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Romer, and dated at Roxbury, 224 Novber, 1703, setting forth that he desired Col. Romer to see the Lieut. Governor in Council at his coming away, and acquaint them what was done at the fort, and what was a doing, and prayed that the order may be sacred, the money for the fort untouched, but by said Col. Romer's orders or warrant, &c.

Col. Romer appearing at this Board, made the following speech, viz.:

May it please your Honors,—I was ordered by his Excellency Joseph Dudley, Esq., Governor, &c., for to repair the fort Wm and Mary, so that it might be secured as a defense from any surprise, and that the Province of New Hampshire to that end had allowed 500lbs in money and 500lbs in labor, and that they had made some progress in it; but that the severity of the winter had obliged them to leave off. And whereas the 500lbs in money, raised by the Assembly, was delivered in all sorts of Provisions to the Treasurer, according to the Act made for that end, but said provisions not being to be sold for the prices mentioned in said Act, but much lower, according to market price; there was given to the Treasurer, by order of the Council, 50lb abatement, so that there remained in the Treasurer's hand but 450lbs; that the 500lbs in labor would soon consume the 450lbs, and that they had already consumed upwards of 261hs, and had not done full eight pounds' worth of work, which said Col. Romer desired this Honorable Board to take into serious consideration.

[P. 139.] 2dly. Col. Romer acquainted this Board that it was customary in all parts of the world, as Germany, Denmark, Sweedland, Brandenburg, &c., that when the Country or General Court to their Prince or King did give or allow any sum of money for labor, that then the subjects did take provisions along with them for eight or ten days, according to the distance of their habitations; and then it would be reckoned as money; but it cannot here be reckoned so, because if this daily labor so proceed, it will soon consume the 450lbs. Therefore by consequence this Honorable Board may Judge that it is impossible to make a magazine for powder, and lodgings for 50 or 60 men, which I desire this Honorable Board also to consider seriously of.

zaly, Col. Romer further declared at this Board, that he had a year ago demonstrated to the Duke of Malbrough, the state and condition of this Province, and that it was impossible for them to make these fortifications, which his late Maj’ty was pleased to

order should be made; and that he requested the Duke of Malbrough to take it into his serious consideration.

And further said that it was now in due season and time that this Province should implore the Queen for her assistance; and requested that this Board desire his Excellency the Governor, and the Honorable the L Governor, for their concurrence in this matter.

And then Col. Romer took his leave of this Board, in order to depart next day for Boston.

Mr. George Jeffrey's acctts as Treasurer from June, 1695, to Sepbr, 1696, Amo to 9251b: 148: 74, and rest due to said Jeffrey, to balance 22:03:11, was read at this Board, and he produced his vouchers and receipts for all payments therein mentioned ; which was approved and allowed of by this Board.

Adja till to morrow morning, 10 of the clock.

[P. 110.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council and General Assembly,
held by adjt on Wednesday, the sth
Xber, 1703.

The Honble John Usher, Lt Governor,
Robert Elliott,

George Jaffrey, E
Peter Coffin,

qrs. Sam! Penhallow,

John Plaisted, Esq. An estimate of the Province Debts, amo to 450 lbs., was sent from this Board to the House of Representatives.

Mr. Joseph Smith, formerly Treasurer of this Province, brought in his acotts to this Board from 29th Sepbr, 1696, to the 234 Jan", 1696-7, and from 9th January, 1698-9, to Aug 7, 1699, and produced his vouchers and receipts for all payments; and swore to the truth of his acctts, which was allowed and approved of.

Mr. Nath' Hill brought up to this Board from the House

of Representatives an answer to the Lt Governor's speech as foll., viz.: – To the Honorable John Usher, Lieut. Governor of her Majesty's Province of New Hampshire, the answer of the Representatives to the speech your Honor was pleased yesterday to make to the Assembly.

As to her most sacred Maj’ty that now Rightfully sits upon the Throne, we have had so ample a character from his Excellency, the Governor, that we account it the greatest happiness of the age we live in to be under the influence and government of so great, good and glorious a Queen; and shall constantly pray that her Maj’ty's Reign over us may be long and prosperous, resolving in all things to behave ourselves as becomes dutiful and loyal subjects.

