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SUBSCRIPTIONS, Advertisements, and Intelligence, for the RACING CALENDAR, are received and carefully attended to, at the Publishers' Office, No.7, Oxenden-street, near the Haymarket; where may be had one complete Set of the Volumes from the Year 1727 (the first published) to: the present, both inclusive; also the General Stud-Book, and its Supplement; GARD's Guide: to the Turf; and Mr. BODGER's Prints of the Newmarket Courses, Exercise Ground, &c. &c.

On account of the additional Stamp Duty which took place on the 1st of September, 1815, the Subscription to the Racing Calendar will in future be Twenty-six Shillings per Annum ; the first Year's Subscription to be paid in Advances

The Volume for 1815 (price 12s.) is sold by Mr. E. W. Rhodes, York; Mr. Deardin, No. 19, Piccadilly, Manchester; Mr. Partridge, Stable-keeper, Bath; and at the Coffee-room, Newmarket. Single Volumes, from 1752 to 1799, may be had at reduced prices.

IN Consequence of the many fatal Accidents which have happened, by Horses running too near the Posts, the STEWARDS of NewMARKET RACES have caused the large and fixed Posts on the Heath to be surrounded with Turf-banks, about Five Feet in the base, and sloping to the Post, at the Height of about Fox: Foeti arad: in: other parts of the Course, particularly, wherë there are turns, they have adopted the use of stander Posts that will break on any strong Pressure;. both of which they earnestly recommend to the Notize of Stewards and Managers of Races in general.

In April, 1814, was published,


; and

of 1808, containing the produce of mares down to 1813 inclusive. Printed for J. Weatherby, No. 7, Oxenden-street


be had of Mr. Weatherby, Newmarket; Mr. Rhodes, York; and of the principal Booksellers.

- Price in boards, 11. half-bound, a guinea ; or with writing paper between the leaves, 5s, extra.

A few copies of the General Stud Book remain, which may be had separate, or bound up with the Supplement.

PICHARD SPENCER respectfully informs the No.

of the HOUSE and STABLES belonging to the late WM. SAUNDERS, of Hedgford, Staffordshire, where he intends taking in HORSES TO TRAIN ; and every attention will be paid to such as may be trusted to his care.

N. B. There are Three-stall Stables, Two-stall, and loose Boxes, for any Gentleman sending his own groom, and the best of bay and corn provided.

Hedgford, Jan, 24th, 1816.


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are used the large ord fred Posts on the Heath

bestemte Taf-banks, about Five Feet
te se daging to the Post, at the Height

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were aizmited the use of shader Posts that will
em the SME PRESETE; both of which they

saates Notise of Stewards and
Mungers of Paesi general.

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