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Hosack (John) On the Rise and Growth of

the Laws of Nations, as established by

General Usage and Treaties, 8vo, cl (pub 12s) 2 6 Landseer (Sir Edwin) Studies, illustrated by 40

plates, with 2 woodcut sketches on each, and 116 woodcuts in the text, Sketches from the Collection of Her Majesty the Queen and other sources with a History of his Art-Life, by W. C. Monk. house, roy. 4to, ornamental cloth, gilt leaves (pub £2 2s)

12 6 Lower (M. A.) Contributions to Literature,

Historical, Antiquarian, and Metrical, post 8vo,
284 pp., cloth (pub 7s 6d)

3 3 Lytton (Edwd., Lord) Speeches, now first col.

lected, with some of his Political Writings,
hitherto unpublished, and a Memoir by his Son, 2
vols, 8vo (pub 24s)

5 0 Makins (G. A., late one of the Assayers to the Bank

of England) Manual of Metallurgy, 100
engravings, Second Edition, re-written and much
enlarged, sq 8vo, cl (pub 16s)

4 6 About half the work is devoted to the nobler metals Morelli (G.) Italian Masters in German

Galleries, a Critical Essay on the Italian Pic-
tures in the Galleries of Munich, Dresden, Berlin,
translated from the German by Mrs. L. Richter,
illustrated, post 8vo, cloth (pub 8s 6d)

2 9 Nares (Archdeacon) Glossary, or Collection of

Words, Phrases, Customs, Proverbs, &c., par-
ticularly Shakespere and his Contemporaries, a
New Edition, with Considerable Additions, both
of Words and Examples, by James 0. Halliwell
and Thos. Wright, M.A., 2 thick vols, 8vo, cloth,
(pub 21s)

11 0 Owen (John) Evenings with the Skeptics,

or Free Discussion on Free Thinkers, 2 vols, 8vo,
cloth (pub 32s)

1881 7 6 Opie and his Works ; being a Catalogue of 760

Pictures, by J. Opie, R. A., preceded by a Biographical Sketch by J.J. Rogers, 8vo, 237 pp. 3 0

of contents.

Persia, Eastern.-An Account of the Journeys of

the Persian Boundary Commission, 1870-71-72 ;
the Geography, with Narratives, by Majors St.
John, Lovett, and E. Smith, and an Introduction
by Major - General Sir F. J. Goldsmid ; the
Zoology and Geology by W. T. Blandford, maps,
28 plates of beasts, birds, etc., some of them
beautifully coloured by hund, 2 vols, 8vo (pub
£2 2s)

Macmillan & Co. 14 0 Prickett (Fred.) The History and Antiquities

of Highgate, with maps and illustrations, Svo,

4 0 Rowlandson. Caricature Etchings Illus.

trating Boswell's Tour to the Hebrides

made with Dr. Johnson, in portfolio, with strings 8 0 The above consists of twenty plates, complete, with title and list

Ditto, the same, on large paper, without portfolio, and without list of contents

8 0 Sand (George) Letters, translated and edited by

Raphael Ledos de Beaufort, and Biographical

Preface, 6 port., 3 vols, Svo, cl. (pub 31s 6d) 12 0 Sandy (W.) and S. A. Forster. History of

the Violin and other Instruments played on
with a Bow, from the Earliest Times to the
Present, also an Account of the Principal Makers,
English and Foreign, many engravings, 8vo, cloth
(pub 148)

6 6 Shakespeare and the Emblem Writers, an

Exposition of their Similarities of Thought and
Expression, preceded by a View of Emblem
Literature down to A.D. 1616, by H. Green, 17
plates and many woodcuts in the text of the
devices from the original authors, roy. 8vo, orna-
mental gilt cloth, gilt top (pub £l lls 6d)

Trübner & Co. 8 6 Shakespeare Library.--A Collection of Plays

and Romances, Novels, Poems, and Histories em-
ployed by Shakespeare in the composition of
his Works, with Introduction and Notes, care-
fully revised and greatly enlarged by W. C.

