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-1 HE Friendly Society was instituted in the year I783j with the concurrence and patronage of a large and respectable part of the town. It was the first.institution of the kind in the neighbourhood founded on the flattering representations of the benefits derived from similar societies.

However sanguine the hopes of the first founders were, the experience of fourteen years has more than confirmed them. Numbers have reason to rejoice they availed themselves of the benefits of this Society; providing thereby a source of consolation and comfort in the hour of adversity, by means comparatively small estimated upon the most moderate earnings.

The arguments on which this was first recommended to the public, have from various.causes beocme infinitely stronger and more cogent* The advance of every article of life has greatly narrowed the sphere of benevolence, and left the happy lot of affording consolation to the afflicted in much fewer hands. If this observation be founded, must -not every thinking individual feel it doubly his duty to provide by foresight and attention for the misfortune inseparable to humanity! Let those who have received the benefits of the Society reflect upon the motives that actuated the first Founders, and endeavour by a grateful and animated acknowledgment of the comfort it has afforded tkem to recommend it to their friends and neighbours, thereby

x 2 Zealously

zealously co-operating in the plan of diffusing as widely as possible the blessings afforded by the Society to those under sickness and affliction.'

Articles of the Workington Friendly Swiety*

Article I. THAT this Society's meetings shall be held on the first Friday in every month, from the hours of seven till nine in the evening. Each new member to -be hereafter admitted, to pay seven shillings and six pence entrance money: and'every member to pay one shilling monthly to thi stock; four pence quarterly for the use of the Workington Dispensary, for the benefit of sick and infirm members. And that each member shall pay six pence for the funeral of any member of this society. Any member neglecting to pay as aforesaid for more than four months, to be excluded this society. And no member shall be excluded this society but for non-payment of arrears of any kind,, without having his case first stated before the committee,' and the same decided by their impartial judgment.

, II. That John Christian Curwen, esq,. is elected perpetual president of this society; and that a committee of twelve members be elected once a year at the annual feast, who are to choose a vice-president and two stewards. The stewards to be chosen from amongst the members of the committee, and changed as often as the committee think proper; and the vice-president to be chosen out of such members of the society as shall not be of the ; committee;

HI. One of the secretaries shall attend the meetings to receive all monthly and other payments; keep the accounts

•f of this society ; -and from> time to time account to the committee as they direct, the president to be accountable for all monies received by the secretaries.

IV. Every person who wishes to become a member of this society, must be proposed by a member at a monthly meeting; and if approved of by the committee, to be admitted a member the meeting following: and that no person shall be admitted as a member of this society, but such as bear a good character, an \ are of a sound and healthful constitution, and under the age of thirty-eighyears, and produce a certificate to testify the same if required by the committee. .And that this society shall not be restricted as to the .number of members, but eonfined to the parish of Workington, and to such other persons who have been-employed one twelve months previous to the time of their application to become members of this society in any work within the township of Workington.

V. To allow to a member, after paying to the fund for one whole year, seven shillings and six-pence per week, when sick,-lame, blind, or infirm (so as he cannot work) and proceeding from no irregularity for twenty-six weeks': , but if he continues to require assistance from the fund for a longer time; then, for the next twelve weeks, four shillings and six-pence 'per week; and provided he cannot at the end of that time support himself he shall receive, three shillings and six pence per week, until he be able to follow some employment, or for life, And any , member falling sick, &c. so require assistance from the fund, shall send notice thereof to the clerk of this society the third day of his sickness, and to receive his benefit or weekly pay from the eighth day of his sickness or infirmity. The stewards to visit the sick once a week, and direct the apothecary to make his report to them for the use of the committee.

x V

V. That any member of this society who removes out of the said town or parish, if he requires assistance, is to send a certificate describing his sickness or infirmity, signed by the minister or churchwardens, or otherwise so as to satisfy the committee that he requires relief, and to appoint some person in Workington to receive the same for him dnring the continuance of his sickness or infirmity.

VII. That. the sum of five pounds shall be paid to the widow, children, or parents; but if the member has no such kindred, the funeral expenses only to be paid by the society for the funeral of any member (after the first year) and the members of this society to attend the funeral, if convenient.

VIII. That if upon any great sicknefs or emergency happening, the stock or fund of this society shall be reduced to sixty pounds, then the committee to have power to lessen the weekly payments of those who are receiving benefit until the stock or fund amount to ninety pounds, and then to proceed on as before.

IX. That the members of this society do empower and authorize the president, vice-president, treasurer, and stewards, together, with a majority of the committee for the time being, to lend out the society's money, and the securities for such monies to be taken in their names, and their successors for the sole use of the members of this society. And alsq empower them the said persons to call in the said monies so lent out; and generally to do all acts necessary for lending out, calling in, and recovering the same, pirsqant to an act of parliament made for the encouragement and relief of Friendly Societies. All the necessary expenses attending the business, to be defrayed put of the society's fund.

X. That the said committee or majority of them shall

hav* have full power at anytime hereafter-to ev pel any member who receives assistance from the said society under false pretences of sickness or infirmity; or who is gu'rlty of any other flagrant act of misbehavior; and to have full power from time to time to add to, or make at their anniversary meeting, such amendments or alterations in the rules or articles for the better regulation and conducting the affairs of the said society, as they shall judge most expedient, provided such rules and regulations are in conformity to the said act of parliament made for the encouragement and relief of Friendly Societies, and are confirmed at the genera! quarter cessions of the peace held for the county,

XI. That an annual feast be held the first Saturday in January, towards which, every member (absent or present) shall contribute one shilling. And all members to meet at ten o'clock in the morning of the said day, at the club room, and proceed together to Workington church.

XII. And that it shall not be lawful for this society by any rule, order, or regulation, at any general meeting, or otherwise, to dissolve or determine this society, sp long as the intents or purposes declared by this society, or any of them remain to be carried into effect, without the consent and approbation of five-sixths of the then existing members of this society; and also of all persons then receiving, or then infilled to receive relief from this society, either on account of sickuess, age, or infirmity, to be testified under their hands individually aud respectively; nor shall it be lawful for this society by any rule, order, or regulation, to direct the division or distribution of the stock or tund, or any part thereof, to or amongst the several members of this society other than for carrying into effect the general in

X * tcrests,

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