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8. d. BICKERSTETH, BISHOP. The Rock of Agos; or, Scripture Testimony to the Eternal Godhead of Father, Son, and Holy Ghort. 8vo.

2 6 The Spirit of Life; or, Scripture Testimony to the Divine Person and Work of the Holy Spirit. 8vo.

4 0 Water from the Well-Spring. For the Sabbath Hours of Afflicted Believers.

Being a conıplete course of Morning and Evening Meditations for every
Sunday in the Year. Fcap. 8vo.

2 0 Biographies for the People, short. Vols. I., II., and III. Each Volume contains Twelve Lives and Purtraits. Small 4to. each .


These books are all written by authors specially conversant with the subjects

undertaken. Their aim is, without going into minute detail, to gire accurate, lively,
and comprehensive biographies, containing all that is essential in the life, work,

and times of the men and women described.
Augustine, St. ; his Life and Times. By Rev. R. WHELER Busy, M.A., F.R.G.S.
Crown 8vo..

3 6 Baxter, Richard, Life of. Steel Portrait. Crown 8vo. .

1 6 British Reformers, Lives of the. From Wycliffe to Foxe. 8vo.

0 Banyan, Life of. With Portrait. Small crown 8vo.

1 6 Chrysostom, The Life and Times of. By Rev. R. WHELER BUSH, M.A., F.R.G.S. Cr. 8vo. 5 0 Gardiner, Life of Colonel James. By Rev. P. DODDRIDGE, D.D. Steel Portrait. Crown 8vo.

1 6 Howe, John, The Life of. With an Analysis of his Writings.

By the late
Professor HENRY ROGERS. With Portrait. 8vo. .

5 0 Crown 8vo, Edition

% 0 Latimer, Hugh. A Biography. From original documents. By the late Rev. R. DEMAUS, M.A. Crown 8vo.

50 More, Hannah, Life of. A Lady of Two Centuries. By Anna J. BUCKLAND. With Portraits. Imp. 16mo. .

3 0 Newton, John, of Olney and St. Mary Woolnoth. An Autobiography and

Narrative, compiled chiefly from his Diary and other unpublished docu-
ments. By the Rev. Josiah Bull. With Portrait. 8vo. .

5 0 Lite of. With Portrait. Crown 8vo.

1 6 Oberlin, Jean Frederic, The Life of. Pastor of the Ban de la Roche. By Mrs. JOSEPHINE E. BUTLER. Illustrations and Map. Crown 8vo.

36 Tyndalo, William. A Contribution to the Early History of the English Bible.

By the late Rev. R. DEmaus, M.A. New Edition, edited by the Rev. R.
LOVETT, M.A. Portrait, Illustrations, and Facsimiles. 8vo.

8 0 Wycliffe, John, and his English Precursors. By Professor LECHLER. Edited by

the Rev. S. G. GREEN, D.D. ; with a Supplemental Chapter on the Suc- !
cessors of Wycliffe. Portrait and Illustrations. 8vo.

8 0 Life and Times of. The Morning Star of the Reformation. Illustrations, Portrait, and Facsimile of Wycliffe's Bible. Crown 8vo. gilt edges

2 6 Bird Songs and Bird Pictures. With Natural History Notes. Profusely Illust. Cr. 8vo. 1 0 BIRKS, Canon. Paloy's Evidences of Christianity. Introduction, Notes, and Supplement. Crown 8vo. 58. 6d. half bound .

3 0 Paley's Horm Paulinæ. With Notes, and Horæ Apostolice. Crown 8vo. 58. 6d. half bound .

3 0 BLAIKIE, DR. W. G. Better Days for Working People. Crown 8vo.

2 6 Leaders in Modern Philanthropy. With Portraits. Crown 8vo.

5 0 Blessings for the Little Ones. By the Author of Walking with Jesus,' eto. In very large type. With Illustrations. Small 4to., gilt edges

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Bluebell Talks. Illustrated by E. WHYMPER. Small 4to., gilt edges
BOGATZKY, K. H. von.
Golden Treasury for the Children of God, whose Treasure is in Heaven. With

Biographical Sketch of the Author by the Rev. John KELLY. Fcap. 8vo.,

68. 6d. calf limp; 58. 6d. morocco

Boston, Rev. T.
The Crook in the Lot; or, Sovereignty of God. With Memoir and Portrait.

Crown 8vo..
Human Nature in its Fourfold State. Fcap. 8vo.

