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Daddy Crips' Waifs. A Tale of Australian Life and Adventure. By ALEXANDER

A. FRASER. Illustrated. Crown 8vo..
A story full of incident and adventure, introducing the reader to Maori chiefs, New

Zealand whalers, and scenes from the rougher colonial life of thirty or forty

years ago. The book is written from first-hand knowledge and experience.
Daniel's Venture, and what came of it. With Illustrations
Darcy, the Young Acrobat. By the author of Little Ruby's Curl.' Illust. Cr. 8vo.

Glory of the Sea, The. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Great Auk's Eggs, The. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

Swallow-Tails and Skippers. Coloured Frontispiece. Crown 8vo..
Davis, E. L.

Brook and River. Illustrated. Imperial 16mo.
Town's Benefactor, The. A Story about the Sunday Question. Illustrated.

Crown 8vo. .
Day after To-morrow, The. By Mrs. PROSSER. Illustrations. Crown 8vo.

A cleverly and effectively told story of how a miserly old miller-ess (as we suppose

she must be called) was brought to a better mind by her adventures while in

suspense about a lawsuit. Daybreak in Britain. By A. L. 0. E. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. Days of the Cattle Plague, The. By Mrs. PROSSER. Illustrated. Imp. 16mo.

The vicissitudes of a farmer's life during the dark days of the cattle plague are

graphically depicted with vigour and freshness. The influence of a godly life,

and the sustaining power of true religion, are truthfully described. Dearer than Life. A Story of the Times of Wycliffe. By Emma LESLIE, author

of "At the Sign of the Blue Boar.' Illustrated. Imp. 16mo., gilt edges
This tale gives a lively and interesting picture of England in the fourteenth century.
Dearest of Daisies, The, and The Pearl of Days. By Mrs. PROSSER. Illust. Cr. 8vo.
Diana Rosenburgh. A Tale of Cornwall. By CRONA TEMPLE. Illustrated.

Crown 8vo..
Dibs. A Story of Young London Life. By JOSEPH JOHNSTON, Author of "The

Master's Likeness.' Illustrated by ALFRED PEARSE. Imperial 16mo.
Dick's Strength, and how he gained it. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

Dreams and Deeds. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. .
Hugh Templar's Motto. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

Knotless Thread, A. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Doctor's Experiment, The. The Adventures and Experiences of one of Dr. Reade's

pupils. By author of ‘Under Fire,' etc. Illustrations. Imp. 16mo., gilt edg. A story for boys, told with great skill and power of delineating character. There

are many episodes in the main narrative, some of them extremely amusing. Door without a knocker, and other Tales, The. By Mrs. PROSSER. Illust. Imp. 16mo.

The scenes the author portrays of every-day life in the family have such a touch of

reality, her delineation of character is so truthful, and her description of incident

so graphic, that her stories appeal with power both to the heart and imagination.
Dora. A Tale of Influence. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Dora Hamilton; or, Sunshine and Shade. By Mrs. W. H. COATES. Illust. Cr. 8vo.
Dorothy Northbrooke. The Story of a Sister's Influence. By Emma S. PRATT,

author of «Katie, the Fisherman's Daughter,' etc. Ulust. Crown 8vo. Dorothy Tresilis. A Cornish Tale. By M. M. POLLARD. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

A well-written story of Cornish lite as influenced by visitors from London, showing

how the diligent performance of duty under the influence of love to Christ, helps

to settle quarrels, to win affection, and to benefit others. Doubts and Certainties. A Story of To-day. Frontispiece. Crown 8vo. . .

Meant especially for thoughtful and educated young people, troubled by the bold

assertions of scepticism and the confessed difficulties of belief. Such readers it
will help in tipding rest.

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Great Salterns, The. Illustrated. Imperial 16mo., gilt edges
Janet Darney's Story. A Tale of Fisher Life in Chale Bay. Illustrated.

Imp. 16mo., gilt edges
Old Anthony's Secret, and other Stories. Illustrated. Imperial 16mo. .

Who is the Enemy? and How he was Discovered. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Down in a Mine; or, Buried Alive. By G. E. SARGENT. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Dreams and Deeds. By Lotisa E. DOBRÉE. Illustrated. Crown 8vo..
Drop of Comfort, A. By Rev. C. COURTENAY. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

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Echoed Song, The. A Christmas Story. By Mrs. PROSSER. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. 1 0
Miriam Rosenbaum. A Story of Jewish Life. Illustrated. Imp. 16mo.

