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Among the Mongols. By Rev. JAMES GILMOUR, M.A., London Mission, Peking.

Numerous Engravings from Photographs and Native Sketches. Crown 8vo. A graphic, sympathetic account of the tribes who inhabit the great Mongolian

tableland, by the only European who has for any length of time lived among them. Their habits, beliefs, modes of life and thought are depicted in a way that not only interests the reader, but assures him that the scenes are from life. • There is a charm in the quiet way in wbich the modest missionary tells of his life in Tartar tents, of the long rides across the grassy plain, and of the daily life of the nomads among whom he passed so many years.'-Fortnightly Řerier.

• The newness and value of the book consist solely in its Defoe quality, that when you have read it you know, and will never forget, all Mr. Gilmour knows and tells of how Mongols live.'

Analogy of Religion to the Constitution and Course of Nature; also, Fifteen

Sermons. By Bishop BUTLER. With Analysis and Notes, and Life of

the Author. By JOSEPH ANGUS, D.D. Crown 8vo.
Analogy of Religion, The; also, Three Sermons on Human Nature. Crown 8vo. .
Analysis of Butler's Analogy of Religion, and Three Sermons on Human Nature.

By JOSEPH ANGUS, D.D. Crown 8vo.
ANECDOTE SERIES. Each with Illustrations. Crown 8vo.

each In these busy days there is scarcely time to read and digest the voluminous

biographies of great and good men. This series of biographical extracts is
prepared so that busy people may readily obtain the main facts of interest and
instruction in connection with each life. The story and work of each life is

told by a succession of lively anecdotes.
1. Luther Anecdotes. Memorable Sayings and Doings of MARTIN LUTHER.

Gathered from his Books, Letters and History, and Illustrating his Life

and Work. By Dr. MACAULAY, Editor of the Leisure Hour.' 2. Wycliffe Anecdotes. By Rev. 8. G. GREEN, D.D. With Portrait and

Illustrations. 3. Wesley Anecdotes. A Sketch of the Life and Work of John Wesley. By

JOHN TELFORD, B.A., author of “The Life of Charles Wesley,' etc.

With Portrait. 4. Gordon Anecdotes. A Sketch of the Career with Illustrations of the Char


Revised Edition. With Portrait and Illustrations. 5. Whitefield Anecdotes. By Dr. MACAULAY. With Portrait and Illustrations. 6. Livingstone Anecdotes. A Sketch of the Career and Illustrations of the

Character of David LIVINGSTONE, Missionary, Traveller, Philanthropist.

By Dr. MACAULAY. With Portrait and Illustrations.
The Bible Handbook. An Introduction to the Study of Sacred Scripture.

By JOSEPH ANGUS, M.A., D.D., late Examiner in English Language and

Literature to the University of London. Map. Cr. 8vo. 78. half bound .
A Handbook of English Literature. Crown 8vo.
A Handbook of Specimens of English Literature. Selected from the chief

British Authors, and arranged chronologically. Crown 8vo.
A Handbook of the English Tongue. For the use of Students and others.

Crown 8vo..
Butler's Analogy and Sermons, with Analysis and Notes by Angus. Cr. 8vo.
Analogy of Religion, The; also, Three Sermons on Human Nature. Cr. 8vo.

Analysis of, and Three Sermons on Human Nature
Wayland's Elements of Moral Science, with Notes by Angus. Crown 8vo.
Annals of the Poor. By Rev. LEGH RICHMOND, M.A., late Rector of Turvey,

Bedfordshire. Illustrated. 24mo.
Anno Domini; or, A Glance at the World into which Messias was born. By J. D.

CRAIG Houston, B.D. Crown 8vo., red edges. .
In this sınall volume the best results of modern Biblical scholarship are summed

up. It gives a clear and instructive sketch of the state of the Roman, Greek,
and Jewish world at the birth of Jesus Christ.

• A brief but intelligent and able sketch of the bistory contemporary with, or shortly antecedent : ; to, the birth of our Lord, and of the social and political facts which complete the picture. It is Icterestingly written, and will be found very useful.'-Literary Churchman.

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Annotated Paragraph Bibles—see BIBLES.
Car Deus Home. Why did God become Man? Translated from the Original

Latin. Crown 8vo.
Ants and their Ways. With Illustrations, and an Appendix giving a Complete

List of Genera and Species of the British Ants. By Rev. W. FARREN

Warte, M.A., M.E.S.L., Vicar of Stonehouse, Gloucestershire. Crown 8vo..
A most interesting account of the structure, life, and habits of the little

people.' Mr. White has long been known as one of the first living authorities
on the ways of ants, and much the larger part of this volume describes the
results of his own observations, extending over a long series of years. The
appendix on the genera and species of British Ants is the most complete list yet

• Will be of great assistance to any entomologist wishing to commence the study of our native ants; while as an interesting volume for the general reader, or as a gift-book for young people with a taste for natural history, it may be recommended as among the very best of its kind.

