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be), do therefore in behalf of said town and all the Province, offer to your Hon" consideration these things, hoping that care may be taken about said Indians, for the safety of her Maj’ty's subjects in this Province, and that such orders may by your Hon" be given to the Commission Officers in the Province for those ends, as shall be by you thought most fit.

By order, Henry Dow, Clerk pro tempore. Read at the Council Board, and ordered that care be taken accordingly.

Chas. Story, Secretary. Vote sent up from ditto, viz: Whereas his Excellency the Honble JOSEPH DUDLEY, is daily expected to take upon him the Government of this Province, and the Honble Wm Partridge being desired to entertain him at his house:

VotedThat the said Wm Partridge, Esq., be paid out of the publick Treasury, for what charge or expense he may be at in entertaining him.

Theodore Attkinson, Clerk. Read at the Council Board, allowed and approved of.

Chas. Story, Secretary, Adja till the first Tuesday in August next.


Laws of the Province of New-Hampshire, from

1692 to 1702.
Lieut.-Governor JOHN USHER,
Lieut.-Governor William PARTRIDGE,
Governor The EARLE OF BELLOMONT (1).

(NOTE BY THE EDITOR.] Three several MS. copies of these Laws are found in the office of the Secretary of State, but somewhat differently arranged. The copy which follows, by the Editor, is for the most part a transcript of the oldest, or what appears to be the original copy, but revised and arranged agreeably to a copy wade bs the late John Farmer, Esq., and certified by Hon. Thomas Treadwei, formar Secretary of State. These Laws, with the exception of a few which will be duly noted, have never before been printed. For the sake of reference they are numbered.

Province of New Hampshire.

Att a Generall Assembly held at Ports mouth, in yo Province aforesaide, on ye first Tuesday in October, 1692.

No. 1. An det for ye Suporte of ye Government, Repairing fortificutions, strengthing the frontiers, fc.

Wee their Majesties moste Loyall & dutifull subjects, Representatives of this their Majesties Province, contened in general assembly, being sensible of the greate charge & expenses weh have allready arrisen & must nessesarily bee dayly growing and Increasing, in defending & securing of

(1) The four last of the following Laws were passed subsequent to the death of Gov. Bellomont, under the administration of Lt. Gov. Partridge.

their Majesties' subjects & interest, and in prosecuting yoo war against there French & Indian enemies, have cheerfully & unanimously given & granted, & doe hereby give & grante unto there Most Excellent Majlies their heres & successors, to ye end & Intent afores', & for ye defraving of other nesseary & contingent charges in & aboute ye supporte of ye Government of this theire Majesties' Province, those sererall assessments following, & humbly beeseech there Vajties to except of ye same:

Bee it therefore Enacted & ordained, by the Authority of pe same, That a rate be forthwith made on all p’sons & Estates boath real & p'sonall, (there Majesties' Counsill, settled ministers & schoolmasters only excepted) in equall proportion as hereafter exprest : That ye Treasurer for ye time being, doe forth with send forth his warrants to ye Constables & Selectmen of every Towne within ye saide province, requiring the Constables to call together the Inhabitants of the Townes, who being soe assembled, shall choose some one of saide Inhabitants to bee a Commissioner for the Towne, who together wth ye selectmen shall make a list of all ye male p’sons in ye same town, from sixtene years old & upwards, & a trew estimation of all reall & pisonal Estates, being or reputed to bee the state of all & every yo p’sons in the saide town, or any peculiar in ye province or otherwise, under their custody or management, to se just valuation, & to what p’son yo same doth belong, whether in their one towne or clsewhere, so near as they cane hy all lawful means which they may use, to save of houses or Lands of all sorts, as well broken up as other, except such as doe or shall lye Common, Mills, Ships, & all sorts of small vessels, merchandable goods, cranes,

