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8. d. A Man of Rock. By EGLANTON THORNE. Illustrated. Crown 8vo...

1 0 A Year and a Day. A Story of Canadian Life. By the author of Christie Redfern's Troubles, etc. Illustrated

1 Across the Water. By Mrs. PAYNE. With Illustrations. Crown 8vo.

1 6 A story of an English family bereft of their parents, who emigrate to Cincinnati.

The various temptations and difficulties of American life are set forth, and over

against these are set some of the best representations of American life. Adventures Ashore and Afloat. Illustrated. Crown 8vo., bevelled boards, gilt edges.

2 6 Adventures of Two Brothers. By G. HEWLETT SARGENT. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. 1 0 Adventures of a Three-Guinea Watch. By TALBOT BAINES REED. Illustrations. Small 4to.

4 0 A straightforward story of school life, and of the duties and temptations of young

men in the life of a great city. Alfred Arnold's Choice, and what came of it: a Tale of Factory Life. Imp. 16mo.

2 6 Many a lad, especially in the manufacturing districts, which are here most

graphically described, will delight in this story. Alice Barlow. By G. E. SARGENT. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

2 0 All Hands on Deck! and other Sketches of a Sailor's Life. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. 1 0 Almost too Late. By HELEN C. GARLAND. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. .

2 0 A capital story for young ladies. A. L. O. E. Daybreak in Britain. Illustrated Crown 8vo.

1 0 Mahala, the Jewish Slave. A Story of Early Christianity. Illust. Cr. 8vo. 1 0 Alone in London. By HESBA STRETTON. Illustrated. Royal 16mo.

1 6 A very pathetic and pleasing little story, told with all the author's well-known

power. Among Thorns. By Mrs. C. M. CLARKE, author of · Polly's Petition,' etc. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

2 0 A brightly written tale for girls, showing how easily bad habits are formed, and

how difficult it is to break them. Angel Meadow. By the author of Field Court.' Illustrated. Imperial 16mo. 2 6 An interesting story, which points out, among other things, one practical way of

helping the poor and sick of London and other large towns. Angel's Christmas. By Mrs. Walton, author of 'Little Dot.' Illust. 16mo.. 06 Another King. By Janet EDEN, author of Hester's Home,' etc. Illustrated, Crown 8vo..

3 6 A tale involving the history of two or three working-class families, showing how the

head of one of them, a hard, sceptical, unforgiving man, was brought to the

peace and life of the Gospel. Another's Burden. A Tale of the Yorkshire Colliery District. Illust. Cr. 8vo. 1 0 ARMSTRONG, JESSIE. Griggie's Pilgrimage. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

1 0 Lost, Stolen, or Strayed. A Story of London Life. Illustrated. Crown Svo.. 1 0 Arnold Leslie. A Working Man's Experience. By GEORGE E. SARGENT, author of · The Story of a Pocket Bible,' etc. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

1 6 As Many as Touched Him. By EGLANTON THORNE. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. . 1 0

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8. d.

3 6

At the sign of the Blue Boar. A Story of the Reign of Charles II. By

EMMA LESLIE. Imperial 16mo. Illustrated, gilt edges .
An interesting and instructive tale of the time when the Act of Üniformity was

Aant Milly's Childhood. Illustrations. Crown 8vo., gilt edges .

A story for girls, portraying the blessings that accompany the guiding of Providence

in all our ways.



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Barbara's Brothers. By E. EVERETT GREEN, author of 'Lenore Annandale's Story,'

• Joint Guardians,' etc. Illustrated by R. and E. TAYLOR. Crown 8vo. This tale is reprinted from the Sunday at Home,' is written in a lively style, and

is full of clever character portraiture. A good gift-book for both boys and girls. BEALE, ANNE.

Fisher Village, The. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Queen o' the May, The. Illustrated. Imperial 16mo.
Seven Years for Rachel. Illustrated. Imperial 16mo., gilt edges

Young Refugee, The. Illustrated. Small 4to, gilt edges
Bede's Charity. By HESBA STRETTON. Illustrated. Crown 8vo., gilt edges

The delineations of character are original, and the beautiful life of the heroine,

Margery—are all admirable, and creep into the hearts of old and young.
Before the Dawn. A Tale of Wycliffe and Bohemia. By Emma LESLIE. Illus-

trated by J. D. Watson. Imp. 16mo. gilt edges
The connection between the work of John Wycliffe and that of John Huss is very

strikingly brought out. The bistorical facts have been well studied, and it is

interesting to meet Master Geoffrey Chaucer and Sir John Oldcastle.
Ben Boyce, the Beachman, and other Nautical Sketches. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Ben Froggatt; or, Little Lonesome. By Mrs. HENRY KEARY. Illust. Crown 8vo.