Anxious Inquirer after Salvation Directed and Encouraged, The. By J. ANGELL

JAMES, author of The Young Man from Home.' 16mo., red edges
Apples and Oranges: Talks with Children on Fruits. By Mrs. Dyson, author of

Children's Flowers,' Engravings. Crown 8vo., gilt edges
A choice gift-book for intelligent boys and girls, conveying much valuable in-

formation about fruits, nuts, etc.

• It would perhaps be hardly possible to make the natural history of familiar fruits more

loteresting to little readers and more instructive.'-School Board Chronicle.
As Happy as a King. A Plain Book for Occasional Reading. By Rev. F.

BOURDILLON, M.A. Crown 8vo.
Assyria : its Princes, Priests, and People. By A. H. SAYCE, LL.D., M.A. Illus-

trated. Crown 8vo.
• Readers of this interesting volume will endorse Professor Sayce's words, that "among the
achievements of the present century there is none more wonderful than the recovery and
decipherment of the monuments of ancient Nineveh."

In putting together the results of these and similar discoveries, the author has invested the subject with a profound interest.'

-Daily Telegraph.
De Incarnatione Verbi Dei. Translated, with an Introduction, Analysis,

Synopsis, and Notes. By T. H. BINDLEY, M.A.

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Augustine, St.: his Life and Times. By the Rev. R. WHELER BUSH, M.A., author

of 'An Introduction to the Pentateuch, etc. Crown 8vo. A sketch of the life, times, and influence of the great theologian. Intended for the

general reader. A special feature is the selection of extracts from the writings
of Augustine given at the end of the book.
•Mr. Busb bas the art of explaining doctrinal problems in a clear and lucid manner, and even
a reader of little education would be able to understand the chapters on Pelagianism and Pre-
destination. It is needless to say that the historic portion of the book is eminently interesting.':

Australian Pictures, drawn with Pen and Pencil. By Howard WiLLOUGHBY,

• The Melbourne Argus.' With Map and 107 Illustrations from Photo
graphs and Sketches, engraved by E. WHYMPER and others. Luuta

gilt edges; 258. morocco
Mr. Willoughby has succeeded admirably in the task. He has had apple opportunities
observing, and writes like one full of his subject. Where his own direct personaliko wledgo failed,
he has been able to call in the aid of willing literary friends. The result is that these pictures of
the pen are real, vivid, and life-like. One feels that they are writtenrhy a man who helongs to
the scenes and the people. The book, therefore, will be a fitting memorial to tounsts of what
they have seen, and will at the same time be instructive to untravelled people. Ito use wil nog
be confined to England. It should be welcome to Australians of all classes, many of whom
still too ignorant of the beauties of their land.'-Australasian,

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Authority of Scripture, The. A Re-statement of the Argument. By the Rev.

R. A. REDFORD, M.A., LL.B., Professor of Systematic Theology and Apolo-
getics, New College, London; author of Prophecy : its Nature and

Evidence,' etc. Crown 8vo..
•Professor Redford's work sets forth the characteristics of the Bible as a book, traces the pro-
gress of its revelations, examiu-s the nature of the authority which it claims and the evidence for
it, affirms and traces the various theories of its supernatural inspiration.'—British Quarterly

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Babylonian Life and History. By E. A. Wallis BUDGE, M.A., Cambridge, Tyrwhitt

Hebrew Scholar, late Scholar and Exhibitioner of Christ College, Cam-
bridge, Assistant in the Department of Oriental Antiquities, British

Museum. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Mr. Budge has succeeded in producing a very readable little book, which tells the general
reader all he need care to know about the life of the old people of Cualdea. We hope that Mr.

Budge's book will be read as widely as it deserves.'- Athenoum.
Background of Sacred Story: Life Lessons from Less-known Characters of the Bible.

By FREDERICK ÉASTINGS, author of Obscure and Minor Characters of

Scripture.' Crown 8vo.
Back Streets and London Slums. By FREDERICK HAstings, author of The Back-

ground of Sacred Story,' etc. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
This little book gives a series of pictures illustrative of some features of London

slum life. The object is not only to arouse sympathy, but to quicken the sense
of responsibility, and to show that we are our brother's keeper. It points out the
method our Saviour followed in dealing with the poor, and indicates clearly that
the only sufficient remedy for the evils of the day is the Gospel. The book
contains in such chapters as Second Floor Back,' "Gutter l'en'orths,' etc., some

vivid sketches of the darker sides of London life.
Eacon, Lord—Selections from. Crown 8vo. Glazed cloth .
Ballads of the English Reformation. By HORACE NOEL, M.A. Illustrated. Crown

8v0., bevelled boards. BARNES, Rev. A. Notes on the Four Gospels. Principally designed for the use of Surday

School Teachers and Bible Classes. Vols I., II. Fcap. 8vo. . . each Barrows, Dr. E. P.

