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from voting, misdemeanor: Penalty, county jail one month to one year. Former penalty, imprisonment not more than one year or fine not more than $500.

Sec. 4. A person who personates another and secures a ballot paper, guilty of a felony. Punishment, State prison two to five years.

Sec. 5. Payment of money to secure election of senator or assemblyman by nonresidents a misdemeanor: Penalty, county jail one month to one year.

Sec. 7. Penalty for failure of candidate to make return of election expenses, misdemeanor. Fine, $100 to $500.

Sec. 13. Every treasurer of a political committee who shall fail to make out statement of money received and disbursed and file with the registry of deeds, guilty of a misdemeanor. Penalty, $50 to $500.

Sec. 14. Every treasurer who shali fail to keep books, setting forth details as required, or mutilate or destroy books, or fail to file the statement and account contemplated by section 11, guilty of a misdemeanor. Imprisonment in county jail from two to six months.

NOTE.—Bribery laws have been in force heretofore. Present chapter more extended, with much new matter and variation in penalty.

Forest fires (chap. 362, p. 932, approved April 27, 1897).-Amends chapter 266, laws of 1895.

Section 1 provides for appointment of State forest warden and deputy.

Sec. 2. The State forest warden shall appoint at least one fire warden in each of the organized towns of the State. Describes the duties of fire warden. Any fire warden who shall refuse to carry out the provisions of this section, or any person who shall refuse, when called upon by the fire warden, to render any reasonable asssitance shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor: Penalty, fine $10 and costs for each offense.

SEC. 4. Any person who shall build a fire on any lands in this State not his own or under his control and fail to extinguish the same before leaving shall be guilty of a misdemeanor: Penalty, fine $100 or county jail not exceeding one month, or both. Any person willfully setting fire upon any land whereby such land is injured or endangered, guilty of a misdemeanor: Penalty, same as above.

Sec. 5. Fire wardens may post notices in a dangerously dry time stating that no fire shall be set. After the posting of such notices no person shall set any fire upon any land in said town except for warming the person or for cooking food, and shall entirely extinguish the same before leaving.

NOTE.—The dry-time section is new.

Sec. 6. Railroad companies are required to cut, burn, or remove all grass, weeds, brush, and logs from their right of way once a year. Locomotives to have arrangements to prevent the escape of sparks. The State forest warden shall inspect the right of way of railroad companies when it shall appear necessary. Officers or employees of railroad companies violating provision of this section, guilty of a misdemeanor: Penalty, fine $100 and costs of prosecution for each offense.

Note.—The act is more stringent and more thorough than previous laws.

Building and loan associations (chap. 368, p. 953, approved April 27, 1897): – An elaborate law of thirty-six sections, being a substitute for and repealing legislation of 1891 and 1895.

Sec. 32. To act as agent for any unauthorized building and loan association in the State a misdemeanor. Fine, $100 to $500; and every person convicted of such offense shall be personally liable for any sums received by him.

Former penalty, fine not less than $100 nor more than $500 and imprisonment from ten days to six months.

Electric wires (chap. 374, p. 983, approved April 27, 1897).-Amends section 4559 of Revised Statutes relating to injury to wires by removal of buildings. As amended the act includes in its protection electric light and power companies, as well as telegraph and telephone companies; provides that any person removing any building or any timber to which such wires are attached, so as to destroy or injure the wires or poles of any company, without giving forty-eight hours' previous notice, shall be punished by imprisonment in county jail not more than thirty days or by fine not exceeding $50, or both. Any person who shall break down, or remove, or interrupt such wires shall be punished by imprisonment in county jail not more than three months or fine not exceeding $100, or both.

NOTE. — The former law required but twenty-four hours' notice, and former penalty made fine or imprisonment alternative, omitting the words or both."

Bakeries. — An act relating to bakeries and persons employed therein. (Chap. 375, p. 985.)

SEC. 1. All bakeries to be provided with a proper system of plumbing.

SEC. 2. Every room shall have, if deemed necessary by board of health, a floor of hard wood, properly saturated with linseed oil. The side walls and ceilings to be plastered or wainscoted, and shall be whitewashed at least once in six months.