2 6 What is her Name: Illustrated. Imperial 16mo.

2 0 Effie Patterson's Story. A Tale of the Covenanters. By L. L. Rotse. Illust. Cr. 8vo. 1 0 Eldest of Seven The. By Emma S. PRATT. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. .

1 0 Elinor Vincent's Discipline. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. .'

1 0 Ellen Tremaine: or, The Poem without an Ending. By MARIANNE FILLEUL. Engravings. Imp. 16mo. gilt edges

3 6 A pretty and tender story of humble life. The experiences of the young sailor's

widow in England and Australia are well told. Elliott Malcolm's Chronicle. The Story of a Scotch Lassie. Engravings. Imp. 16mo. 2 6

Elliott is a sensible girl, not ashamed to be called a servant, and not so lazy as to

object to honest work. The story of her life is brightly told. A good gift-book

for servants. Elsie's Auntie; or, Bearing One Another's Burdens. Illustrated. Imp. 16mo. 2 6 Elsie's Footprints; or, Jesus your Life, and your Life for Jesus. By Mrs. LUCAS SHADWELL. Illustrations. Imperial 16mo.

2 6 A story showing the importance of accepting the call of the Master to work in

whatever part of His vineyard He may appoint, trusting that daily grace will be

given for daily need. Emigrant's Son, The; or, Two Christmas Eves. By Mrs. LAMB. Illustrated. Cr. 8vo. 1 0 Emily Ellet's Journal; or, Steps towards a Better Life. Crown 8vo., gilt edges . 3 0 Enoch Roden's Training. By HESBA STRETTON. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

2 0 A striking story of mistakes and failures, mixed up with right impulses and a

steady purpose. Heavenly guidance is traced amid the perplexities and darkness

of earthly life ; and the close of the story is of the very highest interest. Ermyn, the Child of St. Elvis. By Ruth LYNN. Imperial 16mo., gilt edges 3 6

A romantic story of a little waif cast up by the sea ; abounding of life by the sea

shore. The story contains some remarkable details of popular superstitions. Esther Cameron's Story. A Tale of Life and Influence. By Rosa NOUCHETTE CAREY. Imperial 16mo. Illustrated

3 6 It illustrates in a striking and beautiful way that the faithful discharge of ordinary

domestic duties is as really Christian work as visiting the poor, etc., and that

attention to one form of Christian service does not justity the neglect of another. Esther Ray, the Hop-Picker. With Illustrations. Crown 8vo..

1 6 Might help to beguile and amuse the hour of leisure after the day's work, if read

aloud by Christian ladies to the pickers in their temporary places of shelter. Ethel Graham's Victory. By Mrs. H. B. Paull. Illustrations. Imp. 16mo., gt. edg. 3 0

The • victory' was over an ungovernable temper, which, before it was conquered,

had led the heroine through some strange and sad experiences. To educated and
thoughtful young people this well-written volume may be strongly commended.

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Exiles of Salzburg, The, and other Stories. Translated from the German of

G. Nieritz by Mrs. KERR. Illustrated. Imperial 16mo., gilt edges
A thrilling account of the cruel persecution suffered by the poor Lutherans of

Salzburg in the early part of the eighteenth century, and it is calculated to
awaken or foster in the mind of the reader a wholesome dread of Popery.

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Faithful, but not Famous. An Historical Tale. By Emma LESLIE. Ilustrated.

Imperial 16mo..
Shows the inner life of Protestant families in France three hundred years ago. It

describes the spiritual despotism and cruelty of the Romish priests, and the

fearful persecution to which the professors of the evangelical faith were subject. Farmer Truefit's Barley, and The Old Pear-Tree House. By Mrs. PROSSER. Illus

trated. Crown 8vo.
Father's Motto; or, The Cloud with a Silver Lining, and other Stories. A Book

for Boys and their Sisters. With Illustrations. Imperial 16mo.
A collection of lively juvenile stories, in which the religious teaching is interwoven

with the narratives themselves, rather than affixed in any formal morals.'
Fern's Hollow. By HESBA STRETTON. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Field Court; or, Who Maketh Thee to Differ? Illustrated. Crown 8vo. .
Fifth Form at St. Dominic's, The. A School Story. By TALBOT B. REED, author

of The Adventures of a Three Guinea Watch,' etc. With a Prefatory

Note by G. A. HUTCHISON. Illustrated. Crown 8vo., bevelled boards ..
A lively story of schoolboy life. It abounds in stirring incident and in humorous

descriptions. It is a thoroughly healthy tale to place in the hands of a boy, and

ought to become popular both as a gift and prize book. Fighting an Omen; or, Happy is the Bride that the Sun shines on. Illustrated.

