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Elijah the Tishbite. From the German of Dr. F. W. KRUMMACHER. Revised by

Rev. R. F. WALKER. Crown 8vo.
Elisha the Prophet. The Lessons of his History and Times. By Rev. Dr. EDERSHEIM.

Crown 8vo..

Selection from the Poems of. With Memoir and Portrait. Crown 8vo.,

gilt edges
Enchiridion addressed to Laurentius, The. Being a Treatise on Faith, Hope, and

Love. By ArgustiNE, Bishop of Hippo. Crown 8vo., gilt top
England, History of—see HISTORY.
English History, Elements of. By J. C. CURTIS. Fcap. 8vo. 18. limp.
English Literature, Handbook of. By Dr. ANGUS. Crown 8vo.
English Literature, Handbook of Specimens of. Selected from the chief British

Authors. By Dr. ANGUS. Crown 8vo.
Baglish Pictures, drawn with Pen and Pencil. By Rev. S. G. GREEN, D.D. With

Coloured Frontispiece and numerous Wood Engravings. Revised and

Improved Edition. Imp. 8vo., gilt edges. 258. morocco
English Tongue, Handbook of the, for the Use of Students and others. By Dr.

ANG US. Crown 8vo.
Evening and the Morning, The. An Illuminated Diary. Printed in Gold and

Colours. Square 16mo. 18. paper boards, red edges
Evening of our Lord's Ministry, The. Being Preludes to · Voices from Calvary,'

and • From Calvary to Olivet.' By Dr. STANFORD. Crown 8vo. EVERARD, Rev. G., M.A.

Talks about Christian Living. Fcap. 8vo. .
Talks about Home Life. Fcap. 8vo.

Words of Friendly Counsel about Turning to God. Illustrated. Fcap. 8vo.
Every-Day Life in China; or, Scenes along River and Road in the Celestial Empire.

By E. J. DUKES. With a Map and Illustrations. Crown 8vo. •Mr. Dukes has done good service in picturing for us the Chinese in their daily life. Nothing is overlooked by bis observation, and their religious rites, curious habits, politics, and literature are admirably described. The book also gives a true picture of Christian mission work, which

will increase public interest therein.-Bookseller. Every-Day Life in South India ; or, The Story of Coopooswamey. An Autobiography.

With fine Engravings by E. WHYMPER. Imperial 16mo.,
gilt edges
The incidents in this book are true, and they give a vivid picture of native life in

the Coimbatore district of India. It is just the book to help English children to
understand how Hindu boys and girls live and learn to take their part in the
duties of life.
• A better picture of the real life led by millions in Southern Iudia we have never met with.

Tbe illustrations, ten in number, are particularly good. To any one, old or young, destring an easy passport to a knowledge of Hindu life, we heartily commend this book.'

Literary World.
Evidence of Prophecy, The. Historical Testimony to the Truth of the Bible. By

Dr. KEITH. Fcap. 8vo.
Evidences of Christianity. By Paley. With Notes by Canon BIRK8. Crown 8vo.

Half-bound, 58. 6d.
Exodus and the Wanderings in the Wilderness, The. By Rev. Dr. EDERSHEIM. Cr. 8vo.
Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther, Introduction to the Books of. By Professor A. H.

SAYCE, LL.D., author of Fresh Light from the Ancient Monuments.' Cr. 8vo. • In reality very much more than its name suggests. As far as possible removed from the dry statement of names, dates, and theories which so often passes current under the same title, Dr. Sayce's book is in reality a lively narrative, which might engage the attention of the general reader no less than the student. A perfect knowledge of his subject, and much original research bearing on many points connected therewith, enable the author to handle dates and theories with a lucidity which will win bim much gratitude from his readers.'-Rock.

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Family Prayers for One Month. By Archbishop LONGLEY, Rev. J. HALDANE

STEWART, and other Ministers of Christ. Edited by the late Rev.

2 6 Family Readings on the Gospel according to St. Matthew. By the Rev. F. BOURDILLON. Crown 8vo.

3 6
St. Mark. Crown 8vo.
St. Luke. Crown 8vo.
St. John. Crown 8vo.

