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34. Toy BOOKS IN VOLUMES—continued. 73 Caldecott's Picture Book, No. 2, containing The Three Jovial Huntsmen, Sing

a Song for Sixpence, The Queen of Hearts, The Farmer's Boy. 75 Caldecott's Hey-Diddle-Diddle Picture Book, containing The Milkmaid,

Hey.Diddle Diddle, The Fox Jumps over the Parson's Gate, A Frog he would

a-Wooing go. 76 Caldecott's Panjandrum Picture Book, containing Come, Lasses and Lads,

Ride a Cock Horse, Mrs. Mary Blaize, and The Great Panjandrum himself. 77 Harry Furniss's Book of Romps, containing his Four Shilling Toy Books,

printed in Colours by EDMUND Evans.


each with 16 to 22 pages of Coloured Illustrations, 5s. 2 British Crustacea. ADAM WHITE. 14 Profitable Plants. T. C. ARCHER. 3 Greenhouse Botany. A. CATLOW. 15 Garden Botany.

A. CATLOW. 6 British Mosses. R. M. STARK. 17 British Ferns. Thos. MOORE, 7 Palms. Dr. B. SEEMANN, F.L.S. 21 British Entomology. M.E. CATLOW. 13 The Aquarium. G. B. SOWERBY.

35a. ALPHONSE DAUDET'S BOOKS, Illustrated Edition, crown Svo,

half-bound, gilt top, 5s. each. i Tartarin on the Alps, with 150 3 Tartarin of Tarascon. 120 Illusts.

Illustrations by Rossi, ARANDA, 4 Sappho. 100 Illustrations.

5 Thirly Years of Paris. 120 Illusts. others. 2 La Belle Nivernaise: The Story of an

Old Boat and Her Crew, iso Illusts.

post Svo.


36. MISCELLANEOUS VOLUMES, 5s. each. i King Arthur, by Lord LYTTON, Illus- 15 Modern Magic: A Manual for Con. trated by E. HUGHES, crown Svo.

jurors, 5th Edition, by Professor 2 Knowles' Large-type Pronouncing

English Dictionary, royal 8vo.

16 Dymond's Essays on the Prin.

ciples of Morality. New Edition, 3 Barnard's Foliage & Foreground

with a few Words of Introduction by Drawing, with 60 full-page Illustra

Rt. Hon. JOHN BRIGHT, M.P., tions, crown 8vo, cloth. 5 The Counting House Dictionary, 18 Studies of Great Composers. by R. BITHELL, crown 8vo, half

Second Edition, revised. By C.

HUBERT H. PARRY, Mus. Doc., 6 The Practical Family Lawyer, by

W. A. HOLDSWORTH, 2nd Edition, 19 The Sunlight of Song Original
Revised, cloth.

Music by Sir ARTHUR SULLIVAX, 7 Mano: A Poetical History, by Canon

BARNBY, and others, 4to, cloth.
Dixon. Crown 8vo, cloth.

20 The Shrine of Death, and other

Stories, by Lady DILKE, large 9 Mechi's How to Farm Profitably,

crown 8vo, hand-made paper, paper scap. Svo, half-roan. 10 Pitman's Pay, by Wilson, crown 21 The “Shall Nots” of the Bible, 8vo, cloth.

printed in Colours and Monotone, 1 Surnames as a Science, by ROBERT

small 4to, roan, gilt edges, in box. FERGUSON, F.S.A.

22 Loving Links, printed in Colours and 14 Brandram's Speaker, with a Por

Monotone, small 4to, roan, gilt rait, crown 8yo, Roxburghe, gilt top.

edges, in box.


Price 3s. 6d. each,

39. STANDARD NOVELS, with full-page Illustrations, crown 8vo,

cloth, 3s. 6d. each.

LORD LYTTON'S NOVELS (The KNEBWORTH EDITION), green cloth. i Eugene Aram.

12 My Novel, Vol. 1. 22 What will He Do with 2 Night and Morning. 13 Ditto

Vol. 2.

