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4 vols,


Quicherat (L.). Thesaurus poeticus linguae latinae. 2nd ed. Royal 8vo. 1882. (xxiv. 1249 pp.) Roan.

ros, 6d. Sophocles, with annotations, introduction, etc., by E. WUNDER. 2nd ed. with the notes newly translated into English. 2 vols. 8vo. Cloth.

£i 43. Reduced to 1os. 6d. Each of the 7 Plays separately, sewed. 35. Reduced to is. 6d. Spruner (K. von). Atlas antiquus, in 31 coloured maps with numerous

marginal maps. 3rd ed., by TH. MENKE. 1865. Folio. Cloth. £i 155. Taciti Opera omnia ad codices antiquos exacta et emendata, commentario critico et exegetico illustrata, edidit F. RITTER.

8vo. 1838-48. Boards.

Published at £i 18s. Reduced to 16s. I. II. Annales-not sold separately. | III. IV. Historiæ. Germania. Agricola.

Opera quae supersunt, recensuit atque interpretatus est J. C. ORELLI. Vol. I. Annales, cur. J. G. BAITER. Royal 8vo. 1859. 195. For vol. II., now in course of publication, see D. Nutt's Catalogue of Greek and Latin Classics. Tauchnitz' (now HOLTZE's) Series of Greek and Latin Classics. Pocket

edition for school use. A complete List will be sent gratis on application. Teubner's Texts of the Greek and Latin Classics, in 12mo, for School

and College use. Complete Lists gratis on application. Teubner's Greek and Latin Classics, with explanatory German notes for

College use. A detailed List will be furnished gratis on application. Trendelenburg (F. A.). Elementa logices Aristoteleae. Editio VIII. 8vo. 1878. (xvi. 172 pp.) Sewed.

35. Weidmann's Greek and Latin Classics, with explanatory German Notes for

College use. Crown 8vo. Sewed. A detailed List on application. Wilmanns (G.). Exempla inscriptionum latinarum in usum praecipue

academicum. 2 vols. 8vo. 1873. (xvi. 532, 737 pp.) £1 45

HISTORY, PHILOLOGY, BELLES LETTRES, ETC. Aucassin and Nicolete done into English by ANDREW LANG. 16mo.

1887. (xx. 70 pp.) Etched frontispiece, head and tail-pieces,and cover design by JACOMB Hoop. Printed in red and black on Japanese paper. Entirely out of print. (550 copies small and 60 large paper were

printed.) Aristotle. Analecta Orientalia ad Poeticam Aristoteleam (Poetica Arabice

et Syriace, Poetica Avicennae et Barhebraei). Edidit D. MARGOLIOUTH, M.A.

1887. (vi. 104, 144 pp.) Cloth.

Only 250 copies printed. Nearly out of print. Bagshaw (D. Ch.). A true relation of the Faction begun by the Jesuits against the Secular Priests, etc. 1601. Re-edited by T. G. Law.

In the Press.


ros. 6d.

D. NUTT, 270, Strand.

Bibliothèque de Carabas. Sixteenth Century Reprints for the Folk-lorist

and Book-lover. Elegantly printed on hand-made paper with wide margins, in an edition of 550 (500 for sale) small paper, and 60 large

paper (50 for sale). These volumes will never be reprinted. I. Cupid and Psyche: The Most Pleasant and Delectable Tale of the

Marriage of Cupid and Psyche. Done into English by WILLIAM ADLINGTON, of University College in Oxford. With a Discourse on the Fable by ANDREW LANG, late of Merton College in Oxford, and Frontispiece by W. B.RICHMOND. (lxxxvi. 66 pp.) 1887. Out of

print. II. Euterpe: The Second Book of the Famous History of Herodotus.

Englished by R. B. 1584. Edited by ANDREW LANG, with Introductory Essays on the Religion and the Good Faith of Herodotus;

and Frontispiece by A. W. TOMSON. (xlviii. 174 pp.) 1888. 10s. III. The Morall Philosophie of Doni: Drawne out of the auncient

writers, a work first compiled in the Indian tongue. Englished out of Italian by THOMAS NORTH, Brother to the Right Honorable Sir Roger North, Knight, Lord North of Kyrtheling, 1570. Now again edited and indexed by JOSEPH Jacobs, together with a Chronologico-Biographical Chart of the translations and adaptations of the Sanskrit original, and an Analytical Concordance of the Stories. With a full-page Illustration by EDWARD BURNE Jones, A.R.A., Frontispiece from a 16th century MS. of the Anvari Suhaili, and facsimiles of Woodcuts in the Italian Doni of 1532. (lxxxii, 264 pp.)

1888. IV. The Fables of Esop, printed by W. Caxton in 1484, edited by J. JACOBS.

In the Press. Brown (R.). A Trilogy of the Life to come and other Poems. 12mo.