4 0 FINDLAYSON, T. CAMPBELL. Nehemiah: his Character and Work. A Practical Exposition. Small crown 8vo, red edges

2 0 Flowers from the King's Garden. Gathered for the delight of the King's Children at Morn and Eventide. By D. J. LEGG. 32mo. coloured edges.

1 0 • A choicely-printed little text-book, adorned with exquisitely beautiful pictures of flowers on every page. it is quite equal to any book of the kind we have seen.'-Nonconformist and Independent.

'Quite a gem.'-Churchman. Footprints of Italian Reformers. By Rev. Dr. STOUGHTON. Illustrated, 4to. gilt . 8 0

• Thanks to bis diligence as a pilgrim, and his industrious research as a scholar, we have bere a most interesting and instructive volume. Where a hundred bave heard of Luther and Melanchthon and Zwingle, not one knows anything of Aonio Paleario and Carnesecchi and Valdés; and we are much obliged to the zeal and industry which has put together this memorial

of them.'-Spectator. Force of Truth, The. An Authentic Narrative. By the Rev. T. SCOTT. 18mo.. 1 0 FOSTER, JOHN. Essays. On a Man's Writing Memoirs of Himself, etc. 8vo.

5 0 Fox, Memoir of the Rev. Henry Watson, Missionary to the Telugue. By the Rev. G. T. Fox, M.A. Illustrations. Crown 8vo. .

3 6 Foxe, John, The Acts and Monuments of. With Appendices, Glossary, and Indices,

by the Rev. Josiah PRATT, M.A. Introduction, Biographical and Descrip-
tive, by the Rev. John STOUGHTON, D.D. In 8 vols. Royal 8vo. Plates.
Red edges, 60s.

. 50 0 This standard edition of Fore's great work is commended anew to the attention of

English readers, on the tercentenary of the author's death in 1587. The several
Introductions and the most copious Index provide the student with every help
either for studying the work throughout, or for referring to any particular

French Pictures, drawn with Pen and Pencil. By the Rev. SAMUEL G. GREEN,

D.D. With upwards of 150 fine Engravings. Imperial 8vo., cloth elegant. 8 0 French Protestant Condemned to the Galloys for the sake of His Religion, Autobiography of. Crown 8vo.

2 0 Fresh Diggings from an old Mine. By Mary E. Beck. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. 2 0 Fresh Light from the Ancient Monuments: A Sketch of the most striking Con

firmations of the Bible from recent discoveries in Egypt, Assyria, Palestine,
Babylonia, and Asia Minor. By A. H. SAYCE, LL.D., Deputy Professor of
Comparative Philology, Oxford. Facsimiles from Photographs. Fourth
Edition. Cr. 8vo.

30 *Professor Sayce has written a book wbose value is not to be estimated by its size. It is a much more important ally of religion than many more professedly religious books. The preface shows its character, and the main results which have been arrived at by the laborious examination of records of the past.'--Saturday Review.

It is not too much to say tbat this little work is one of the most remarkable that has been

issued by the mudern press.'- Methodist Recorder. Friendly Greetings. Illustrated Readings for the People. Half-Yearly Vols. Illustrated, handsomely bound

each 2 6 From the Call to the Glory; or, Some Names of Christ's People. A Bible Study. By S. GERALDINA STOCK.. 16mo. red edges


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From Calvary to Olivet. A Course of Homilies. By C. STANFORD, D.D. Crown

8vo., bevelled boards, red edges .
A series of stirring and suggestive homilies on the incidents connected with the

Resurrection and Ascension of the Saviour. The book is full of characteristic
passages, beautiful in expression and profound in thought.

• Those wbo peruse this book will certainly find that for a long time they have not met with expositions of Scripture narratives to stirring, invigorating, and generally belpful as these six. teen homilles. Dr. Stanford has the power of vividly picturing events. His expositions, which evade no difficulty, are clear and thorough, and, when necessary, well illustrated. Nor is application overlooked; and this, while very effective, arises naturally, and is free from obtrusiveness.'-Leeds Mercury.

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Galileo in the Time of Christ. By S. MERRILL, D.D., U.S. Consul at Jerusalem.

