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Vol. 2.


price. DUMAS, ALEXANDRE-continued. Chicot, the Jester,

Monte Cristo. Conspirators.

Queen's Necklace. Countess de Charny.

Regent's Daughter. Forty-five Guardsmen.

Taking the Bastile.
Marguerite de Valois.

Three Musketeers.
Memoirs of a Physician.

Twenty Years After.

Cr. Svo, cloth, each 2 0 DUMAS' Novels. A new Crown Svo Railway Library Edition. Chicot, the Jester.

Queen's Necklace. Conspirators.

Regent's Daughter. Countess de Charny.

Taking the Bastile. Forty-five Guardsmen.

Three Musketeers. Marguerite de Valois.

Twenty Years After. Memoirs of a Physician,

Vicomte De Bragelonne. Vol. 1. Monte Cristo.


Cr. Svo, boards, each 2 0 Railway Library Edition. Half-crown Vols. Vicomte de Bragelonne. Vol. 1. Monte Cristo. 2 vols. in 1. Ditto

Vol. 2.

Three Musketeers, and Twenty Memoirs of a Physician.

Years Aster,

I vol. 2 vols, in i.

Boards, each 2 6 Dumas' Monte Cristo. Complete in One Vol. Demy 870, pațer 0 Dumas' The Three Musketeers and Twenty Years After, in i vol.

Demy Svo, paper 1 0 The Count of Monte Cristo, with about 400 Illustrations by French Artists.

Royal 8vo, boards 63 0 DU MONCEL, Le Comte. See ROUTLEDGE. DURER, Albert. Life of Our Saviour, in 32 Prints

Small 410, cloth 1 6 DYMOND. Essays on the Principles of Morality.

Cr. Svo, cloth 50 Easy Poetry for Children

Post Svo, gilt edges 16 Ditto

do. cloth 1 0 EDGAR, 7. G. Boyhood of Great Men. Illustrated

Post Svo 3 6 History for Boys. Illustrated


3 6 EDGEWORTH, Maria. Popular Tales.

Parents Assistant. Moral Tales.

Early Lessons.

Cr. Svo, cloth, each 2 6 Moral Tales.

Manoeuvring, &c. | Harrington. Popular Tales. Patronage, Vol. 1. Helen. Absentee, &c.


Fcap. Svo, boards, each 2 0 Tales of Fashionable Life. 4 vols.

Post Svo, cloth, gilt edges 8 0



Coth, gilt edyes, each 1 6

Cloth limp, cold, edges, each 1 0 Harry and Lucy. 24 Illustrations by F. A. FRASER Cr. Svo, cloth 2 0 Frank. 24 Illustrations by F. A. FRASER

do. 2 0 Rosamond. 24 Illustrations by F. A. FRASER

do. 2 0

5 vols.

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Vol. 2.

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Pub. EDGEWORTH, MARIA-continued.


d. Waste Not, Want Not

Post 8vo, gilt edges 1 6 Ditto

cloth 1 0 Helen

gilt edges 1 6 Ditto

Post Svo, cloth limf, cold. edges 1 0 Stories of Ireland. " (Morley's Universal Library).

Cr. Svo, cloth, cut or uncut edges 1 0 Ditto

Parchment back, gilt top 1 6 EDWARDES, Mrs. Miss Forrester

Cr. Svo, boards 2 0 EDWARDS, Amelia B. A Thousand Miles Up the Nile. With many Illustrations by the Author. New and Revised Edition

Cloth 7 6 Life of Cervantes. Illustrated

Post Svo, cloth 2 0 Half a Million of Money

Post Svo, boards 2 0 My Brother's Wife

Fip. Svo, boards 2 0 EDWARDS, Mrs. Betham. Bridget

Cr. 8vo, board's 2 0 EILOART, Mrs. Boys of Beechwood. · Illustrated .

