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Test subscribed and repeated by Messrs. Geo. Jaffrey, John Woodman, John Pickring, Tho. Cobbitt, Shadrack Walton, John Plastead, Wm Furber, Jno. Hall, Daniel Tilton, Theop. Dudley, Moses Levitt, Josias Sanborn.

The Lieut. Governor sent the Secretary to the Lower House and recommended to them the choice of a Speaker. The House presented Mr. Geo. Jaffrey their Speaker, who was accepted.

Adjourned to Thursday, 12 clock.

Held by adjournmt Thursday,

November 7th, 1695.
Being present, The Lieut. Govern",
Nath. Fryar,

Hen. Green,
Peter Coffin, Esqs. Wm Vaughan, Esqs.
Robt. Elliott,

Rich. Waldron, ) The Lieut. Govern" having sent for the Lower House, made a speech to them (viz.):

Gentlem" : I proposed for raising of money for support of the Hon' of the Government & security of the Province, or your advice wth the Council, what way I may propose to lay before the King.

The King expects none should serve him at his own expense, & I am fully satisfied vor Taxes and Rates are not so great as those at Boston, for a person of 50lbs rent here pays but 10lbs, and at Boston about £20; So I demand you of the Assembly your advice here with the Council.

They desired to debate the matter in their own House, distinct. Granted.

The Lieut. Govern' sent for the House, and demanded their advice as to what way he might propose to the King.

Answered, they can propose no way.

The Lieut. Govern' declared he must return to the King they would not give advice as to the proposing a way, and lay before the King the true state of the Province.

The Lower House presented a vote to send to the Gov. ernor at Boston, for 40 men.

The Lieut. Govern' demanded of the [P. xxv.) Assembly, f they judged it absolutely necessary to have 40 men for security of the frontiers of the province ; and that men be posted in the out places. Answered, Yes. Adjourned to Friday, 12 clock.

Held by adjournm', Friday,

Being present my November gth 101, Friday,

Being present, The Lieut. Govern",
Nath' Fryar, )

Hen. Green,
Peter Coffin, Esqs. Nath. Wear,
Robt Elliott, )

Wm Vaughan,

Rich. Waldron, ) Peter Coffin and Hen. Green, Esqs., being apointed a comittee to joyn with two of the Lower House to draw up a Bill of £400 to be raised for the payment of soldiers detached for his Maj’tys' service in the Province, made their return, and the Bill was sent down to the other House for their concurrence.

The Assembly past the Bill and sent it up. Ordered by this Board that the Bill be amended agst to-morrow. Adjourned to Saturday, nine o'clock.

Held by adjournm', Saturday,

November 9th, 1695. . Being present, The Lieut. Govern", Nath. Fryar,

Hen. Green, Peter Coffin, Esqs. Nath' Wear, Robt. Elliott, )

Wm Vaughan,

- ŞEsqs.

Richard Waldron, ) The Lieut. Govern" having proposed unto the Assembly for raising of money for support of the Hon' of the Government on Thursday, the 7th inst., the Lower House sent the following answer:

To the Honble the Lieut. Govern' of his Maj'ty's province New Hampshire.

The Representatives convened in General Assembly having taken into consideration wi recommended by your Honor, do most humbly offer as followeth :

That considering the p’sent state of this his Maj'ties Province, being exposed & in danger of an invasion of our ffrench & Indian enemie, that we are necessitate only to apply ourselves to the consideration of raising what money we can for the defence of this his Maj’tys province, which yet we fall far short of what is necessary; Wee not able, therefore, not capable to do anything towards the supporte of the Hon' of the Governmt although sensible your Honor has been at great Charge: therefore, do most humbly pray y' Hon? wth the advice of the Council, will please to spread before his most excellent Majesty the poverty and danger of this his Province, That such methods may be taken for support & defence of the same, as in his most Royal wisdom may be judged most meet.