With Map. Crown 8vo.
Contains a large amount of information, collected from various sources, about the cities, the
population, the trade, agriculture, education, and religion of Galilee, during the time of our
Lord's ministry. The information is pleasantly put together, and is not to be met with else-
where in so available a form. There is a useful index, and a map reduced by permission

from that of the Exploration Fund.'— Record. GARBETT, Rev. EDWARD, D.D.

Christian Home, The Crown 8vo.
Religion in Daily Lifo. Crown 8vo.

Soul's Life, The. Its Commencement, Progress, and Maturity. Crown 8vo.
Gardiner, Life of Colonel James. By the Rev. P. DODDRIDGE, D.D. Steel Portrait.

Crown 8vo.
Geography, Universal. Historical, Mathematical, Physical, and Political. By

Rev. Thomas MILNER, M.A. Revised and brought down to the present

time by KEITH JOHNSTON. Crown 8vo.
Life in the Southern Isles : Scenes and Incidents in the South Pacific and

New Guinea. Maps and Illustrations. Imp. 16mo. gilt .
Work and Adventure in New Guinea. By W. Wyatt Gill, and JAMES

CHALMERS. With Map and many Illustrations. Crown 8vo.
Jottings from the Pacific. Illustrated. Crown 8vo..
Girl's Own Annual. Vols. III., IV., V., each 98. full gilt; 128. half morocco

Vols. VI., VII., VIII., each 98. 6d. full gilt; 128. 6d. half morocco
Girl's Own Cookery Book, The. By Puillis BROWNE. Fcap. 8vo. .
Glimpses into the Socrets of Nature. By Mary E. BECK. Illustns. Sm. cr. 8vo.


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Glimpses of Maori Land. By ANNIE R. BUTLER. With Illustrations and Map by

E. WHYMPER. Crown 8vo.
The record of a visit to North Island, New Zealand, containing sketches of the

varied forms of colonial life, and giving much interesting information about
mission work among the Maoris and in the colony generally.

•We would recommend those of our readers who are interested in mission work to read this book. It gives a graphic description of the country, and a most interesting account of character and customs of the Maori, and the progress these people are making under Christian and civilising influence. The illustrations add much to the interest of the book,'-Journal

of Microscopy. Golden Diary of Heart Converse with Jesus in the Book of Psalms. Arranged

for Devotional Reading on every Sunday in the year. By Rev.Dr.EDERSHEIM.

Crown 8vo. gilt edges
Golden Treasury for the Children of God, whose Treasure is in Heaven: con-

sisting of devotional and practical observations on select passages of

Scripture for every day in the year. By K.H. von BOGATZKY. Imperial 32mo.
FOOLSCAP 8vo. EDITION. With Biographical Sketch of the Author. By the

Good Tidings for the Anxious. Large type, crown 8vo. 6d. cloth limp.
Gordon Anecdotes. A Sketch of the Career, with Illustrations of the Character

Leisure Hour,' and Author of 'Luther Anecdotes.' New and Revised

Edition. Crown 8vo.
Gospel Ethnology. By S. R. PATTISON, F.G s., author of " The Religious Topo-

graphy of England,” etc. With many Illustrations. Crown 8vo.
In this book a large number of facts are collected and incidents related to show

that the Gospel of Jesus Christ alone satisfies the desires and meets all the highest
needs of men, from the race which produces a Newton, a Faraday, or a Chalmers,
down to the savage races of New Guinea or Patagonia. The numerous illustra-
tions make clear to the eye the wonderful differences of feature, dress, and life of

the great variety of men depicted in the book.
Gospel in South India, The; or, Illustrations of the Religious Life, Experience, and

Character of Hindu Christians. By the Rev. SAMUEL MATEER, F.L.s.,

author of Native Life in Travancore,' etc. Ilustrations. Crown 8vo. Gives facts admitting of no dispute-lives of converts, mission work carried on by

natives, school results, &c.-to show how wondrously successful the work of the Gospel has been, under God's blessing, in South India. Mr. Mateer is a wellknown writer, and this book should be found very useful in aiding the cause of missions. • These pages are full of instances of Gospel triumphs; it will afford a bigbly-encouraging study to all who help in mission work, especially those who purpose to spend their lives in the

foreign field.'- Christian. Groat Cloud of Witnesses, The. By Rev. Dr. LANDELS.

