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When God shall build my bones again,

He clothes them all afresh.
5 Then shall I see thy lovely face,

With strong immortal eyes;
And feast upon thy unknown grace,

With pleasure and surprise.




[s. B. 228.] S. M. AND will the Judge descend?

And must the dead arise? And not a single soul escape

His all-discerning eyes? 2 And from his righteous lips

Shall this dread sentence sound: And through the numerous guilty throng,

Spread black despair around? 3 “Depart from me, accursed,

To everlasting flame,
For rebel angels first prepared;

Where mercy never came.”
How will my

heart endure The terrors of that day, When earth and heaven, before his face,

Astonish'd, shrink away? 5 But ere that trumpet shakes

The mansions of the dead; Hark! from the gospel's cheering sound,

What joyful tidings spread! 6 Ye sinners, seek his grace,

Whose wrath ye cannot bear: Fly to the shelter of his cross,

And find salvation there.

7 So shall that curse remove

By which the Saviour bled;
And the last awful day shall pour

His blessings on your head. 148.

[s. B. 230.] L. M.
BEHOLD! the Judge, the Saviour comes!
The trumpet wakes the rising dead;
His throne of judgment he assumes;

O'er the wide earth the summons spread. 2 Lo! all assembled at his bar!

Now every eye must Jesus see;
Proud unbelievers must appear,

That fain would from his presence flee. 3 All who have pierced him too shall come;

Now harden'd hearts begin to fail;
For each must hear his righteous doom,

And all the ungodly race shall wail. 4 Hide us, ye mountains, hark! they cry,

From him that sits upon the throne;
Shield us from his all-piercing eye,

And from his more tremendous frown. 5 Now dawns the awful day of wrath;

The hour of vengeance is at hand,
Which dooms the guilty soul to death;

And who may in his presence stand? 6 The saints alone, at that dread hour,

With joy and triumph lift their head;
While at his sight whom they adore,
The earth, the sea, the skies are fled.

[s. B. 231.] P. M.
Day of judgment! day of wonders!

Hark! the trumpet's awful sound,
Louder than a thousand thunders,
Shakes the vast creation round:

How the summons
Will the sinner's heart confound!


2 See the Judge our nature wearing,

Clothed in majesty divine!
You, who long for his appearing,
Then shall say, This God is mine!

Gracious Saviour,
Own me in that day for thine!
3 At his call the dead awaken,

Rise to life from earth and sea:
All the powers of nature, shaken
By his looks, prepare to flee:

Careless sinner,
What will then become of thee?
4 Horrors past imagination,

Will surprise your trembling heart,
When you hear your condemnation,
“ Hence, accursed wretch, depart:

Thou with Satan,
And his angels, have thy part.
5 But to those who have confessed,
Loved and served the Lord below,

“Come near, ye blessed,
See the kingdom I bestow!

You for ever Shall my love and glory know.” 6 Under sorrows and reproaches,

May this thought our courage raise,
Swiftly God's great day approaches;
Sighs shall then be changed to praise:

May we triumph,
When the world is in a blaze!


He will say,


[s. B. 232.]

C. M.

WHEN rising from the bed of death,

O’erwhelm'd with guilt and fear,
I view my Maker face to face,

O how shall I appear!

2 If yet, while pardon may be found,

And mercy may be sought,
My soul with inward horror shrinks,

And trembles at the thought. 3 When thou, O Lord, shalt stand disclosed

In majesty severe,
And sit in judgment on my soul,

O how shall I appear!
4 O may my broken, contrite heart,

Timely my sins lament;
And early with repenting tears,

Eternal woes prevent!


[L. B. 64.] 4 lines 6 & 2-8.
YE virgin souls, arise,
With all the dead awake!
Unto salvation wise,

Oil in your vessels take:
Upstarting at the midnight cry,

Behold the heavenly Bridegroom nigh! 2 He comes, he comes to call

The nations to his bar,
And raise to glory all

Who fit for glory are:
Made ready for your full reward,

Go forth with joy to meet your Lord. 3 Go meet him in the sky,

Your everlasting Friend;
Your Head to glorify,

With all his saints ascend:
Ye pure in heart, obtain the grace,

To see, without a veil, his face. . 4 Ye that have here received

The unction from above,
And in his Spirit lived,
Obedient to his love;

Jesus shall claim you for his bride;

Rejoice with all the sanctified. 5 The everlasting doors

Shall soon the saints receive,
Above yon angel powers

In glorious joy to live;
Far from a world of grief and sin,

With God eternally shut in. 6 Then let us wait to hear

The trumpet's welcome sound:
To see our Lord

Watching, let us be found:
When Jesus doth the heavens bow,
Be found as, Lord, thou find'st us now.


(L. B. 53.]

8 lines 7 & 6.


HEARKEN to the solemn voice,

The awful midnight cry!
Waiting souls, rejoice, rejoice,

And see the Bridegroom nigh:
Lo! He comes to keep his word;
Light and joy his looks impart:

forth to meet your Lord,
And meet him in


Wait ye all in patient hope,

Tils Christ, the Judge, shall come;
We shall soon be all caught up

To meet the general doom:
In an hour to us unknown,
As a thief in deepest night,
Christ shall suddenly come down,

With all his saints in light.
Happy he whom Christ shall find

Watching to see him come;
Him, the Judge of all mankind

Shall bear triumphant home:


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