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Pub. BARKER, Lady.


d. Boys. Illustrated

Post Svo, cloth 2 6 Travelling about over New and Old Ground. With Maps and Illustrations

Cr. 8vo, cloth 3 6 BARKER, Mrs. Sale. Little Wide Awake for 1889. 15th Year of Publication. Profusely Illustrated.

Cr.410, cloth, gilt edges 5 0 Ditto

Fancy boards 3 6 Little Wide Awake. A Monthly Magazine

0 3 Little Wide Awake Poetry Book. 100 Illustrations Fcp. 410, cloth i 6 Ditto ditto

Paper 1 0 Sunny Childhood. Full-page Pictures, printed in Colours by MeISSNER and Buch

Fancy boards or cloth 3 6 Illustrated Poems and Songs for Young People. Pictures on every page.

Large 4to, fancy board's 3 6 Ditto

Cloth 5 0 Uncle John's Adventures in Prairie Land. With Illustrations.

Cr. 8vo, cloth 2 6 Some of My Little Friends. With 24 full-page Plates, printed in Colours

Fcp. 4to, cloth 3 6 Ditto

do. boards 2 6 Some of My Feathered and Four-Footed Friends. With 24 full-page Plates by J. B. ZWECKER, printed in Colours by EDMUND Evans.

Fcp. 4to, cloth 3 6 Ditto

do, voard's 2 6 Some of My Little Friends.

Fancy boards, each 1 0 More of My Little Friends.

Cloth, each 1 6 Lily's Home. 120 Illustrations

Fcp. 8vo, gilt edges 1 6 Ditto


cloth 1 0 Lily's Screen. I20 Illustrations.


gilt edges 1 6 Ditto


cloth 1 0 Lily's Scrap Book. 120 Illustrations

do. gilt edges 1 6 Ditto ditto

do. cloth 1 0 Lily's Magic Lantern. 120 Illustrations .

do. gilt edges l 6 Ditto


cloth 1 0 Those Boys. 40 Illustrations

Sm. 4to, cloth 1 6 Ditto ditto

do boards 1 0 Those Girls. 40 Illustrations .

do. cloth 1 6 Ditto

do. boards 1 0 The Child's Letter Writer.

Fcp. 8vo, cloth 06 Puff, the Pomeranian. With 12 Coloured Illustrations. Fcp. 4to, cloth 3 6 Ditto

do. boards 2 6 Sunday Talks with Mamma

Boards 20 Mrs. Sale Barker's Christmas Book for 1888. Our Home, Our Pets and Our Friends. In I vol. Printed in Monotones

Cloth, gilt edges 3 6 Ditto

Fancy board's 2 6

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Each Is. 6d., in fancy covers, small 4to, gilt edges, in envelopes.
Our Friends. Illustrated by F. A. FRASER. Reproduced in Monotone

Our Pets. Illustrated by Paul HARDY. Reproduced in Monotone by

Our Home. Illustrated by A. W. COOPER. Reproduced in Monotone



Pub. BARNARD, George.


d. Drawing from Nature. With 18 Coloured and Litho. Plates.

Roy. 8vo, cloth, gilt edges 21 0 Landscape Painting in Water Colours. With numerous Woodcuts and Plates printed in Colours

Roy. Svo, cloth, gilt edges 21 0 Foliage and Foreground Drawing. With 60 full-page Illustrations.

Cr. Svo, cloth 50

The Sunlight of Song: Original Music, and Original Illustrations by
the most Eminent Artists

Roy. Svo 50

BARNES, Rev. Albert.
Notes on the Old and New Testament. Dr. CUMMING'S EDITION.

Super-royal 16mo.
In ordering, state whether the Single or Double Volumes are required. It is especially

necessary, in writing through Agents, to specify CUMMING's Edition.'

I vol.



Gospels of Matthew and Mark. Thessalonians, Timothy, Titus,
I vol.
2 6 and Philemon.

2 6 Gospels of Luke and John. Hebrews. 1 vol.

2 6 I vol.

2 6 Acts of the Apostles. I vol.

James, Peter, John, and Jude. 2 6 I vol.

3 6 Romans. I vol. 2 6 Revelation. I vol.

4 6 First Corinthians. I vol. 2 6 Book of Isaiah, in 3 vols.

90 Second Corinthians and Gala.

Book of Job, in 2 vols.

6 0 tians. I vol. 2 6 Book of Daniel, in 2 vols.

7 0 Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians. I vol.

2 6 The New Testament, in II vols.

£1 10 6

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DOUBLE VOLUMES. The Four Gospels

4 6 Revelation, with Map, &c. Acts and Romans

4 6 Book of Isaiah. 3 vols. Corinthians and Galatians 4 6 Book of Job. Ephesians to Philemon

4 6 Book of Daniel. Hebrews and General Epistles. 5 6 The New Testament, in 6 Double Volumes

4 6 9 0 5 6 6 6

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£1 8 0

BARNES, James, and ROBINSON, William.

Asparagus Culture

i Cr. Svo, cloth 1 0

BARNESBY, George 7.

Our Native Song Birds, Warblers and Canaries. Illust. Cr. 8vo, bds. 2 O
The Canary

do. cloth 1 0

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price BARRETT, Dr. Howard. The Management of Infancy and Childhood in Health and Disease. Second Edition

Cr. 8vo, cloth 2 6 Ditto

do. faper 2 0

Familiar Quotations

Cr, 8 o, cloth 3 6

Parchment binding 5 0 Ditto

Author's Revised and Enlarged Edition, printed from the latest American Electrotype Plates .

