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Price Threepence each.


17 The Oronoco Chief.
18 The Trapper's Pass.
19 Single Eye.
20 The Scout's Prize.

i The Three Hunters. 2 The Secret Shot. 3 Prisoner of the Mill. 4 Star Eyes. 5 The Twin Scouts. 6 The Pirate, by Capt. MARRYAT. 7 Ahmo's Plot. 8 Indian Jim. 9 The Backwoods Bride. 10 Alice Wilde. 11 David Crockett. 12 Kit Carson. 13 The Allens. 14 Bill Biddon, 15 Indian Queen. 16 The Moose Hunters.

To be followed by
21 Alicia Newcombe.
22 The Block House.
23 The Hunter's Escape.
24 The Lost Trail.
25 The Peon Prince.
26 The Brethren of the Coast.
27 The Creole Sisters.
28 Laughing Eyes.
29 The Riflemen of the Miami.
30 Quindaro.

185. BIRDIE'S BOOKS, 12 vols., with Pictures on Every Page, in fancy

boarded covers, 3d. each. i Merry Rhymes for Dull Times. 8 Little Mites for Tiny Sprites. 2 Little Kisses for Little Misses.

9 Little Words about Little Birds. 3 Lively Lays for Dull Days.

10 Little Jokes for Little Folks. 4 A Book of Joy for Mamma's Boy. 11 Furze and Heather for Rainy 5 Mignonette for My Little Pet.

Weather. 6 Tit Bits for Tiny Wits.

12 A Welcome Guest from Robin's 7 Work and Play for Every Day,


186. TOY BOOKS at 3d., printed in Colours by KRONheim and others. 5 My First Alphabet.

30 Puss in Boots. 6 Old Mother Goose.

31 Little Red Riding Hood. 9 The Old Woman who Lived in a 32 Wild Animals. Shoe.

33 Tame Animals. 10 Little Bo-peep.

35 Jack, the Giant Killer. 12 Farmyard Alphabet.

36 Blue Beard. 16 Three Bears.

37 Aladdin. 19 My Mother.

38 The Forty Thieves. 27 Punch and Judy.

39 Tom Thumb. 29 Cinderella.

40 Sleeping Beauty,

187. JUVENILE BOOKS at 3d., royal 32mo, with Illustrations, paper

covers. 3 Ellen Leslie.

49 Parley's Thomas Titmouse. 6 Blind Alice.

50 Arthur's Christmas Story. 7 Grace and Clara.

52 Arthur's Stories for Little Boys. 8 Recollections of My Childhood. 53 Book about Boys. 10 Egerton Roscoe.

54 Arthur's Organ Boy. 12 Flora Mortimer.

55 Margaret Jones. 14 Story of a Drop of Water.

56 The Two School Girls. 17 Waste Not, Want Not.

57 Widow and her Daughter. 18 Tarlton and Forgive and Forget. 60 Martha and Rachel. 19 Lazy Lawrence and The White 62 The Prince in Disguise. 20 The Barring Out. [Pigeon. 65 The Contrast. Miss EDGEWORTH. 21 The Orphans and Old Poz.

66 Grateful Negro.

Ditto. 22 The Mimic.

70 Lina and her Cousins. 26 The Little Merchants.

71 The Last Penny. T. S. ARTHUR. 28 Robert Dawson.

73 The Gates Ajar. 29 Kate Campbell.

76 Contentment Better than Wealth. 31 Babes in the Basket.

77 Robinson Crusoe. 34 Little Henry and his Bearer.

78 Patient Waiting No Loss. 35 Learning Better than Houses and 79 No such Word as Fail. Land.

80 Tales of Truth and Kindness. 39 Stories of Child Life.

81 Edward Howard. 43 Hawthorne's Gentle Boy.

83 Songs of Grace. 45 Parley's Poetry and Prose.

84 The Sacred Songster. 46 Arthur's Stories for Little Girls. 85 Devout Songster. 48 The Young Cottager and Negro 86 Songs for the Righteous. Servant.

87 Susan Gray. Mrs. SHERWOOD.

188. JUVENILE BOOKS at 3d., fcap. 8vo, fancy covers. 5 The School Friends.

Golden Rule Stories ; or, Stories on the 6 The Brothers.

Ten Commandments. 7 Alone on an Island.

43 Ist Commandment. 8 The Ivory Traders.

44 2nd Commandment. 9 Columbine.

45 3rd Commandment, 10 Old Speedwell.

46 4th Commandment. n Deadly Nightshade.

47 5th Commandment. 12 The Iris.

48 6th Commandment, 13 May.

49 7th Commandment. 14 Ragged Robin.

