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4. PRICE Two GUINEAS EACH-continued. Paul and Virginia, with 120 Woodcuts and 12 page plates, by MAURICE LELOIR,

royal 8vo, cloth. (Edition limited to 450 numbered copies.) Sterne's Sentimental Journey, with 12 full-page Illustrations in Photogravure by the

Goupil Process, and 220 Sketches throughout the Text, from Designs by MAURICE
LELOIR. In a Portfolio.

Price £1 17s. 6d. The Wandering Jew, by EUGENE Sue, with 182 Illustrations, 3 vols. 4a.

Price 31s. 6d. Paul and Virginia, with 120 Woodcuts and 12 page plates, by MAURICE LELOIR,

royal 8vo, paper cover. (Edition limited to 450 numbered copies.) 5.

Price 30s. each. Life of a Sportsman, by NIMROD, with 38 Coloured Illustrations, royal 8vo, cloth. Dr. Syntax's Three Tours, with 80 Coloured Plates by ROWLANDSON, 3 vols.,

royal 8vo, cloth. Prescott's Works, with Notes by Kirk, and Life of Prescort by TICKNOR, 6 vols.,

brevier edition, crown 8vo, cloth (or in cloth, gilt tops), 315. 6d. The Library Shakespeare, Edited by HOWARD STAUNTON, 6 vols., demy 8vo, cloth. 6.

Price 28s. Wood's Illustrated Natural History of Man, 2 vols., super-royal 8vo. 7.

Price 25s. Notre Dame, by Victor Hugo, with Illustrations by the Author, BAYARD, Briox and

others, 2 vols., royal Svo, boards. (150 Copies.) The Toilers of the Sea, by Victor Hugo, with Illustrations by the most Eminent

French Artists, 2 vols., royal 8vo, boards. (150 Copies.) Ninety Three, by Victor Hugo, Illustrated by the most Eminent French Artists,

2 vols., royal 8vo, boards. (Limited to 100 copies.) The Laughing Man (L'Homme qui Rit), by Victor Hugo, Illustrated by the most

Eminent French Artists, 2 vols., royal 8vo, boards. (Limited to 100 copies.) Henry Fielding's Novels, 5 vols., demy 8vo, cloth. 8.

Price One Guinea each. i Longfellow's Poetical Works 7 The Poultry Book, by W. B. (Author's Edition), Illustrated by

TegetMEIER, with 30 large Original Sir JOHN GILBERT, R.A.

Coloured Plates by HARRISON WEIR, 2 Barnard's Landscape Painting, super-royal 8vo, cloth, gilt top. with Woodcuts and Plates printed

1 Shakespeare, Edited by J. PAYNE in Colours, royal 8vo, gilt edges.

COLLIER, F.S.A. 3 Drawing from Nature: A Series of Progressive Instructions in Sketching,

14 Charles Knight's Shakspere, with by George BARNARD, Illust. by 26

340 Illusts. by Sir JOHN GILBERT, Drawings and Diagrams in Colours.

R.A., 2 vols., imperial 8vo, gilt 4 Picture Posies: Poems from

edges. Living Authors, with Drawings by 15 Froissart's Chronicles of England, ). D. Watson, Birket Foster,

France and Spain, with 120 Illus. F. WALKER, and others, Engraved

trations, 2 vols., super-roy. Svo, cloth. by DALZIEL Brothers.

16 Monstrelet's Chronicles: A Sequel 5 Birket Foster's Pictures of Eng. lish Landscape, with 30 elaborate

to FROISSART, with 105 Illustrations, Designs by Dalziels, Edited by Tom

2 vols., super-royal Svo, cloth. Taylor, royal 4to, gilt, gilt edges. 17 Marryat's Novels, Handy-Volume 6 Life and Works of M. L. Watson,

Edition, 17 vols., cloth, in a box. Sculptor, with Photographs. By Dr. 19 Routledge's Guinea Edition of the LONSDALE

Waverley Novels, 4 vols.