Hester Lennox. Seeking a Life Motto. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Hope Reed's Upper Windows. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Quiet Corners. Illustrated. Imp. 16mo., gilt edges

Ursula's Beginnings. Illustrated. Imp. 16mo., gilt edges
Bernard Kendal's Fortune. By Mrs. Ruth LAMB. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Berthold the Goatherd. By MARIANNE FILLEUL. Illustrated. Imp. 16mo.

A Swiss story of life and adventure both among the mountains and in England.

Suitable for boys.
Bilihild. A Tale of the Irish Missionaries in Ancient Germany. From the

German, A.D. 703. By JULIE SUTTER. Illustrations. Crown 8vo. .
Gives a true picture of the life and work carried on by Irish missionaries in

Germany, in the seventh and eight centuries.
Bit of Holly, A. With Illustrations. Crown 8vo..
Black Lady of Rynge Castle, The. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Black Troopers, and other Tales, The. Illustrated. Crown 8vo., bevelled boards,

gilt edges
Blanche Gamond; A Heroine of the Faith. With Preface by MERLE D'AUBIGNE.

Royal 16mo.
Both Sides of the Street. An American Tale. Illustrated. Imp. 16mo.

A story for young people, showing the blessedness of piety in the trials of life.
Boundary Tree, The; or, The Two Farmers. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. .
Boy and Man. A Story for Old and Young. By the Rev. T. S. MILLINGTON,

author of 'Straight to the Mark.' Illustrated. Imp. 16mo., gilt edges . Its lifelike school scenes will be the delight of young readers, while the • City'

sketches in the latter part of the volume will interest many others. Boys of Highfield, The; or, the Hero of Chancery House. By the author of

"Osgood's Rebellion,' etc. Illustrated. Crown 8vo..
How prejudice was overcome and good-will restored among some who had mis-

understood and misconstrued one another, is the topic of this book, which
contains a story within a story, and abounds in stirring adventure.

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8. d. Boy's Own BOOKSHELF, THE. 1. Adventures of a Three-Guinea Watch. By TALBOT B. REED. Illustrated. Small 4to..

4 0 2. Football. A Popular Handbook of the Game. Including Practical Instructions by Dr. IRVINE, C. W. ALCOCK, etc. With Illustrations. Crown 8vo.

1 6 3. Cricket. A Popular Handbook of the Game, with Practical Instructions, By

GALE, and other well-known Veteran authorities. With Illustrations and
Portraits. Crown 8vo.

2 0 4. Great Mistake, A. A Tale of Adventure. By T. S. MILLINGTON. Illustrated. Small 4to.

3 6 5. The Fifth Form at St. Dominic's. A School Story. By Talbot B. REED. Illustrated. Crown 8vo., bevelled boards

5 0 Boys will be Boys. By G. E. SARGENT. Illustrated. Imperial 16mo.

2 6 What boys will be,' and what they ought to be, are the topics of four bright

stories, which bear the well-known characteristics of the author's style and

mind. Boy who Never Lost a Chance, The; or, Roger Read's History. By ANNETTE C.

LYSTER, author of Clarice Egerton's Life Story,' etc. Illustrated. Cr. 8vo. 10 Bravely Borne; or, Archie's Cross. By the Author of 'Dick's Strength. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.


Nurse Grand's Reminiscences at Home and Abroad. Illustrated. Imp. 16mo. 2
Palissy, the Huguenot Potter. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

2 6 Broken Clothes-line, The, and other Stories. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

1 0 Brook and River. By E. L. Davis, author of “The Town's Benefactor,' etc. Illustrated Imp. 16mo.

2 6 By the author of a popular book on the Sunday Question. Written for girls, and intended to show the evils that come from making chance acquaintances, and

allowing them to get upon terms of friendship. BROWNE, FRANCES. Foundling of the Fens, The. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

1 0 Nearest Neighbour, The, etc. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

1 6 Brydges, The. A Story of Three Homes. By Mrs. DISNEY. Illustrated. Cr. 8vo. 1 6 BURCH, HARRIET, E. Count Rendeberg's Treason. A Tale of the Siege of Steenwick. Illustrated. Crown svo.