It? Vol. 2. 3 Pelham. 14 The Disowned.

23 Leila, & The Pilgrims 4 Ernest Maltravers. 15 The Coming Race.

of the Rhine. 16 Godolphin.

24 Falkland and Zicci. 6 Last Days of Pompeii. 17 Paul Clifford.

25 Kenelm Chillingly. 7 Harold. 18 Zanoni.

26 The Parisians, Vol. 1. 8 Last of the Barons. 19 Rienzi,


Vol. 2. 9 Lucretia. 20 A Strange Story.

28 Pausanias, the Spartan 10 The Caxtons. 21 What will He Do with

and The Haunted and II Devereux.

It? Vol. I.

the Haunters.

5 Alice.

AINSWORTH'S NOVELS, red cloth, 3s. 6d. i Tower of London, with 6 Steel 15 The Spendthrift, with Illustrations Plates by GEORGE CRUIKSHANK.

by H. K. Browne. 2 Windsor Castle, 6 ditto ditto. 16 The Star Chamber, with Illustra3 Rookwood, with 6 Steel Plates.

tions by H. K. BROWNE. 4 Lancashire Witches, with Plates by

17 Preston Fight, with Illustrations by

Sir John GILBERT, R.A.

18 The Manchester Rebels. Ditto. 5 Guy Fawkes, with Steel Plates by CRUIKSHANK.

19 Constable of the Tower, with 6 St. James's. Ditto

Illustrations by Sir John GILBERT. ditto.

20 Lord Mayor of London, Illustrated 7 Old St. Paul's. Ditto ditto.

by FREDERICK GILBERT, 8 Crichton, Plates by H. K. Browne.

21 Cardinal Pole.

Ditto. 9 Mervyn Clitheroe. Ditto.

22 The Leaguer of Lathom, Illustrated 10 Boscobel.


by FREDERICK GILBERT. 11 Ovingdean Grange. Ditto.

23 Beau Nash.

Ditto. 12 The Miser's Daughter, with Steel 29 John Law.

Ditto. Plates by CRUIKSHANK.

30 Auriol, Illustrated by H. K. BROWNE, 13 The Flitch of Bacon, with Illustra- 31 Stanley Brereton, Illustrated by tions by Sir John GILBERT.

F. GILBERT. 14 Jack Sheppard, with Steel Plates


BALZAC'S NOVELS, uniform English Edition, Illustrated, blue cloth, 3s. 6d. i Pere Goriot.

6 The Country Doctor. 2 Duchesse de Langéais.

7 The Two Brothers. 3 César Birotteau.

8 The Alkahest. 4 Eugénie Grandet.

9 Modeste Mignon. 5 Cousin Pons.

10 The Magic Skin.


COOPER'S NOVELS, green cloth, 3s. 6d. each. i The Deerslayer.

10 The Sea Lions. 2 The Pathfinder.

11 The Spy. 3 The Pioneers.

12 Miles Wallingford. 4 The Last of the Mohicans.

13 Lionel Lincoln. 5 The Prairie.

14 The Headsman. 6 The Red Rover.

15 Homeward Bound. 7 The Pilot.

16 The Crater; or, Vulcan's Peak. 8 The Two Admirals.

17 Wing and Wing. 9 The Waterwitch.

To be followed by the rest of the Series.

DICK'ENS' NOVELS, red cloth, 35. 6d. i The Pickwick Papers.

5 Sketches by Boz. 2 Nicholas Nickleby.

6 Barnaby Rudge. 3 Martin Chuzzlewit.

7 The Old Curiosity Shop. 4 Oliver Twist.

8 Dombey and Son.

FORTUNE DU BOISGOBEY'S NOVELS. 35. 6d. i The Bride of a Day.

4 The Half-Sister's Secret. 2 Cat's-Eye Ring, vol. 1.

5 Married for Love. 3

Ditto. vol. 2.

DUMAS' NOVELS, maroon cloth, 3s. 6d. 1 Count of Monte Cristo, complete. 8 The Forty-five Guardsmen. 2 The Three Musketeers.

