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The Young Student's English History Reading Book : being

the Advanced Part of the English History Reading Books,' and consisting of a series of Pictures' of the more important facts of English

History from the Earliest Times. 258 pp. Price 28. NOTE.-- Please state clearly, in ordering the above, whether the New and Revised Edition, or the Old Edition, is required.

‘Miss Yonge tells the story of our country in a lively and entertaining manner. She has begun in the right way, by endeavouring to amuse and interest her scholars first, and leaving the drier, if more instructive, parts of the subject to a later date. • The National Society are to be greatly complimented on the way in which they and the talented author whose services they have enlisted have carried out a very useful work.'- Athenæum. ENGLISH HISTORY HOME LESSON BOOKS, intended for use with

the ‘English History Reading Books.'
Part 2 for STANDARD III. 24 pp. Price 1s. 6d. per dozen.
Part 3 for STANDARD IV. 32 pp. Price 1s. 6d. per dozen.
Part 4 for STANDARD V. 68 pp. Price 48. per dozen.


Arranged according to the Department Syllabus issued in the New Code. STANDARD 1.-Explanation of a Plan of the School and Playground, the

four cardinal points, and the meaning and use of a Map. With numerous

Illustrations. 96 pp. Price 8d.
STANDARD II.-Lessons on the size and shape of the World, Geographical

Terms explained in simple language, and Illustrated by reference to the
Map of England, and the Physical Geography of Hills and Rivers. With

numerous Illustrations. 130 pp. Price 10d. STANDARD 111.-Physical and Political Geography of England, with special

knowledge of the district in which the School is situated. With a coloured Map of England and Wales, and numerous other Maps and Illustrations.

194 pp. Price 18. 4d. STANDARD IV.-Physical and Political Geography of the British Isles, British

North America, and Australasia, with detailed account of their productions.

240 pp. Price 1s. 8d. STANDARD V.-Geography of Europe, Physical and Political. Latitude and

Longitude. Day and Night. The Seasons. A series of Easy Lessons on

difficult subjects. Well Illustrated. 258 pp. Price 18. 9d. STANDARD VI.- Geography of the Worla generally, and especially of the

British Colonies and Dependencies. Interchange of productions. Circum

stances which determine climate. 268 pp. Price 28. NOTE.— Please state clearly, in ordering the above, whether the New and Rerised

Edition, or the Old Edition, is required. *The whole forms an attractive little volume, enlivened with several maps and pleasant little pictures on nearly every page. It is well adapted for use as a reading book, both in schools and private schoolrooms, and a great deal that is useful may be learned from it about the countries themselves and also the people inhabiting them. The author has certainly succeeded in giving the first lessons in geography in a form that is at once simple and attractive.'--Saturday Review, on Part V. of the above Series.

"The National Society still maintains its foremost place in providing wholesome food for young minds. The new series of Geography Reading Books leaves nothing to be desired, as the chapters are interesting and correct, and the illustrations good.'-- Literary Churchman. A discount of 25 per cent. from the prices quoted is allowed to Members of the

National Society and to the Clergy, School Managers, and Teachers.


SCHOOLS. Edited and Annotated by CHARLOTTE M. YONGE, Author

of The Heir of Redclyffe.' 1. The First Part of KING HENRY IV. With Frontispiece. 110 pp. Price 9d. 2. The Second Part of KING HENRY IV. 108 pp. Price 9d. 3. KING HENRY V. 135 pp. Price 1s. 4. KING RICHARD II. 128 pp. Price 18. 5. JULIUS CÆSAR. 120 pp. Price 1s.

• Miss Yonge's historical introduction is good as was to be expected. **** The notes are short and to the point, explaining difficulties in the sense, and touching judiciously on etymoloxy Where it throws light on the word.'--Spectator on 'Richard II.'