8. PRICE ONE GUINEA EACH-continued. 20 Morley's Universal Library, 15 29 Thackeray's Mahogany Tree, with vols. in an oak book-case. (The

Illustrations, by FRANK MERRILI.. book-case separately, 6s.)

Half-bound in mahogany. (Edition 21 Victor Hugo's Novels, 6 vols., crown limited to 500 copies.) 8vo, Illustrated.

31 Cooper's Novels, 28 Sixpenny 22 Laurie's Interest Tables, 8vo. Also

Novels bound in 7 vols., demy 8vo, cl. in calf, 315. 6d. ; and half-call, 26s. 32 The Romance of a Poor Young 23 The Manufacture of Iron and

Man, by OCTAVE FEUILLET, with 100 Steel, by Sir I. LOWTHIAN BELL,

Illusts., and a Steel Portrait of the Bart., F.R.S.

Author, royal 8vo., tapestry cover. 24 England, Scotland, and Ireland, by (Limited to 1,000 copies.)

P. VILLARS, Translated by HENRY 33 Rip Van Winkle, by WASHINGTON
Frith, 600 Illustrations, imperial

IRVING. With 43 Illustrations by 4to, gilt edges.

FRANK T. MERRILL, and a Portrait 28 Things Seen (Choses Vues), by

of the Author. 4to, cloth, gilt edges. Victor Hugo, with a Steel Portrait,

(Limited to 250 copies.) 2 vols., demy 8vo, cloth.


Price 16s. Canon Dixon's History of the Church of England, Vols. 1, 2, and 3, 16s. each. King's Interest Tables. Call.

Price 15s. each. 10. GIFT BOOKS at 15s, each. 2 Charles Knight's Shakspere, with 340 Illusts, by Sir John Gilbert, R.A.

I vol., imperial 8vo. 3 The New Illustrated Natural History, by the Rev. J. G. Wood, M. A., with

500 Woodcuts. 7 Longfellow's Poetical Works, 11 vols. in a box. 8 Bancroft's History of the United States of America, 7 vols., fcap. 8vo,

Roxburghe style. 9 Men of the Reign : A Biographical Dictionary of Eminent Characters who

have died during the Reign of Queen Victoria, by T. HUMPHRY WARD. 10 The Henry Irving Edition of the First Part of Goethe's Faust, with

Etchings by J. P. LAURENS, in crown 4to, red satin binding. u Men of the Time: A Biographical Dictionary of Eminent Living Characters,

Edited by T. HUMPHRY WARD, 12th Edition. 12 Madame Chrysanthème, by Pierre Loti, with 199 Etchings and Woodcuts

by Rossi & MYRBACH, large demy Svo, half-bound, gilt top. (1000 copies.) 13 Francis the Waif, a Rural Romance, by GEORGE SAND, with 100 Illusts. by

EUGENE BURNAND, large demy 8vo, half-bound, gilt top. (1,000 copies.) 14 Robert Helmont, by ALPHONSE DAUDET, with 123 Illustrations by MONTEGUT

and Georges Picard, large demy 8vo, half-bound, gilt top. (650 copies.) 11.

Price 14s. each, i Russell's (W. H.) British Expedition to the Crimea, demy 8vo. 2 Wood's Natural History-Mammalia, super-royal 8vo, with 500 Illustrations. 3

Birds, super-royal 8vo, with 500 Illustrations.

Reptiles, Fishes, and Insects, super-royal 8vo, with 500 Illustrations.

Man, Africa, super-royal 8vo, with 300 Illusts.

Man, Australia, America, Asia, &c., super-royal 8vo, with 300 Illustrations. 7 Routledge's Illustrated Shakespeare. Edited by HOWARD STAUNTON. Illustrated by Sir John GILBERT, R.A.

Vol. I. 8

Vol. 2. 9 10 Smedley's Works, 4 vols., crown 8vo, cloth. 1 Notes and Emendations to Shakespeare's Plays, by J. PAYSE Collier.