5 0 Heroines of Haarlem, The. Adapted from the French of Madame DE WITT. With many Illustrations. Crown 8vo., gilt edges.

3 6 Patriot Prince, The; or, Pro Lege, Rege, Grege. A Sketch of the Life of

William the Silent up to the time of his Conversion. Illustrated. Cr. 8vo. 1 0
William the Silent. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. .

1 0
A sketch of the closing years of the Life of the Prince of Orange.
Wind and Wave Fulfilling his Word. A Story of the Siege of Leyden, 1574.
Illustrated. Imp., gilt edges

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5 0

Captain Cook: his Life, Voyages and Discoveries. By W. H. G. KINGSTON.

Illustrated. Imperial 16mo., gilt edges
A life of our great circumnavigator, compiled from original sources. It narrates

his early career, traces the course of his discoveries, and gives much interesting

and valuable information respecting the regions he discovered or explored. Captain's_Story, The; or, Jamaica Sixty Years since. With an Account of the

Emancipation. Illustrations by J. GILBERT. Imperial 16mo., gilt edges
This tale gives a series of lively, interesting pictures of life and adventure in

Jamaica sixty years ago. It carries the reader along, and at the same time gives

much interesting information. A capital book for boys. Carola. By HESBA STRETTON. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

It sets forth very powerfully the intluence of the New Testament upon a fresh

and vigorous mind wholly unacquainted with the facts of our Lord's life.

5 0

3 6 8. d.

Caroline Street; or, Little Homes and Big Hearts. By M. E. ROPES. Illustrated.
Crown 8vo..

1 6 A story of lowly Christian usefulness. Cassy. By HESBA STRETTON. Illustrations. Royal 16mo.

1 6 Cedar Creek. From the Shanty to the Settlement. A Tale of Canadian Life. By the author of Golden Hills, etc. Illustrated. Crowo 8vo.

2 6 CHARLES, H. FREDERICK. Boys of Highfield, The; or, The Hero of Chancery House. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

1 6 Doctor's Experiment, The; The Adventures and Experiences of one of Dr. Reade's Pupils. Illustrated. Imp. 16mo., gilt edges.

5 0 Holidays at Newhall. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

1 0 Leslie's Scholarship. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

1 0 Ned Heathcote's Model Engine. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

1 0 Old Brown Book and its Secret, The. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

1 0 Osgood's Rebellion, and what came of it. Illustrated, Crown 8vo..

1 0 Under Fire: being the Story of a Boy's Battles against Himself and other Enemies. Illustrated. Imp. 16mo., gilt edges

4 0 Young Sir Richard. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

5 0 Charles Ogilvie, Story of. An Autobiography. By G. E. SARGENT. Illust. Imp. 16mo. 2 6

The story of an orphan lad, who began his career by walking one hundred and

forty miles to find a friend. What he found, and what came of it, are told in a
lively, interesting way. This narrative has a fair amount of incident, and is

penetrated through and through with scriptural truth.
Charlie's Log. A Story of School Life. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

1 0 Chateau de Louard, The; or, the Friends and Foes of Isaac Homel. A Story of

France at the period of the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. By H. C.
COAPE. Illustrated by E. WHYMPER. Crown 8vo.

5 0 An elaborate story of Huguenot times, introducing many true incidents from the

life of Homel, the famous preacher, and full of the dangerous, exciting, and cruel

incidents of that period. Cheery Chime of Garth, The. By Mrs. PROSSER. Illustrated. Fcap. 8vo.

1 6 Illustrates the happy results of self-denying service, and the advantage of

labouring among the poor in a sympathising spirit, as compared with mere

patronizing visitation. Cherryburn and other Stories. By Mrs. Austin Dobson. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. 1 0 Child without a Name, A. By EVELYN EVERETT GREEN, author of Lenore Annandale's Story,' etc. Illustrated. Imp. 16mo., gilt edges .

3 6 The tale turns upon the fact that a little boy who has been saved from a wreck

lost all memory of his name and former history. He is brought up by a childless
old squire, and becomes the means of bringing back love and faith to the old

man's heart. It is beautifully illustrated by C. Whymper. Children in the Scrub, The. A Story of Tasmania. Illustrated. Crown 8vo... 16

The author describes Tasmanian scenery with evident fulness of knowledge, and

is quite at home among the settlers. The main incident is both affecting and

extraordinary, but actually occurred as here so vividly described. Children of Cloverley, The. By HESBA STRETTON. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. . 2 0 Christie Redfern's Troubles. Crown 8vo., extra, gilt edges

3 6 Christie's Old Organ; or, Home, Sweet Home. By Mrs. 0. F. Walton. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

1 0 Cicely Brown's Trials: How she got into them, and how she got out of them. By Mrs. PROSSER. Crown 8vo. .