As Happy as a King. A Book for Occasional Reading. Crown 8vo.
Earnest Exhortations on the most Important Subjects. Large type, crown 8vo.
Family Readings from St. Matthew. Crown 8vo..
Family Readings on the Gospel according to St. Mark. Crown 8vo..
Family Readings on the Gospel according to St. Luke. Crown 8vo. .
Family Readings on the Gospel according to St. John. Crown 8vo. .
Help to Family Worship, A ; or, Short Forms of Morning and Evening Prayer

for Four Weeks. First Series. Small crown 8vo.
Second Series. Small crown 8vo.
First and Second Series bound together
LARGE-TYPE EDITION. First Series. Imperial 16mo.
Second Series. Imperial 16mo.

First and Second Series bound together
Odd Five Minutes, The; or, Short Chapters on Serious Subjects. Large type,

crown 8vo..
Parables of Our Lord Explained and Applied, The Crown 8vo.

Scenes and Incidents from Old Testament History. Crown 8vo.
Boy's Own Annual. Vols. IV., V., VI. Each 98. cloth gilt; 128. half-morocco

Vols. VII., VIII., IX. 98. 6d. cloth gilt. 128. 6d. half-morocco .
Broad from Heaven. Scripture Texts for Every Day, in Greek and English.

Royal 32mo..
Bright City and the Way Thore, The. Large type, 18mo. 8d., cloth limp.

Palissy, the Huguenot Potter. A True Tale. Illustrated. Crown 8vo..
British Islands: their Physical, Geographical, and Natural History. By Rev.

T. MILNER, F.R.G.S., author of "A Universal Geography.' Illustrated,

Crown 8vo. .
British Reformers, Lives of the. From Wycliffe to Foxe. 8vo.
British Reformers, Writings of the. With Memoirs. 8vo.


Hooper. Cranmer, Rogers, etc.


Edward VI., Balnaves, etc.
Ridley and Philpot. Wickliff. Fox, Bale, Coverdale, etc.
Buddhism Past and Present, Short Chapters on. By the Right Rev. Bishop

TITCOMB, D.D., First Bishop of Rangoon. Crown 8vo. .
BUDGE, E. A. W., M.A., Assistant in the Department of Oriental Antiquities,

British Museum.
Babylonian Life and History. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
The Dwellers on the Nile. Chapters on the Life, Literature, History, and

Customs of Ancient Egypt. "Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

Life of. Portrait and Illustrations. Crown 8vo. Nere and Revised

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BUNYAN, JOHx-continued.

The Holy War. Royal 18mo.
Pilgrim's Progress. Large Type Edition. 16 Illustrations by John GILBERT.

Demy 8vo., bevelled boards
Large Type Edition. 12 plates in Oil Colours. 'Bevelied boards, gilt edges
18mo. Edition.
Crown 8vo. Edition. Mustrated, gilt edges. 78. 6d. morocco
Small Crown 8vo. Edition. Illustrated

with Coloured Plates
Imperial 32mo. New Edition. illustrated

with Coloured Plates Bush, Rev. R. WHELER, M.A.

A Popular Introduction to the Pentateuch. Crown 8vo.
A Popular Introduction to Joshua, Judges, and Ruth. Crown 8vo.
St. Augustina : his Life and Times. Crown 8vo.

The Life and Times of Chrysostom. Crown 8vo. .
Analogy of Religion to the Constitution and Course of Nature. Also

Fifteen Sermons. By Joseph BUTLER, Bishop of Durham. With Notes,

Analysis, and Life of the Author, by Rev. Dr. Angus. Crown 8vo.
Analogy of Religion, The; also. Three Sermons on Human Nature. Crown 8vo.
Analysis of Butler's Analogy, and Three Sermons on Human Nature. By

JOSEPH ANGUS, D.D. Crown 8vo.

These books are written by specialists, and their aim is to give the results of the

latest and best scholarships on questions of Biblical history, science and archæology. The volumes contaiu much information that is not easily accessible even to those who have a large acquaintance with the higher literature on these subjects. • The volumes which the Tract Society is issuing under the above title fully deserve success. They bave been entrusted to scholars wbo have a special acquaintance with the subjects about

wbích they severally treat.'-The Athenæum. 1. Cleopatra's Needle. A History of the London Obelisk, with an Exposition

of the Hieroglyphics. By the Rev. J. KING, Lecturer for the Palestine

Exploration Fund. With Illustrations
2. Fresh Light from the Ancient Monuments. A Sketch of the most striking