The manufacture of meal-food products shall be kept in perfectly dry and airy rooms so arranged that the floors, shelves, and all other facilities for storing the same can be easily and perfectly cleansed.

Section 4 provides that wash rooms and water-closets shall be apart from the bake rooms or rooms where such food products are manufactured. The sleeping places shall likewise be separate from the rooms where flour or meal-food products are stored and manufactured.

SEC. 6. Violation of the provisions of this law a misdemeanor: Penalty, $20 to $50 for first offense; second offense, $50 to $100 or imprisonment for not more than ten days; third and every succeeding offense, fine not less than $250 or imprisonment not more than six months, or by both such fine and imprisonment.

Sec. 7. The owner, agent, or lessee of property required to alter premises within sixty days after receiving notice.

Sec. 8. The board of health of the city or town in which a bakery is situated may enforce the provisions of this act.

NOTE.-New. The act is followed by the following note of the secretary of state: "The foregoing act having been presented to the governor for his approval, and such approval having been withheld, said act was returned by him to the house of the legislature in which it was originated; it was then passed over his veto by a vote of 21 ayes and 8 noes in the senate; it was refused passage over goyernor's veto in the assembly by a vote of 56 ayes and 31 noes; said vote in the assembly was reconsidered and action of the senate concurred in by a vote of 52 ayes and 26 noes. deposited in this department as a law without the governor's approval, as prescribed in the constitution.

"HENRY CASSON, Secretary of State. "AUGUST 21, 1897."

Said act has been

Statutes of 1898.-An act to provide for the immediate taking effect of certain sections of the Statutes of 1898, as reported by the revisers and joint committee on revision. (Chap. 380, p. 995, approved August 20, 1897.)

Section 1 declares that the sections following of the Statutes of 1898, as reported by the revisers, are hereby designated for immediate publication, and the same shall be published in the official paper and included in the volume of session laws of 1897,

The sections selected cover more than fifty pages, and relate to a great variety of subjects. The only sections involving penalties are the following:

SEC. 2533f. Unlawful for any person to solicit the jury commissioners to have his name put on the list. Penalty, fine $25 to $100 or imprisonment in county jail ten days to six months, or both.

SEC. 4374a. Any person who shall assault another in a manner evincing a depraved mind, regardless of human life, without any premeditated design, to effect the death of the person assaulted, and under such circumstances that if death had resulted the assailant would have been guilty of murder in the second degree, shall be punished by imprisonment in the State prison not more than eight years nor less than one year.

Practice of pharmacy, (chap. 257, p. 489, approved April 17, 1897).-Amends previous legislation of the laws of 1882, 1885, 1887, and 1895, so as to allow country stores to sell proprietary medicines, paris green, “poison," etc., when properly labeled.

Section 9 makes it unlawful for any person to conduct any pharmacy for retailing or compounding drugs, medicines, or poisons in any town, city, or village having 500 or more inhabitants, unless such person shall be a registered pharmacist. Penalty, $40 for each offense; and any person who shall permit the compounding of prescriptions in his store or place of business in such town, city, or village shall forfeit $50 for each offense. Municipal penalties.-An act to provide for the incorporation and government

villages and legalizing the acts of villages and the officers thereof. (Chap. 287, p. 563, approved April 21, 1897.)

Sections 26 and 27 gives power to the village board to ordain ordinances and to prescribe penalties for their violation from $1 to $200, and in default of payment they may commit to the county jail until payment be made, but not to exceed ninety days.

Common schools (chap. 354, p. 804, approved April 27, 1897). --- Amends, codifies, and revises previous legislation. An elaborate act.

SEC. 440b. Every member of a district board or of a board of education who shall, within three years from the date of adoption of a list of text-books, order a change of text-books in said district or city shall forfeit the sum of $50.