1 0 City Sparrows, and Who Fed Them. By Ruth LYNN. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. 2 0

A very touching and impressive story of two poor orphan children, who are found

out and cared for by a young district visitor. Clarice Egerton's Life Story; or, What she could. By ANNETTE LYSTER. Illust. Cr. 8vo. 2 0

The scene of this story is mainly laid in Ireland. The theme is the power of

sisterly love, and shows how the member of a family, apparently the unlikeliest
to be of use, may yet become the light of the home.

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CLARKE, Mrs. M. C.

Among Thorns. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Jenny's Corners. A Story of Home Life. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Lilla's Experiment; or, Religion in Little Things. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Polly's Petition; or, Bread for a Stone. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. .

Slippery Ford, The : or, How Tom was Taught. Illustrated. Crown 8vo..
Clevelands of Oakland, The; or, Cleansing Fires. By Mrs. Lucas SHADWELL.

Illustrated. Imp. 16mo., gilt
A good story by this well-known writer, especially suitable for boys.
Coates, Mrs. W. H.

Dora Hamilton; or, Sunshine and Shade. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

How Little Bessie kept the Wolf from the Door. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. Cobwebs and Cables. By HESBA STRETTON. Engravings. Imp. 16mo., gilt edges

Sinful habit that begios as 'a cobweb' ends as ó a cable.' Such is the general

teaching of this powerful story. It is rather for young men and women than
for children. The incidents of the story are original, and to many who are

tempted, it will speak a • word in season.'
Coin of Loving Deeds, The, and other Stories of American Life. Illustrated. Cr. 8vo.
Comfort Cottage, its Inmates and Friends. By Mrs. WiGLEY. Illustrated. Cr. 8vo.
Comfortable Mrs. Crook, and other Sketches. By Rcтн LAMB. Illustrated.

Crown 8vo..

First Gift, The; or, Ruth Noble's Friends. Illustrated. Imp. 16mo.
Grace Trevelyan; or, Into the Light. Illustrated. Crown 8vo., gilt edges

Sure Harvest, The. Illustrated. Imp. 16mo.
Cora; or, Three Years of a Girl's Life. Illustrated by M. E. EDWARDS. Imp. 16mo.

A good, healthy girl's story, told in a very interesting way. The heroine is

disciplined by self-sacrifice, and thus made the better able to enjoy the happiness

that comes to her at last.
Coral and Beryl; or, Children of the Kingdom. By EGLANTON THORNE. Illus-

trated. Imperial 16mo., gilt edges
A story of the joys and sorrows of two girls, who became lowly followers of Jesus

Cornish Fishermen's Watch-Night, The, and other Stories. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Corrie. A Christmas Story. By Ruth Lynx. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Cottage and the Grange, The. By Miss E. E. GREEN. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Cottage by the Linn, The. By EGLANTON THORNE. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Cottage Door, The, and what I heard and saw there. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. .
Cottage on the Shore; or, Little Gwen's Story. Illustrated. Royal 16mo.
Count Renneberg's Treason. A Tale of the Siege of Steenwick. By Harriet E.

Burch, author of Wind and Wave Fulfilling His Word,' etc. Illustrated by
E. WHYMPER. Crown 8vo.
A story of one period of the great struggle between the Dutch and Spaniards in the

sixteenth century. It is based upon fact, and the account of the siege is

historical. COURTENAY, Rev. C.

Drop of Comfort, A. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Mrs. Warley's Lodger, and other Sketches. Illustrated. Cr. 8vo.

One Good turn deserves another. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Crow of the Dolphin, The. By HESBA STRETTON, Illustrations. Royal 16mo. .
Cricket. A Popular Handbook of the Game. Including Practical Instructions.

Gale, and other well-known veteran authorities. With many Illustrations,
Two Portraits of W. G. Grace, and Portraits of Lord Harris, E. M. Grace,

Daft, Shaw, etc. Crown 8vo..
Crookside Lade. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Cross and the Crown, The. A Tale of the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. Illust.

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