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Price 7s.

Memoirs of W. E.Channing, 2 vols.,

crown 8vo, cloth.

Laurie's High Rate Interest Tables,

demy Svo, cloth; half-calf, 125.

Price 6s. each.


Bound in cloth. i Wood's Illustrated Natural History,

480 Engravings, New Edition. 2 Motley's Dutch Republic. 4 A Dictionary of Statistics, Edited

by M. J. MULHALL. 5 Round

Nature's Dial, Original Drawings by A. W. COOPER, printed in Colours by EDMUND EVANS,

crown 4to, cloth. 6 Warrior Kings, from Charlemagne to

Frederick the Great, by Lady Lamb. 20 The Homes and Haunts of the

British Poets, by WM. HowITT,

with Portraits and Illustrations. 21 Language of Flowers, with 12 Co

loured Plates by KRONHEIM. 22 Grimm's Household Stories, with

200 Illustrations by E. H. WEHNERT, and 32 pages of Coloured Plates,

crown 8vo, cloth, gilt edges. 23 Andersen's Stories for the House.

hold, with 290 Illustrations by A. W. Bayes, and 24 pages of Coloured

Plates, crown 8vo, cloth, gilt edges. 24 Every Boy's Annual for 1889.

(27th year of publication.) Cloth, gilt edges.

In fancy boards. i Pan Pipes: A Book of Old Songs

and Ditties, by WALTER CRANE,

printed in Colours by E. EVANS. 12 Military Misreadings of Shak

spere, by Lieut. Col. SECCOMBE,

printed in Colours by E. Evans. 13 More "Graphic" Pictures. A

Second Series of Mr. RANDOLPH
CALDECOTT's Contributions to the
Graphic Newspaper, printed in

Colours, oblong boards. 14 Last “Graphic” Pictures. Mr.

Designs for the Graphic Newspaper,

printed in Colours, oblong boards. 15 One Hundred Famous Americans

by H. A. SMITH, with Portraits,

fcap. 4to, fancy boards. 16 Our Darlings at Home, in Town,

in the Country and in Society, by Mars, printed in Colours by Plon,

oblong 4to, boards. 25 Friends and Playmates, with Co

loured Illustrations by MARS, oblong

4to, boards. 26 Gleanings from “The Graphic,”

A Fourth Collection of Mr. CALDE.
COTT's Contributions to The Graphic.

Oblong boards.
27 The Pied Piper of Hamelin,

ROBERT BROWNING, with Illustrations by KATE GREENAWAY, printed in Colours by EDMUND Evans, in fancy boards.

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GIFT BOOKS AT 65.- continued. 22. POETS (Presentation Series), Complete Editions, with Illustra

tions and Portraits, cloth, gilt edges, or Roxburghe style, gilt top, 68.

3 Silinecalition, Scott's Poems (Red | 5 Burre's Poems (Pendine yededi tine

6 Moore's Centenary red line ed)..

23. BEAUTIFUL THOUGHTS SERIES, crown 8vo, Roxburghe, price

Bs. each. i Beautiful Thoughts from Latin 4 Beautiful Thoughts from German Authors.


and Spanish Authors. 2 Beautiful Thoughts from Greek 5 Grocott's Index to Familiar Quo3 Beautiful Thoughts from French

tations. and Italian Authors.

Price 5s. each.


demy Svo, cloth. I The Caxtons : A Family Picture. 1o Ernest Maltravers and Alice. 2 My Novel; or, Varieties in English 11 Devereux and Godolphin. Lise, Vol. 1.

12 The Last of the Barons. 3 Vol. 2.

13 The Parisians. 4 Night and Morning.

14 Eugene Aram and Zanoni. 5 Kenelm Chillingly: His Adventures

15 Pelham and The Disowned. and Opinions.

16 The Last Days of Pompeii and 6 Rienzi, the Last of the Roman Tri.

Lucretia, bunes.

