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Christian Revelation and Modern Astronomy. By Dr. CHALMERS. Fcap. 8vo.
Chrysostom, The Life and Times of. By Rev. R. WHELER BUSH, M.A. Crown 8vo.

A careful, popularly-written biography of the great preacher. Interesting illus

trative extracts from the writings of Chrysostom add to the value of the book.
'He has performed his task carefully and well; he supplies a large amount of valuable in-

formation in a pleasant and readable form.'-Scotsman. CHURCH HISTORY SERIES, THE.

A series on Church History. Each will be complete in itself, and will deal with a

period of special value and interest. The writers will in all cases be specially
acquainted with the subjects they handle, and the price is kept as low as
possible so as to make the series available for a wide circle of readers. In time
every important epoch in the history of the Christian Church will, it is hoped,

be treated with in such a way as to interest and instruct the general reader.
1. Preludes to the Reformation: From Dark to Dawn in Europe. By the Rev.

CANON PENNINGTON, author of The Life of Wycliffe,' etc. Ilustrated.

Crown 8vo.. “We welcome with much satisfaction the issue of a "Church History Series” by the Religious Tract Society. The interest which 18 for many reasons just now awakened in Church bistory renders it eminently desirable that its exposition should not be left to one side only. Canon Pennington's work will most assuredly meet with great appreciation. It is a timely aid to re

flection, and a useful stimulant to inquiry.'-English Churchman. 2. The Reformation in France. From its Dawn to the Revocation of the Edict

of Nantes. By RICHARD HEATH. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. • A concise, well-written bistorical text-book by Mr. Richard Heath, forming the second issue of the “Church History Series." The woodcuts, after old prints, are excellent, and a useful table of

dates is thoughtfully provided.'- Saturday Review. CLARKE, SAMUEL, D.D.

Collection of the Promisos of Scripture. 16mo., red edges.
Cleopatra's Needle. A History of the London Obelisk, with an Exposition of the

Hieroglyphics. By the Rev. J. KING, Lecturer for the Palestine Explora

tion Fund. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. *The numerous illustrations are particularly interesting, and the story of the obelisk loses nothing in the bands of the author, who writes as one w bo thoroughly understands bis subject, and is therefore free to explain with clearness and simplicity. These “ By-paths of Bible Knowledge

are fascinating in their interest.'-Literary World. Commentary on First Epistle General of Peter, A Practical. By Archbp. LEIGHTON.

2 vols., 18mo.
Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans. By Professor HODGE. 12mo.
Commentary on the scriptures, from Henry, Scott, and other Writers. Without

the Teat. 12mo.
Vols. I. to IV., containing Old Testament, cloth boards .

Vols. V., VI., comprising New Testament, cloth boards .

The Set of Six Volumes complete. Half bound, 348.; calf, 408.
Commentary, bound up with 12mo. PARAGRAPH BIBLE. In Six Volumes. The

Set, half bound, 408.; calf, 468.
Old Testament Pocket Commentary. Genesis to Esther. Half bound, 28.

Job to Malachi. Half bound, 28.

bound in one volume. . New Testament Pocket Commentary. Half bound, 28. The Annotated Paragraph Bible-Old Testament .

New Testament

Complete half morocco, 258. 6d.; calf extra, 278.
Companion to the Bible, New. For Bible Classes, Sunday Schools, and Families.

Maps, crown 8vo.
Companion to the Bible. Intended for Bible Classes, and young people in

general. With maps, 18mo. Questions on the. 6d. cover.

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Companion to the Lord's Table; Meditations and Prayers from Ancient and

Modern Authors. With an Introduction on the meaning of the Lord's

Supper. 16mo., red edges. 38. roan; 48. 6d. morocco • This is an excellent little book. It first sets forth in a clear and felicitous manner tbe evangelical conception of the Lord's Supper. It ransacks the Christian literature of all ages for appropriate meditations and prayers, and the result is a book of a most edifying character, which

may safely be put into the hands of the people.'-Edinburgh Daily Review. Companions_of_the Lord. Chapters on the Lives of the Apostles.