Upon which the Lieut. Governor made the following proposals:

[P. XXVI.] Gentlem": It was proposed to raise money for support of the Honor of the Governmt & security of the place, or else your advice what way I may propose to lay before the King; and your answer you can propose no way: I do therefore recommend to your consideration to raise money for those ends, viz. To lay a duty upon all Boards & staves at 3s. per M. upon all that is exported out of the river to any of his Majesty's Plantation Governments. Additional duties of impost to be pro rata with the Massachusetts Government, viz: English Goods,

109 pct. Rum,

£2: 16:8 p Hhd. Madara Wine,

1: 7:0 p pipe. Fyal

1: 0:0 p pipe. A vote was sent up from the Lower House, that an Act might be passed to give unto his Maj’ty, his Heirs and successors, for support of the honor of the Governm' & de

fence of this his Maj’ty's Province, the several duties & impost upon the comodities following, to be exported out or imported into this Province, for the space of one year, to commence from the first day of December next following, viz.: For each M. boards and each M. of Hhd. Staves one shilling p. M. money ; each M. Red oak Hhd. Staves and w oake bbl. staves, 84 p. M.; each M. of white oake pipe staves 164 p; for mast yards and Bowsprits transported beyond sea, from twenty inches and upwards, 44 for every inch diameter, and additional duty of impost upon each pipe of Wine and Hhd. Rum five shillings; provided always & with this limitation that the Honble Lieut. Governor and Council do join with the Representatives convened in General Assembly humbly to petition his most excellent Maj'ty that, considering the poverty & danger of this Province, being not able of ourselves to support a separate Government, to pray that we may be annexed to the Massachusetts Government, or otherwise, as his Majesty in his Royal wisdom shall think meet.

The Lieut. Governor proposed to the Assembly, (viz.): Gentlem": Having at your first sitting proposed for raising of money for passing of yor Laws in England, least by reason of want of due application your Laws be rejected; desire your answer to the same.

The Assembly answered, they had considered what proposed ; but find the Province was not capable to raise more money at present.

The Lieut. Governor proposed, if Boston should not send men, whether he should write to the King for men.

Refused to answer.

The Lieut. Govern" ordered the Letter sent to Lieut. Govern' Stoughton with the minitt of Council of Octob* 30th, at Hampton, to be read as followeth.

Desired by the Board that aplication might be made to Lieut. Govern' Stoughton for 25 men to be sent from that [P. XXVII.] Government for his maj'ty's service & security of the frontiers of this Province ; paying their part of wages according to former agreement.


October 30th Honorable Sir: This day in Council, as per minute inclosed, the Board desired your Honor's favor for the service of his maj’ty & securitie of this Province, upon the terms formerly agreed, that your Hon' would be pleased to order 25 men for the same. Sir, please to let me have an answer by the Express sent, desiring the same wth all expedition may be dispatch'; in which you will oblige your most humble servant,

J. U. Lieut. Govern' Stoughton's Letter, 7th November, in answer to this Board of October 30th, was read to both Houses (viz.):

Hon'ble Sirs: I am commanded by the Houble the Lieut. Governor, to acquaint you he has advised with the proposals made by yourselves for 25 men which you desire may be sent for the securitie of the Frontiers within your Province, you paying a part of their wages according to former agreements, and to assure you the same readiness is in himself & the Gentlen of the Council here to give you what assistance they reasonably may (as they have always been) for defense of his Maj’tys interest with you as need shall require. But on consideration of the great standing charge of this Province, wch is almost insupportable, and the many advantages wch yo? Province has, and considerable number of men above what are in the remote parts of this, Its thought not so equal a proposition that y' Frontiers be enforced at the charge of yr neighbors, who are already so greatly oppressed with the fatigue of the war, besides the difficulty there is in raising men here, so many being wasted by the war, sickness and other calamities, and removed into other parts. Some of ye towns, especially Hampton, are numerous in men and not so exposed but that there may be drawn thence, for the defence of the frontiers as a constant guard. What shall be farther necessary to relieve you if the enemy come to press upon you, will be cheerfully afforded upon application from y'selves. By comd of his Honor the Lieut. Govern", &c.

ISA: ADDINGTON, Secry'. The Lower House being withdrawn, the Lieut. Govern" asked the Board if they had any thing to offer. The Board were silent.

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