Vol. 3:

Price 12s. 6d. each. 12. GIFT BOOKS at 128. 6. each, cloth. i Campbell's Poetical Works 13 The Cream of Leicestershire, by (Author's Complete Edition), with

Captain PENNELL-ELMHIRST, with Steel Plates by Turner.

Illustrations by John STURGESS, and 2 The Horse, in the Stable and the

Portraits and Map, medium 8vo. Field, by "Stonehenge," 160 Illus- 14 Life of John Mytton, Esq., by trations.

NIMROD, with 18 Coloured Illusts. 15 Jorrocks' Jaunts and Jollities, with

16 Coloured Plates by ALKEN. Price Half-a-Guinea each. 13. GIFT BOOKS at 10s. 6d. each. 7 The Hanging of the Crane: 39 The Best Season on Record, by A Poem, by H. W. LONGFELLOW,

Captain PENNELL-ELMHIRST, with with Original Plates.

Illustrations by JOHN STURGESS. ni Campbell's Shakspeare, royal 8vo 40 Fielding's Novels, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, cl. (and gilt edges, 125.).

41 Smollett's Novels, 3 vols., crown 20 Randolph Caldecott's Collection

8vo, cloth. of Pictures and Songs.

42 Randolph Caldecott's Second 22 The Grimm Library, 10 vols. in box.

Collection of Pictures and Songs,

43 Davenport Adams's Concordance 25 Pigeons, by W. B. TEGETMEIER and

to the Plays of Shakespeare, large HARRISON WEIR.

demy Svo, cloth. 26 Longfellow's Poetical Works, 44 Byron's Poetical Works, New ComPocket Vol. Edition, 5 vols., cloth

plete large-type Edition, Edited by gilt.

W. B. Scott, 3 vols., cr. Svo, cloth. 27 The Birthday Book of Flower and 45 Idyls of the Months : A Book of Song, by A. A. LEITH, with full.

Coloured Designs, Emblematical of page Illusts. printed in Colours, 4to.

the Year, by MARY A. LATHBURY, 28 Charles Knight's Shakspere, with

crown 4to, cloth, gilt edges. Illustrations by Sir JOHN GILBERT,

46 The Prime Ministers of Queen R.A., 3 vols., crown 8vo.

Victoria from Lord Melbourne to the 29 Napier's History of the Peninsular

Marquis of Salisbury, by G. BARNETT War, Maps and Plans, 3 vols.,cr.8vo.

SMITH, demy 8vo, cloih.

48 Balzac's Père Goriot, with 6 Etch30 Michaud's History of the Crusades,

ings by Lynch (limited to 500 num3 vols., crown 8vo.

bered copies), medium 8vo. 31 Longfellow's Works-Poems, Prose, 49 Westwood's Butterflies of Great Dante, 3 vols., crown 8vo.

Britain, with 20 Coloured Plates, 32 Boswell's Life of Johnson, includ

royal 8vo. ing the Tour to the Hebrides, 3 vols., 50 Carmen, by PROSPER MERIMÉE, crown 8vo.

with 9 Illustrations by Arcos, 33 The Spectator, New Edition, repro

Engraved on Steel, by NARGEOT, ducing the original text, Edited by half-bound, gilt top. (500 copies.)

HENRY MORLEY, 3 vols., crown 8vo. 51 A Sentimental Journey, by Lav34 The Works of William Hogarth,

RENCE STERNE, with 77 Woodcuts. by JOHN IRELAND, with 88 Copper

Edition de Luxe. Hand-made paper, plate Er.gravings.

crown 8vo. (500 copies.) 35 Motley's Rise of the Dutch Re. 52 Madame Chrysanthème, by PIERRE public, 3 vols., crown 8vo.

Loti, with 199 Etchings and Wood36 The Breakfast Table Series, by

cuts by Rossi and MYRBACH, large OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES, 3 vols.,

demy 8vo, paper cover. (1,000 copies.)

