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Madagascar and France. With some account of the Island, Its People, Its

Resources, and Its Development. By GEORGE A. Shaw, F.Z.s., London

Mission, Tamatave. With many Illustrations and a Map. Crown 8vo. .
Madagascar and its people. Notes of a Four Years' Residence. With a Sketch

of the History, Position, and Prospects of Mission Work amongst the
Malagasy. By JAMES SIBREE, Architect of the Memorial Churches,

Antananarivo. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Mahomet and Islam. A Sketch of the Prophet's Life from Original Sources, and

a Brief Outline of his Religion. By Sir WILLIAM MUIR, K.C.8.1. New and

Revised Edition. With 7 New Illustrations and Map. Crown 8vo.
Old Highways in China. By ISABELLE WILLIAMBON, of Chefoo. Illustrations

and Map. Crown 8vo.
Our Eastern Sisters, and their Missionary Helpers. By HARRIET WARNER ELLIS.

Crown 8vo.
Peril and Adventure in Central Africa : being Illustrated Letters to the Young-

sters at Home. By the late BISHOP HANNINGTON. Illustrated. Cr. 8vo. Pioneering in New Guinea. By JAMES CHALMERS, author of "Work and

Adventure in New Guinea. With Map and Illustrations. 8vo.
Protestant Missions in India from their commencement in 1706 to 1882.

By the Rev. M. A. SHERRING, M.A., LL.B. Newly Revised and brought
down to date. By Rev. E. STORROW, formerly of Benares. With 4 Maps.

Crown 8vo..
Thomson, Thomas Smith, L.R.C.P.,

L.R.C.S., Memoirs of, Medical Missionary at
Neyoor, Travancore. By J. H. Hacker. Illustrated. Crown 8vo..
Tulsipur Fair. Glimpses of Missionary Life and Work in North India. A Book

for the Children. By the Rev. H. B. BADLEY, M.A., for Ten Years a

Missionary in North India. With many fine Engravings. 4to., gilt edges Vanguard of the Christian Army, The; or, Sketches of Missionary Life. Illus

trated.. Imperial 16mo., gilt edges .
Waldensian Church in the Valleys of Piedmont. By the late LOUISA

WILLYAMS.. With a view of the present state of the Waldensian Church
and its Missions in Italy. Edited by Mrs. MATHESON. Illustrated.

Imperial 16mo., extra, gilt edges
Work and Adventure in New Guinea, 1877 to 1885. By JAMES CHALMERS, of

Port Moresby, and W. Wyatt GILL, B.A., author of Life in the Southern

Isles,' etc. With a Map and many Illustrations. Crown 8vo.
Months, The, Illustrated by Pen and Pencil. Imperial 16mo., gilt edges .
Moral Science, The Elements of. With Questions for Examination. By FRANCIS

WAYLAND, D.D. Notes by Dr. J. ANGUS. Crown 8vo.
More, Hannah, The Life of. A Lady of Two Centuries. By Anna J. BUCKLAND.

With Portraits. Imperial 16mo.
Morning Star of the Reformation, The. The Life and Times of JOHN DE WYCLIFFE.

Illustrations and Facsimile of Bible. Crown 8vo., gilt edges.
Mother at Home, The; or, The Principles of Maternal Duty familiarly Illustrated.

By J. 8. C. ABBOTT. Fcap. 8vo.

Annals of the Poor. By the Rev. LEGH RICHMOND, M.A. Illustrated. 24mo.
As Happy as a King. A Plain Book for Occasional Reading. By the Rev. F.

BOURDILLON, M.A. Crown 8vo.
Better Days for Working People. By William G. BLAIKIE, D.D., LL.D. Crown 8vo.
Christian Home, The. A Series of Lectures. By the Rev. EDWARD GARBETT,

D.D. Crown 8vo.
Bible Readings from the Gospels. By Mrs. FREDERICK LOCKER. Crown 8vo.
Bible Readings from the Acts of the Apostles. By Mrs. F. LOCKER. Cr. 8vo.
Christian Home-Life. A Book of Examples and Principles. By the author of

• Christian Manliness,' etc. Frontispiece. Crown 8vo.


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Heart Lessons. Addresses for Mothers' Meetings, &c. By Louisa CLAYTON.

