 8vo. Part 1. Grammar and Exercises. (viii. 304 pp.) 1884. Cloth.

Introductory German Reader. Prose and Poetry. (vi. 165 pp.) 1884. Cloth.

Key to the Exercises in the German Grammar. Cloth.
Freytag (G.). Soll und Haben. Roman. 2 vols. Cr. 8vo. 1888. Sewed. 6s.

Die verlorene Handschrift. Roman. 2 vols. Cr. 8vo. 1887. Sewed. 75.
Die Journalisten. Edited with explanatory notes by F. LANGE.

1887. (176 pp.) Cloth. Froembling (F. 0.). Elements of the German Language. Accidence. 8th edition. Crown 8vo. 1888. (vi. 131 pp.) Cloth.

23. 60. Genlis (Mad. de). Familiar Conversations in English and German, with

Models of Letters, Notes, etc. The German printed in Latin type.

Oblong 18mo. Cloth. Goethe (J. W. von). Sämmtliche Werke. 6 vols. Roy. 8vo. Double columns. Cloth.

tu 45. Cotta's separate Text Editions for School and College Use in crown 8vo. Clavigo. Egmont.

Wilhelm Meister's Lehrjahre. Faust, both parts.


Prosa. Selection for Schools, 2 vols.
Selection for Schools,

Reineke Fuchs.
Götz von Berlichingen.

Torquato Tasso.

Die Wahlverwandtschaften. Iphigenie anf Tauris.

Egmont, with English Notes and a complete Vocabulary, by Ch. DICKENS. 8vo. 1875. (108 pp.) Boards. . Graeser (Ch.). A Thesaurus of German Poetry. 450 Select Poems by

the most celebrated authors, with explanatory Notes and a short history of German Poetry. 8vo. 1860. (xl. 440 pp.) Cloth.

45. Grimm (Brothers J. and W.). Kinder- und Hausmärchen. Complete edition. 8vo. 1886. (xx. 704 pp.) Boards.

75. The same.

Selection for Schools. With Coloured Illustrations. 18mo. 1887. (iv. 311 pp.) Boards. Grimm (A. L.). Fünf Märchen aus der 1001 Nacht für die Jugend bearbeitet. New edition, with copious vocabulary by J. V. DANN.

1885. (ii. 134, 63 pp.) Cloth. Gurcke (G.). Schreib- und Lesefibel. German Primer, with pictures by OTTO SPECKTER.

Boards. Gutzkow (K.). Das Urbild des Tartüffe. With Notes by J. Morris. 8vo. 1876. (111 pp.) Boards.

13. 4d. Zopf und Schwert. With Notes by H. Plate. 3rd edition. 8vo. 1876. (96 pp.) Boards.

IS. 4d. Edited with literary introduction and notes by F. LANGE.

1887. (163 pp.) Hallifax (E. W.). A Table of German Declensions. Printed in three colours on folding card, mounted on linen. 1888.

od. Handibel. The most popular German Primer, 12mo, with cuts. Boards. Is.

D. NUTT, 270, Strand.


I zmo.

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I 2 mo.


I 2mo.



IS. 6d.

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I 2mo.



Hauff (W.). Gedichte und Märchen. 15th edition.

1878. (480 pp.) Frontispiece. Boards.

35. Märchen. 18mo. (372 pp.) Cloth.

Das kalte Herz. With a word-for-word translation of the first dozen pages, translation of difficult Passages and Grammatical Notes by H. APEL. 2nd edition. 12mo. 1856. (iv. 73 and 26 pp.) 15.6d.

Lichtenstein 18mo. (378 pp.) Cloth. Heilner (G. M.). A Grammar of the German Language philosophically developed. New edition.

1872. (xii. 364 pp.)

55. Heimann (A.). Materials for translating from English into German.

8th edition corrected and improved. 2 parts in one.
1886. (x. 278 pp.) Cloth.

45. Keyto both parts by Dr.ERDMANN. 12mo. (175 pp.) Cloth. 35.6d.

Fifty Lessons on the Elements of the German Language. 5th edition, considerably enlarged. 12mo. (iv. 282 pp.) Cloth.

35. An Introduction to the Study of German Authors. Reading Book for junior classes with notes especially etymological. 3rd edition. 2 parts in i volume. 12mo. (viii. 305 pp.) Cloth.

23, 6d. The First German Reading Book for English children and beginners, with explanatory notes. 4th edition. izmo. (vi. 162 pp.) Cloth.

Declension of German Substantives. 12mo. 1860. (iv. 22 pp.) is. Heine (H.). Die Harzreise (1824). 18mo. 1886. (125 pp.) Sewed. 1s.

Edited for School use, with Historical, Literary, and Grammatical Notes by M. LIPPNER. 18mo. 1886. (151 pp.) Cloth. is. 6d. Buch der Lieder.

1886. (240 pp.) Cloth. Helm (Clementine). Backfischchen's Leiden und Freuden. Erzählung für junge Mädchen.

Cloth. Hersch (H.). Die Anne-Liese. With Notes by J. MORRIS. 2nd edition. 8vo. 1846. (72 pp.) Boards.

15. 4d. Heumann (E.). The Leading Questions on the Grammar of the German

Language. Arranged on the plan of Perini's French Questions for the use of Candidates preparing for the Army and other Competitive Examinations, and for Public and Private Schools. 8vo. 1884. (59 pp.) Limp cloth.

IS. 6d. Hey (W.). Fabeln für Kinder. Illustrated by O. SPECKTER. Edited with words, notes, and vocabulary by F. LANGE.

1888. (vi. 90 pp.) Cloth.

Is. 6d. The same, with phonetic introduction and transcriptions of the text added. (xxii. 90 pp.) Cloth.

25. 6d. Heyse (P.). Hans Lange. Schauspiel. Edited by A. A. MACDONELL.

1885. (125 pp.) Cloth. Heyse (Dr. J. C. A.). Deutsche Schulgrammatik. 24th edition remodelled by Dr. O. Lyon. 8vo. 1886. (xvi. 485 pp.) Sewed. 58.

D. NUTT, 270, Strand.

I 2mo.


I 2 mo.

35. 6d.


I 2 mo.


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