Post Svo, cloth 2 6 Ernie Elton at Home and at School. Illustrated ,

do. 2 6 Tom Dunstone's Troubles. Illustrated

do. 2 6 Ernie Elton, the Lazy Boy

Cr. 8vo, cloth, gilt edges 1 6 Ditto

do. cloth limp, cold, edges 1 0 Ernie Elton at School

Cr. 8zo, cloth, gilt edges 1 6 Ditto

do. cloth limp, cold. edges 10 ELLIOTT, 7. W. National Nursery Rhymes. Original Music by J. W. ELLIOTT. With Original Illustrations by DALZIEL

Imp. 8vo, cloth, gilt edges 7 Elsie's Pets. 40 Illustrations :

Post Svo, cloth, gilt edges 6 Ditto

Cloth 1 0 ELWES, Alfred.

The Richmonds' Tour in Europe. Many Illustrations. Square, cloth 2 0 EMERSON'S (Ralph Waldo) WORKS. Riverside Edition. A New and Complete Copyright Edition. 11 Vols.,

printed from new Electrotype Plates, with Two New Portraits. Nature: Addresses and Lectures. Conduct of Life. This book has hitherto borne the

Society and Solitude. name “Miscellanies."

Letters and Social Aims. Essays, Ist series.

Poems. Essays, 2nd series.

Lectures and Biographical Representative Men.

Sketches. English Traits.


Cr. Svo, cloth, each 3 6 The Set, si vols., Roxburghe binding

38 6 Emerson's Essays, Representative Men, Society and Solitude. One Vol. (Morley's Universal Lib.) Cr. Svo, cloth, cut or uncut edges 1 0 Ditto ditto

Parchment back, gilt top 1 6 The Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson. With Steel Portraits, 640 pages

Demy Svo, cloth 3 6 Ditto Cr. Svo, parchment back, gilt top, in a box 50 English Traits

Fop. Svo, cloth 1 0 Representative Men

do. 1 0 Enchanted Horse, and other Stories

Small 4to, boards 1 0 Escaped from Siberia. Translated by H. Frith. With Illustrations and 16 full-page Plates

Cr. Svo, cloth 5 0



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price. EURIPIDES. Alcestis, Electra, Orestes, &c. Translated into English Verse by

Robert POTTER. (Morley's Universal Library.)
The Bacchanals, lon, Medea, and other Plays. Translated into English

Hecuba, Helen, Andromache, and other Plays. Translated into English

Each, cloth, cut or uncut, 1/0 ; parch. back, gilt top 1 6

EVANS, Edmund.

Jimmy: Scenes from the Life of a Black Doll, as Told by Himsclf . 1 0 Every Little Boy's Book. 200 Illustrations.

Post Svo, cloth 3 6 Fables and Proverbs from the Sanscrit. Edited by Prof. H. MORLEY.

Cr. Svo, cloth, cut or uncut edges 1 0 Ditto

Parchment back, gilt top 1 6 Familiar Latin Quotations .

24mo, cloth 1 0 Familiar French Quotations


I 0 Familiar English Quotations

do. 1 0 Family Doctor. 750 Pages. With 500 Illustrations

Cr. Svo, cloth 3 6 Famous Pamphlets (Morley's Universal Library), Cr. 8vo, cl., cut or uncut edges 1 0 Ditto

Parchment back, gilt top 1 6 FATHER PROUT.

The Works of "Father Prout." Edited by Chas. Kent. Cr. 8vo, cloth 3 6 FELLER, Dr. E. F.

POCKET DICTIONARIES. About 400 pages in each. English-German-French.

English-German. German-English-French.

German-English. French-German-English.

English-Italian. English-French.

Italian-English. French-English.

32mo, red cloth, each 1 0

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Eng.-Ger.-Fr.; Ger.-Eng.-Fr.; Fr.-Ger.-Eng.
These three in i Volume .

Half-bound 3 6
In a cloth case

3 6 In

Half-bound 2 6 Ditto 2 Vols. in a cloth case.