Crown 8vo.

Berthold the Goatherd. Illustrated. Imp. 16mo. .
Ellen Tremaine; or, The Poem without an Ending. Illustrated. Imp. 16mo.,

gilt edges
Finding Her Place. By Howe BENNING. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Fine-weather Dick, etc. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. .
Fireside Stories for Winter Evenings. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
First Gift, The; or, Ruth Noble's Friends. Illustrated. Imperial 16mo..

A story for girls, in which the importance of early and entire consecration to God

is beautifully illustrated in the life of Ruth Noble and her friends.
Fisher Village, The. By ANNE BEALE. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. .
Fishers of Derby Haven. By HESBA STRETTON. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Five Little Birdies. By AGNES GIBERNE. Illustrated by R. BARNES. 4to., gilt

The Five Little Birdies were orphans; they had just come home from India. How

they were brought to England by their Ayah, their voyage, and their happy life

in the pleasant English home, are well told. Football. A Popular Handbook of the Game. Including Practical Instructions

by Dr. Irvine, C. W. Alcock, etc. With Illustrations. Crown 8vo.. This volume contains the rules of the game, with papers on how the game should

be played by such authorities as C. W. Alcock and Dr. Irvine.
Forest Crossing, The. A Story of Canadian Life. Illustrated. Crown 8vo..
Forsaking All. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Fortunes of Fenborne, The Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Fortunes of the Frejhaldts, The. A Story of Russian Life. By Mary E. ROPES,

author of 'Out of Cabbage Court.' Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
A story of Russian life involving incidents of Nihilist plots. Full of interesting

pictures of St. Petersburg ways and scenes. Foster Brothers of Doon. A Tale of the Irish Rebellion of 1798. Illustrated.

Crown 8vo., gilt edges.

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Pound and Burnt. By Mrs. GLADSTONE. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

The value of the Bible is the main theme of this story. The tale is interspersed

with historical narratives and sketches bearing upon the same topic.
Found on the Hills. By A. M. COKER. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Foundling of the Fens, The. By FRANCES BROWNE. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Frances Leslie; or, The Prayer Divinely Taught. By Miss E. BICKERSTETH. Illus-

trated. Imperial 16mo.
Frank Harrison's Story. By G. E. SARGENT. Ilustrated. Crown 8vo.
Franklins, The; or, The Story of a Convict. By G. E. SARGENT. Illustrated.

Imperial 16mo., gilt edges
It deals with the various phases of English life at the close of the last and

the beginning of the present century. A most interesting and exciting story,

and imparts much useful instruction. Fred Fern's Decision; or, The Given Heart. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.. Free to Serve. By EVELYN R. GARRETT. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

The story is that of a young servant, and well shows how the homeliest relations

and duties of life may be exalted and made beautiful by Christian truth and love.
Friends till Death, and other Stories. By HESBA STRETTON. Royal 16mo.
Fritz of the Tower. A Tale of the Franco-German War. By L. LOBENHOFFER.

Illustrated. Crown 8vo..
A tale based upon true incidents that occurred during the terrible war between

Germany and France. It sketches in a very pleasant way many interesting and

novel features of German life.
Frog Alley, and what came out of it. By Mrs. PROSSER. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
From Bondage to Freedom. A Tale of the Rise of Mohammedanism. By Emma

LESLIE. Illustrated. Imperial 16mo., gilt edges.
Many sketches of the Eastern and Western world are introduced, and one point

clearly brought out is the influence of a perverted form of Christianity on the
mind of the Arabian 'false prophet.' It is also shown that even in that dark
age there was a remnant true to the spiritual faith of the Gospel. The story is
full of contrasts, of action, and of interest.