Crown 8vo..
Home in Humble Life. New Edition. Crown 8vo., cloth.
Hours with Working Women. For Winter Readings. Large Type. Illustrated
Messages for Mothers. By Lucy MARSHALL. Crown 8vo., cloth
The Mother at Home; or, the Principles of Maternal Duty familiarly illustrated.

By the Rev. JOHN S. C. ABBOTT, of Worcester, America. Fcap 8vo.
Nails Driven Home; or, Mr. Gresham's Wayside Lectures. By the late GEORGE

E. SARGENT. New Edition. Illustrations. Crown 8vo.
Odd Five Minutes; or, Short Chapters on Serious Subjects. By the Rev. F,

BOURDILLON, M.A. Large Type. Crown 8vo.
Plain Paths: Onward and Heavenward. Crown 8vo..
Precious Truths in Plain Words. Crown 8vo.
Readings For Winter Gatherings. Edited by the Rev. Canon FLEMING, B.D.

First Series. 18. in neat cover .
Second Series. 18.

Third Series. 18.
Religion in Daily Life. By the Rev. Canon GARBETT, D.D. Crown 8vo.
The Scripture Hall-Hour at Mothers' Meetings. Imp. 16mo.
The Secret Worth Knowing: and other Stories. Crown 8vo. .
Talks about Christian Living. By the Rev. GEORGE EVERARD, M.A. Fcap. 8vo.

Talks about Home Life. By the Rev. George EVERARD, M.A. Fcap. 8vo.
My Coloured Picture Story-Book. With 24 full-coloured page Pictures, and 40

Vignettes. 4to., full gilt .
My Holiday Picture-Book. With Coloured Pictures
My New Toy-Book. Coloured Plates. Handsomely bound, gilt edges
My Own Picture-Book. First and Second Series. Imperial 8vo. Each part com-
plete in itself. In one handsome Volume, gilt edges, 48.



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Ants, and their Ways. With Numerous Illustrations, and Appendix giving

a Complete List of Genera and Species of the British Ants. By the

Rev. W. FARREN WHITE, M.A. Crown 8vo.
Handy Natural History, The. By the Rev. J. G. Wood, author of Homes

without Hands,' etc., etc. With 224 Engravings. Small quarto, gilt edges The Honey Bee; its Nature, Homes and Products. By W. H. HARRIS, B.A., B.SC.

With Eighty-two Illustrations. Crown 8vo.
Natural History Scrap Book, The. Part I. ANIMALS. Part II. BIRDS, etc.

Fine Illustrations. Oblong Imperial 8vo. in Coloured cover, 28. each.

Complete in one Volume, gilt edges
Natural Laws and Gospel Teachings. By HERBERT MORRIS, D.D. Crown 8vo..

A clear and convincing sketch of the correspondence between Science and the Word

of God on such great questions as Natural Laws and Miracles, Natural Laws and
Answers to Prayer, the Resurrection of the Dead, etc. An immense amount of

information is conveyed in a compact and interesting form.
Nehemiah: his Character and Work. A Practical Exposition. By T. CAMPBELL
FINLAYSON. Small crown 8vo., red edges

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Now Guinea, Work and Adventure in, 1877 to 1885. By J. CHALMERS, of Port

Moresby, and W. W. GILL, B.A. With Map and Illustrations. Crown 8vo.

This book is a valuable contribution to our knowledge of Eastern New Guinea. Mr. Chalmers has an acquaintance with the subject possessed by no previous writer, the fruit of several years' travelling and close contact with the people.'- Academy.

The volume is 80 brightly written that it is more interesting than many a novel, while its Information is so full, so varied, and so valuable that it must rank as the standard work on the

subject.'--Nonconformist and Independent. Now Guinea, Pioneering in. By James CHALMERS. With Map and Illustrations.

8vo.. Newton, John, of Olney and St. Mary Woolnoth: An Autobiography and Narra

tive. Compiled chiefly from his Diary and other Unpublished Documents.

By Rev. J. BULL, M.A. Portrait. 8vo.

Life of. With Portrait. Crown 8vo.
Non-Christian Philosophies of the Age. The. Special Volume of the Present

Day Tracts, containing Eight Tracts, by Professors BLAIKIE, RADFORD
THOMSON, PORTER, and IVERACH, and the late Rev. W. F. WILKINSON.