Cr. 820, cloth 7 6

Bashful Irishman

. Cr. Svo, bcards 2 0

BATES, Charlotte Fiske.
The Longfellow Birthday Book. Issued in honour of the Poet's 74th
Birthday, with a New Portrait

24mo, cloth 3 6

New Tale of a Tub: A Tiger Adventure.


With Large Coloured

Oblong, paper cover 10

BEALE, Stephen.
Profitable Poultry.Keeping. With Original Illustrations. Cr. 820, cloth 3 6

do. boaris 2 0

The Emperor William Ist of Germany: A Biography, with a Portrait.

Fcp. 8vo, boards 10


Dramatic Works. Edited by DARLEY.

2 vols.

Royal 8zo, cloih 21 0

Chamber and Cage Birds. Translated by W. E. SHUCKARD. Revised
by GEORGE J. BARNESBY. Illustrated

Cr. Si, clorh 3 6


The Basket of Flowers


Post 8vo, gilt ed, es 2 6

do. do. 1 6 do.

cioth 10

BELLEW, 7. C. M.

Poets' Corner: A Manual for Students in English Poetry. Cr. Szo, cloth 3 6 Blount Tempest

Cr. Svo, board's, or cloth 2 0

BELL, Sir I. Lowthian, Bart.

Principles of the Manufacture of Iron and Steel. Demy 820, cloth 21 0


Eda Morton and her Cousins
The Secret of a Life


Post Svo, cloth 2 6 do. do. 2 6

Boards 20

BERINGTON, Rev. Joseph.

The Literary History of the Middle Ages

Pub. price.

a. Cr. 820, cloth 3 6


Romantic Tales from English History. With 22 Illusts. Post Sio, cloth 2 6 Bible Emblem Anniversary Book. With 365 Illustrations by Wm. FOSTER, printed in Colours by EDMUND EVANS.

Cloth 2 6 Ditto ditto

Boards 1 6 Bible for the Young. See Coloured.” Birdie's Book. With 288 Illustrations

32mo, cloth 2 6 Ditto ditto

Board's 2 0

BITHELL, Richard, B.Sc., Ph.D.
Counting-House Dictionary. Containing an Explanation of Technical
Terms used by Merchants and Bankers. Second Edition, Revised.

Cr. 8vo, half-roan 5 0 The Creed of a Modern Agnostic

Cr. 8vo, cloth 2 6 Ditto

do. cloth limp 1 0

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Poetical Works. Illust. by BIRKET FOSTER. Red Lines Cr. Svo, gilt edges 3 6
Ditto (Excelsior Series) .

Cr. Svo, cloth 2 0



Blue Ribbon Reciter

Fcp. 8vo, cloth 1 0 Blue-Ribbon Birthday Bo

24mo, cloth 1 0 Bob, the Spotted Terrier. With 50 Illustrations by Harrison Weir.

Small 4to, cloth 1 6 Ditto


Boards 1 0

The Decameron. Edited by Professor H. MORLEY.

Cr. Svo, cloth, elges cut or uncut 1 0

Parchment back, gilt top 1 6


The Golden Treasury. Large Type Edition

Demy Svo, cloth 3 6
Red Line Edition

Cr. 8vo, Roxburghe 36
Ditto (Excelsior Series) Cr. 8vo, cloth, edges cut, or half cloth, uncut 2 0
Red Lines.

32mo, cloth, red edges 1 0



price. BOISSIER, Gaston. Memoir of Madame de Sevigné. Translated by H. L. WILLIAMS. With Portrait

Demy Svo 2 6 The First Volume of the Series of GREAT FRENCH WRITERS.


Tiny's Natural History, in Words of Four Letters. With 25 pages of

Fcp. 4to, cloth gilt 1 6

Boards 1 0


History of France. Translated by W. Robson

Cr. Svo, cloth 7 6 Book of Familiar Quotations

Cr. Svo, gilt edges 3 6 Ditto

cloth 2 0 Book of Humour, Wit and Wisdom

do. gilt edges 3 6 Ditto

( Pocket Library) Cloth, cut or uncut 1 0 Ditto


Gilt top 1 6 Ditto


Paste grain 2 6


The “Sir Joshua Reynolds" Edition of Boswell's Life of Dr.

Johnson. With an Introduction and Notes by Professor HENRY MORLEY.
With 20 Steel Portraits after Sir Joshua REYNOLDS. Printed by Clay
on hand-made paper. 5 vols.

Roy. Svo, cloth 52 6 Life of Dr. Johnson. With many Illustrations and Portraits.

3 vols.

Cr. Svo, cloth 10 6 Life of Dr. Johnson. 4 vols.

do. 10 0 Ditto 4 vols. bound in 2.

do. 10 0 Life of Dr. Johnson. Complete in i vol.

do. 3 6 Ditto

Parchment binding, gilt top, in a box 5 0
Centenary Edition

Cr. 8vo, cloth 2 0


ANNE BOWMAN'S BOOKS FOR Boys. Well Illustrated. Bear Hunters.

Kangaroo Hunters. Boy Foresters.

Rolando's Adventures. Boy Pilgrims.

Tom and the Crocodiles. Boy Voyagers.

Young Exiles. Castaways.

Young Nile Voyagers. Esperanza.

Young Yachtsmen.

Cr. Svo, cloth, each 2 6

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Clarissa; or, The Mervyn Inheritance. A Book for Girls. Cr. 8vo, cloth 2 6 Acting Charades.

Fcap. 8vo, cloth 1 0 The Boy Voyagers

Post Svo, cloth, gilt edges 1 6 Ditto.

Cloth limp, cold. edges 10 Boy's Own Story Book. By the Best Authors. Illustrated by W. Harvey.

Imp. 16mo, cloth 3 6 Boy's Own Treasury of Sports and Pastimes. With many hundred Illusts.

Cr. Svo, cloth 3 6

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