Section 446a relates to compulsory attendance at school. Requires children between the age of seven and thirteen to attend for at least twelve weeks in every school year some public or private school., "

Kit bon Penalty for violation, $3 to $10 for each offense. It is made the duty of the director of any school district, the president of any board of education, or any truant officers appointed by such a board of education to prosecute any offense occurring under this act. Any person neglecting to prosecute for such fine within fifteen days after receiv, ing a written notice from any qualified elector or taxpayer shall be liable to a fine from $10 to $20 for each offense. '{left ;?!!" it!

Section 461b forbids county superintendents from teaching or engaging in other pursuits for the term they are elected. Penalty for violation, removal from office; but provisions of this section shall not be applicable to counties in which the salar; of county superintendent of schools is less than $800 per annum. night msrolisi

SEC. 498. Every district clerk who willfully neglects to make the annual report for his district, as required by law, shall be liable to pay the whole amount of money: lost by such district in consequence of his neglect. And in section 499 towy clerks and county superintendents are likewise made liable for neglect to make required

Sections 413 and 415 describe how a school distriet shall be formed, providing that the supervisors shall deliver to a taxable inhabitant of the district their notice thereof, appointing a time and place for the first district meeting, and shalt direct such inhabitant to notify every qualified yoter of the district either personally or in writing at least five days before the time appointed therefor.

Section 500 contains the penalty for neglect of duty of such taxable inhabitant mentioned in sections 413 and 415, namely, he shall forfeit the sum of $5; and every person elected to the office of director, treasurer, or clerk of any school distriet who shall neglect or refuse without sufficient cause to accept such office and serve therein, or who, having entered upon the duties of his office, shall neglect them, shall forfeit the sum of $10; and every school district officer neglecting to deliver his books and papers to his successor shall forfeit not exceeding $50.

Sec. 501. Officers and teachers of schools and school districts are forbidden, to be agents of, school books or furniture. Penalty; $50 to $200, and liable to removal from office.

Sec. 502. District clerk drawing an order upon the treasurer for any purpose not authorized by law and every director countersigning such order shall forfeit for each order $20 to $100.

Sec, 504, Each supervisor or other officer refusing or neglecting to carry into effect any decisiou of the State superintendent shall-forfeit the sum of $50.

Sec. 505. The director of the school district shall prosecute for the recovery of any forfeiture under the provisions of this chapter, except when such director has incurred a forfeiture, in which case such action shall be prosecuted by the treasurer of such district. In case either shall neglect or refuse to prosecute he shall forfeit $20, ,

is 171,'' alitu

GAME LAWS. !"2012-10 mi! Dozitsi 7 Fish and game (chap. 188, p. 326, approved April 8, 1897). Sec. 1.0 The ownership of and title to all fish and game in the State of Wisconsin is 'hereby declared to be in the State.

Sec. 3. Bass fishing is prohibited from March 1 to May 25. Certain places excepted. Penalty for violation, $10 to $25 or imprisonment in county Jail' not more than ten days.

NOTE. - Former close season for bass from August 20 to April 15. "Former penalty, $10 to $100. Seo, t. Trout fishing prohibited between September 1 and the succeeding fifteenth day of April. Violation, fine $10 to $50 or imprisonment in the county jail, not exceeding thirty days, or both, in the discretion of the court. NOTE.–Former close season August 20 to April 15. Former penalty, 810 to $100 a lecigimi

Sec. 5. Nets and traps are prohibited in inland waters, but dip nets may be used at certain times and for certain fish... Penalty, $25 to $100 and imprisonment until fine be paid, not exceeding ninety days. Former penalty, $10 to $100. de;

Sec. 6. Except as otherwise provided, only angling and trolling are allowed in inland waters. Penalty, $10 to $50 or imprisonment in county jail thirty to sixty days.

NOTE.--Fórmer penalty, 85 to 8100 and imprisotinent until paid or discharged on a rommob

Ske. 7. Dynamite or other explosives not allowed except to clean channels for log driving: Penalty, $25 to $250 or imprisonment in county jail from sixty days to six months.

11- il min179 NOTE.---Former penalty, $25 to $100.