53 Francis the Waif, a Rural Rocrown 8vo.

mance, by George SAND, with Illus37 The Works of Isaac D'Israeli, trations by EUGENE BURNAND, large 3 vols., crown 8vo.

demy Svo, paper cover. (1,000 copies.) 38 Little Buttercup's Picture Book, 54 Robert Helmont, by ALPHONSE with Illustrations Coloured by Hand. Daudet, with 123 Illusts. by Mon

TEGUT & GEORGES PICARD, large demy 8vo, paper cover. (650 copies.)

GIFT BOOKS AT 10/6- continued. 14. THE OLD DRAMATISTS, with Biographical Memoirs, &c. These

Volumes are beautifully printed on white paper, with Steel Portrait and Vignette.

Other Volumes are on page 6, 7s. 6d. cach. i Shakspeare, with Remarks on his 5 Massinger and Ford, with an Intro• Lise and Writings by THOMAS

duction by HARTLEY COLERIDGE, CAMPBELL, and Portrait, Vignette,

and Portrait and Vignette, i vol., cl. and Index, 1 vol., 8vo, cloth.

6 Wycherley, Congreve, Vanbrugh, 2 Ben Jonson, with a Memoir by Wil

and Farquhar, with Biographical and LIAM GIFFORD, and Portrait and

Critical Notices by Leigh Hunt, Vignette, i vol. 8vo, cloth.

and Portrait and Vignette, i vol.,

8vo, cloth. 3 and 4 Beaumont and Fletcher, with Introduction by GEORGE DARLEY,

Also uniform in size, price ros. 6d. and Portraits and Vignettes, 2 vols., The Three Tours of Dr. Syntax, 8vo, cloth.


[blocks in formation]

Boswell's Life of Dr. Johnson, in 2 vols., crown 8vo, Roxburghe.

Price 7s. 6d. each.


demy 8vo, cloth, 75. 64. each.
i Pelham.
| 2 Paul Clifford.

| 3 Eugene Aram.
The other Volumes of this Edition are out of print.

17. SEVEN SHILLING AND SIXPENNY BOOKS. ! The Microscope, by_JABEZ HOGG, 8 Longfellow's Poetical Works, with with more than 500 Engravings and

53 Designs by Sir JOHN GILBERT, Coloured Illustrations, New and Re.

R.A., and Portrait. A New Edition, vised Edition,

printed by R. and R. CLARK, Edin. 2 National Nursery Rhymes, by

burgh. J. W. ELLIOTT.

9 Picture Natural History of Animals, 3 Christmas Carols (uniform with

Birds, Reptiles, Fishes, and Insects, “National Nursery Rhymes”).

660 Illustrations by WOLF, WEIR, 4 Bonnechose's History of France.

ZWECKER, and others, 750 pages, 5 The Popular Natural History, by

cloth, gilt edges. Rev. J. G. Wood, M. A., with 600

10 Sir John Gilbert's Shakespeare. Illustrations, large imp. 16mo, gilt

With about 700 Illustrations, cloth. edges.

11 Discoveries and Inventions of the 6 Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes

Nineteenth Century, by ROBERT and Fairy Tales. A Volume of 600

ROUTLEDGE, B.Sc., F.C.S., with pages, with an Illustration on nearly

400 Illustrations, Seventh Edition. every page, and Coloured Plates, á 12 A Popular History of Science, by New Edition.

Robert Routledge, B.Sc., F.C.S. 7 A Thousand and One Gems of

with 333 Illustrations. English Poetry, with Illustrations by 13 Familiar Quotations, by J. Bart. Sir J. E. Millais, Sir John Gil

LETT, new and revised edition. BERT, JOHN TENNIEL, and others, 14 Shakespeare Gems, with 45 Steel a New Edition.

Plates after G. F. SARGENT.