17 What will He Do with it? Vol. 1. 7 Harold.


Vol. 2. 8 A Strange Story and The Haunted

19 Paul Clifford. and the Haunters.

20 Leila, and The Pilgrims of the 9 The Coming Race, Falkland, Zicci

Rhine. and Pausanias.

25. OCTAVO NOVELS, by the Best Authors, with the Original Illusts.

by CRUIKSHANK, Phiz, Sir John Gilbert, and others, cloth gilt, each 58. 3 Tower of London, by W. H. Ains. 42 The Spendthrift. AINSWORTH. WORTH, with CRUIKSHANK'S Plates.

44 Boscobel; or, The Royal Oak. 12 Lancashire Witches. AINSWORTH.

AINSWORTH. 14 Old St. Paul's. W. H. AINSWORTH. 45 Ovingdean Grange. Ditto. 15 Windsor Castle, by W. H. Ains. 47 The Flitch of Bacon.

Ditto. i WORTH, with CRUIKSHANK's Plates.

50 Auriol.

Ditto. 20 The Miser's Daughter, by AINS

53 Cooper's Sea Tales. WORTH, with CRUIKSHANK'S Plates.

54 Cooper's Leatherstocking Tales. 24 Guy Fawkes.

Ditto ditto.

55 Joseph Andrews. FIELDING. 25 Jack Sheppard. Ditto ditto.

56 Tom Jones, Vol. 1.

Do. 37 Rookwood.


57 Tom Jones, Vol. 2. 38 The Star Chamber. Ditto.

58 Amelia.

Do. 39 Crichton.


59 Mr. Jonathan Wild and A Journey 41 Mervyn Clitheroe. Ditto.

from this World to the Next, Do.


GIFT BOOKS AT 55.- continued. 26. PRESCOTTS WORKS,


12 vols, with Steel Plates, demy 8vo, 5s. each.. Philip the Second, 3 vols., 55. each. The Conquest of Mexico, 2 vols., Ferdinand and Isabella, 2 vols., 55.

5s. each. each.

Charles the Fifth, 2 vols., 55. each. Conquest of Peru, 2 vols., 5s. each. Biographies and Miscellanies, 5s.

BREVIER EDITION. With all the Notes by John Foster KIRK. An entirely New Edition, Reset from New Type, printed on Hand-made Paper, 5 vols., large crown 8vo, cloth, 5s, each. i Ferdinand and Isabella.

The Life of W. H. Prescott, by George 2 Conquest of Mexico.

TICKNOR, with Portrait, Uniform with 3 Philip II. of Spain.

the Brevier Edition of PRESCOTT's 4. Charles the Fifth.

Works. 5 Conquest of Peru, and Miscellanies.

Ditto, cloth, gilt top (in Sets only), 31s. 6d.


ment back, cloth sides, gilt top, in cardboard box, 5s. each. 1 Essayes of Michael, Lord of Mon- 5 Lord Byron's Don Juan.

taigne. Edited by Professor HENRY 7 Homer's lliad and Odyssey, Pope's MORLEY. Half-parchment, antique.

Translation. 2 King Arthur and his Knights of 8 Bartlett's Familiar Quotations. the Round Table, with 37 Illustra

9 Boswell's Life of Johnson. tions by F. A. FRASER.

of 3 Robin Hood Ballads, by JOSEPH

10 Longfellow's Translation


II R. W. Emerson's Works.
4 Dr. Mackay's 1,001 Gems of Eng-
lish Poetry.

12 Oliver Goldsmith's Works.

28. POETS (BLACKFRIARS Edition), 5s., crown 8vo. i Shakspere. 1,086 pages, 32 3 Scott. 640 pages, 16 full-page plates, plates, hall-bound, marbled edges.

cloth, gilt edges. 2 Longfellow. 768 pages, 8 full-page 4 Byron. 768 pages, 16 full-page plates, plates, containing 126 Copyright

half-bound, marbled edges. Poems, to be found in no other edition 5 Burns. 572 pages, 16 sull-page plates, printed in England, half-bound,

cloth, gilt edges. marbled edges.

6 Moore. 640 pages, 16 full-page plates,

cloth, gilt edges.