Confirmations of the Bible from recent discoveries in Egypt, Assyria,
Babylonia, Palestine, and Asia Minor. By A. H. SAYCE, LL.D., Deputy
Professor of Comparative Philology, Oxford, etc. With Facsimiles from

3. Recont Discoveries on the Temple Hill at Jerusalem. By the Rev. J. KING,

M.A., Authorised Lecturer for the Palestine Exploration Fund. With

Maps, Plans, and Illustrations 4. Babylonian Life and History. By E. A. Wallis BUDGE, M.A., Cambridge, As

sistant in the Department of Oriental Antiquities, British Museum. Illust. 5. Galilee in the Time of Christ. By SELAH MERRILL, D.D., author of • East

of the Jordan,' etc. With a Map 6. Egypt and Syria. Their Physical Features in Relation to Bible History. By Sir J. W. Dawson, Principal of McGill College, Montreal, F.G.S.

, F.R.s., author of The Chain of Life in Geological Time,' etc. Second

Edition, revised and enlarged. With many Illustrations 7. Assyria : its Princes, Priests, and People. By A. H. SaYcE, M.A., LL.D.,

author of Fresh Light from Ancient Monuments, • Introduction to

Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther,' etc. Illustrated 8. The Dwellers on the Nile. Chapters on the Life, Literature, History, and

Customs of Ancient Egypt. By E. A. WALLIS BUDGE, M.A., Assistant

in Department of Oriental Antiquities, British Museum. Illustrated 9. The Diseases of the Bible. By Sir J. RisDon BENNETT 10. The Trees and Plants mentioned in the Bible. By W. H. GROSER, B.SC.


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Call to the Unconverted to Turn and Live. By RICHARD BAXTER. 18mo.
Canadian Pictures, drawn with Pen and Pencil. By the MARQUIS OF LORNE.

With numerous fine Engravings by E. WHYMPER, from Objects in the
possession of and Sketches by the MARQUIS OF LORNE, SYDNEY HALL, etc.

Imperial 8vo. gilt edges. 258. morocco
It would be a mistake to regard the book as a mere ornament of the drawing-room table. It
will undoubtedly answer this purpose, and give a pleasing occupation to any w bo may listlessly
turn over its leaves. But to the reader who takes it more seriously, it will convey also a large
amount of solid information.'--The Guardian.

• Most interesting—an extremely pleasant book.'--Saturday Review. Carnesecchi, Pietro.-8ee ITALIAN INQUISITION. Gautions for Doubters. By Right Rev. Bishop TiTCOMB, author of Buddhism, Past

and Present.' Small crown 8vo. Chain of Life in Geological Time, The. A Sketch of the Origin and Succession

of Animals and Plants. By Sir J. W. DawsON, LL.D. Illustrated. Ct. 8vo.

Third and Revised Edition.
Dr. Dawson maintains not an evolution, but a chain of life. The order is as

progressive and complete as any disciple of Darwin could maintain, but the
great process, in every linked gradation, is a manifestation of Divine power.
The argument is, throughout, elucidated by diagrams and illustrations from the

most trustworthy sources.
Work and Adventure in New Guinea, 1877 to 1885. With Map and Ilus-

trations. Crown 8vo.. Pioneering in New Guinea. Illustrations and Map. 8vo. . Chapters on Every-day Things; or, Histories and Marvels in Common Life. By

the author of "Ten Steps in the Narrow Way.' Illustrated, imperial

16mo., gilt edges Charnock, Stephen-Selections from Wisdom of our Fathers Series. Crown 8vo.,

glazed cloth
Child Life in Chinese Homes. By Mrs. Bryson, of the London Mission, Wuchang,

China. Illustrations. Small 4to., gilt edges .
Child's Book of Poetry, The. A Selection of Poems, Ballads, and Hymns. With

Fifty-five Engravings. Crown 8vo.
A new compilation replacing the old favourite which was for so many years on the

Society's list. Many of the best modern poems are included, there are many

good illustrations, and the volume makes a capital gift book. Child's Companion and Juvenile Instructor. In Yearly Volumes, Coloured Covers,

18. 6d.; extra, gilt edges, 28. 6d.
Children of India, The. Written for the Children of England by one of their

Friends. Illustrations and Map. Small 4to., gilt edges
Children of Madagascar, The. By H. F. STANDING, of Antananarivo. With many

Illustrations from Sketches and Photographs. Small quarto, gilt edges .
An account of Malagasy children, similar to · The Children of India,' Child Life

in Chinese Homes,' etc. Written by one who has spent years in teaching them.
The facts are all first hand. Special attention has also been paid to the results of

missionary work.
Children's Daily Bread. A Picture, Text, and Verse for every Day of the Year.