* If annotation, abridgment, and explanation can make our great dramatist intelligible and interesting to the young idea, certainly nothing is wanting in this series.'-Literary Churchman. HIGHER READING BOOK FOR SCHOOLS, COL

LEGES, AND GENERAL USE. Consisting of Nineteen Extracts from the Works of Scott, Lytton, Washington Irving, Southey, Cooper, Marryat, and other Standard Authors. Edited, with Introductions and Notes, by CHARLOTTE M. YONGE, Author of The Heir of Redclyffe,' • Cameos from English History.' 432 pp. Price 28. 6d.

HISTORICAL BALLADS. Adapted to the requirements of the New

Code, Schedule II., English. Part 1 for STANDARDS II, and III. Edited and Annotated by Miss YONGE,

Author of 'The Heir of Redclyffe.' 120 pp. Price 10d. Part 2 for STANDARDS IV. and V. Edited and Annotated by Miss YONGE.

254 pp. Price 18. 6d. Part 3 for STANDARDS VI. and VII. Edited and Annotated by Miss YONGE.

286 pp. Price 18. 8d. The above Work complete in One Volume, handsome binding, gilt edges, price 48.

We have in this interesting volume a rare collection of pieces suitable for recitation. Much judgment has been exercised in choosing suitable poems, and care has been taken in so adapting the pieces for standard work that their fitness is at once apparent. It is the best collection of historical ballads that we know of.'-Teachers' Aid,


For Standards I.-VII. Adapted to the requirements of the New Code, Schedule II., English. Edited and Annotated by Miss YONGE, Author of • The Heir of Redclyffe,' &c. Price 6d. and 1s. per doz. (For Contents see p. 30.)


Being an Advanced Reading Book for use in Elementary and Higher Schools.
By Sir John LUBBOOK, Bart., M.P., F.R.S., Author of Ants, Bees, and
Wasps,' &c. With 90 Illustrations. 224 pp. Price 18. 6u.

The above Work in handsome binding, gilt edges, price 28. It has been admirably condensed from his larger works on insects and wild flowers, and will excite the wonder of young readers by the insight it gives them into the mysteries of nature and science. **** There is abundance to charm all classes of students, and to set them thinking.'

Daily Chronicle. A discount of 25 per cent. from the prices quoted is allowed to Members of the

National Society and to the Clergy, School Managers, and Teachers.

READING BOOKS ON THRIFT. 1. The Social Economy Reading Book (for the Upper Standards);

being a Series of Easy and Attractive Readings on Social Economy. By

the Rev. W. L. BLACKLEY. 244 pp. Price 28. 2. The Political Economy Reading Book (for the Upper

Standards); being a Series of Easy Readings on the more Elementary and
Popular Subjects of Political Economy. By R. H. INGLIS PALGRAVE.

238 pp. Price 28.
"The National Society has done a good work in issuing the volume before us.

Mr. Palgrave deserves much credit for the skill with which the best writings of the best authorities have been utilised for the instruction of the young.'-Educational News of Scotland.

Many of the reading lessons are taken from the works of the best writers on this science: they deal in a light and interesting manner with various matters touching on the means of preventing waste, of making the most of small incomes, and of rendering the poorest home comfortable.'-School Board Chronicle. BOTANY READING BOOKS. By the Rev. A. Johnson, M.A.,

F.L.S., Head Master of St. Olave's Grammar School. These books, though intended for use in the Upper Standards of Elementary

Schools, will be found very useful introductions to the study of Botany in

the Middle Class and Higher Schools. PART 1. Vegetable Life, illustrated from Plants easily met with. The

more permanent organs. Illustrated. 148 pp. Price 1s. PART II. The Different Orders. Distribution of Plants. Anatomy and

Physiology of Plants. With 25 pages of Plates. 232 pp. Price 1s. 8d. * Complete in itself, and forming what may be called a Botanical Primer, the lessons, instead of being thrown into a formal, didactic shape, are presented in the form of conversations. To set the matter clearly before the mind of the reader the publishers have supplied plenty of suitable illustrations, while the teachers are strongly recommended to procure natural specimens of the different plants and flowers alluded to in the book.'—Educational Times. National Society's Reading Books : Religious Series.

STANDARDS I. and II. Limp cloth. 32 pp. Price 2d.
STANDARD III. Stiff cloth. 72 pp. Price 4d.
N.B.For other Religious Knowledge Reading Books, see page 24 &c.