By Rev.
O. E. B. REED, M.A. Crown 8vo.

each A series of devotional books neatly printed in readable type. They are of a size to

carry in the pocket, and are thus appropriate for thoughtful readers who are
travelling, or for parting gifts to friends. A set of these pretty little books

would form a useful present.
1. A Companion to the Lord's Table; Meditations and Prayers from Ancient and

Modern Authors. With an Introduction on the meaning of the Lord's

Supper. 38. roan; 48. 6d. morocco. 2. Private Thoughts on Religion. By Rev. Thomas ADAM. 3. An Infallible Way to Contentment. In the midst of Public and Personal

Calamities. 4. Luthor's Table Talk, Extracts selected by Dr. MACAULAY. 5. A Collection of the Promisos of Scripture. Arranged under their proper

heads. By SAMUEL CLARKE, D.D. 6. The Anscious Inquirer after salvation Directed and encouraged. By JOHN

ANGELL JAMES. 7. Songs of Spiritual Thought. By GEORGE RAWSON. 8. Hymns of the Present Century. Translated from the German by Rev. JOHN

KELLY, editor of Present Day Tracts, and Translator of Gerhardt's

Spiritual Songs.'
9. The Beatitudes. By RICHARD GLOVER, of Bristol.
Cottager and Artisan, The Yearly Volumes. Coloured covers, 18. 6d.
Cousin Mabol's Sketches of Character. By Miss E. J. WHATELY. Crown 8vo.
Cox, Rev. SAMUEL, D.D.

The Book of Ruth. A Popular Exposition. Cr. 8vo., red edges .

Rabbi Agar's School and its Four Teachers. Illustrated royal 16mo.
Critical Handbook. A Guide to the Study of the Authenticity, Canon and Text of

the Greek New Testament. By EDWARD C. MITCHELL, D.D. Illustrated

by a Map, Diagrams, and Facsimiles. Crown 8vo. Crook in tho Lot; or, Sovereignty of God. By Rev. T. Boston. With Portrait

and Memoir. Crown 8vo.
Crown of Flowers, A. Poems and Pictures collected from the pages of the ‘Girl's

Own Paper,' by CHARLES PETERS. 4to., gilt edges .
Cruden's Concordance. With an Introduction by the Rev. DAVID KING, LL.D.

8vo. 88. calf; 58. 6d. half bound ; 98. morocco
CULROSS, Rev. J., D.D.
The Home at Bethany; its Joys, its Sorrows, and its Divine Guest. Frontis-

piece, crown 8vo. The Greatness of Little Things. Frontispiece, crown 8vo. Cur Deus Homo. Why did God become Man? By ANSELY, Archbishop of

Cauterbury. Translated from the original Latin. New and Revised

Edition. Crown 8vo., cloth boards.
A translation, with an introduction, analysis, and notes, of Anselm's great work on

the Atonement, one of the finest and most suggestive theological treatises ever

• This edition is a careful reproduction of an ancient treatise, which contains not a little that is full of fine true thought, and is interesting as a representation of theological opinion seven bundred years ago.'-Scotsman.


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Daily Food. A Text and Verse for Every Day in the Year. With red lines round the page, gilt edges. 32mo. 28. 6d. morocco.

0 8 Daily Prayers and Promises. 32mo.

06 Daily Texts for the Little Ones. Compiled by ELIZABETH T. KING. Illustrated

by AGNES G. KING. With twelve full-page Illustrations. Printed in
colour. Oblong 4to. Gilt edges.

2 0 The book contains a text for every day in the year, and a fine full-page illustration

for each month. As a gift-book for children the volume is unique.

• This prettily-shaped and coloured book is intended to suggest to young people a pleasant and useful plan of Scripture study. Leading texts, printed in larger 1ype, are from the histories of the cbildren of the Bible. Each month bas a pretty and appropriate illustration, with some scene from child-life connected with the season.'

Manchester Examiner.
Daniel—Statesman and Prophet. A Study for Young Men. By Rev. H. T.
ROBJOHNS. Crown 8vo.

3 6 D'AUBIGNÉ, Dr. M. History of the Reformation. 8vo. Vols. I., II., III. .

each 3 0 Vol. IV. 58.; Vol. V. 68. The Set in 5 vols. 368. calf; 308. half bound. CHEAP EDITION, royal 8vo. Vols. I. to V. in 1 vol.; 158. calf; 128. half bound; 168. morocco

8 0 Dawson, Sir J. W., LL.D., F.R.s., Principal of McGill College, Montreal. The Chain of Life in Geological Time. A Sketch of the Origin and Succession

of Animals and Plants. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. Third and Revised

5 0 Egypt and Syria. Their Physical Features in Relation to Bible History. Illus

trated. Crown 8vo. Second Edition, revised and enlarged. Illustrated 30 Day of Pentecost, The; or, The Story of Whitsuntide. By the author of The Story of Easter,' etc. 16mo., red edges

1 0 Days of Queen Mary; or, Annals of her Reign; containing particulars of the

Restoration of Romanism and Sufferings of the Martyrs, Illustrated.
12mo. 48. 6d. half bound

3 0 De Incarnatione Verbi Dei. By ATHANASIUS, Archbishop of Alexandria. Trans

lated with an Introduction, Analysis, Synopsis, and Notes by T. HERBERT
BINDLEY, Y.A., Merton College, Oxford. Gilt top.