Crown 8vo..
Non-Christian Religions of the Age, The. Special Volume of the Present Day

Tracts, containing Six Tracts by Sir W. Muir, Drs. LEGGE, MURRAY

MITCHELL, and H. B. REYNOLDS. Crown 8vo.
Norwegian Pictures, drawn with Pen and Pencil. With a glance at Sweden and

the Gotha Canal. By the Rev. RICHARD LOVETT, M.A. With 127 Engrav-
ings by EDWARD WHYMPER, PEARSON, TAYLOR, and others, from Sketches

and Photographs. Handsome cloth, gilt, 258. morocco
One of the most charming books that has appeared on Norway for a long time.

thoroughly creditable to all concerned in its production.'-Academy.
Notes on the Four Gospels. By the Rev. A. BARNES. Principally designed for the

Use of Sunday Schools and Bible Classes. Vols. I., II. Fcap. 8vo., each

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Oberlin, Life Jean Frederic, Pastor of the Ban de la Roche. By Mrs. JOSEPHINE

E. BUTLER. Illustrated, with Map of the Ban de la Roche. Crown 8vo.

• Mrs. Butler has cleverly woven together all the salient points of the story.'- Academy.
Odd Five Minutes, or Short Chapters on Serious Subjects. By Rev. F. BOURDILLON,

M.A. Large Type. Crown 8vo.
Old Highways in China. By ISABELLE WILLIAMSON, of Chefoo, North China.

With many Illustrations and a Map. Crown 8vo. .
• This book, written as it is by an acute and experienced observer, and in a pleasant and lively
style, is certainly well worth reading.'- Spectator.

It is a capitally written book, and it is well illustrated.'-Scotsman.
old Humphrey's Observations. 18mo.
Open Fountain, The. By the Rev. R. LANG. Fcap. 8vo.
Origin of Nations, The. In Two Parts: I. On Early Civilisations. II. On

Ethnic Affinities. By Canon RAWLINSON. Maps. Crown 8vo.
• The merit of this little volume, which we have no hesitation in recommending, is the amount
of information about various early civilisations which it brings together in a thoroughly popular
and interesting form.'- Spectator.




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Our Anniversaries. A Text and a Verse for Every Day in the Year. Inter

leaved for Autographs. With coloured Frontispiece, Title Page and

Design for each Month. 16mo., limp, gilt edges
A birthday book, containing a selection of texts and verses for every day in the

year. There is a new design, printed in colours for each month. The book is
interleaved for autographs, and will be found a very acceptable gift-book.
• The queen of birthday books. Surpassing in beauty, within and without.'-Sword and

• The verse, which is for the most part religious, is chosen with taste, and the illustrations

are delicately drawn, coloured, and tinted.'-Daily News.
Our Earthly House and its Builder; or, the Wisdom of God as displayed in the

Body of Man. Numerous Illustrations. Crown 8vo.
Our Eastern Sisters and their Missionary Helpers. By HARRIET W. ELLIS.

Crown 8vo..
Our Lord's Life on Earth. By the late WILLIAM HANNA, D.D. 8vo. 68. 6d. bevelled

boards, gilt edges; 128. morocco
Outlines of the Life of Christ. A Guide to the Study of the Chronology, Purpose,

and Harmony of the Gospels. By E. R. CONDER, D.D. With Map by

Captain C. R. CONDER, R.E. Crown 8vo.
An independent, original, and careful investigation of the Gospel Harmony; and

though condensed in form, contains the result of much thought and wide study.
• It would be difficult to find so much that is valuable in so small a compass.'-- British

Quarterly Review.
Oxford and Cambridge: their Colleges, Memories, and Associations. By Rev.

F. ARNOLD, B.A. Illustrated, small 4to.. gilt edges .

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Pacific, Jottings from the. By Rev. W. W. GILL. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. . .
Page, Harlan, Memoir of; or, the Power of Prayer and Personal Effort. By the

late Dr. HALLOCK. 18mo.
Palestine, Illustrated by Pen and Pencil. • Those Holy Fields. By the Rev. S.

MANNING, LL.D. Profusely illustrated. Imp. 8vo., gilt edges; 258. morocco Paley's Evidences of Christianity. With Notes by Rev. Canon Birks. Crown 8vo. Paley's Horæ Paulinæ; with Horæ Apostolicæ, by Rev. Canon Birks. Crown 8vo. Palissy, the Huguenot Potter. By Miss BRIGHTWELL. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.. Parables of our Lord Explained and Applied, The. By Rev. F. BOURDILLON, M.A.