, 6 vols, 12mo, half cloth, paper label (pub
£2 2s)

20 0

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Shakespeare.-D. Bacon's Philosophy of

the Plays of Shakespeare Unfolded,

with a Preface by N. Hawthorne, 8vo (pub 18s) 4 0 Simmonds (P. L.) Animal Food Resources

of Different Nations, with mention of some
of the Special Dainties of various People, derived

from the Animal Kingdom, 461 pp. (pub 9s) 3 3 South (Dr. Robert) Sermons Preached on Several

Occasions, with the Chief Heads of the Sermons,
Memoir and Index, 2 vols, royal 8vo, double
columns (pub £l 4s)

7 0 Southey's (Robert) Common - Place Book, edited by J. W. Warter, 4 vols, 8vo (pub 788) 15 0 Ditto, half calf, marb. edges

26 0
Contains Choice Passages-Collections for English Manners and
Literature - Sperial Collections-Analytical Rondings -- Original
Memoranda, &c.
Sport.- The Year's Sport, a Review of British

Sport and Pastimes for the year 1885, edited by
A. E. Watson, Svo, half roan (pub 21s)

•4 6 Theophilus.-An Essay upon Various Arts,

in Three Books, by Theophilus,called also Rugerus,
Priest and Monk, forming an Encyclopædia of
Christian Art of the Eleventh Century, translated
by R. Hendrie, 8vo, cloth

1847 5 6 Transactions of the Loggerville Literary Society, 8vo, illustrated, gilt edges

3 6 CONTENTS.-History of England--Account of Ancient Implements

Review of Juvenile Literature-Neglected Characters of Shakes-
peare-A Tour in Cornwall - Cornish Giants, etc.
Vaughan (C. J., D.D.). The Family Prayer

and Sermon Book, designed for General
Use, and especially adapted for those prevented
from attending Public Worship, vol 1, January
to June, vol 2, July to December, 2 vols, cloth
(pub 30s)

In white cloth, with designs worked in gold
and silver on the sides and back, and fitted in a
box with elegant designs, square 8vo (pub £2 2s) 15 0

Suitable for a present,

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Wood (W. S.) An Eastern Afterglow, or Pre-

sent Aspect of Sacred Scenery, illustrated, 8vo,
cloth, (pub 16s)

3 6 Wilkins (Peter) The Life and Adventures

of, by Robert Paltock, of Clement's Inn, with
Preface by A. H. Bullen, an exact reprint of the
original, with facsimile illustrations, 2 vols, bds.,
paper label (pub 10s 6d)

5 0 But little is known of the author, though his romantic descriptions of the " Flying Indians " have been popular for some generations. It is something in the style of Robinson Crusoe and Gulliver's Travels. Wren (Sir Christopher) His Family and his

Times, with Original Letters and a Discourse
on Architecture, hitherto unpublished, 1585—1723,

by L. Phillimore, frontispiece, 8vo, cloth 1883 30 Wright (Thos.) Saint Patrick's Purgatory,

an Essay on the Legends of Hell, Purgatory, and
Paradise, current during the Middle Ages, post
8vo, cloth (pub 6s)

1844 3 0 Young. (R.) A Commentary on the Holy,

Bible, as Literary and Idiomatically Translated
out of the Original Languages, 798 pp. post 8vo,

2 6

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REEVES & TURNER have bought of Mr. J. RUSSELL SMITH the Entire Stock of his LIBRARY of OLD AUTHORS," which they offer at the undermentioned prices.

The Dramatic and Poetical Works of John

Marston, now first collected and edited by J.
0. Halliwell, F.R.S., etc., 3 vols (pub 15s)

9 6

The Table Talk of John Selden, with a Bio.

graplıical Preface and Notes by S. W. Singer,
3rd Edition, port. (pub 55)

3 0 The Vision and Creed of Piers Ploughman,

edited by Thomas Wright ; a new edition, revised,
with Additions to the Notes and Glossary, 2 vols,
(pub 10s)

6 6 Hyms and Songs of the Church, by George

Wither, edited, with Introduction, by Edward
Farr ; also the Musical Notes, composed by Or-

lando Gibbons, with port. after Hole (pub 58) 3 0 Hallelujah; or, Britain's Second Remem.

brancer, in Praiseful and Penitential Hymns,
Spiritual Songs, and Moral Odes, by Geo Wither,

with Introduction by Edward Farr, port. (pub 6s) 3 6 Homer's Batrachomyomachia, Hymns and

Epigrams. Hesiod's Works and Days, Musæus'
Hero and Leander, Juvenal's Fifth Satire, trans-
lated by George Chapman, New Edition, with
Introduction and Notes by Rev. Richard Hooper
(pub 6s)

4 0

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