30. POETS, 5s. Series, Edited by the Rev. R. A. WILLMOTT, Illustrated

by Foster, GILBERT, CORBOULD, FRANKLIN, and Harvey, elegantly printed

on good paper, post 8vo, gilt edges. 31 Campbell's Poetical Works (Au- 33 Rogers' Poetical Works. Portrait

thor's Complete Edition), Illustrated 39 1,001 Gems of English Poetry, by W. Harvey.


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3 Old

19 The


31. JUVENILE BOOKS at 5s., crown 8vo and post 8vo, Illustrated

by Gilbert, Harvey, FOSTER, Zwecker and others.

I Marryat's Children of the New 15 Memoirs of Great Commanders,
Forest, with 54 original Illusts., and

by G. P. R. JAMES, with Plates. 8 full-page Plates.

16 History of a Ship, from her Cradle 2 Marryat's Little Savage, with 54

to her Grave, with Illustrations. original Illusts. by A. W. COOPER, 35 The Scottish Soldiers of Fortune, and full-page Plates by Sir JOHN

by James GRANT, with Illustrations, GilbeRT, R.A., cloth.

large crown 8vo, cloth.
Forest Ranger, by Major

SCIENCE SERIES. 4 Shipwrecks and Disasters at Sea,

17 Timbs' History of Wonderful by W. H. G. KINGSTON, with 180 Illustrations.

Inventions, New and Revised Edi

tion, with many Illustrations and 5 Notable Voyagers: from COLUMBUS

Coloured Plates. to NORDENSKIOLD, by W. H. G. 18 The Boy's Play Book of Science, KINGSTON, with Coloured Plates.

by Prof. J. H. PEPPER, 400 Illusts. 6 Great African Travellers: from

14th Edition. MUNGO PARK to LIVINGSTONE and

Boy's Book of Metals, STANLEY, by W. H. G. KING

Minerals, &c., by Prof. J. H.

PEPPER, with 300 Illustrations. 7 Escaped from Siberia, Translated by HENRY FRITH, with Illustra.

GIRLS' BOOKS. tions.

20 Lilian's Golden Hours, by Sil8 In the Brave Days of Old : The

Story of the Crusades, by HENRY 21 Uncle Tom's Cabin, red line edit.,
FRITH, with Illustrations,

with Illusts. by G. H. THOMAS. 9 The Big Otter: A ale of the 22 Picciola ; or, The Prison Flower, by Great Nor' West, by R. M. BALLAN

X. B. SAINTINE, with 10 Etchings. TYNE, with full-page Illustrations.

23 The Young Lady's Book, New ed., 10 Youngsters' Yarns, by Ascott R.

revised by Mrs. SALE BARKER. Hope, with Illusts. by C. O. MURRAY. 34 Roses and Lilies of Christendom, 11 Kaloolah; or, Journeyings to the

by CHRISTIAN BURKE, with Illusts. Djebel El Kumri, by W. S. MAYO, M.D., with 4 Steel Plates.

RELIGIOUS BOOKS. 31 Robinson Crusoe, with 50 Illustrations by J. D. WATSON, and

24 The Prince of the House of David, 6 Coloured Plates.

with Plates. 32 The Swiss Family Robinson

25 The Pillar of Fire, with Plates. (Kingston's Edition), with many

25 The Pilgrim's Progress, large type Illustrations and Coloured Plates.

edition, with 40 Plates by J. D.

WATSON. 33 Harry Treverton: A Tale of Austra

lian Life, Edited by Lady BROOME, 27 Naomi, by Mrs. WEBB, with New with Illustrations.

Illustrations by A. W. Cooper, and

8 by Sir John GILBERT, R.A. NAVAL AND MILITARY BOOKS. 12 Great Battles of the British Army,

FAIRY TALES. New Edition, including the Egyp- 28 Andersen's Fairy Tales, with many tian and Soudan Campaigns, with

Illustrations and Coloured Plates. New Plates by WoodviLLE.