1887. (148 pp.) Cloth, bevelled edges. Brugmann (Karl, Professor of Comp. Philology in the University of

Leipzig). Elements of Comparative Grammar of the Indo-Germanic Languages. A concise exposition of the history of Sanskrit, Old Iranian (Avestic and Old Persian), Old Armenian, Old Greek, Latin, Umbrian, Samnitic, Old Irish, Gothic, Old High-German, Lithuanian and Old Bulgarian. Vol. I. Introduction and Phonology, translated from the German by J. Wright, Ph.D. 8vo. 1888. (xx. 562 pp.), Cloth.

18s. Budge (E. W.). Oriental Texts. I: The Miracles and Martyrdom of St.

George of Cappadocia. Coptic and English. Demy 8vo. (xliv.

331 pp.) Cloth. Coleridge (S. T.). Critical Annotations, being Marginal Notes inscribed

in volumes formerly in the possession of Coleridge. Edited for the first time by W. F. Taylor. With three portraits of Coleridge. 4to. 1888. Only 500 copies printed.

£i is. net.

50 copies, large paper, £2 25. net. Defoe (Daniel). The Compleat English Gentleman. Edited for the first time from the Writer's Autograph by K. BUELBRING, Ph.D. In the Press.

D. NUTT, 270, Strand.

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25. 60.


EDITED BY F. YORK POWELL, M.A. In 16mo volumes, averaging 200 pages, with illustrations, neatly bound in cloth, cut flush, is.; or cloth uncut edges, is. 3d., comprising extracts from the Chronicles, State Papers, Memoirs, and other Literature of the time, chronologically arranged, so as to give a living picture of the effect produced upon each political, religious, social, and intellectual movements in which it took part. With Introductions, Notes, accounts of authorities

used, Chronological Tables, Maps, etc. Edward III. and His Wars (1327-1360). Edited by W. J. ASHLEY, M.A. The Misrule of Henry III. (1236-1251). Edited by the Rev. W. H.

HUTTON, M.A. Strongbow's Conquest of Ireland. Edited by FRANCIS PIERREPONT

BARNARD, M.A. Simon of Montfort and His Cause (1251-1265). Edited by the Rev. W. H. Hutton, M.A.

TO BE PUBLISHED SHORTLY. The Crusade of Richard I. Extracts from the Itinerarium Ricardi, the

Chronicle of Bohaddin, the Chronicle of Roger of Howden, etc.

Arranged and Edited by T. A. ARCHER, B.A., Oxford.
Church and State under Henry II. By Rev. W. H. HUTTON.
The Troublous Days of Richard II. By Miss L. Toulmin Smith.
Cromwell's Rule. By C. H. FIRTH.
England under Charles II. By W. TAYLOR.
The Jews in Mediæval England. By JOSEPH JACOBS.
Alfred and the Danes. By F. YORK POWELL, Editor of the Series.


Graesse (Dr. J.G. Th.). Guide de l'Amateur de Porcelaines et de Poteries,

ou Collection complète des marques de fabriques de Porcelaines et de Poteries de l'Europe et de l'Asie. 7th edition, considerably improved, containing upwards of 2,200 pottery marks, and the only complete collection of marks of Old Saxon China. Crown 8vo. 1885.

(xi. 231 pp.) Cloth. Henley (William Ernest). A Book of Verses (In Hospital—Rhymes and

Rhythms-Life and Death (Echoes)-Bric a Brac (Ballads, Sonnets, Rondels, Rondeaus). 16mo. . 1888. (167 pp.) Etched title page, representing the Old Edinburgh Infirmary, by W. HOLE. Limp boards. Circuit Edges.

25. 6d. Of this edition 75 copies were printed on large paper at 125. 6d., and 20 copies on Japanese

paper at £2 2s.
Howell (James). Epistolae Ho-Elianae. Familiar Letters, domestic and

foreign. Faithfully reprinted from the best editions, in old faced
type, on broad-margined paper. With Notes and Introduction, by
J. Jacobs. In the Press.

D. NUTT, 270, Strand.

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25. 6d.


Irish Philology. Cath Finntrága. Edited (with English translation) by KUNO MEYER. Small 4to. 1885. (xxii. 115 pp.)

6s Merugud Uilix Maicc Leirtis. The Irish Odyssey. Edited with Notes, Translation and a Glossary by Kuno MEYER. 8vo. 1886

(xii. 36 pp.) Cloth. Printed on hand made paper with wide margins. 35. Lacouperie (Terrien de). The Languages of China before the Chinese.

Researches on the Languages spoken by the pre-Chinese races of China proper previously to the Chinese occupation. 8vo. 1887. (148 pp.) Cloth. (Only 200 copies printed; nearly out of print.) 10s.6d.

Formosa. Notes on MSS., Languages and Races (including a note on nine Formosan MSS. by E.C. BABER). 8vo. 1887. (82 pp.) 3 plates. 55.

The Old Babylonian Characters and their Chinese Derivates. Roy. 8vo. 1888. (27 pp.) (Reprinted from the Babylonian and Oriental Record.)

The Old Numerals, the Counting-rods, and the Swan-pan in China. 8vo. 1883. (42 pp.) Sewed.

The Sinim of Isaiah not the Chinese. 4to. 1887.-Did Cyrus introduce Writing in India ? 4to. 1887.—The Chinese mythical kings and the Babylonian canon. 16mo. 1884.–Traditions of Babylonia in early Chinese documents. 1883.-Babylonia and China. 4to. 1887.

