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[L. B.212.]

8 lines 7 & 6.

MEET and right it is to sing,

In every time and place,
Glory to our heavenly King,

The God of truth and grace:
Join we then with sweet accord,
All in one thanksgiving join;
Holy, holy, holy Lord,

Eternal praise be thine!
2 Vying with the happy choir

Who chant thy praise above;
We on eagles' wings aspire,

The wings of faith and love:
Thee they sing, with glory crown'd;
We extol the slaughter'd Lamb;
Lower if our voices sound,

Our subject is the same.
3 Father, God, thy love we praise,

Which gave thy Son to die;
Jesus, full of truth and grace,

Alike we glorify:
Spirit, Comforter divine,
Praise by all to thee be given;
Till we in full chorus join,

And earth is turn'd to heaven.


[L. B. 249.)

C. M.

The wisdom own'd by all thy sons,

To me, O God, impart;
The knowledge of the holy ones,

The understanding heart.
2 Thy name, O holy Father, tell

To one who would believe; To me thy only Son reveal,

Thy Holy Spirit give,

3 'Tis life, eternal life, to know

The heavenly Persons mine;
Father, and Son, and Spirit, bestow

That precious faith diviné. 4 A Trinity in Unity,

My soul shall then adore ;
And love, and praise, and worship thee,

JEHOVAH, evermore.


(L. B. 254.]

C. M.

A THOUSAND oracles divine,

Their common beams unite;
That sinners may with angels join

To worship God aright: 2 To praise a Trinity, adored

By all the hosts above;
And one thrice holy God and Lord,

Through endless ages love.
3 Triumphant host! they never cease

To laud and magnify
The triune God of Holiness,

Whose glory fills the sky:
4 Whose glory to this earth extends,

When God himself imparts; And the whole Trinity descends

Into our faithful hearts.
5 By faith the upper choir we meet,

And join with them to sing
Jehovah, on his shining seat,

Our Maker, and our King.




[L. B. 216.) L. M.
PRAISE ye the Lord! 'tis good to raise
Our hearts and voices in his praise:
His nature and his works invite,

To make this duty our delight. 2 He form'd the stars, those heavenly flames;

He counts their numbers, calls their names: His wisdom's vast, and knows no bound,

A deep, where all our thoughts are drown'd. 3 Sing to the Lord, exalt him high,

Who spreads his clouds around the sky;
There he prepares the fruitful rain,

Nor lets the drops descend in vain. 4 He makes the grass the hills adorn,

And clothes the smiling fields with corn:
The beasts with food his hands supply,

And the young ravens when they cry. 5 What is the creature's skill or force?

The sprightly man or warlike horse?
The piercing wit, the active limb?

All are too mean delights for him. 6 But saints are lovely in his sight;

He views his children with delight;
He sees their hope, he knows their fear,
And looks, and loves his image there.


[L. B. 223.] 8 lines 7.
HAPPY man, whom God does aid:
God our souls and bodies made:
God on us, in gracious showers,
Blessings every moment pours;


He upholds with angel-bands,
Bids them bear us in their hands:
Parents, friends, 'twas God bestow'd:
Life and all descends from God.
He this flowery carpet spread;
Made the earth on which we tread:
God refreshes in the air;
Covers with the clothes we wear;
Feeds us with the food we eat;
Cheers us with his light and heat;
Makes his sun on us to shine:
All our blessings are divine.
Give him, then, and ever give,
Thanks for all that we receive:
Man we for his kindness love,
How much more our God above:
Worthy thou, our heavenly Lord,
To be honour'd and adored:
God of all-creating grace,
Take the everlasting praise.



C. M.

FOUNTAIN of mercy, God of love!

How rich thy bounties are!
The rolling seasons, as they move,

Proclaim thy constant care.
2 When in the bosom of the earth,

The sower hid the grain,
Thy goodness mark'd its secret birth,

And sent the early rain. 3 The spring's sweet influence, Lord, was thine;

The plants in beauty grew;
Thou gavest refulgent suns to shine,

And mild refreshing dew.
4 These various mercies from above

Matured the swelling grain;

A kindly harvest crowns thy love,

And plenty fills the plain.
5 We own and bless thy gracious sway;

Thy hand all nature hails;
Seed-time nor harvest, night nor day,

Summer nor winter fails.
6 Glory to God who reigns above;

The eternal Three in One, Who by the wonders of his love

Has made his nature known.



L. M.


[L. B. 195.)
GLORY to God whose sovereign grace
Has animated senseless stones;
Call'd us to stand before his face,

And raised us into Abraham's sons. 2 The people who in darkness lay,

In sin and error's deadly shade,
Have seen a glorious gospel-day,

In Jesus' lovely face display'd.
3 Thou only, Lord, the work hast done,

And bared thy arm in all our sight:
Hast made the reprobates thy own,

And claim'd the outcasts as thy right. 4 Thy single arm, Almighty Lord,

To us the great salvation brought:
Thy word, thy all-creating word,

That spake at first the world from nought. 5 For this the saints lift up their voice,

And ceaseless praise to thee is given;

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