2 6 English-German and German-English In i Vol. half-bound 2 6 Ditto ditto

2 Vols, in a cloth case 2 6 English-Italian and Italian-English

. In i Vol. half-vound 2 6 Ditto ditto

2 Vols. in a cloth case 2 6 FENN, George Manville. Hollowdell Grange; or, Holiday Hours in a Country Home. With Illustrations

Cr. Svo, cloth 3 6 FERGUSON, Robert. Surnames as a Science.

Cr. Svo, cloth 5 0
1 Inheritance.

Fop. Svo, boards, each 2 0

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Pub. FEUILLET, Octave.


3. d. The Romance of a Poor Young Man. Edition de Luxe. With 100 Original Illustrations

Royal 8vo, tapestry cover £1 1 0

A New Edition of Fielding's Novels in Five Volumes, printed from New

Type, with full-page Illustrations.
Joseph Andrews. Tom Jones. Vol. 1 | Tom Jones. Vol. 2. | Amelia.
Mr. Jonathan Wild the Great and A Journey from this world to
the Next.

Demy Svo, cloth, each 5


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Theatrical Anecdotes

. Fop. Svo, boards 10 Five Years' Penal Servitude. By One who has Endured it. 9th Edition.

Fcp. 8vo, sewed 1 0


Dramatic Works. See BEAUMONT and FLETCHER.

Floral Birthday Book. With 368 Pictures of Flowers, printed in Colours by

Boards 2 0

Cloth, red edges 2 6 Ditto

do. gilt edges 3 0 Ditto

Limp roan 3 6 Ditto

Calf 6 0 Ditto

Morocco 7 6 Flowers. 12 Groups of Flowers in a Packet. Printed in Colours by KRONHEIM. 3 0 For Want of a Nail

Sm. 4to, boards 1 0 For a Good Child-containing Cinderella, Puss in Boots, Jack and the Bean Stalk, Coloured Plates


4to, cloth

With Portrait


FORBES, Archibald.
Chinese Gordon.


Cr. Svo, cloth 3 6; do. cloth 6 do. paper 1 0


Pub. price. s.

FOSTER, Birket.
Pictures of English Landscape. With 30 elaborate Engravings by
DALZIEL Brothers, and Pictures in Words by Tom Taylor.

Roy. 4to, gilt edges 21 0
FOSTER, Myles Birket.
The Children's Christmas

16mo, paper 10

FOUQUÉ, De la Motte.

The Magic Ring.
Minstrel Love.

Romantic Fiction.

Wild Love.
Thiodolf, the Icelander.

Post Svo, cloth gilt, each 2 0

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The Potato in Farm and Garden.

Fcp. Svo, cloih 10 French-English and English-French Dictionary, set from New Type. 320 pages :

Cr. 8vo, cloth 1 0


FRITH, Henry.
In the Brave Days of Old: The Story of the Crusades, with Illustrations
and 16 full-page Plates

Large imp. 16mo 50
On the Wings of the Winds; or, The Adventures of an Engine-Driver,

Cr. Svo, cloth 3 6 Schoolboys all the World over. Illustrated.

Post Svo, cloth 2 6 Holiday Album for Boys. 92 Illustrations

do. do. 20 King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. With 50 Illustrations by F. A. FRASER

Post 8vo, cioth 2 6

Parchment back, gilt op 5 0
Ascents and Adventures : A Record of Mountaineering Cr. Svo, cloth 2 6
Chiromancy and Palmistry. By HENRY Frith and Edward HERON-
ALLEN. With Illustrations

Fcp. Svo, cloth 1 0
Graphology; or, Handwriting as an Index to Character Frp. 8vo, cloth 1 0

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Froissart's Chronicles of England, France, and Spain. With 120

Illustrations, and all the Original Illuminated Plates, 70 in number.
2 vols. (RAMAGE)

Sup.-roy., half-mor. £6 6 0

Whole mor. £8 8 0 The Illuminations are sold separately

£3 3 0 Froissart's Chronicles. 2 vols.

Suip.uroj. 800, ciotik 21 g


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