9 The Conspirators. 3 Twenty Years After.

10 The Regent's Daughter. 4 The Vicomte de Bragelonne, Vol. 1. 11 Memoirs of a Physician. 5 Ditto

Vol. 2.

12 The Queen's Necklace. 6 Marguerite de Valois.

13 The Taking of the Bastile. 7 Chicot, the Jester.

14 The Countess de Charny.

LEVER’S NOVELS (THE HARRY LORREQUER EDITION), green cloth, 3s. 6d. i Harry Lorrequer. 13 Knight of Gwynne, / 24 Lord Kilgobbin.

Vol. 2. 2 Jack Hinton.

25 The Martins of Cro' 14. Arthur O'Leary.

Martin, Vol. 1. 3 Charles O'Malley.

15 Roland Cashel, Vol.1. 26 Ditto Vol. 2. 5 Con Cregan.

16 Ditto

Vol. 2. 6 The O'Donoghue.

27 That Boy of Norcott's. 17 Barrington.

28 Fortunes of Glencore. 7 Tom Burke, Vol. 1. Ditto

18 Dodd Family, Vol. 1. 8 Vol. 2.

29 Sir Jasper Carew. 19 Ditto

Vol. 2. 30 Maurice Tiernay. 9 One of Them.

20 Luttrell of Arran. 8 The Daltons, Vol. 1.

31 A Day's Ride : A Life's


21 Davenport Dunn, Vol. I.
Vol. 2.


Vol.2. 32 Tony Butler. 12 Knight of Gwynne, Vol. 1.

23 The Bramleighs of 33 Sir Brook Fossbrooke

Bishop's Folly. 34 Horace Templeton.



MARRYAT'S NOVELS, blue cloth, 3s. 6d. i Peter Simple.

9 Rattlin the Reefer. 17 Pirate,&ThreeCutters 2 The King's Own. 10 Newton Forster. 18 Poor Jack. 3 Frank Mildmay. 11 The Poacher.

19 Masterman Ready. 4 Midshipman Easy. 12 Pacha of Many Tales. | 20 Settlers in Canada, 5 Jacob Faithful. 13 Valerie.

with Portrait of Capt. 6 The Dog Fiend. 14 The Phantom Ship.

Marryat. 7 Percival Keene. 15 Monsieur Violet.

21 The

Mission ; or, 8 Japhet in Search of a 16 Olla Podrida.

Scenes in Africa.

SCOTT’S (Sir Walter) NOVELS, a New Edition, with the Author's Notes,

and the original Steel Plates by GEORGE CRUIKSHANK, J. M. W. Turner,

and others, red cloth, 3s. 6d. 1 Waverley.

10 The Monastery. 19 Betrothed, and High2 Guy Mannering. II The Abbot.

land Widow. 3 Old Mortality. 12 Kenilworth.

20 The Talisman, & Two 4 Heart of Midlothian. 13 The Pirate.

Drovers. 5 Rob Roy. 14 Fortunes of Nigel.

21 Woodstock. 6 The Antiquary. 15 Peveril of the Peak.

22 Fair Maid of Perth. 7 BrideofLammermoor 16 Quentin Durward.

23 Anne of Geierstein. 8 Black


of and 17 St. Ronan's Well.

Paris. Legend of Montrose. 18 Redgauntlet. 9 Ivanhoe

25 Surgeon's Daughter.

24 Count

HUGO'S (Victor) NOVELS, uniform English Edition, Illustrations by

LUKE Fildes and other Artists, dark blue cloth, 3s. 6d. i By Order of the King.

4 Notre Dame. 2 Les Misérables.

5 Ninety-three. 3 Toilers of the Sea.

6 The History of a Crime.


By SMOLLETT. i The Mysteries of Paris.

17 Humphry Clinker. 2 The Wandering Jew.

18 Roderick Random.

19 Peregrine Pickle. By H. COCKTON.

By JANE PORTER. 3 Valentine Vox.