50 8th Commandment. 53 Amy Lloyd-The Magpies-The 51 9th Commandment. Robins.

52 Toth Commandment. 54 Dora Creswell Young Master

Ben. 55 Patty's New Hat-Harry Lewing.

ton-Pride shall have a Fall. 56 Two Dolls-Going to the Races. 57 China Jug-The Foster-Mother.

189. ROUTLEDGE'S WORLD LIBRARY. Paper covers, 3d. each. I Goethe's Faust. Translated by JOHN 20 Poe's Tales. ANSTER, LL.D.

21 Mrs. Rundell's Cookery_Meats. 2 Life of Lord Nelson. By JOSEPH 22 Mrs. Rundell's Cookery-Sweets. ALLEN.

23 CommonObjects of the Sea Shore. 3 Goldsmith's Plays and Poems.

24 Common Objects of the Country. 4 Memoirs of Baron Trenck.

26 Henry Ward Beecher in the Pulpit. 5 White's Natural History of Sel.

27 Gems of Emerson borne.

30 Pet, by Rev. H. R. HAWEIS. 6 Captain Cook's Third and Last Voyage.

31 Select Poems. 7 Longfellow's Popular Poems.

33 Gems of Byron. 8 Life of the Duke of Wellington.

34 Dickens' Christmas Carol and The

Chimes. 9 Gulliver's Travels.

35 Bret Harte's Poems. 12 British Birds' Eggs and Nests.

6 Tales from Chaucer, by Mrs. 13 The Mutiny of the "Bounty.”

HAWEIS. 15 The Professor at the Breakfast 37 The Innocents Abroad, by MARK Table.

TWAIN. 16 Chinese Gordon.

38 The New Pilgrim's Progress, by 17 Addison's Spectator (Selections).

MARK TWAIN. 18 Livingstone.

39 Essays of Elia, by CHARLES LAME. 19 Comic Poets of the 19th Century. 40 Life of Queen Victoria.




GEOGRAPHY, £ 0 3 6 The Earth and its Inhabitants, by MARGARET E. DARTON, crown Svo, cloth.

o Kenny's English Grammar, fcap. 8vo, cloth.
6 Lennie's English Grammar, 18mo, cloth.
6 Murray's English Grammar, Abridged, 18mo, cloth.



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GREEK. 3 6 Adams's Principia Græca, Edited by the Rev. W. HOLDEN, crown Svo,

cloth. o The Eton Greek Grammar, with Bishop WORDSWORTH'S Syntax, trans

lated by Rev. W. ROUTLEDGE, D.D., 12mo, cloth. 6 Eton Greek Grammar, in English, Part 1, The Accidence, 12mo, cloth.

Part 2, The Syntax, 12mo, cloth.

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7 6 Bonnechose's History of France, crown 8vo, cloth.
6 0 Motley's Rise and Fall of the Dutch Republic, post Svo, cloth.

crown Svo.
3 6 The Victoria History of England, to 1887, by Arthur BAILEY THOMP-

SON, printed on toned paper, with 400 Illustrations by DALZIEL Brothers,

crown 8vo, cloth.
3 6 White's (Rev. J.) History of England, from the Earliest Times to the yeas

1858, post Svo, cloth.
Goldsmith's History of England, with Questions, fcap. Svo, cloth.

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190. SCHOOL BOOKS-continued.

s. d.



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o Watts's Scripture History, with Map, fcap. 8vo, cloth.

royal 32mo, cloth.
o White's Landmarks of the History of England, fcap. Svo, cloth.
6 Edwards's Summary of English History, 18mo, boards.

o Young's Algebra and Plane Trigonometry, fcap. 8vo, cloth.

o Walkingame's Tutor's Assistant, by J. R. YOUNG, fcap. 8vo, cloth.

Key to, fcap. 8vo, cloth.
o 6 Euclid's Elements of Geometry, Book 1, 18mo, boards.
o 6

Books 2 and 3, 18mo, boards.

Books 1, 2, and 3, cloth. 1 Routledge's Penny Table Book, 64 pp., 32mo, paper cover, id.; cloth, 2d, 192. DICTIONARIES. 1€

ENGLISH DICTIONARIES. 7 6 Webster's Dictionary of the English Language, Tenth Edition, revised

and corrected, royal 8vo, cloth, 75. 64. ; hali-cali, 145., ; full-calf, 16s. o 3 6 Webster's Condensed Dictionary, a Condensed Dictionary of the English

