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Pub. DAUDET, Alphonse.


d. Tartarin on the Alps, with 150 Illustrations by Rossi, ARANDA, MYRBACH, MONTENARD, and others, Crown 8vo, half-bound, gilt top 50 Ditto

Paper cover 3 6 La Belle Nivernaise; or, An Old Boat and her Crew. With 184 Illustrations

Cr. Svo, half-bouni, gilt top 5 0 Ditto

Puper cover 3 6 Tartarin of Tarascon. With 120 Illustrations. Cr. 8vo, half-bound, gilt top 5 0 Ditto

Paper cover 3 6 Sappho. With 100 Illustrations by Rossi and MYRBACH.

Cr. 8vo, half-bound, gilt 100 5 0 Ditto

Paper cover 3 6 Thirty Years of Paris. With 120 Illustrations by MONTÉGUT, PICARD and Rossi. (Copyright.)

Cr. 8vo, half-bound, gilt top 5 0 Ditto

Paper cover 3 6
Robert Helmont, Diary of a 'Recluse, 1870-1871. With 123 Illusts.

by MONTÉGUT and PICARD Large demy Svo, hf. bound, gilt top 15 0

Paper cover 10 6
D'AULNOY, Countess.
Fairy Tales. Translated by J. R. PLANCHÉ. 12 Illustrations by

Cr. 8510, cloth 3 6
Fairy Tales. With 60 Illustrations by Gordon BROWNE. Fcp. 410, boards 3 6

Cloth 5 0
David and Bathsheba. (See Dick.)
DAVIES, 7. Trevor.
The Voter's Guide and Canvasser's Manual: A Popular Explana-
tion of the Laws of Elections

Fop. Svo, cioth 1 0 DAVIS, Mrs. 7. W. Pythia's Pupils. A Book for Girls .

Cr. 870, cloth 3 6
DAY, Thomas.
Sandford and Merton. 60 Illustrations and 8 Coloured Plates

Cr. Svo, gilt edges 3 6
With 60 Illustrations

Cr. 8vo, cioch 2 6
With 60 Illustrations

do. 2 0 Ditto

With 60 Illustrations Medium 4to, paper 06

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Day's (A) Pleasure. 30 Illustrations


Sq., cloth 1 6

Boards 1 0

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DEFOE, Daniel.
Robinson Crusoe (The Life and Adventures of). With 50 Illustrations
by J. D. Watson, and 6 Coloured Plates Cr. 870, cloth, gilt edges 50

Ditto With 100 Illustrations by J. D. Watson. Small 470 5 0

Board's 3 6
Ditto With 50 Illustrations by J. D. Watson, and 6 Cold.

Cr. Svo, cloth 3 6
Ditto With 50 Illusts. by J. D. Watson. Cr. 8vo, buckram 2 6
Ditto With 52 Plates by Watson

Cr. Svo cloth 2 0 Ditto No Plates

Post 8vo, cloth, gilt edges 1 6 Ditto ditto

Cloth limp, coloured edges 1 0 Defoe's Journal of the Plague. Edited by Prof. H. MORLEY.

Cr. 8vo, cloth, edges cut or uncut 1 0 Ditto

Parchment back, gilt top 1 6


price. DELA MER, E. S.

d. The Kitchen and Flower Garden

Fcp. 8vo, cloth, gilt edges 3 6 The Kitchen Garden

Fcp. Svo, cloth 1 0 The Flower Garden

do. boards 1 0 Flax and Hemp

do. do. 1 0 Pigeons and Rabbits

do. cloth 1 0 DE LA VOYE, Marin French-English and English-French Dictionary. 1100 Pages. Cr. 8vo,

marbd, edges 2 6 DE QUINCEY, Thomas. Confessions of an English Opium Eater, Life of Shakespeare, Life of Goethe. Edited by Prof. H. MORLEY. Cr. 8vo, cloth,cut or uncut edges 10 Ditto ditto

Parchment back, gilt top 1 6 Confessions of an English Opium Eater

24mo, cloth limp 1 0 DESBEAUX, Emile. Mattie's Secret. With 1oo Illustrations

Fcp. 4to, boards 3 6 DIBDIN, Charles. Sea Songs

24mo, cloth 1 0 Sea Ballads

do. 1 0 Sea Songs and Sea Ballads

24mo, boards 1 0 DICK, Conzae, and CRESSWELL, James. David and Bethsheba. A Royal Romance, based on Babbinical Traditions

Cr. 870, cloth 2 6 DICKENS, Charles.

NEW ILLUSTRATED EDITION. In Cr. Svo, cloth, with page plates, each 3 6 1. Pickwick Papers.