SEC.-8.4: It is made unlawful to fish through the ice with more than five lines or to occupy fish houses for fishing through the ice except in Sturgeoni Bay and lakes in Waukesha County: Violation, fine $20 to $50 or imprisonment in county jail thirty days,

(19901 1910 19,141997 livstidan tour of iolusia Aytes Former penalty for fishing, hrough the ice, $10 to $109. dous est 10 11 1-1 190 yali

Sec. 9. Fishing huts to be open at all times forinspection of fish and game warden. Any person refusing to permit auch investigation shall be deemed guilty of maintaining a publie nuisancer Penalty, $20 to $50 and the structure may be destroyedi ki?

Sec. 10. Unlawful to use substances deleterious to fish life: Penalty, $10 to $50 or iinprisonment in county jail thirty-to ninety days, or both entailat 1940 VoterFormer pennitý,

enáttú. sto'to sino que tot by Bacja wf 172 *) itt jag' il myned si mi rekli da ? Sec. 11. Unlawful to set nets in certain waters of Lake Michigan,or Lake Superior: Penalty, fine $25 to $100 or imprisonnent in county jail thirty days to three months. NOTE.-Former penalty, $25 to $100.

otu !$12-1:9451 $EC, 12 Nets are prohibited in Green Bay from,

April 1 to May 1: Penalty, $25 to $100 and imprisonment until fine shall be paid, not exceeding ninety days. Sec. 13. Nets prohibited in Sturgeon Bay at all times, except nets for catching Violation

not exceeding ninety days; fornas

Sec. 14. Nets are prohibited in Detroit Harbor, except for catching" ininnows: Penalty as in section 13.!.0 litrif. {"?!90174 25.1, 1) si ait 0119t977 y Section 151 describes the minimum weight of any 'fish allowed in possession: Violationiipenalty as, in sectión 131191191 nimetati brol $424 B's in many ways model) ļom *Note: Thé pertriksídie Weightoř'tish to be taught has been changed: Serialty the sámé, ????? :}

Section 15a protects whitefish between October 15 and December 1: Penalty the same as in section 13. inevitable for print

Sec. 16. Nets in Little Sturgeon Bay, prohibited within certain lines: Penalty as in section 13.10 08.05 Tip1° Bozott

Sec. 17! Nets prohibited In waters' bordering on DorrOounty: Penalty as in section 13.

Talytrist of (af lisi vam ni tofauti na Section 18 regulates the size of mesh in gill nets in Green Bay. investito.. 40; Sec. 19, Regulates the size of nets in Lake Michigan: Penalties as above.

Section 21 relates to the hanting of deer, prescribes a close season; prohibits hant, ing by dogs or in the nighttime, or to capture by pitfalls, or traps, or artificial


more than two deer at any time during the open season, or to kill in the waters or on the ice: Penalty, $25 to $100, or imprisonment from two to six months, or both.

Section 22 protects prairie chicken and woodcock: Penalty, $10 to $50 and imprisonment in county jail until fine is paid, not more than ninety days.

Section 23 protects wild duck and geese: Penalty, $20 to $50 and county jail until fine is paid, not exceeding three months. sunrise: Penalty, $25 to $100 and imprisonment till fine is paid, not exceeding

24. to sixty days.

Sec. 25. Unlawful to use sneakboats, rafts, or artificial ambush: Penalty, $10 to $50 or imprisonment until finę is paid, not exceeding thirty days. . , bet

Section 26 forbids the use of snares, nets, and spring guns: Penalty, $10 to $50.or imprisomment; in county jail not more than sixty days. irunits i BSYK Wien Note.–Former penalty, $10 to $100.

), JJ Section 27 prohibits the taking of pheasants and quails until 1901: Penalty, fine

$50 or imprisonment in county jail not more than thirty days. Section prohibits nets to ensnare ducks: Penalty, $50 to $100 or imprisonment in county jail sixty to ninety days. x s11 -.010 ,115

Section 20 prohibits pivot 'or swivel guns. Penalty, tine $25 to $100 or imprisonment in county jail from thirty days to three months.

NOTE.--Former penalty, $5 to $100 for each offense. It'; **50% jel I'mi!! 143111
Sec. 30. Unlawful to catch harmless birds, but 'section does not apply to blackbirds,
English spárrows, or pigeon for trap shootingo Penalty, not more than $50 or imprison-
ment in county jail' not more than thirty days. Atsit!)