14 The Scottish Chiefs.

15 Thaddeus of Warsaw. By SAMUEL LOVER.

By SAMUEL WARREN. 4 Handy Andy.

34 Ten Thousand a Year,

35 Passages from the Diary of a By FRANK E. SMEDLEY.

Late Physician. 5 Frank Fairlegh.

By Mrs. RADCLIFFE. 11 Lewis Arundel.

26 Romance of the Forest. 22 Harry Coverdale's Courtship.

27 The Mysteries of Udolpho. 23 The Colville Family.


24 Asmodeus. Author of “Gil Blas.” By FIELDING.

25 Children of the Abbey. R.M.Roche, 6 Tom Jones.

33 Vidocq, the French Police Spy. 20 Amelia.

36 Old London Bridge. G.H.RODWELL. 21 Joseph Andrews.


The Romance of War. J. GRANT.

40. SIR WALTER SCOTT'S NOVELS, New Edition, with the

Author's Notes, and 2 Steel Plates in each volume, crown 8vo, cloth, 13 vols.,

38. 6d. each. i Waverley and Guy Mannering. 8 Peveril of the Peak and Quentin 2 Black Dwarf, Legend of Montrose

Durward. and The Monastery.

9 St. Ronan's Well and Redgauntlet. 3 Rob Roy and Ivanhoe.

10 The Betrothed and The Talisman. 4 Old Mortality and Heart of Mid- 11 Woodstock and The Fair Maid of lothian.

Perth. 5 The Antiquary and The Bride of 12 Anne of Geierstein and Count Lammermoor.

Robert of Paris. 6 The Abbot and Kenilworth.

13 The Surgeon's Daughter and Tales 7 The Pirate and Fortunes of Nigel.

of a Grandfatber.

40a. ALPHONSE DAUDET'S BOOKS, Illustrated Edition, crown 8vo,

fancy cover, 38. 6d. each. Sre page 12. i Tartarin on the Alps, with 150 3 Tartarin of Tarascon, I20 Illusts.

Illustrations by Rossi, ARANDA, 4 Sappho. With 100 Illustrations.

5 Thirty Years of Paris. 120 Illusts. 2 La Belle Nivernaise : The Story of

an Old Boat and Her Crew. 180


(The KNEBWORTH EDITION), crown 8vo, green cloth, 38. 60. i England and the English.

8 King Arthur. 2 Athens: Its Rise and Fall,

9 New Timon. 5 "Quarterly” Essays.

10 Dramatic Works, Vol. 1. 6 Pamphlets and Sketches.

Vol. 2. 7 Schiller and Horace.

12 Wit and Wisdom of Lord Lytton.

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AUTHORS, large crown 8vo, cloib, 3s. 6d. each. In Monthly Volumes. 1 Emerson's Works, with Steel Por- 5 The Spectator, with Introduction trait, 640 pages.

and Index by Prof. HENRY MORLEY, 2 Lemprière's Classical Dictionary,

920 pages. 700 pages.

6 Moore's Poetical Works, with 16 3 Thomas Carlyle's The French Plates, Edit. by C. KENT, 640 pages. Revolution, Complete, with Portrait,

7 Shakspere, 1,086 pages, with 32 659 pages.

full-page Plates. 4 Burns' Poetical Works, with 16

Plates, Edit. by C. Kent, 500 pages.

42. THE BLACKFRIARS POETS, crown 8vo, cloth, cut edges, or

cloth back, marbled paper sides, uncut edges, 3s. 6d. i Shakspere, 1,086 pages, 32 full-page 3 Scott, 640 pages, 16 full-page Plates. Plates.

4 Byron, 768 pages, 16 full-page Plates. 2 Longfellow, 768 pages, 8 full-page 5 Burns, .572 pages, 16 full-page Plates

Plates, containing Michael Angelo
and 126 other Copyright Poems, to

6 Moore, 640 pages, 16 full-page Plates.
be found in no other edition printed
in England.

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