Each is. Lansing (J. G., D.D.). An Arabic Manuel. 8vo. 1886. (xv. 194 pp.)

Cloth. Lewe (G. H.) The Life and Works of Goethe, with Sketches of his Age

and Contemporaries. From published and unpublished sources. With portraits. 2 vols. 8vo. 1855. Cloth. The original and only compleie edition.

£i 1os. Copies of the Portraits : Goethe, et. 30, engraved by E. Radclyffe after May, and Goethe

æt. 79, engraved by the same after STIELER, at is, each. Malory (Sir Thomas). The Morte Darthur, verbatim reprint of Caxton's

original edition, with Introduction, Variants, Notes, Glossarial Index by H. O. SOMMER, Ph. D.

In the Press. Memorials of Winchester College. Drawn and Lithographed by Ch. W.

RADCLYFFE. 25 plates, with text. Folio. 1846. Half morocco. £i 10s. Moore (Rev. E., Barlow Lecturer on Dante in University College, London.).

The Time-References in the Divina Commedia and their bearing on the assumed Date and Duration of the Vision. izmo. 1887. (134 pp.)

7 Tables. Cloth. (Only 250 copies printed; nearly out of print.) 35.6d. North (Hon. Roger). Autobiography. Edited (for the first time) by the

Rev. A. Jessopp. With 10 Illustrations. 4to. 1887. (xx. 289, lxi. pp.) 300 copies printed on small paper, 100 on large paper. Entirely

out of print small paper. Large paper 2 copies left at £ 5 55. net. Nutt (Alfred). Studies on the Legend of the Holy Grail with especial

reference to the Hypothesis of its Celtic Origin. 8vo. 1888. (xvi. 285 pp.) Cloth. (100 copies printed on stout paper at 125. 6d.)

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ros. 6d.

D. NUTT, 270, Strand.

Omar Khayyam. The Rubaiyat. Complete translation into English prose by J. H. McCARTHY, M.P.

In the Press. Schmidt (A.). Shakespeare-Lexicon. A Complete Dictionary of all the

English Words, Phrases, and Constructions in the Works of the
Poet. 2nd edition. 2 vols. 4to.

1886. Cloth.

ku 165. Stratmann (F. H.). A Dictionary of the Old English Language. Com

piled from writings of the XIIth, XIIIth, and XIV centuries. 3rd

edition, with supplement. 4to. 1871-81. (x. 659, v. 92 pp.) £2 25. Walcott (M.E.C.). William of Wykeham and his Colleges. With nu

merous woodcuts. Royal 8vo. 1852. Cloth. Pub. at 145.; reduced to 75. Wilde (Oscar). The Happy Prince and Other Tales. (The Happy Prince

— The Selfish Giant—The Nightingale and the Rose—The Devoted Friend—The Remarkable Rocket). With three full page illustrations by Walter CRANE. 6 head-, 6 tail-pieces, and cover design by Jacomb Hood. Small 4to. 1888. 116 pages. Elegantly printed on thick paper with wide margins. Japanese vellum cover, in red and black.

55. Seventy-five large paper copies were printed, all of which are sold. Woods (J. C.). In Foreign Byeways. A Rhapsody of Travel. (Brussels,

Treves, The Eifel, The Moselle, The Rhine). 16mo. 1887. 91 pages. Printed on hand-made paper with wide margins. Cloth, bevelled edges.


SCIENTIFIC BOOKS. Bremiker's Tables of the Common Logarithms of Numbers and Trigo

nometrical Functions to Six Places of Decimals. Tenth stereotyped edition with an Appendix, containing a Table of Natural Functions and Circular Measures of Angles to each Minute of Arc to Five places of Decimals, by ALF. LODGE, M.A., Professor at Cooper's Hill College. 8vo. 888. (xiv., 598, 46 pp.) Cloth.

8s. 6d. The Appendix separately, 25. Cocks (Ch.). Bordeaux and its Wines classed by order of merit. 2nd

English edition, improved by ED. FERET. Illustrated by EUGENE

VERGEZ. Crown 8vo. 1883. (616 pp.) Cloth. Gremmli's Swiss Flora for Tourists and Field Botanists. Translated into English by L. W. PAITSON.

In the Press. Haedicke (H.). Practical Tables and Rules for Steam Engines. 16mo.

1871. (24 pp.) Boards. Hoare (Ch.). Exchange of Foreign Money to £s sterling. An easy and

accurate Method of Reducing any Amount in French, Italian, German, and U.S. of America currency to English at any Exchange Rate. Accurancy guaranteed. Square 16mo. 1887. 44Pp. Stout

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paper. Cloth.


Peters (C. H. F.). Celestial Charts made at the Lichfield Observatory

of Hamilton College, Clinton, N.Y. Charts 1-20. Folio. 1883. £2 105.

Only 50 copies issued for sale. Stebler's Agricultural Grasses, translated by Prof. A. McAlpine. In the Press.

D. NUTT, 270, Strand.

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