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He will present our souls,

Unblemish'd and complete,
Before the glory of his face,

With joys divinely great.
Then all the chosen seed

Shall meet around the throne;
Shall bless the conduct of his grace,

And make his wonders known.



[s. B. 164.]

L. M.

PRAISE to the Lord of boundless might,
With uncreated glories bright:
His presence fills the worlds above;

The unchanging Source of light and love. 2 Our rising world his eye beheld,

When in substantial darkness veil'd;
The shapeless chaos, nature's womb,

Lay buried in the horrid gloom.
3 Let there be light, Jehovah said,

And light o'er all the earth was spread;
Nature array'd in charms unknown,

Gay with its new-born lustre shone. 4 He sees the mind, when lost it lies

In shades of ignorance and vice;
And darts from heaven a vivid ray,

And changes midnight into day.
5 Shine, mighty God, with vigour shine,

On this benighted soul of mine:
And let thy glories stand reveal'd,

As in the Saviour's face beheld.
6 My soul, revived by heaven-born day,

The radiant image shall display ;
While all my faculties unite,
To praise the Lord, who gives me light.


L. M.
THERE seems a voice in every gale,
A tongue in every opening flower,
Which tells, O Lord, the wondrous tale

Of thy indulgence, love, and power.
2 The birds that rise on quivering wing

Appear to hymn their Maker's praise;
And all the mingling sounds of spring

To thee a general chorus raise.
3 And shall my voice, great God, alone

Be mute 'midst nature's loud acclaim?
No, let my heart, with answering tone,

Breathe forth in praise thy holy name. 4 And nature's debt is small to mine;

Thou bad'st her being bounded be;
But, matchless proof of love divine,

Thou gav'st immortal life to me.
5 The Saviour left his heavenly throne
A ransom for


soul to give;
Man's suffering state he made his own,

And stoop'd to die that I might live.
6 But thanks and praise for love so great,

No mortal tongue can e'er express;
Then let me, bow'd before thy feet,
In silence love thee, Lord, and bless.

4 lines 8 & 2-6.
BEGIN, my soul, the exalted lay;
Let each enraptured thought obey,

And praise the Almighty's name:
Lo! heaven, and earth, and seas, and skies,
In one melodious concert rise,

To swell the inspiring theme.
2 Ye angels, catch the joyful sound,

all the adoring throngs around His wondrous mercy sing;

Let every listening saint above
Wake all the tuneful soul of love,

And touch the sweetest string.
3 Thou heaven of heavens, his vast abode;
Ye clouds, proclaim your forming God;

Ye thunders, speak his power:
Lo! on the lightning's gleamy wing,
In triumph walks the eternal King:

The astonish'd worlds adore.
4 Ye deeps, with roaring billows rise
To join the thunders of the skies;

Praise him who bids you roll:
His praise in softer notes declare,
Each whispering breeze of yielding air,

And breathe it to the soul.
5 Wake, all ye soaring throngs, and sing;
Ye cheerful warblers of the spring,

Harmonious anthems raise
To him who shaped your finer mould,
Who tipt your glittering wings with gold,

And tuned your voice to praise.
6 Let man, by nobler passions sway'd,
The feeling heart, the judging head,

In heavenly praise employ: Spread the Creator's name around, Till heaven's broad arch ring back the sound,

The general burst of joy.




[L. B. 225.] L. M. FATHER of all, whose powerful voice Call’d forth this universal frame; Whose mercies over all rejoice, Through endless ages still the same.

2 Thou by thy word upholdest all;

Thy bounteous love to all is show'd:
Thou hear'st thy every creature's call,

And fillest every mouth with good. 3 In heaven thou reign'st, enthroned in light,

Nature's expanse beneath thee spread:
Earth, air, and sea before thy sight,

And hell's deep gloom are open laid. 4 Wisdom, and might, and love are thine;

Prostrate before thy face we fall;
Confess thy attributes divine,

And hail thee sovereign Lord of all.
5 Thee, sovereign Lord, let all confess,

That move in earth, or air, or sky;
Revere thy power, thy goodness bless,

Tremble before thy piercing eye:
6 All ye who owe to him your birth,

In praise your every hour employ:
Jehovah reigns! be glad, O earth;
And shout, ye morning stars, for joy.


[s. B. 254.) P. M.
The God of Abraham praise,

Who reigns enthroned above,
Ancient of everlasting days,

And God of love!
Jehovah, great I AM!

By earth and heaven confess'd:
I bow and bless the sacred name,

For ever bless'd.
2 The God of Abraham praise,

At whose supreme command,
From earth I rise, and seek the joys

At his right hand:
I'd all on earth forsake,
Its wisdom, fame, and power;

And him my only portion make,

My shield and tower.
3 The God of Abraham praise,

Whose all-sufficient grace
Shall guide me all my happy days,

In all his ways:
He calls a worm his friend;

He calls himself my God;
And he shall save me to the end,

Through Jesus' blood. 4 He by himself hath sworn;

I on his oath depend;
I shall, on eagles' wings upborne,

To heaven ascend:
I shall behold his face;

I shall his power adore;
And sing the wonders of his grace,

For evermore.




[L. B. 187.] 2 lines 6 & 4-7. ARISE, my soul, arise:

Thy Saviour's sacrifice
All the names that love could find,
All the forms that love could take,
Jesus in himself has join'd,

Thee, my soul, his own to make. 2 Hail! everlasting Lord,

Divine, incarnate Word!
Thee, let all my powers confess;
Thee, my latest breath proclaim;
Help the angel choirs to bless,
Shout the loved Immanuel's name.

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