With Two Pictures on each page. Oblong 4to..
Children's Flowers: The Friends of their Rambles and Play. By Mrs. Dyson,

author of ' Apples and Oranges,' etc. Illustrations by GIACOMELLI and

WHYMPER. Crown 8vo.
A series of well-written chapters on familiar flowers, conveying in a very pleasant

way a large amount of useful and interesting information.
Children's King, The, and other Readings for the Little Ones. In very large type.

Engravings. Small 4to., gilt edges

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8. d. Christ and the Church. Thoughts on the Apostolic Commissiou (Matt. xxvii. 18–20.) By the Rev. Dr. A. SAPHIR. `Crown 8vo.

4 0 *Wrought out with wonderful suggestiveness and spiritual sagacity. To those who are already acquainted with Dr. Saphir's exquisite delineations of Divine truth, a volume from bis pen needs no commendation. But to any wbo have not yet bad the good fortune to meet with any of his writings we commend this one as perhaps the most likely to induce them to extend their

acquaintance further.'-British and Pureign Evangelical Review. Christ and the Heroes of Heathendom. By the Rev. JAMES WELLS, author of • Bible Echoes,' etc. With Portraits and Illustrations. Crown 8vo.

3 6 This book gives sketches of the noblest men of the heathen world, viz: Æschylus,

the theologian; Socrates, the reformer; Plato, the prophet; and Epictetus, the saint of heathendom. It also shows how Christ only can satisfy fully the longings felt by these great men, and accomplish the ends they sought. * A vivid sketch of the life history of each is given, and the main principles of his teaching are enunciated in popular language. . . . The final chapter, entitled "Christ and his Competitors," aims at showing the immeasurable superiority of the Christian faith to the best iboughts of the ancient sages. This is just the book to place in the hands of thoughtful young

people.'-Literary World.
Christ is all; the Gospel in the Pentateuch. By Dean Law, of Gloucester.

Exodus.-Leviticus.-Numbers and Deuteronomy. Crown 8vo. Three

each 2 0 Christ, Outlines of the Life of. A Guide to the Study of the Chronology, Har

mony, and Purpose of the Gospels. By E. R. CONDER, D.D. With Map
by Captain CLAUDE R. CONDER, R.E., of the Palestine Exploration Fund.
Crown 8vo..




In this series some of the great standard theological works will be printed. The

object is to reproduce in a cheap but very attractive form works not easily ac-
cessible to the English reader which exhibit best the peculiar power of the great

writers whose works are included in the series.
1. Cur Deus Homo. Why did God become Man? By ANSELM, Archbishop of

Canterbury. Translated from the original Latin. New and Revised
Edition. Crown 8vo. .

2 0 2. The Enchiridion addressed to Laurentius. Being a Treatise on Faith, Hope, and Love. By AUGUSTINE, Bishop of Hippo. Crown 8vo., gilt top

2 0 3. Do Incarnatione Verbi Dei. By ATHANASIUS. Translated, with an Introduction, Analysis, Synopsis, and Notes, by T. H. BINDLEY, M.A.

2 0 Christian Garland, The. A Popular Exposition of 2 Peter i. 5-7. By the Rev. F. A. C. LILLINGSTON, M.A. Crown 8vo., red edges

2 0 Christian Home, The A Series of Lectures. By the Rev. E. GARBETT, D.D. Crown 8vo..

2 6 Christian Homo Life. A Book of Examples and Principles. Crown 8vo. .

1 0 Christian Yanliness. A Book of Examples and Principles for Young Men. Crown 8vo.

3 0 Christian Ministry to the Young. A Book for Parents, Pastors, and Teachers.

By SAMUEL G. GREEN, D.D., author of Bible Sketches and their
Teachings.' Crown 8vo.

2 0 A full and careful treatment of the work of the ministry in relation to the

young. All who are doing this work, whether as parents, friends, teachers,
or ministers, will find much that is helpful, stimulating, and instructive in this

little volume.
• In every Sunday-school in the land Dr. Green's book should be in the circulating library.' -
Sword and Trowel.

• Earnest ministers of religion, diligent Sunday-school workers, and all who take an interest
in the religious education and progress of the young, stould diligently study these lectures.'-

Lecils Mercury. Christian Progress; a Sequel to the Anxious Inquirer after Salvotion Directed . and Encouraged. By J. A. JAMES. 18mo.


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