5. Sketches by "Boz." 2. Nicholas Nickleby.

6. Barnaby Rudge. 3. Martin Chuzzlewit.

7. The Old Curiosity Shop. 4. Oliver Twist.

8. Dombey and Son.



Nicholas Nickleby.

Dombey and Son.
Pickwick Papers.

Cr. 8vo, Roxiurghe binding, gill top, each 2 6

Barnaby Rudge.

Old Curiosity Shop. Dombey and Son.

Oliver Twist. Nicholas Nickleby.

Sketches by Boz. Grimaldi, the Clown. Illustrations by G. CRUIKSHANK.

Cr. Svo, cloth, each 2 0

Barnaby Rudge.
Dombey and Son.
Martin Chuzzlewit.
Nicholas Nickleby.

Old Curiosity Shop.
Oliver Twist.
Pickwick Papers.
Sketches by Boz.

Cr. Svo, boards, each 2 0

Nicholas Nickleby.

Pickwick Papers. I

The Three in I vol.

1 The Pickwick Papers.

Demy Svo, paper covers, each 1 0 Sketches by Boz. 1 Oliver Twist.

. Demy 8vo, boards 2 6


price. DICKENS, CHARLES—continued.

s. d. DICKENS'S WORKS IN THE POCKET LIBRARY. Half-cloth, cut edges, or uncut, 1s. ; uncut edges, gilt top, Is. 64. ; paste grain,

gilt edges, 25. 6d. A Christmas Carol.

Tales from Pickwick. COPYRIGHT. The Chimes.

Reproduced by special arrangement The Cricket on the Hearth. With

with Messrs. CHAPMAN & HALL.) all the original Illustrations.

Pictures from Italy. For Sixpenny Editions of Charles Dickens' Works see Part II. of this Catalogue.

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Dick Whittington's Toy Book. Containing Dick Whittington, Punch and
Judy, and Cock Robin. 32 pages of Coloured Illusts. Sup.-roy. 8vo, cloth 2 6

do. boards 2 0 Dictionaries. See Part II. of the Catalogue, page 85. Dictionary Appendix. Comprising, Foreign and Classical Words and

Phrases, Abbreviations, Familiar Sayings, Prefixes and Suffixes, Word Competitions, Cities, Boroughs and Towns, Forms of Address, Pronouncing Vocabulary

Cr. Svo, cloth 1 0 Dictionary of Daily Blunders in Speaking and Writing

1 0 Ditto English Proverbs and Phrases

1 0 Ditto Mythology

1 0

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DILKE, Lady.
The Shrine of Death, and other Stories, printed on hand-made paper.

Large crown 8vo, uncut edges, bound in buckram 3 6
Hand-made paper

Paper cover 50

Novels, in Two Volumes.
Vol. I.

Vivian Grey, The Young Duke, Contarini Fleming, Alroy.
Vol. 2. Henrietta Temple, Venetia, Coningsby, Sybil.

Demy 8vo, cloth, each 2 6

Sybil. Coningsby.

Venetia. Contarini Fleming.

Vivian Grey. Henrietta Temple.

Young Duke.

Svo, picture covers, each 0 6 D'ISRAELI, Isaac.

The Writings of Isaac D’Israeli. 3 vols. Cr. Svo, cloth, edges cut or uncut 10 6 Curiosities of Literature

do. 3 6 Amenities of Literature

do. 3 6 Miscellanies of Literature

do. 3 6 Cheaper Editions of the same three Books. Cr. Svo,cl., edges cut or uncut, each 2 0


DIXON, Cecilia.
The Longfellow Birthday Book. With Portrait

ditto Ditto


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32mo, cloth



24mo, cloth



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price. Dixon, Cecilia-continued. The Longfellow Birthday Book. With Portrait .

1 0 Ditto


do. cloth limp 06 Ditto


do. wood sides 1 6 Ditto ditto

1 6 Ditto


do, calf 2 6 Ditto


do. morocco 3 6 The Keble Birthday Book

1 0 Ditto

do. cloth limp 0 6 Ditto

do. wood sides 1 6 Ditto


1 6 Ditto

do. calf 2 6 Ditto


3 6
DIXON, Rev. Canon, R. W.
History of the Church of England. Vol. I, 1529–1537 Demy Svo, cloth 16 0

Vol. 2, 1538-1548 do. 16 0
Vol. 3, 1549-1553

do. 16 0 Mano: A Poetical History of a Norman Knight

Cr. Svo, cloth 5 0 The Bible Birthday Book

32mo, cloth, gilt edges 1 0 Ditto


paste grain 1 6 Ditto

do. wood sides 1 6 Ditto


calf 2 6 Ditto


morocco 3 6 DODDRIDGE, Dr. Philip.