POETRY LINES FROM THE POETS. With Notes. For use in Elementary and

Secondary Schools. Adapted to the Requirements of the New Code, and some of them also to the Oxford and Cambridge Local Examinations.

nis Series of Poetry Books is intended not only for use in School, but also for Home use and for Private Study. The Notes are simple, and at the same time sufficiently exhaustive to secure an intelligent knowledge of the subject. It is hoped that these books will considerably lighten the teacher's work of explanation, and thus commend themselves for use, not only in Elementary Schools, but also in schools of a somewhat higher class.

The following are now ready : 1. SCOTT'S LADY OF THE LAKE (Canto I.) 369 lines. Price 2d. 2. GOLDSMITH'S TRAVELLER. 438 lines. Price 2d. 3. GOLDSMITH'S DESERTED VILLAGE. 430 lines. Price 2d. 4. BYRON'S SIEGE OF CORINTH. 1,080 lines. Price 4d. 5. A Selection from SHAKESPEARE'S KING JOHN. 393 lines. Price 2d.

A discount of 25 per cent. from the prices quoted is allowed to Members of the

National Society and to the Clergy, School Managers, and Teachers.

6. A Selection fronı SHAKESPEARE'S MERCHANT OF VENICE. 853 lines.

Price 3d. 7. A Selection from SHAKESPEARE'S JULIUS CÆSAR. 736 lines. Price 3d.

N.B.—In addition to the Notes, each book contains a Life of the Author, an Argument of the Poem, and a set of Exercises in Grammar and Composition,

NOTE.-Pupil Teachers will find these books very useful in preparing for their Examinations. They are also well suited to the requirements for English (Schedule II.), and Nos. 5, 6, and 7, for the Reading of Standards VI. and VII.

They may also be used as a Set of Poetical Reading Books.
"These are really admirable little manuals. –Irish Teachers' Journal.

*These are admirably annotated selections of poetry for school purposes.'- Educational
Ners of Scotland.
Class Book of Poetry, boards, 8d. each.

cloth, 18. 4d. each. School Poetry, canvas, 6d. each. Songs for Schools. Price 1s. 4d. per doz.


Theory of the Staff Notation on the Moveable Do System. PART l., entitled 'Sight-Singing for Schools,' contains Lessons and

Exercises intended to enable scholars to pass the various 'tests' required

by the Education Department (Circular 219). 72 pp. Price 18. PART II., entitled “The Theory of Music,' contains Four Chapters on the

Theory of Vocal Music, suited to the requirements of Pupil Teachers,
Candidates for Admission to Training Colleges, and First and Second Year
Students; with Specimens of Examination Papers. 72 pp. Price 18.

The Two Parts in One Volume. 144 pp. Price 28. *This is by far the best manual of singing from the old notation we have seen. We cannot find in it anything but subjects for high praise. **** There is a continuity--a certain unity that is highly commendable. Its selection of exercises and songs is as good as its theoretical explanations.'-Schoolmaster. SONG BOOK FOR SCHOOLS. By C. Villiers STANFORD,

Mus.Doc., Professor of Music in the University of Cambridge. This work consists of 64 old English Songs specially arranged for use in Elementary Schools, with new and original accompaniments for Pianoforte or Har.

monium. The work is published in four distinct forms, as follows:1. The COMPLETE Work in the Old Notation. Cloth, pp. 144, price 18. 6d. 2. In EIGHT PARTE, intended to be placed in the hands of children. Parts

I.-IV., each containing Eight Songs, price 20.; Parts V.-VIII., each

containing Eight Songs, price 3d. 3. The COMPLETE WORK translated into the Tonic Sol-Fa Notation, and

edited by W. G. McNAUGHT. Cloth, pp. 96, price 1s. 4d. 4, The Tonic SOL-FA EDITION, in Eight separate Parts, for the use of

children. Price 2d. each. A very charming collection of sixty-four songs of the desired quality in one, two, and three parts, adapted for the use of children. **** The accompaniments are exactly what are wanting, and this is saying a great deal ; for no ordinary skill is necessary in treating ihese songs, while preserving their simplicity of character, to avoid baldness in harmony on the one hand or over-elaboration of detail on the other. This little work is one which should be familiar in every house where there are children. **** and if the simple rules which are laid down in the preface are adhered to, much innocent pleasure and genuine musical education will be the result.'-Saturday Review. A discount of 25 per cent. from the prices quoted is allowed to Members of the

National Society and to the Clergy, School Managers, and Teachers.