2 0 This treatise is one of the most powerful and instructive writings of the great

Archbishop. It deals with such subjects as the Creation of the World, the Fall
of Man, and the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, and is remarkable alike for the

beauty of its style and for its clear and thorough exposition of Scripture. DEMAUS, Rev. ROBERT.

Hugh Latimer. A Biography. From Original Documents. Crown 8vo... 5 0
William Tyndale. A Contribution to the Early History of the Bible. New

Edition carefully revised by RICHARD LOVETT, M.A. With Portrait, Illus-
tration, and numerous fine Facsimiles of the unique volumes in the British
Museum and in St. Paul's Cathedral. 8vo.

8 0 Dovotion of the Sacred Heart, The. An Exposure of its Errors and Dangers. By the Rev. R. C. JENKINS, M.a. Crown 8vo.

1 0 Dowdrops ; or, Texts for every Day in the Year. 128mo. 18. tuck; 18. 8d. morocco 0 4 Diseases of the Bible, The. By Sir J. Risdon BENNETT. By-Paths of Bible Knox. ledge, Vol. 9. Crown 8vo.

2 6 Sir Risdon Bennett has studied all the references in the Bible to diseases of various

kinds in the light of the fullest and best knowledge of the present state of
medical science. Such subjects as leprosy, demoniacal possession, etc., are care-
fully considered ; and it cannot but be a great help to intelligent study of the

Bible to have the latest scientific view of these and kindred subjects.
Divino and Moral Songs. By Dr. Watts. With fine Coloured Illustrations by

Small 4to.

2 6 A new edition of an old favourite. There are engravings on nearly every page, including four full-page coloured prints. 32M0. EDITION. Illustrated. Paper Covers, 1d.

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Divine Lifo, The. A Book of Facts and Histories. By Rev. Dr. KENNEDY. Cr. 8vo.
Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul. Illustrated in a course of Serious

and Practical Addresses, with a Devout Meditation, or Prayer, added to

each Chapter. Imperial 32mo. .

Life of Colonel James Gardiner. Steel Portrait. Crown 8vo.
Drake and the Dons; or, Stirring Tales of Armada Times. Edited and arranged by

RICHARD LOVETT, M.A., author of • Norwegian Pictures,' etc. With

Portraits, Maps, and Illustrations. Crown 8vo., gilt edges .
This book consists of narratives of Drake's Voyages, the Defeat of the Armada,

and Conflicts on the Sea between the Spanish and English in the Sixteenth
Century, extracted from the old English Chroniclers, and told mainly in their
words. The object is to show the character of the great struggle between
England and Spain, and the issues involved, in such a way as to interest the
boys of this generation. The illustrations and portraits are all authentic, and

some of them from rare originals.
Dwellers on the Nile, The. Chapters on the Life, Literature, History, and Customs

of Ancient Egypt. By E. A. W. BUDGE, M.A. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. • A little book that contains a vast amonnt of information respecting that bistoric land, Egypt.

The history and explanation of the hieroglyphics and the discovery of their interpretation is lucidly and ably told.'— Times.

This valuable outline of the characteristics of a people asscciated so intimately with patriarcbal

history should be found in the hands of all students of the Old Testament.'—Schoolmaster.
Dying Thoughts of Richard Baxter. Abridged by BENJAMIN FAWCETT, M.A. 18mo.
Dyson, Mrs.
Apples and Oranges : Talks with Children on Fruits. Engravings. Cr. 8vo.

gilt edges
Children's Flowers : The Friends of their Rambles and Play. Illustrations

by GIACOMELII and WHYMPER. Crown 8vo. .

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Biblical Encyclopædia ; or, Dictionary of Eastern Antiquities, Geography,

Natural History, Sacred Annals and Biography, Theology, and Biblical
Literature, illustrative of the Old and New Testaments. With Maps
and Pictorial Illustrations drawn from the most authentic sources. 8vo.

128. 6d. calf; 108. 6d. half-bound. ; 138. 6d. morocco
Earnest Exhortations on the most Important Subjects. By Rev. F. BOURDILLON.

Large type, crown 8vo.
The Golden Diary of Heart Converse with Jesus in the Book of Psalms.