...Popolis an open Porniéry penalty, $10 to $300" tits, tot i to write to!!!!

Section 31 forbids, the destruction vi eggs, except those of crows and English sparrows: Penalty, tine not more than $5 or imprisonment in county jail not less than ten days.


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SEC. 32. Unlawful to interfere with any carrier or homing pigeon: Penalty, fine $10 to $50 or imprisonment not more than three months.

NOTE.--- Former penalty, $10 to $100.
Sec. 33. Unlawful to hunt rabbits with ferret, to kill otter, marten, or fisher, from
May 1 to October 1; or to molest muskrat houses at any time: Penalty, $10 to $25,
or imprisonment until fine is paid, not exceeding thirty days.

SEC. 34. Unlawful to enter growing or standing grain without permission of owner. Violation, misdemeanor: Penalty, $5 to $10 and costs; in default of payment, county jail ten to thirty days.

Sec. 35. Unlawful to have fish or game in possession during close season; hotel keepers liable if fish or game is served to their guests out of season; unlawful for employee of Fish Commission to have fish in his possession unless directed by the superintendent to take it: Penalty, $25 to $100.

Sec. 36. Unlawful to expose for sale game or fish in close season or to purchase the same: Penalty, $25 to $100.

Sec. 37. Unlawful to transport fish or game during close season. Any person or company violating this section shall forfeit $25 to $100 for each violation, to be recovered in a civil action.

Section 47 requires fishermen engaged in the business to make a report annually of all food-fish caught during the year. Failure to make such report, or willfully making false report, fine $25 to $50.

Protecting fish (chap. 209, p. 378, approved April 10, 1897).-Protects fish in Lake de Neveu, in Fond du Lac County. Prescribes close season and forbids taking of Oswego bass or pickerel less than 8 inches in length. Violation, misdemeanor: Penalty, $5 to $10; in default of payment of fine and costs, county jail not to exceed twenty days.

NOTE.-Virtually an amendment of section 34, chap. 221, 1895. Close season shortened by a month.
Former length of fish, 7 inches. Former penalty, $5 or not over thirty days in jail.

Wild fowl (chap. 274, p. 523, approved April 20, 1897).-Section 1 makes it
unlawful to hunt aquatic fowl in boats of any description: Penalty for violation, $5
to $25 or imprisonment in county jail ten to thirty days.
NOTE.Similar provision in sec. 23, art. 6, chapter 221, 1895. Former penalty, $10 to $100.

Fish in Dane County (chap. 281, p. 553, approved April 21, 1897).-Prescribes close season for fish in Dane County and regulates taking of the same.

Sec. 3. Violation, misdemeanor: Fine, first offense, $50 to $100; any subsequent offense, a like fine and imprisonment in county jail ten to thirty days.

NOTE.-Amends previous law. Penalty unchanged.




Felonies and misdemeanors.-Crimes which may be punished with death or imprisonment in the penitentiary shall be denominated felonies, and all other offenses against the criminal law of this Territory shall be denominated misde meanorg. (Rev. Stat. 1887, sec. 866.)

NOTE.-The above is taken from revised statutes of the Territory of Wyoming, but in the first session of the legislature, State of Wyoming, an act was passed, approved January 8, 1891, adopting such revised statutes and session laws of 1888 and 1890 " as the laws of the State of Wyoming."

Breaking into locked buildings, etc.-An act making it felony to unlawfully break into any locked building, outhouse, or car. (Chap. 6, p. 29, approved February 6, 1897.)

Penalty, imprisonment not more than ten years.
NOTE.-Former penalty, "not more than fourteen years."

Oil inspectors.-An act for the employment of oil inspectors, prescribing their duties and compensation. (Chap. 29, p. 56, approved February 23, 1897.)

An act consisting of ten sections providing for fire test for illuminating oil, and that any inspector “who shall falsely brand any package, cask, or barrel, or be guilty of any fraud, etc., in the performance of his official duties, shall be fined not exceeding $200, and shall be liable to the parties injured for damages."

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