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Seven acres of green food, at 10/. per £ s. d.

acre - - -, 70 0 0

Four pound of oil-cake each, for 22 milchcows, 200 days - - 69 8 O

Straw ditto, at id. per day, ditto - 18 6 8

Attendance, at 40*. per head - 44 O O

Interest on capital, valuing each beast at 13l., 8/.; expense of purchase, 3*.,

31.6s. - - 116 0

Risk and loss by resale, after the rate of

30s. per head - - S3 0 O

By profit of milk - - 47 2 8

293 3 4

Had the cows been tolerably well managed, the profits would have been double at least.

Money received for the Produce of twenty-two Milchcows for 200 Days.

£ s. d.

By milk, butter, and calves sold - 224 O O

Two calves reared with milk - 20 O O Supplying five persons in farm-house, at

one quart each per day - 4 3 4

600 carts of manure, at is.6d. - 45 O O

. 293 3 4

E Oil-cake

Oil-cake is too costly to be given with advantage, except to cows in full milk.

The eight spring calvers so fed, at a cost of 26/, 13s. 4^. gave so\rifling a quantity of milk, that three parts of this expense might have been saved, and the profits would then have been above 60/. Six calves were lost, which was a further deduction of 12/.

It will appear obvious, from the sum charged for rearing two calves, that breeding cannot be attempted with a view to profit, where milk can be sold at 2d. per quart, wine measure.

Expense of feeding Stock upon fifteen Acres of Green


Estimated cost of 15 acres of green food, £ s. d. at 10/. per acre - - 150 0 0

Eight three-years old heifers intended for breeding, fed with oil-cake, 4 lb. per day each - - 26 13 4

Three cows fattening, ditto per day

each - - - 16 13 4

Carting turnips to the above, and wintering stock - - - 28 15 6

Interest on value of the above estimated at

400/., expense of purchasing included 12 11 0

Gain upon stock - - 86 16 10

321 10 O


Manure from feeding with oil-cake is of double the value of common cow-dung.

Gain upon sale of the Stock on 200 Days' feeding.

Three cows fed 200 days, cleared 13/. £ s. d. . each; cost of feeding 10/.; profit 3/. 39 0 O Twenty wintering Highland heifers, cleared 3/. lOs. each; cost of feeding 1/. 10s. profit 2/. . - - - 70 0 O

Fifteen fat ditto killed in six months, cleared 4/. each; cost of feeding 1/. 1Qs.; profit

21. 10s. - - . - 60 0 O

Sixty sheep, cleared 10?. each; cost of

feeding 6*.; profit 4s. - 30 O 0

Eight three-years old heifers, fed equal to milch cows, supposed to make an advance of 10/.; feeding 11.; profit 3/. 80 O 0 One bull, feeding 10/. supposed advance

51. - - 15 0 O

300 carts of manure, at 1 s. Qd. per cart 22 10 0 Half an acre of Swedish turnips for horses 5 0 O

321 10 0

The feeding stock, after the rate of the three-years old heifers, can never answer at the common prices of cattle.

E 2 . Expense

Expense of attendance on Milch-cows and other Stock for 200 Days.

Dairymaid's wages

Board wages

One man and horse, for sale of milk and

leading green food, at 4,?. 6d. der day 45 One labourer, at 9s. per week


72 10 O

- Cost of feeding Milch-cows per Day.

s. d.

4 stone of green food, at 1 d. per stone - 0 4

4 lb. of oil-cake, at id. per lb. - 0 4

8 lb. of straw - - 0 1

O 9

The feeding cattle had 7 lb. of oil-cake, which made the expense of these Is. per day. The dairymaid's wages were wholly charged to the milk ac« count, though by much the greater part of her time was employed in the farm-house., Some occasional assistance in milking was given, but by no means equal to what is overcharged to the dairy on her account.

Twenty pounds of butter were made per week, by which, I am very confident, I was a considerable loser. The skim-milk was included in the butter account, count, and the quantity sold, not ascertained. New milk was sold for 2d. per quart, wine measure; skim milk for id, .

There were sold during the whole period, 17.410 wine quarts; on an average 87 quarts per day. The demand was so great that the milk-cart was met before it reached the town, and the whole disposed of, morn, ing and evening, in little more than an hour. The daily sale of this winter (1807) 180 quarts.

The forward condition of my heifers made them sell early in the spring, and with less loss thaji 1 expected, I have formed my estimate on what I am told would be a fair average, one year with another; the price of cattle in the spring depending upon the season, and the quantity of fodder which remains on hand,

It was allowed by the dealers and others, there was po stock in the neighbourhood, however fed, that were in any thing like the condition of mine. To be able fully to ascertain and establish this fact, is to remove a very weighty objection to the plan. Supposing the profit of the farmer and milkman united:

£ s. d.

Gain upon 22 acres of green crop - 101 10 O Ditto on milk 47/. 2s. Sd. Ditto on wintering stock 86/. 16s, Wd. - 133 19 6

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Had the whole been well conduced, the profit should have been 300/., out of which taxes, rent, &c. must be deducted.

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