New Introduction to the Study of the Bible. 8vo. .

Manners and Customs of the Jews. Many Illustrations. Crown Svo.
Baxter, Richard, Life of. Steel Portrait. Crown 8vo.

Cail to the Unconverted to Turn and Live. 18mo.
- Dying Thoughts. Abridged by BENJAMIN FAWCETT, M.A.
Reformed Pastor, The. Edited by Dr. W. Brown. 12mo.
Saint's Everlasting Rest; or, a Treatise of the Blessed State of the Saints

in their Enjoyment of God in Heaven. 18mo.; morocco 58.
Beatitudes, Thy. By RICHARD GLOVER, of Bristol, author of 'Lectures on the

Loril's Prayer,' etc. Neatly printed with red lines round the page. 16mo.
A series of devout, thoughtful, and practical meditations upon the Beatitudes,

written with Mr. Glover's beauty of suggestion and force of expression. A good
book of devotional reading.

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Beautiful House with its Seven Pillars, The. By FRANCES M. SAVILL, author of

•The Cowslip Ball.' Very large type. Illustrations. Small 4to., gilt edges Betel-nut Island. Personal Experiences and Adventures in the Eastern Tropics.

By John T. BEIGHTON. Illustratud.
A book giving interesting sketches of the writer's boyhood in the Straits Settle-

ments, also many stories of the administration of justice in India. It conveys

much useful information and also contains some exciting adventures. Better Days for Working People. By WILLIAM G. BLAIKIE, D.D., author of Leaders

of Modern Philantbropy' Crown 8vo.
Paragraph Bible with Emendations. Authorized Version in Paragraphs and

Parallelisms, with EMENDATIONS OF THE TEXT. Maps. Royal 4to.
COMPLETE in One Volume, cloth boards, 358.; whole calf, plain, 608.; whole

calf, extra, 688.; morocco, 728.; morocco, extra, 788.
Annotated Paragraph Bible, with Maps, Introductions to the various Books,

Notes, Chronological Tables, Marginal References to Parallel and Illus

trative Texts, &c.
OLD TESTAMENT, cloth boards, 148.
NEW TESTAMENT, cloth boards, 78.
OLD AND New TESTAMENTS, complete in One Volume, 208.; half morocco,

cloth sides, 258. 6d.; calf extra, 278.; best morocco plain, 348.; best

morocco elegant, 388.
OLD AND New TESTAMENTS, in Three Volumes, cloth boards, 228.; half

morocco, cloth sides, 338. 6d.; calf extra, 428.; best morocco plain, 558.;

best morocco elegant, 588.
Large Paper Edition_OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS, in One Volume, cloth,

288.; half morocco, cloth sides, 328.; calf extra, 448.; best morocco plain,

608.; best morocco elegant, 638.; morocco antique, 678.
New Pocket Paragraph Bible. The Holy Bible, according to the Authorized

Version. Newly arranged in Paragraphs and Sections. With a Preface
and Marginal Notes, containing improved renderings of many words and
passages, &c., also References to Parallel and Illustrative Texts, Chrono-
logical Tables, and Coloured Maps.
Cloth boards, sprinkled edges, 48.; roan, with gilt edges, 58. ; Persian, calf

grained gilt, edges, 68. 6d.; morocco, limp, circuit, 78.; best morocco,
limp, circuit, 108. 6d.; morocco, plain, 78. 6d.; morocco, extra, medium

quality, 98.; best morocco, extra, 108.
Paragraph Bible, Pocket Edition. With References, Notes, Prefaces, and Maps.
OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS, complete, cloth boards, 38. ; roan, gilt, 48.;

French-grained morocco, 58.; Turkey morocco, best style, 68.; ditto, flexible

back, 78.; best morocco limp with flaps, 88.; with gilt clasp, 98.
12mo. Edition, OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS. Cloth boards, 68. half bound,

88.; calf, 108.; morocco, 158.
Bible, A Now Companion to the. For Bible Classes, Sunday Schools, and Families.

