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5. C. Curwen, Esq. the proprietor of these proposes to subscribe three-tenths of the whole sutn subscribed by the members, for the use of the said fund.

JII. A committee of twelve persons shall be annually chosen by ballot, out of such members as have been employed in the works for seven years, or upwards. The business of the committee shall be to examine into the circumstances and conditions of members claiming assistance from the fund, on account of sicknessj or accident in the works. And if any doubts arise, with respect to the propriety of the claim, the surgeon's certificate (who may attend the party) shall entitle him to the following stipulated relief.

IV. Strangers, employed in the works,' shall not be entitled to any relief from the fund, in case of sickness, &c. till they have contributed six successive months to the fund; unless by consent of the committee', they contribute six months subscription to the fund; on entry.

V. An officer or inspector shall be chosen annually out of the society, with a salary of two guineas per annum—whose business will be to attend particularly to cases of sickness and accident, and to give such information, from time to time, to the committee, previous to or at their weekly meeting, as he may think necessary, -in order to prevent impositions.

VI. No Member of this society shall be entitled to any allowance for the first week of sickness; unless the Physician or Surgeon, who may be called in to attend the party, give it under his hand, that his disorder is of such a nature, that, he believes he will not be able to work in less than four weeks from its commencement; in such case, he may at the end of the first weeks' sickness, have the stipulated weekly allowance paid him: but if such certificate cannot be obtained, yet notwithstanding, should his sickness or disorder unfortunately continue, and incapacitate him from

work work for fourwetks, the first week's allowance will, in such ease, be paid hirni

VII. In cases of casual sickness, or accident, a full subscribing Member will be entitled to ten shillings per week, for the first twelve weeks: six shillings per week for the next twelve weeks; and four shillings per week afterwards, till able to work.

VIII. Members who contribute less than sixpence per week to the fund in cases of sickness, or being disabled from work, will be entitled to receive, in al) cases, a weekly allowance in exact proportion, as six pence bears to the allowance to a full Subscriber; that is, Members, subscribing five pence per week, will receive eight shillings and four pence per week, fot the first twelve weeks sickness; five shilling per week, for the next twelve weeks; and three shillings and four-pence per week afterwards. Members subscribing three pence per week, will receive five shillings per week, for the first twelve weeks sickness; three shillings "per wee'k, for the next twelve weeks: and two shillings per week afterwards. Members, subscribing three half-pence per week, will receive two shillings and six pence per week, for the first twelve weeks' sickness; one shilling and six pence per week, for the next twelve weeks; and one shilling per week afterwards.

IX. To every married woman, on the birth of a child, the Treasurer to advance the sum of one guinea, on demand.

X. In case of any serious accident in the works of such a nature, that the surgeon who attends the party, certify under his hand, (as in the 6th rule,) the Treasurer may advance immediately the sum of one guinea.

XI. On the death of the wife of any Member of this Society, who was not a Member herself, the husband, or survivina fnends, will be entitled to the sum of twenty shillings, foi defraying the funeral expenses. And on the death of a child, belonging to any. Member of this Society,

above above the age of five years, who was not a Member thereof, 'the parents will be entitled to ten shillings, for defraying the funeral expenses.

XII. Any Member, meeting with an accident out of his employment, occasioned by drunkenness, fighting, or any improper conduct, shall not (during his incapacity to work) be entitled to any benefit from the fund.

XIII. The widow of any Member, who shall lose his life in the works, shall be entitled, whilst she continues her widowhood, and has a child under the age of ten years, to forty shillings per annum.

XIV. The widow of any Member, who shall lose his life in the works, for every child she may have under seven years of age, shall receive one guinea, to be paid on demand.

XV. In case of the natural death of any Member, his widow will be entitled to the sum of five pounds: if no widow, the sum to be paid in equal portions to his children, after defraying thereout tfie funeral expenses; but if neither widow nor children remain, then three guineas to be paid, for defraying the funeral expenses. If the deceased Member shall have been twenty years in Mr. Curwen's coal-works, without interruption, and the widow can produce a certificate of her being sixty years of age, on the death of her husband, she shall be entitled to twenty shillings per annum, during life.

XVI. In case of the death of any Member, by any unfortunate accident in the works, the Members of this Society shall subscribe six pence each extraordinary, to the common fund; and the widow, or surviving children, shall be entitled to receive the sum of ten pounds, she or they defraying thereout the funeral expenses; but, if no widow or children remain, then no extra subscription to be made — the funeral expenses only to be paid, if they do not exceed the sum of three guineas.

XVIJ. Oil the marriage of any collier, having paid his Contribution to this fund for three years before, and who continues in the works for twelve months after the marriage; such Member, on these conditions, to be paid five guineas, if the state of the fund will allow it, at the time it hiay be due and dernanded.

XVIII. Women on their marriage, according to their contribution, to have a proportionate allowance, on the same conditions.

XIX. All persons, quitting the works, to forfeit their benefit and interest in ihe Society.

XX. Any Member, neglecting or refusing to pay the contribution for three months, unless all arrears are paid up at that time, shall forfeit his benefit and title to the said fund; and can only be re-admitted as a stranger.

XXI. The Society shall advance out of their fund, to the DISPENSARY established in Working ton, the sum of five guineas annually.

XXil. The Treasurer shall keep an account of all the receipts and disbursements, respecting this Society; and shall make minutes, in such an account of all the cases where relief has been given: in which account shall also be, inserted, from time to time, the names of- the respective committee, with the description of such cases as may Come before them. These accounts to be open for the inspection of the committee, at all reasonable times, when. they may require such inspection.

* XXIII. The accounts of this Society to be printed and published annually.


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