Arranged for Devotional Reading on every Sunday in the Year. Cr. 8vo.,

gilt edges. Elisha the Prophet: The Lessons of his History and Times. Crown 8vo. Sketches of Jewish Life, in Illustration of the New Testament. Imperial

16mo., gilt edges Temple, The: its Ministry and Services at the Time of Jesus Christ. Imperial

16mo., gilt edges
The Bible History Crown 8vo. Each volume is complete in itself, and may
be had separately

Vols. I. to VI., each
The complete work can now be obtained in four volumes, uniformly bound in

neat cloth boards, 168. the set.
1. The World before the Flood, and the History of the Patriarchs.
2. The Exodus and Wanderings in the Wilderness.
3. Israel in Canaan ander Joshua and the Judges.

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EDERSHEIM, DR.—continued.

4. Israel ander Samuel, Saul, and David, to the Birth of Solomon.
5. Israel and Judah from the Birth of Solomon to the reign of Ahab.
6. Israel and Judah, from Ahab to the Decline of the Two Kingdoms.
7. Israel and Judah from the Decline of the Two Kingdoms to the Assyrian

and Babylonian Captivity. Containing full Scripture Reference and

Subject Indexes to the whole series .

The Laws and Polity of the Jews. Crown 8vo.
The Analogy of Religion to the Constitution and Course of Nature; also Fifteen

Sermons. By JOSEPH BUTLER, Bishop of Durham. With a Life of the
Author, a copious Analysis, Notes and Indexes, by JOSEPH ANGts, V.D.

Crown 8vo..
The Analogy of Religion, also Three Sermons on Human Nature. Crown 8vo.

Analysis to the Analogy, and the Three Sermons on Human Nature.
Chain of Life in Geological Time. A Sketch of the Origin and Succession of
Animals and Plants. By Sir J. W. DAWSON,

LL.D., F.R.S., F.S.s., &c. With numerous Illustrations. Third and Revised Edition. Crown 8vo. Christian Revelation and Modern Astronomy, By Dr. THOMAS CHALMERS.

Fcap. 8vo.
Electricity and its Uses. By JAMES MUNRO, of the Institute of Civil Engineers.

New Edition. With numerous Engravings. Crown 8vo. .
Elements of the History of England. By J. C. CURTIS, B.A. New and Revised
Edition. Fcap. 8vo.

18. limp cloth.
Elements of Moral Science. With Questions for Examination. By FRANCIS

WAYLAND, D.D., late President of Brown University, and Professor of Moral

Philosophy. With Notes and Analysis, by JOSEPH ANGUS, D.D. Cr. 8vo. Handbook of English Literature. By JOSEPH ANGUS, D.D. 78. half bound Handbook of Specimens of English Literature, selected from the chief British

Authors, and arranged chronologically. By JOSEPH ANGUS, D.D. Crown

Handbook of the English Tongue, for the use of Students and others. By JOSEPH

ANGUs, M.A., D.D. Crown 8vo.
Handbook to the Grammar of the Greek Testament. Together with a complete

Vocabulary, and an Examination of the chief New Testament Synonyms.
Illustrated by numerous examples and comments. By the Rev. SAMCEL

G. GREEN, D.D. New Edition, revised. 8vo. .
Midnight Sky, The Familiar Notes on the Stars and Planets. By EDWIN

DUNKIN, F.R.s., of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. With 32 Star-Maps

and numerous other Illustrations. Imp. 8vo. Egypt and Syria. Their Physical Features in Relation to Bible History. By

Sir J. W. Dawson. Second Edition, revised and enlarged. With many

Illustrations. Crown 8vo.
Sir William Dawson visited Egypt and Syria just before writing this book, and in

it he shows what light geology and physical geography throw upon the sacred
records. The book contains much new and valuable information put in a clear
and interesting form.
*This is one of the most interesting of the series to which it belongs. It is the result of personal
observation, and the work of a practised geological observer. The questions raised in this
little volume are discussed in the light of the most advanced knowledge and of large scientific

faculty, and at the same time with great religious reverence.'-Brilish Quarterly. Eloctricity and its Usos. By JAMES MUNRO, of the Institute of Civil Engineers.

New and carefully revised Edition. With Ninety-five Engravings.

Crown 8vo..
A popular and accurate account of the various uses of electricity. Special atten-

tion is given to all the recent applications of it-e.g., the telephone, railway,
induction balance, etc. The book contains over eighty illustrations of electric
• Mr. Munro's book deserves our most cordial recommendation.'—Journal of Science.

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