The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul Cr. Svo, cloth 2 0 DODD, Dr. Beauties of Shakespeare. Illust. by Sir John GILBERT. Fcp. 410, cloth 5 0 Ditto


Fop. 4to, boards 3 6
Red lines, Illustrated

Cr. Svo cloth 3 6

do. 2 0 Dog and Cat Toy Book. With Original Designs by A. W. Cooper, printed in Colours by LEIGHTON Bros.

410, paper 10 Ditto

On linen 2 0 Don't : A Manual of Mistakes

32mo, leatherette 0 6 DOUDNEY, Sarah. A Woman's Glory .

Cr. Svo, boards 2 0 DRAYSON, General A. W.

The Art of Practical Whist. 4th edition, revised and enlarged. Cr.8vo,cloth 3 6 The White Chief of the Caffres: A Book for Boys. With Illustrations.

Cr. Svo, cloth 3 6 From Keeper to Captain. A Book for Boys.

Cr. Svo, cloth 3 6 DRAYTON, Michael. The Barons' Wars: Nymphidia and other Poems. (Morley's Universal Library.)

Cr. 8vo, cloth, edges cut or uncut 1 0 Ditto

Parchment back, gill top 1 6
Dryden's Poetical Works, with Notes and Life by the Revs. JOSEPH

WHARTON, D.D., and John Wharton, M.A., with Portrait and

Royal 8vo, cloth 7 6
Dryden's Translation of Virgil's Æneid Cr. Svo cloth, cut or uncut 1 0

Parchment back, gilt top 1 6


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Pub DU BOISGOBEY, Fortuné.


s. d. The Bride of a Day (Grippe-Soleil). A Story of Paris Lise. Translated by H. L. WILLIAMS

Cr. Svo, cloth 3 6 The Cat's Eye Ring : A Tale of Modern Paris.

2 Vols, each 3 6 The Half-Sister's Secret

i Vol. 3 Married for Love

I Vol. The Bride of a Day.

Death or Dishonour. The Half-Sister's Secret.

The Felon's Bequest. Married for Love.

The Cry of Blood. The Red Band.

Fickle Heart. The Condemned Door.

The Cat's Eye Ring. 2 Vols. Cash on Delivery.

Cr. Svo, boards, each Vol. 2 0

Cr. 8vo, cloth, each Vol. 2 6 The Red Band. 2 Vols.

The Felon's Bequest. 2 Vols. The Condemned Door. 2 Vols. The Cry of Blood. 2 Vols. Cash on Delivery. 2 Vols.

Fickle Heart. 2 Vols.
Death or Dishonour. 2 Vols. The Blue Veil. I Vol.

Paper covers, each Vol. 1 0

do. 1 6 DULCKEN, H. W., Ph.D.

Handy History of England. 100 Illusts. by DALZIEL. Square 24mo 2 6 Happy Day Stories for the Young. With 130 Illustrations by A. B. HOUGHTON

Boards 2 6 Picture History of England for the young. With 80 Page Pictures.

Cr. 4to, cloth 3 6 Ditto

ditto 4to, board's 2 6 DUMAS, Alexandre. For the arrangement of the Books in the order of the Sequels,

see Catalogue of Novels, fcap. 8vo.
DUMAS' Novels. A New Edition, reset, with full-page Illustrations.
Chicot, the Jester, Marguerite de Valois. Three Musketeers.
Conspirators. Memoirs of a Physician Twenty Years After.
Countess de Monte Cristo.

Vicomte de Brage-
Queen's Necklace.

lonne, Forty-five Guards

Regent's Daughter.
Taking the Bastile.

Cr. Svo, cloth 49 0
Separate volumes

Cloth 3 6 Ascanio: A Tale of 1540.

Monte Cristo. Vol. I.
Beau Tancrede.

Black Tulip : A Tale of 1672. Mohicans of Paris.
Captain Paul.

Nanon; or, Woman's War.
Catherine Blum.

Page of the Duke of Savoy. Chevalier de Maison Rouge. Pauline; or, Buried Alive. Chicot, the Jester.

Queen's Necklace. Conspirators; or, The Chevalier Regent's Daughter. d'Harmental.

Russian Gipsy Countess de Charny.

Taking the Bastile. Vol. 1. Doctor Basilius.

Ditto Forty-five Guardsmen: A Tale Three Musketeers. of 1585.

Twenty Years After. Half-Brothers.

Twin Captains. Ingenue.

Two Dianas: A Tale of 1551. Isabel of Bavaria.

Watchmaker. Memoirs of a Physician. Vol. 1.

(Railway Library Edition.) Ditto

Vol. 2.

Fcap. 8vo, Paper covers or cloth, each 1 0

Vol. 1.
Vol. 2.


14 vols.

Vol. 2.

Vol. 2.

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