As to the frontier garrisons, we believe they may be in some danger, but we are not capable of sustaining the charge of supplying all with soldiers; besides the committee of Militia in the several towns are impowered by law to look after and order those affairs.

[P. 141.] As to her Maj'ty's fort on Great Island, His Excellency the Governor, seeing the condition thereof, did move the late Assembly to take care that it might be made more defensible, who accordingly advanced 500 lbs. for that end; and as to men, we suppose the present season of the year will in some measure supply that want, there being on Great Island only the fort to do duty, and are humbly of opinion that the inhabitants on said Island may be sufficient to supply said fort with men for watching and warding, and not be burthened near so much as other places in this Province is; and for the want of powder, our agent, Major Wm Vaughan, was instructed to address her Maj’ty on our behalf for a supply, from whom we have yet had no perfect account of that matter.

As to the Treasurer's acctts, we had them lately laid before us by order of his Excellency, and have continued an Act for laying a Duty on lumber, &c., for another year; which we hope by the year's end will pay our Debts, and answer the necessary charges arising the mean time. And lastly, as to addressing her Maj’ty for a company of soldiers, &c., for the fort, we say, his Excellency the Governor, having been lately among us, and well acquainting himself with the state of the Province, fort, and all things concerning the same, we have prayed His Excellency to , represent our state and wants at large: And pray her Maj’ty's

favorable relief, which we presume is already done, or will be done by these ships: so need not give your Hon? any further trouble therein; but always acknowledge your Hon" favor and kindness, wherein you are disposed to promote the good and welfare of this her Maj'ty's Province.

December 8th, 1703.
Passed by the House of Representatives.

Saml. Thing, Cl.

His Hon" the L Governor required at this Board an acctt of what Major Vaughan, the agent for this Province, had done for this Province in England, relating to their addressing her Maj’ty for a supply of powder, &c.

This Board declared they have no acct from said Major Vaughan relating thereto.

[P. 142.] Ordered that Wednesday, the 29th instant, be set apart as a Thanksgiving day, &c., throughout this Prorince, for all mercies daily received, &c.; and that Mr. Samuel Penhallow, Mr. Nathaniel Rogers, minister, and Mr. Secretary Story, draw up proclamations accordingly.

Adja till to-morrow morning 10 of the clock.

Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council and General Assembly held at
Portsmo by adjt on Thursday, the gth day of
December, 1703.

The Honble John Usher, Esq., Lieut. Governor,
Peter Coffin,

e Sam' Penhallow, / George Jeffrey, jusqus. Henry Dow, Esqls.

John Plaisted, Esq. Mr. Nath' Hill brought up the petition of Capt. Robert Eason to this Board from the House of Representatives, with a vote that he pay two barrels of powder for this voyage.

Consented to by the Council, and ordered that the Secretary make out an order to the Treasurer accordingly.

Mr. Secretary Story was sent as a message by the L' Governor to the House of Representatives, in order to deliver in writing to that Board these foll. words, viz. :

Pursuant to her Maj’ty's instructions, whereas there is no power given in her Maj’ty's commission to execute martial law in time of peace, upon soldiers in pay by her Majesty; I therefore recommend to you, the Assembly, (that if not already done) you prepare such Act or Law for the preserving of good discipline amongst soldiers that the same may be sent home to her Majesty.

John USHER, L' Governor.

[P. 143.] It appearing in the Treasurer's acetts in the year 1701, that he paid Lieut. Governor Partridge, per order, being voted as part of his disbursement for said Province, 100 lbs., Mr. Secretary Story was sent down to the House of Representatives to know whether they have a particular account of Mr. Partridge's disbursement amo to the said 100 lbs.

The House of Representatives say they have no acctts of Mr. Partridge's disbursements about the 100 lbs., &c.

Ordered, that Henry Dow, George Jeffrey and Joseph Smith, Esqrs., formerly Treasurers in this Province, be allowed five pounds per cent. for paying and receiving, having produced their acctts at this Board, and fairly dis charged themselves of their payments by sufficient vouches and receipts, having not formerly taken out their warrants from the Governor or Lieut. Governor for payment of said five pounds per cent.

Adj" till two of the clock post Merediem, to-morrow.

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