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Free to Serve. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Over the Water. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. .

Tied and Bound. Illustrated. Imperial 16mo.
Geoffrey Orme's Victory. By ALICE LANG. Illustrated. Imperial 16mo.

A temperance story, full of incidents and teaching.
Geordie's Tryst. A Tale of Scottish Life. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
George Burley. His History, Experiences, and Observations. By G. E. SARGENT.

Illustrated. Imperial 16mo., gilt edges
This story is designed to show that there is no real happiness in sin. It is shown

that the way of transgressors is hard, but that • Wisdom's ways are pleasant-
ness, and all her paths are peace.';


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George Clifford's Loss and Gain. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

The characters are well drawn and natural—the incidents in good keeping-and

the tone and moral of the story quite what they should be. GIBERNE, AGNES. Five Little Birdies. Tlustrated by R. BARNES. 4to., gilt edges

2 € Gwendoline. Illustrated. Imperial 16mo., gilt edges.

3 € Jacob Witherby; or, The Need of Patience. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. . Lost Found, The; or, Brunhild's Trials. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. .

1 0 Next-door Neighbours. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. .

1 0 Through the Linn; or, Miss Temple's Wards. Illustrated. Imp. 16mo., gilt 3 0 Gipsy Jan. By NELLIE HELLI8. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

1 A tale setting forth the toils and sorrows of gipsy children. GIRL'S OWN BOOKSHELF, The. 1. Cora; or, Three Years of a Girl's Life. Illustrated. Imperial 16mo.

2 6 2. The Girl's Own Cookery Book. By PHILLIS BROWNE. Fcap. 8vo. .

1 3. The Queen o' the May. By ANNE BEALE. Illustrated. Imperial 16mo. 2 6 4. The Master's Service. A Practical Guide for Girls. Ilustrated. Imp. 16mo. 5. Her Object in Life. By ISABELLA FYvie Mayo. Illustrated. Imp. 16mo. . 6. How to Play the Pianoforte. Fcap. 8vo. .

1 6 7. The Sunbeam of the Factory, and other Stories. Ilustrated. Imperial 16mo. 2 6 8. Esther Cameron's Story. A Tale of Life and Influence. By Rosa N. CAREY. Imp. 16mo. Ilustrated .

3 9. The Shepherd's Fairy. By DARLEY DALE. Illustrated GLADSTONE, Mrs. G.

Found and Burnt. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Mrs. Woodruffe's Refuge; or, Mother, it is Written. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. 16
Norwegian Stories. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. .

10 Glaucia, the Greek Slave. By Emma LESLIE. Illustrated. Imp. 16mo., gilt edges 3

The trials and persecutions of the early Christians, their steadfast faith and victories

over paganism, are graphically described. No pains have been spared to make it
a truthful and accurate description of the state of society at the period to which

the tale refers.
Glory of the Sea, The. By DARLEY DALE, author of The Great Auk's Eggs,'
Swallowtails and Skippers,' etc. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

26 A capital boy's story, in which the study of shell-fish is illustrated, and containing

many amusing incidents that happen to the boys who search out the names and

habits of the Glory of the Sea’ and other specimens. God's Gifts to Two; or, Margaret Redfern's Discipline. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. 20

A story of more than average merit, showing events which seem the most unto

ward turn out, under God's loving providence, to the welfare and blessing of

those who experience them. Going to sea. By CONSTANCE BEVERLEY. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

10 Golden, all Golden, and Peter Duckett the Cobbler, and other Stories. By Mrs. PROSSER, Illustrated. Crown 8vo..

10 Golden Grasshopper, The. A Story of the Days of Sir Thomas Gresham, Kt.

By the laté W. H. G. KINGSTON. Illustrated. Imperial 16mo., gilt edges 5 0 The story of the book shows the earnest and honourable character of Sir Thomas

Gresham, who founded the Royal Exchange, and who lived in a period of the

deepest religious interest. Golden Hills. A Tale of the Irish Famine. Illustrated. Imp. 16mo., gilt edges. 3 6 Golden Sheaves; or, Grace Reynolds's Work for the Master. Illust. Cr. 8vo., gilt 2 6

Lowly service rendered to Christ, amid much vicissitude of experience, and with

great intensity of feeling, are the topics of this narrative.

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