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Of Osgoodt Hall, BarrUter-at-Law.





Col'ykight: Canaha. 1914, By Tiie Carswell Co., Limited.
Matters Contained in Vol. XXXIII. of The




Arbitration, the time to test our faith in—William Howard

Taft 65

Arbitration, Britain renews demand—Panama Canal Tolls. 212

American Bar Association, Report of 209

American Bar Association, Annual Meeting of 514

Alward, Silas:

Three Great Charters of English Freedom 144

Lord Chief Justice Holt 450

The Evolution of Chancery and the Judicial Murder of
Sir Thomas More, one of its greatest administra-
tors 655

Attorney-General of Canada v. L'Heureux—Exchequer Court

of Canada 700

Aerial Warfare—R. E. Heinselman 741

Airships, passing of over property as trespass 749

Annotation, Evolution in—Henry P. Farnham, M.L., in Case

and Comment 827

Annotations, the Common Law's debt to—George F. Longs-

dorf in Case and Comment 832

Annotator's Problem—George H. Parmelee in Case and

Comment 938

Adverse Witnesses—Queensland Justice of the Peace 1067


Bar Association, Report of American 209

Bar Association, Annual Meeting of American 514

Bar Association, Manitoba 121

Bar Association, A—A. Jacob Levinson 1027

Bank Act, some observations on the, and Banking as con-
ducted thereunder—Pro Bono Publico 62

Banks and Banking, some further observations on Cana- *

dian—Peter Ryan, Esq 84

Bank Act, the—Editorial 114


Bank Clerks, Employment of—Editorial 114

Bank Clerks, conditions governing the employment of—The

Labor Gazette 96

Bankruptcy Court, advisability of establishing in Canada,

by James Bicknell, K.C 86

British Columbia, result of recent Law Examinations in... 120

British Columbia Fisheries, In re—Supreme Court Reports. 463

British Citizenship, a common 126

Balkan Question, the—Editorial 55

Betrothals and Marriages in Germany—Henry Happold 912

Bills in Parliament—Editorial 55

Bill of Costs, a model 1064

Boulter v. Stocks—Supreme Court Decisions 318

Bombardment of Residential Districts — Percy Bordwell,

Ph. D 799

Ballantine, Henry W.—Is the Doctrine of Consideration

senseless and illogical? 412

Betts, Frederick P.—Saskatchewan Statutes 878

Bicknell, James, K.C.—The advisability of establishing a

Bankruptcy Court in Canada 35

Boston, Charles A., in Journal of Criminal Law and Crimin-

ology—A protest against laws authorizing the Sterili-

zation of Criminals and Imbeciles 972

Bordwell, Percy—Bombardment of Residential Districts.... 799

Bowman, Harold M.—Interlocking Corporations 382

Budd, J. W.—Schools of Law and Legal Studies 1137

Bartlett, C. A. Hereshoff—The French Judicial System 941


Canada's Federal Constitution, points of special Interest in

—A. H. F. Lefroy 898

Canada Foundry v. Bucyrus—Supreme Court Decisions.... 322
Canadian Rubber Co. of Montreal, Ltd. v. Columbus Rubber

Co. of Montreal, Ltd.—Exchequer Court of Canada.... 698
Chancery, the Evolution of, and the Judicial Murder of Sir
Thomas More, one of its greatest administrators—Silas

Alward, K.C 655

Cross-examination, its benefits and defects—Albert S. Osborn 130

Cross v. Carstairs—Supreme Court Decisions 323

Consideration, is the doctrine of senseless and illogical?—

Henry Winthrop Ballantine 412

Consideration and Motive as essentials to a binding agree-
ment—R. H. Gwynne, in American Law Review 591

Commerce and Commercial Law, notes on the history of—
Antiquity—Layto'n B. Register, in University of Penn-
sylvania Law Review 492

Commerce and Commercial Law, notes on the history of—

Layton B. Register, In University of Pennsylvania Law

Review 1078

Contempt of Court In a headline 1198

Contempt of Court, arising out of the publication of proceed-

ings, Lord Shaw's Judgment in dismissing prosecution

for 483

Contract, Freedom of—R. L. Marshall 542

Criminal Law Amendment Act—Editorial 113

Criminal Law Amendment Act 341

Criminal Law Amendment Act, cases under 344

City of Toronto v. Bell Telephone Co.—Editorial 308

City of Montreal v. Layton—Supreme Court Decisions 320

Cobb, Hon. J. Andrew, in Case and Comment—The Police

Power 1098

Cole, M. Sandford D.—Maritime Dominion 333

Communications 142, 210


Divorce Court in Canada—E. F. B. Johnston, K.C 1

Deeds, the execution of 808

Dunn v. Eaton—Supreme Court Decisions 136

De Reign, Morrell—History and Development of the Motion

for New Trial, and in the Arrest of Judgment 516

De Zulueta, F., in Law Quarterly Review—The recent con-
troversy about Nexum 844

Del Vecchlo, George—Positive Right 752

Durfee, Edgar—The Lien Theory of the Mortgage—Two

crucial problems 530


Equity and the Common Law—Frank Tudsbury 679

Exchequer Court of Canada—

Felt Gas Compressing Co. et al. v. Willard O. Felt et al. 696

The King v. Crumb 6:>7

The King v. A O. and C. N. Falardeau 697

Canadian Rubber Co. of Montreal, Ltd. v. Cdlumbus

Rubber Co. of Montreal, Ltd 698

Harrison v. The King 699

Attorney-General of Canada v. L'Heureux 700

Lapointe et al. v. The King 700

Appeal of Wm. Leonard from a decision of Commis-

sioner of Patents 1055

In re Gebr Noelle's application for a general trade

mark 1056

The King v. Bradburn & Webb 1057

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