CHILDREN. With Words by JULIA GODDARD, and Music by M. A. SIDEBOTHAM. Edited by Mrs. CAREY BROCK. Twenty-four Songs, cloth, pp. 52, price 10d.



Fellow and Senior Mathematical Lecturer ; Examiner for the Oxford and

Cambridge Board, the Cambridge Syndicate, &c. PART I. Euclid, Books I. and II. With Notes, Examples, and Explanations. 1301

pp. Price 1s. 6d. PART II. Algebra. 130 pp. Price 1s. 6d.

* These Manuals cannot be too strongly recommended to pupil teachers and all junior mathematical students. Nowhere else can they find their wants so fully anticipated and so well supplied. The author's experience as an examiner has made him perfectly familiar with the particular points at which they are liable to stumble or go astray, through difficulty of comprehension or want of sufficient thought; and all they need do in order to avoid such mistakes as are commonly made is to study carefully the lucid explanations and wise cautions here supplied.'-Aihenæum. NOTES OF ARITHMETIC LESSONS. Together with a Graduated

Course of Exercises in Mental Arithmetic, and nearly Fourteen Hundred

other Original Examples. Cloth, pp. 240, price 28. 6d. * Admirable notes of arithmetic lessons. * * * * It is one of the best books of its kind that we have seen for many a long day. The method of the book is that which all experienced and thoughtful teachers agree to be the right one, viz., to begin with concrete work-work done with concrete objects, to introduce gradually mental work, and to let the two kinds advance together, each interpreting the other; and lastly, to introduce symbols or figures, and to work with concrete objects, mentally and symbolically, so that the full ineaning of every problem shall be completely grasped by the beginner. **** We heartily recommend (the Notes) to all teachers.'- Educational Times.

REVISED AND ENLARGED EDITION OF Elementary Algebra. By the Rev. Canon DANIEL, M.A. Adapted

exactly to meet the requirements of Schedule IV. (New Code). STAGE I., 60 pp., price 3d. Stage II., 32 pp., price 2d. STAGE III. 16 pp., price

2d. The Complete Work, in limp cloth, price 9d. THE TEACHER'S MANUAL OF MENTAL ARITHMETIC: Being

a Series of Examples, Exercises, and Specimens of Teaching, intended to show how Mental Arithmetic may be Taught in Schools as a Preparation for Formal Arithmetic. 108 pp. Price 1s. 6d. cloth.

N.B.- This Book is exactly adapted to the requirements of the New Code. The subjects are dealt with in accordance with paragraph 31 of the Revised Instructions to Her Majesty's Inspectors whick reads as follows : * Practice should be given in all the ordinary processes of Arithmetic, e.g., in Standard I., addition, subtraction, and multiplication, with numbers up to 50; and money up to 28.; in Standard II. all the four rules, with numbers up to 144, and with money to 108.; in Standard 111., easy reductions; and in Standard IV. simple exercises in fractions founded on the multiplication table, and on the aliquot parts of £1, of a yard, and of a pound avoirdupois.'

. This little manual shows how lessons in mental arithmetic in Public Elementary Schools can be made more useful and less wearisome than they now generally are. Very numerous examples of sums are given, and they are well

chosen, and are within the compass of the young scholars for wbose use they are intended. The explanations of processes in mental arithmetic are clever and to the point; and the hints for teaching, and the account of different methods of class instructio will prove interestiog and serviceable to young teachers--and to many old ones.'-Athenceum. A discount of 25 per cent. from the prices quoted is allowed to Members of the

Nutional Society and to the Clergy, School Managers, and Teachers.

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