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3 Never will we hence depart,

Till thou our wants relieve,
Write forgiveness on our heart,

And all thy image give:
Still our souls shall cry to thee,
Till perfected in holiness;
o remember Calvary,
And bid us go


peace. 367.

(L. B. 532.] 6 lines 8. 'Tis done! the atoning work is done! Jesus, the world's Redeemer, dies! All nature feels the important groan, Loud echoing through the earth and skies; The earth doth to her centre quake,

And heaven as hell's deep gloom is black. 2 The temple's veil is rent in twain,

While Jesus meekly bows his head;
The rocks resent his mortal pain;
The yawning graves give up their dead;
The bodies of the saints arise,

Reviving as their Saviour dies.
3 And shall we not his death partake?

In sympathetic anguish groan?
O Saviour, let thy passion shake
Our earth, and rend our hearts of stone:
To second life our souls restore,
And wake us that we sleep no more.

(L. B. 533.] C. M.
JESUS, at whose supreme command,

We thus approach to God,
Before us in thy vesture stand,

Thy vesture dipt in blood.
2 Obedient to thy gracious word,

We break the hallow'd bread,
Commemorate thee, our dying Lord,

And trust on thee to feed.

3 Now, Saviour, now thyself reveal,

And make thy nature known; Affix thy sacramental seal,

And stamp us for thy own. 4 The tokens of thy dying love,

O let us all receive!
And feel the quickening Spirit move,

And sensibly believe.


[L. B. 538.] C. M. GLORY to Him who freely spent

His blood, that we might live; And through this choicest instrument

Does all his blessings give.
2 Here all thy blessings we receive;

Here all thy gifts are given,
To those who would in thee believe

Pardon, and grace, and heaven. 3 Thus may we still in thee be blest,

Till all from earth remove,
And share with thee the marriage-feast,

And drink the wine above. 370.

(L. B. 547.] S. M. OUR Saviour spake the word,

His will our reason is,
Do this in memory of thy Lord;

Jesus has said, Do this!
2 He bids us eat the bread;

He bids us drink the wine;
No other motive, Lord, we need,

No other word than thine.
We cheerfully comply

With what our Lord does say:
Let others ask a reason why,

Our glory is to obey.

4 Because he says, Do this,

This we shall always do;
Till Jesus comes in glorious bliss,

We thus his death will show.


[s. B.79.) L. M. To Jesus, our exalted Lord, (The name by heaven and earth adored!) Fain would our hearts and voices raise

A cheerful song of grateful praise.
2 But all the notes that mortals know,

Are weak, and languishing, and low;
Far, far above our humble songs;

The theme demands immortal tongues. 3 Yet while around his board we meet,

And humbly worship at his feet;
O let our warm affections move,

In glad returns of grateful love. 4 Let faith our feeble senses aid,

To see thy wondrous love display'd;
Thy broken flesh, thy bleeding veins,

Thy dreadful agonizing pains. 5 Let humble, penitential woe,

With painful, pleasing anguish flow;
And thy forgiving smiles impart
Life, hope, and joy to every heart.

C. M.
ACCORDING to thy gracious word,

In meek humility,
This will I do, my dying Lord,

I will remember Thee.
2 Thy body, broken for my sake,

My bread from heaven shall be; Thy testamental cup I take,

And thus remember Thee.

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3 Gethsemane can I forget,

Or there thy conflict seeThy agony and bloody sweat,

And not remember Thee?
4 When to the cross I turn my eyes,

And rest on Calvary,
O Lamb of God, my sacrifice,

I must remember Thee.
5 Remember Thee, and all thy pains,

And all thy love to me;
Yea, while a breath, a pulse remains,

Will I remember Thee. 6 And when these failing lips grow dumb,

And mind and memory flee;
When thou shalt in thy kingdom come,

Jesus, remember me.




[L. B. 505.]

8 lines 7.

COME, and let us sweetly join,
Christ to praise in hymns divine:
Give we all, with one accord,
Glory to our common Lord:
Hands, and hearts, and voices raise;
Sing as in the ancient days;
Antedate the joys above;

Celebrate the feast of Love. 2 Strive we, in affection strive,

Let the purer flame revive;
Such as in the martyrs glow'd,
Dying champions for their God:

We, like them, may live and love;
Call'd we are their

joys to prove;
Saved with them from future wrath;

Partners of like precious faith. 3 Sing we then in Jesus' name,

Now as yesterday the same;
One in every time and place;
Full for all of truth and grace;
We for Christ our Master stand,
Lights in a benighted land:
We our dying Lord confess:
We are Jesus' witnesses.
Witnesses that Christ has died;
We with him are crucified:
Christ has burst the bands of death;
We his quickening Spirit breathe:
Christ is now gone up on high;
Thither all our wishes fly:
Sits at God's right hand above;
There with him we reign in love.


[L. B. 506.] 8 lines 7.
Come, thou high and lofty Lord!
Lowly, meek, incarnate Word;
Humbly stoop to earth again;
Come and visit abject man:
Jesus, dear expected guest,
Thou art bidden to the feast;
For thyself our hearts prepare;

Come, and sit, and banquet here. 2 Jesus, we thy promise claim;

We are met in thy great name:
In the midst do thou app
Manifest thy presence here:
Sanctify, O Lord, and bless;
Breathe thy Spirit, give thy peace:
Thou thyself within us move;
Make our feast a feast of love.

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