29 Grimm's Fairy Tales, with many 13 Great Sieges of History, with Co.

Illustrations and Coloured Plates. loured Plates. 14 Great Battles of the British Navy,

MISCELLANEOUS. New Edition, including the Bombardment of Alexandria, with Co- 30 Extraordinary Men and Women, loured Plates.

by Russell

32. PICTURE BOOKS, various sizes, 5s. each.

i Baby's Opera, Words and Music, Illustrated by Walter CRANE, and printed

in Colours by Evans, 2 Baby's Bouquet, Words and Music, Illustrated by Walter CRANE, printed in

Colours by EVANS. 3 A Day in a Child's Life, Illustrations by KATE GREENAWAY, printed in

Colours by EDMUND EVANS. 8 The Imperial Natural History Picture Book, with 80 full-page Illustrations.

folio, cloth. 9 Little Ann, and other Poems, by Jane and Ann Taylor, with Illustrations by

KATE GREENAWAY, printed in Colours by EDMUND Evans. ni Song-Land: Ditties for Small Folks, cloth, gilt edges. 15 Routledge's Picture Book of Domestic Animals, with plain and 12 pages of

Coloured Illustrations, folio, fancy boards. 16 Routledge's Picture Book of Wild Animals, with plain and 12 pages of

Coloured Illustrations, folio, fancy boards. 17 Coloured Bible for the Young, wood binding, floral design on side, in a box. 19 Baby's Own Æsop, Illustrated by Walter CRANE, and printed in Colours by

EDMUND EVANS. 21 Kate Greenaway's A-Apple Pie, printed in Colours on Linen by EDMUND

EVANS, oblong folio, cloth 22 The Children of the Week, by W. T. PETERS, Illustrated by CLINTON

Peters, large fcap. 4to, cloth.

33. LITTLE WIDE-AWAKE SERIES, cloth gilt, 5s, each. 16 Little Robin's Picture Book, with 31 Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, 110 500 Illustrations.

Illusts. by J. D. WATSON. New Ed. 20 Children of the Village, by Miss

32 D'Aulnoy's Fairy Tales, with 60 MiTFORD, with Illustrations by

Illustrations by GORDON BROWNE, F. BARNARD and others.

fcap. 4to, cloth. 23 Dodd's Beauties of Shakspeare,

33 Laboulaye's Fairy Tales, with 227 with Illusts. by Sir John GILBERT,

Illustrations, fcap. 4to, cloth.

34 Little Wide Awake for 1888, Edited 24 Robinson Crusoe, with 100 Illusts.,

by Mrs. SALE BARKER, with Illusts. and Portrait of De Foe, by J. D. 35 The Illustrated Natural History for WATSON.

Young People, by Rev. J. G. Woon), 27 Illustrated Poems and Songs for

with 200 Illusts., fcap. 4to, cloth. Young People, by Mrs. SALE BAR- 36 Little Wide-Awake for 1889, Edited KER, many Illustrations, cloth.

by Mrs. SALE BARKER, with Illusts.

34. TOY BOOKS IN VOLUMES, containing 24 pages of Coloured

Plates, cloth gilt, each 5s. 31 Pictures from English History, containing The Four Periods. 37 Our Nurse's Picture Book, containing Tom Thumb, Babes in the Wood,

Jack and the Beanstalk, and Puss in Boots. 40 My Mother's Picture Book, containing My Mother, Dogs' Dinner Party,

The White Cat, and Little Dog Trusty. 45 The Poll Parrot Picture Book, containing Tittums and Fido, The Cats' Tea

arty, Reynard the Fox, and Ann and her Mamma. 61 Aladdin's Picture Book, containing Aladdin, Hind in the Wood, Yellow

Dwarf, and Princess Belle Etoile. 65 Jack Horner's Picture Book, containing Old Nursery Rhymes, Gingerbread

Robin's Christmas Song, and The Lion's Reception. 67 Caldecott's Picture Book, No. 1, containing Elegy on a Mad Dog, Babes in the

Wood, John Gilpin, and The House that Jack Built.

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