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Page 77 - And, lastly, we do hereby for us, our heirs, and successors, grant and declare that these our Letters Patent or the enrolment or exemplification thereof shall be in and...
Page lxxxii - If two triangles have one angle of the one equal to one angle of the other and the sides about these equal angles proportional, the triangles are similar.
Page cxi - miseram et te perdidit, Orpheu, Quis tantus furor ? En iterum crudelia retro Fata vocant, conditque natantia lumina somnus. lamque vale : feror ingenti circumdata nocte Invalidasque tibi tendens, heu non tua, palmas.
Page l - Condit quisque diem collibus in suis et vitem viduas ducit ad arbores; 30 hinc ad vina redit laetus et alteris te mensis adhibet deum; te multa prece, te prosequitur mero defuso pateris et Laribus tuum miscet numen, uti Graecia Castoris 35 et magni memor Herculis. 'Longas o utinam, dux bone, ferias praestes Hesperiae!
Page lxxxii - To divide a given straight line into two parts, so that the rectangle contained by the whole and one of the parts, shall be equal to the square on the other part.
Page lxxxiv - Non ante vulgatas per artes Verba loquor socianda chordis : Non si priores Maeonius tenet Sedes Homerus Pindaricae latent Ceaeque et Alcaei minaces Stesichorique graves Camenae : Nec si quid olim lusit Anacreon Delevit aetas ; spirat adhuc amor Vivuntque commissi calores Aeoliae fidibus puellae.
Page 1 - And whereas, by means of divers restrictions, tests, and disabilities, many of Her Majesty's subjects are debarred from the full enjoyment of the same : And...
Page cxi - Proserpina legem ; cum subita incautum dementia cepit amantem, ignoscenda quidem, scirent si ignoscere Manes: restitit, Eurydicenque suam iam luce sub ipsa, 490 immemor, heu ! victusque animi, respexit. ibi omnis effusus labor, atque immitis rupta tyranni foedera, terque fragor stagnis auditus Avernis. illa, Quis et me, inquit, miseram, et te perdidit, Orpheu, quis tantus furor?
Page xlvi - Quirites ; et orate deos, ut mei similes principes habeatis, ita, si ab annis septemdecim ad senectutem semper vos aetatem meam honoribus vestris anteistis, ego vestros honores rebus gerendis praecessi.
Page 76 - FIFTH, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and of the British Dominions beyond the Seas King, Defender of the Faith, to all to whom these Presents shall come, GREETING ! Whereas...

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