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The Bill for the £400 Rate being Ingrost, past both Houses, and was assented to by the Lieut. Govern'.

The Lieut. Govern" adjourned the House, and sent the Secretary down to acquaint the Assembly of the same [xxvIII.] that they might adjourn their House to the same time. Adjourned until the second Wednesday in July next, July 8th, 1696.

At a Council and General Assembly held by adjournment, at New Castle, Wednes

day, July 8th, 1696.

Present, The Lieut. Govern",
Nath. Fryar, )

Hen. Green,
Peter Coffin, Esqs. Rich! Waldron,

Robt. Elliott, )
The Lieut. Govern? sent for the Lower House ; both
Houses being met, the Lieut. Govern" recommended the
Assembly to consider of what lay before them their last
session. Adjourn to Thursday, ten of the clock.

Held 9th July, 1696.

Nath. Fryar, )

Hen. Green,
Peter Coffin, Esqs. Nath. Wear, Esqs.
Robt. Elliott, )

Richa Waldron, ) A vote from the Lower House sent up for drawing up a Bill for administering the Oaths apointed by act of Parliament to all male persons from sixteen years old and upwards, throughout the Province. Past both houses.

Peter Coffin,

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Held July 10th, 1696.
Present, The Lt Govern",
Nath. Fryar, )

Nath. Weare, )

Wm Vaughan, Esqs.
Robt. Elliott, 1

Richa Waldron, ) Hen. Green, Major Wm Vaughan and Mr. Richa Waldron, Esqs., were apointed a comitty to draw up the Bill for administering the oaths, and John Pickring and John Plaisted were appointed to join with them.

A vote for encouragem soldiers that are maimed past both Houses. Peter Coffin and Hen. Green apointed to draw up the said Bills, & John Woodman & Theophilus Dudley appointed to joyne.

A Bill was sent up to desire that aplication might be made to the Government of the Massachusetts for 50 men. Desired that an Express might be sent to Boston accordingly.

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Held July 13th, 1696. Present, The Lieut. Govern. Nath. Fryar, Robt. Elliott, Esqs. Richa Waldron, Hen. Green, 1 [P. xxix.] The Lieut. Govern" being present sent for the other House and acquainted them with his proceedings, for understand the state of the Province & in taking care of the security of his Majesty's subjects here by visiting all the Garrisons, & declared the inhabitants desired the continuance of the soldiers.

Whereas the Assembly desired that fifty men might be sent for from Boston to range the frontiers of this Province at the charge of the same; The Lieut. Govern" ordered the letters to be read, which was to signify they could not supply with men from Boston Governm'.

The Lieut. Govern" having laid before the Assembly the methods he had taken for security of the Province & of his Maj’tys subjects, demanded of them to know what irregular methods he had taken in the managemt of affairs for the preservation of the same. Answered, they know of none but what was for the good of the place.

The Lieut. Govern' demanded of both Houses if he had taken any wrong methods, or ill conduct in the managem of affairs in the Governm. Answered noe. The Lef Govi demanded of both Houses whether three of the Assembly was a House & could adjourn, and whether it was legal. Answered that there was no prefixt number appointed, and that it was legal.

Held July 18th Present, The Lieut. Govern', Nath. Fryar, )

Nath? Wear, Peter Coffin, L

Wm Vaughan, Esqrs. Robt. Elliott,

Richo Waldron, ) Hen. Green, y

Several votes and Bills being read the L Govern" desired they might be past & fitted to be Ingrost, and test the house to adjourn themselves (viz.), A vote of raising six hundred pounds; a vote to continue the Law about the Post, &c.; a vote for settling a Ferrie between Portsmo' & N. Castle.

Wm Vaughan & Richard Waldron, Peter Coffin and Roht. Elliott, were apointed comitty to draw up the said Bills ; and Wm Furber, John Pickring and John Plaisted & John Woodman were appointed to joyn them.

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Held by adjournment July 234, 1696.

Present, The Leifete. Govern', Nath' Fryar, )

Wm Vaughan, Peter Coffin, Esqrs. Richa Waldron, Robert Elliott, ) The Leift. Govern" sent for the Lower House and the

several Bills being read the Lieut. Govern" assented to, (viz.):

An act for the payment of the care of wounded soldiers.
An act for administering the oaths, &c.
An act for settling a Ferrie, &c.
An act for continuance of the Law about the Post, &c.

[P. xxx.) Whereas there was a Bill offered for raising of six hundred pounds for payment of debts due to the soldiers & subsistance and for keeping out of thirty men three months to range the frontiers, The Lieut. Governor sent for the assembly and desired to know the meaning of the six hundred pound Bill; whether if he should press 40 or 50 men besides the 30, whether they should be paid out of the 600 lb. Answered, noe.

The Lieut. Govern declared they having sent formerly to Boston for 50 men, and declared it to be of absolute necessity, and now to tie up but to thirty men, judged it an infringing of the King's prerogative, & did acquaint them that unless they would put the 30 men & grant the Bill in general for his Maj’ty's fort and payment of the King's soldiers in service, he should not accept of the Bill.

The Assembly desired the Bill to consider of it, wch was delivered to them. After some time the Assembly and both Houses met. The Lieut. Govern demanded if they had considered of the Bill. The speaker of the House answered they had, and could not alter it. Upon which the Lieut. Govern' declared they were going about to deprive him of the power of the King's prerogative, wch he was invested with, & therefore did dissolve them; & in his Maj’ty's name they were dissolved.

At a General Assembly begun and held at
New Castle, September 164, 1696.

Present, The Lieut. Govern",
Nath' Fryar, )

Henry Green, Peter Coffin, Esqrs. Shadrach Walton, Robt. Elliott, ) Nath? Fryar & Shadrach Walton, Esqrs., appointed by Ded. Potest to present the Association to be signed and to administer the oaths appointed to the members of the Assembly, made their return; That the persons following signed the Test and Association & took the oaths appointed: Jno. Plaisted, Samuel Levitt, Jno. Redman, David Larans, * Jno. Hall, Tho. Chesley, Richa Jose, Theodore Atkinson, John Tuck, Samuel Dow & John Hatch.

The Lieut. Govern" having recommended to the Assembly the choice of a speaker, presented John Plaisted.

Both Houses being met, the Lieut. Govern" made this speech:

You Gentlemen of the Council and Representatives, - now assembled,- Having in the last Assembly laid before them the absolute necessity of raising money for the defense & support of the Hon' of his Maj’ty's Governm", notwithstanding all which there is nothing done; Had I not out of my own estate advanced money for provisions for the out garrisons, from March to August last, the soldiers there being posted must have needs been drawn off and the Frontier Garrisons (P. xxxi.] deserted: You are not unacquainted how the enemy lately designed an attack both by sea & land, and had not God strangely diverted them, they might have been masters of this place; which God forbid! and am informed they design to be here early the next Spring.

Upon my now coming into this Province, I sent for all the Militia officers to know the state of the place & what was proper to be done; they signified the country was indebted five hundred pound, & that it was of absolute necessity provision was made for subsistance and pay of the soldiers for time to come, and some effectual care might be taken that provisions may lye ready, and the charge of the towns, for a march of three or four days upon the attack of

* Lawrence?

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