ABEL to MOSES. Crown 8vo..

Joshua to DAVID. Crown 8vo.
Great Problem, The; or, Christianity as it is. By a Student of Science. Cr. 8vo.
Great Voyagers; their Adventures and Discoveries. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Greatness of Little Things, The. By Rev. Dr. Culross. Frontispiece. Crown 8vo.
Groek Testament; Handbook to Grammar of the. Together with a complete

Vocabulary, and an Examination of the chief New Testament Synonyms.
Illustrated by Examples and Comments. New and Revised Edition. By

S. G. GREEN, D.D. 8vo.
This well-known handbook, which has passed through several editions, has now

been completely revised, additions and modifications appearing on almost every
page. Constant reference is made to the revised New Testament of 1881, and
more especialis to the Greek text of Drs. Westcott and Hort. The Vocabulary
has been entirely re-modelled ; and the work in its new form is offered to tutors,
classes, and private students, in the confidence that it will be found more
than ever adapted to their needs.

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GREEN, Rev. S. G., D.D.
Bible Sketches and their Teachings. For Young People. Vol. 1. OLD TESTA-

MENT. Vol. 2. NEW TESTAMENT, including the Apostolic History.
Revised and Enlarged Edition, with Maps. In 2 vols. Crown 8vo. Each
Christian Ministry to the Young. A Book for Parents, Pastors, and Teachers.

Crown 8vo.
English Pictures, drawn with Pen and Pencil. With Coloured Frontispiece

and numerous Wood Engravings. Revised and Improved Edition. Imp.

8vo. gilt edges. 258. morocco
French Pictures, drawn with Pen and Pencil. With upwards of 150 Fine

Engravings. Imp. 8vo. Elegant, gilt edges. 258. morocco
Handbook to Grammar of the Greek Testament. Together with a complete

Vocabulary, and an Examination of the chief New Testament Synonyms.
New and Revised Edition. Illustrated by numerous examples and com-

ments. 8vo.
Pictures from Bible Lands, drawn with Pen and Pencil. Illustrations by

E. WHYMPER, etc. Imp. 8vo., handsomely bound, gilt edges ; 258. morocco
Pictures from the German Fatherland, drawn with Pen and Pencil. Profusely

Illustrated. Imp. 8vo., handsomely bound, gilt edges. 258. morocco
Scottish Pictures, drawn with Pon and Pencil. Profusely Illustrated by

Eminent Artists. New and Revised Edition, with many New Engravings.

Imp. 8vo., elegant, gilt edges. 258. morocco
What do I Believe! or, Outlines of Practical Theology according to the

Scriptures. Fcap. 8vo.
Wycliffe Anecdotes. With Portrait and Illustrations. Crown 8vo.
Guide for Disciples of_the Holy Saviour in the first steps of their way to

Immortality. By Rev. J. G. PIKE. Crown 8vo.

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Hall-hour Readings for Sunday Afternoons. Prose and Verse. By Rev. T. MILNER.

Crown 8vo.
Handbook of Foreign Missions. Including an Account of the Chief Missionary

Societies. With the latest Statistical Information. Crown 8vo. 18. 4d.

in paper cover Handy Book for Bible Readers. Pocket size. Stiff paper covers, cloth back.

18. red edges
Handy Natural History, The. By the Rev. J. G. Wood, author of Homes without

Hands, etc., etc. With 224 Engravings. Small 4to., gilt edges
A capital book for young people and for school prizes, in Mr. Wood's happiest vein.

It gives an enormous amount of accurate and interesting information about the
life and habits of animals and birds. It is also written with the serious purpose
of showing how wonderfully the Creator has adapted the bodies of these different
creatures to their habits and needs.

• An excellent book for the young, bandsomely illustrated, and written in fluent and lucid
o'yle.'-Saturday Review.

* A handsome volume, in which the author, a well-known naturalist, tells his readers in simple, untecbuical language the habits and nature of birds, beasts, and reptiles. Mr. Woud's style is excellently adapted for attracting the interest and ensuring the attention of even ordinarily careless readers.'-Mail.


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