Crown 8vo.. Parables of the Spring; or, the Resurrection and the Life. A Book of Consolation for Mourners. By Professor Gaussen. Illustrated. Small 4to., gilt edg.


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Past and Present in the East. By the Rev. HARRY JONES, M.a. With Engravings

by E. WHYMPER. 4to., gilt edges PATTISON, S. R.

Gospel Ethnology. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

Religious Topography of England, The. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Paul, St., Conversion and Apostleship of, On the. By LORD LYTTELTON. With

Introductory Essay by Professor HENRY ROGERS. Crown 8vo.
Pearls from Deep Waters. Texts for every Morning and Evening for a Month.

By D. J. LEGG. Printed in colours. 32mo., silvered edges
* PEN AND PENCIL' SERIES. Profusely Illustrated, and bound in cloth, gilt edges,
imperial 8v0., 258. morocco, elegant

each A series of well illustrated and handsomely bound Table Books, giving accurate

information about the various countries described, and beautifully illustrated by
numerous woodcuts of the highest class. The series has for many years had a
reputation of being among the best and cheapest books published in London.
The volumes are also acceptable and appropriate for birthday gifts, Christmas

and New Year presents, school and college prizes, etc.
American Pictures. Drawn with Pen and Pencil. By the Rev. SAMUEL

MANNING, LL.D. Profusely Illustrated.
Australian Pictures. Drawn with Pen and Pencil. By HOWARD WILLOUGHBY.

With Map and 107 Illustrations by E. WHYMPER.
Canadian Pictures. Drawn with Pen and Pencil. By the MARQUIS OF LORNE.

With numerous fine Engravings by E. WHYMPER, from Sketches by the

English Pictures. Drawn with Pen and Pencil. By the Rev. S. G. GREEN,

D.D. Revised and Improved Edition. With Coloured Frontispiece and

numerous Wood Engravings.
French Pictures. Drawn with Pen and Pencil. By the Rev. SAMUEL G.

GREEN, D.D. With 150 fine Engravings.
Indian Pictures. Drawn with Pen and Pencil. By the Rev. WILLIAM

URWICK, M.A. Profusely illustrated with fine Engravings.
Italian Pictures. Drawn with Pen and Pencil. By SAMUEL MANNING, LL.D.

Revised, with additions by S. G. GREEN, D.D. Profusely Illustrated.
Land of the Pharaohs. Including a Sketch of Sinai. Illustrated by Pen and

Pencil. By the Rer. SAMUEL MANNING, LL.D. New Edition, revised and

partly rewritten by RICHARD LOVETT, M.A. With many New Engravings. Lands of Scripture, The. Illustrated by Pen and Pencil. Containing Those

Holy Fields' and The Land of the Pharaohs,' by the late Rev. S.
MANNING, LL.D.; and Pictures from Bible Lands,' by the Rev. S. G.

GREEN, D.D. Imperial 8vo., handsomely bound in cloth gilt.
Norwegian Pictures. Drawn with Pen and Pencil. With a Glance at Sweden

and the Gotha Canal. By Rev. RICHARD LOVETT, M.A. With 127 En

gravings by WHYMPER and others, from Sketches and Photographs. Pictures from Bible Lands. Drawn with Pen and Pencil. Edited by the

Rev. S. G. GREEN, D.D. With fine Engravings.
Pictures from Holland. Drawn with Pen and Pencil. By RICHARD LOVETT,

With 132 Illustrations.
Pictures from the German Fatherland. Drawn with Pen and Pencil. By the

Rev. S. G. GREEN, D.D. With fine Engravings.
Scottish Pictures. Drawn with Pen and Pencil. By Dr. S. G. GREEN. Pro-

fusely Illustrated.
Sea Pictures. Drawn with Pen and Pencil. By Dr. MACAULAY, editor of the

* Leisure Hour,' &c. Swiss Pictures. Drawn with Pen and Pencil. By the late Rev. SAMTEL

MANNING, LL.D. With numerous Illustrations by WHYMPER and others. “Those Holy Fields:' Palestine Illustrated by Pen and Pencil. By the Rev.


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