17. SEVEN SHILLING AND SIXPENNY BOoks-continued. 15 King's Interest Tables, demy 8vo, 25 Andersen's Fairy Tales. New Cocloth; calf, 16s• ; half-calf, 1os. 6d.

loured Plates by Nister and others. 16 Webster's Dictionary of the Eng. 26 Every Boy's Book. A Complete lish Language, edited by Chauncey

Encyclopaedia of Sports and AmuseA. Goodrich, 1,300 pages, roy. Svo,

ments, by EDMUND ROUTLEDGE cloth ; calf, 16s. ; half-calf, ios. 6d.

Revised and brought down to the 17 The Floral Birthday Book, with

present time. Cloth, 75. 6d.; gilt 368 Coloured Illustrations, morocco,

edges, 8s. 6d. red and gold edges.

27 A Thousand Miles up the Nile, by 18 London and its Environs, with 200

A. B. EDWARDS, with many Illus. Illusts., imperial 4to, cloth, gilt edges.

trations by the Author. New and 19 The English Provinces (English

Revised Edition. Clotb. (Price of and Welsh Counties), with 200 Il

Ist Edition was 425.) lustrations, imp. 4to, cloth, gilt edges. 28 My Trip Round the World, by 20 Scotland and Ireland, with 200 Il

W. S. CAINE, M.P., with 250 Illuslustrations, imp. 4to, cloth, gilt edges.

trations and Portraits, from Sketches 21 Our Darlings at Home, in Town,

by the Author. Demy Svo, cloth. in the Country and in Society, by 29 Friends and Playmates, with Mars, printed in Colours by PLON,

Coloured Illustrations by Mars. oblong 4to, cloth.

Uniform with “ Our Darlings." 22 Schiller's Complete Works, Edited

(No. 21.) Oblong 4to, cloth gilt. by HENRY MORLEY, demy Svo, cloth. 30 The Arabian Nights. New Coloured 23 Things Seen (Choses Vues), by

Plates by Nister and others. VICTOR HUGO, I vol., demy 8vo, cl. 31 The Chess Player's Manual, with 24 Grimm's Fairy Tales. New Coloured

Diagrams, by G. D. Gossip. Demy Plates by Nister and others.

8vc, cloth. New Edition, revised.

18. ROYAL LIBRARY: A Series of Standard Works, profusely Illus

trated by Woodcuts or Steel Plates, royal 8vo, 7s. 6d. [ Life of Frederick the Great, with 3 Heads of the People, with 56 Illus. 500 Illustrations.

trations by KENNY MEADOWS, and 2 Don Quixote, with 50 Woodcuts by

Essays by THACKERAY, DOUGL45 Sir John GILBERT, R.A., and Arm.

JERROLD, Mrs. GORE, and others. STRONG.

Ist Series. 5 Horne's Life of Napoleon, Illus- 4 Ditto 2nd Series.

trated by HORACE VERNET.



THE OLD POETS, 75. 6d. cack. 75. 6d, each.

i Chaucer, with Notes and Glossary by 7 Greene and Peele's Dramatic

Tyrwhitt, and Portrait and VigWorks, Edited by

nette, I vol., cloth.

ALEXANDER Dyce, 1 vol., 8vo,

2 Spenser, with Selected Notes, Life

by the Rev. H. J. TODD, M.A., cloth.

Portrait, Vignettee and glossarial 8 Marlowe, with a Memoir and Notes

Index, i vol., cloth. by Rev. ALEXANDER Dyce, I vol., 3 Dryden, with Notes by the Revs. 8vo, cloth.

Joseph and JOHN WARTOx, and

Portrait and Vignetts, I vol., cloth. 9 John Webster, with Life and Notes by Rev. ALEXANDER Dyce, I vol.,

4 Pope, including the Translations, with

Notez and Life by the Rev. H. F. Svo, cloth.

CARY, A.M., with Vignette title, I See also page 5, 10:. 6d. each.

vol., cloth.

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