With Maps. Crown 8vo.
Bible Handbook. An Introduction to the Study of Sacred Scripture. By JOSEPH

ANGU8, M.A., D.D. Map. Crown 8vo. 78. half bound
BIBLE HISTORY, The. By ALFRED EDERSHEIM, M.A. (Oxon.), D.D., PH.D., Grinfield

Lecturer on the Septuagint, Oxford, author of The Temple : its Ministry
and Services,' etc. Each volume is complete in itself. Crown 8vo.
Vols. I. to VI.

each This work is now complete, and forms a very valuable help to the study of old

Testament History. For those who wish to have it in compact form an Edition
has been prepared in four volumes at a slightly reduced price. The Edition will

be found very suitable for Teachers' and Sunday School Libraries.
1. The World before the Flood, and the History of the Patriarchs.
2. The Exodus and Wanderings in the Wilderness.
3. Israel in Canaan ander Joshua and the Judges.
4. Israel under Samuel, Saul, and David, to the Birth of Solomon.
5. Israel and Judah from the Birth of Solomon to the Reign of Ahab.
6. Israel and Judah from the Reign of Ahab to the Decline of the Two Kingdoms.

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BIBLE HISTORY, The-continued.
7. Israel and Judah from the Deoline of the Two Kingdoms to the Assyrian

and Babylonian Captivity. Being the Seventh and concluding Volume of
the Bible History, containing full Scripture Reference and Subject Indexes
to the whole series
The complete work can now be obtained in four volumes, uniformly bound

in neat cloth boards, red edges, 16s. the set.
• Dr. Edersheim has succeeded in throwing a freshness of meaning over these histories.'-
Irish Ecclesiastical Gazette.

In the easiest, simplest way imaginable, in unostentatious, popular language, he embodies the results of a large literature.'-Clergyman's Magazine.

• These half-crown books will be a great help to many readers of the Bible.'— Literary World. Bible, How to Study the English. By R. B. GIRDLESTONE, M.A., Principal of

Wycliffe Hall, and Hon. Canon of Christ Church; author of 'Synonyms

of the Old Testament, etc. Crown 8vo. Bible, Our English: its Translators and Translations. By the Rev. JOHN

STOUGHTON, D.D. Engravings. Imperial 16mo., imitation half binding . • This is an excellent popular account of the subject, written by one who has the qualifications for the production of popular accounts, and much more for the complete treatment of a subject. We know of no similar work which surpasses Dr. Stoughton's in the choice and arrangement of

its materials.'-Spectator. Bible Picture Stories. Eighty-four brightly-coloured pictures, gilt edges . Bible Pictures for Our Pets. Quarto. Each part complete in itself. Part I. OLD

TESTAMENT. Part II. NEW TESTAMENT. Ornamental boards, cloth backs.

28. each. In one volume, gilt edges Fible Queries for Every Day in the Year. New and Enlarged Edition. With

red border round each page. 6d. cloth boards.
Bible Reader's Help, The. For_the Use of Plain People, and the Young in

Families and Schools. Fcap. 8vo.
Bible Readings from the Gospels. For Mothers' Meetings, etc. By Mrs. F. LOCKER

Crown 8vo..
Bible Readings from the Acts of the Apostles. For Mothers' Meetings. By Mrs. F.

LOCKER. Crown 8vo.
Bible Sketches and their Teachings. For Young People. Vol. 1. OLD TESTAMENT.

Vol. 2. NEW TESTAMENT, including the Apostolic History.
By S. G. GREEN, D.D., author of Christian Ministry to the Young,' etc.

Revised and enlarged edition, with Maps. In 2 vols. Crown 8vo. , each
This is an entirely new edition, revised throughout. To the former edition, which

concluded with the Gospels, a new series on the APOSTOLIC History has been
added. Each vol. contains two maps. Formerly this work (comprising Three
Series at 23. 6d. each) was issued at 7s. 6d. In its new form (comprising Four
Series) the complete work is published at 6s. Each volume can be had

ble Stories and Pictures. With 64 Coloured Plates and Vignettes. Gilt edges
ble Tales for the Young. With 40 full-page Illustrations. Small 4to., bevelled

boards, gilt edges . ble Text Cyclopædia. A complete Classification of Scripture Texts in the form

of an Alphabetical List of Subjects. By Rev. J. ÎNGLIS. 8vo. le Work for Little Fingers. Consisting of Pictures to be Coloured, Texts to be

Illuminated, Hymns to be copied, and Scripiure Acrostics and Questions

to be Answered. 4to., stiff paper cover.
lical Atlas and Scripture Gazetteer, The New. With 16 Coloured Maps, by

W. and A. KEITH JOHNSTON, and a very elaborate Gazetteer, giving
information about nearly every place which is marked upon the Maps,

with Scripture References. 4to. .
lical Encyclopædia ; or, Dictionary of Eastern Antiquities, Geography, Natural

History, Sacred Annals and Biography, Theology, and Biblical Literature,
Illustrative of the Old and New Testaments. By Dr. EADIE. Maps and
Illustrations. 8vo. 128. 6d. calf; 108. 6d. half bound; 138. 6d. morocco.

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