Language, with copious Etymological Derivations, accurate Definitions, Pronunciation, Spelling, and Appendices for General Reference, chiefly derived from the unabridged Dictionary of Noah WEBSTER, LL.D., edited under the supervision of Noah PORTER, D.D., LL.D., President of Yale College, by Dorsey GARDNER, with over 1,500 Illustrations,

crown 8vo, cloth, marbled edges, 35. 6d. ; half-bound, 5s. o 5 o Knowles' Large-Type Pronouncing Dictionary, royal 8vo, cloth. 2 6 Nuttall's (Dr.) Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Language,

Founded on the Labours of WALKER, WEBSTER, Worcester, CRAIG,
OGILVIE, and other distinguished Orthologists. 768 pages, crown 8vo,

cloth. o 3 6 Ditto, with a Dictionary Appendix. 832 pages, large crown 8vo, cloth,

marbled edges. oi o Routledge's New Dictionary Appendix, comprising Foreign and Classical

Words and Phrases ; Abbreviations Used in Writing and Printing ; A
Selection of Familiar Sayings; Prefixes and Suffixes ; Word Competi-
tions ; Alphabetical List of the Cities, Boroughs and Principal Towns in
England and Wales; Directions for Addressing Persons of Rank; A
Pronouncing Vocabulary of Biblical, Classical, Mythological, Historical,

and Geographical Proper Names. o io Walker's Pronouncing Dictionary, edited by Dr. NUTTALL, fcap. 8vo,

cloth, Is. ; roan, Is. 6d. o io Johnson's Dictionary of the English Language, by J. H. MURRAY,

containing 36,000 words, post Svo, cloth. o I o Routledge's Desk Dictionary, 64mo, cloth, 15., roan, red edges, Is. 6d. ;

morocco, gilt edges, 25. o Webster's Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Language,

Illustrated, royal 18mo, cloth. 0 6 Routledge's New Sixpenny Dictionary, 288 pages, with Illustrations. 6 Routledge's New Sixpenny Illustrated Dictionary, edited by

J. H. MURRAY, with 240 Illustrations on 240 pages, 16mo, cloth.

An entirely New Book. 6 Pocket-Book Dictionary, or Spelling Guide, in limp cover. o 5 o Bithell's (Dr.) Counting House Dictionary, crown 8vo, cloth

3 6 Simmonds' Commercial Dictionary, crown 8vo, cloth

6 o Mulhall's Dictionary of Statistics, crown 8vo, cloth. o 3 6 Crabb's Dictionary of Synonyms, crown 8vo, cloth. o 3 6 Lempriere's Classical Dictionary, Unabridged, demy 8vo, cloth

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192. DICTIONARIES--continued.

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o 3 6 Walker's Rhyming Dictionary, demy 8vo, cloth.

o Handy Classical Dictionary, 32mo, limp cloth.
o Dictionary of Blunders in Speaking and Writing, 24mo, cloth, limp.
o Dictionary of English Proverbs and Proverbial Phrases, 24mo, cloth

oin Dictionary of Mythology, 24mo, cloth limp.
o io Pearson's Acrostic Dictionary

Dr. Feller's English-French Dictionary.

Dr. Feller's French-English Dictionary.
6 The Two, in a red cloth case.

6 The Two, bound together in i vol. 2 6 De la Voye's French-English and English-French Dictionary, 1,100

pages, crown 8vo, cloth. 6 Nugent's French-Eng. and Eng.-French Dictionary, 18mo, half-bound.

French-English Dictionary, cloth.

English-French Dictionary, cloth. o Routledge's French-English and English-French Dictionary, 320 pages,

crown 8vo, cloth. 0 1 6 Wessely's New French Dictionary, 16mo, cloth.

0 1 0 Dr. Feller's English-German Dictionary.
o I Dr. Feller's German-English Dictionary.

6 The Two, in a red cloth case.
6 The Two, bound together in i vol.

6 Williams's German Dictionary, 18mo, half-bound. o i 6 Wessely's German Dictionary, 16mo, cloth.

Dr. Feller's English-Italian Dictionary.

Dr. Feller's Italian-English Dictionary.
2 6 The Two, in a red cloth case.
2 6 The Two, bound together in i vol.
2 6 Graglia's Italian and English Dictionary, 18mo, half-bound.
I 6 Wessely's New Italian Dictionary, 16mo, cloth.

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LATIN DICTIONARY. Oi 6 A New English-Latin and Latin-English Dictionary, with Proper and

Geographical Names, 16mo, cloth.

Oi 6 Wessely and Girone's New Spanish Dictionary, 16mo, cloth.

o 1o Dr. E. F. Feller's Dictionaries. About 400 pages in each. Red limp cloth. each.

English, German, and French. English and French.
French, German, and English. French and English.
German, English, and French. English and German.
These three books in a cloth case,

German and English,
35. 6d.; or bound in 1 Vol., 35. 6d. English and Italian.

Italian and English.

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