haifs, & all sorts of cattle & other knowen Estates whatserer, att sea or on shoare : all which p’sons & estates are by pe selectmen & Commissioners to bee assessed & Rated as hereafter Exprest, riz: Every p'son aforesd (except before, excepted), all others, every male at one shilling six pence pr heal; and for all such p’sons as by ye advantage of there trades and arts are more inabled to help bare the publique charge then common Labourers & workmen are, as Buichers, Bakers, Brewers, Vitulars, Smiths, Carpenters, Taylers, Shoomakers, Joyners, Barbers, Millers & Masons, spill all other mannual p’sons & artificers, are to be rated for Returns and gaines proportionably unto other men for the produce of theire Estates, and for all such servants and children as take not wages there masters or parents shall paye for them; But such as take wages shall paye for themselves, & all & every p’son aforesaide (Except before excepted) shall bee assessed & rated at three pence in ye pound for every twenty shillings, boath p’sons & Estates that shall be found, according to ye rates of cattle hereafter mentioned ; ye Estate of all merchants, shop kepers and factors, shall be assessed by the Rule of common Èstimation, according to ye discression of ye assesors, having regard to there stock, being present to vew or not, in whose hand soever it bee; & if any such merchante find themselves over vallued & can make it appeare to ye assesors they are to be eased by them; if not, by ye next Courte of Quarter Sessions held in the Province ; & houses & lands of all sorts (except before excepted) shall be taxed at an equall and Indiferent vallue according to there worth, in the place wherein they lye; and all cattle to bee vallued, every Cow at fower years old and upwards, at fourty shillings, heffers & steers of three years old, at thirty shillings, and between one and two years old at twenty shillings; every ox at fower years old & upwards, at three pounds; every horse and mare of three yeares old and upwards at three pound, and between two and three years old at forty-five shillings ; of one years old at sixtene shillings ; every ewe sheepe above one years old at five shillings; every whether sheep above a year old, six shillings; every swine above a yeare old, at twelve shillings; all Cattle of all sorts under a year old are hereby exemted: The foregoing Act to stand in force for this particular Rate for this yeare & no longer, ye gd rate to be forth with collected & transmitted to ye Treasurer of ye Province, & to be p' in ye species d., ye prises following, viz: Merchantable pine boards at thirtysix shillings pr thousand ; Red Oak hhd. staves att twenty shillings pr thousand; White oak pipe staves at three pound pr thousand ; Beefe at two pence pr pound ; porke att three pence pr lb. ; Indian corne at three shillings pr bushell; wheate at five shillings pr bushell ; malte at three shillings pr bushell; good sound Pease at fower shillings pr bushel; fish and mackrill at price currante ; and whosoever will paye their rates in money shall bee abated one third parte, & ye Constable of ye severall Towns in ye Province are to collect all the above said Rates and transmit them to ye treasurer, and the charges of the Constable in sending in the rates to the Treasurer to be allowed on the Publique.

John USHER, Left. Govern",

RICHARD MARTAYNE, Speaker. Henry Penny, Depity Secretary.

No. 2. An Act concerning ye Prudentiall affairs of ye Towns in said Province.

Bee it Enacted by ye Leftenant Governour & Counsill, together with the Generall Assembly, & it is hereby enacted by ye authority of ye same: That it shall & maye bee lawfull for ye selectmen of each Towne wth in this Province, or the Major parte of them, wth ye approbation of one Justice of ye Peace, to convene ye freeholders of these Towns together, to consider, debate & conclude of such things as are neassary for ye prudentiall affairs of there town, as often as they shall finde occation ; & they or the major parte of them soe mett, to make such orders as they shall finde necessary for ye prudentiall concerns of there towns provided the penalty of any default made of such orders shall not exceed ye sume of twenty shillings ; & once in ye yeare to meet togeather to make choice of selectmen not exceeding ye number of seaven, to manage ye prudentiall affairs of there towns ; wch gd Selectmen are to see that there towns are provided wth a stock of powder, wch shall bee one barrel to every fifty souldiers, and shot proportionally, with flints : And it is further enacted by ye authority aforesaide, that ye freeholders soe mett shall make choice of meet p’sons for constables, & if ye p’son chosen shall refuse to serve, hee shall paye a fine ye sum of five pounds, one half to ye use of ye towne, & ye freeholders shall make choyce of another ; as allso to make choyce of overseers of ye poor, Packers of porke, beefe and Mackrill, sealers of Leather, Cullors of Staves ; to take care they be provided wth a schoolmaster not vitious in conversation : and it is further Enacted by yo authority afores", yt ye selectmen of each towne within this Province or ye major parte of them, wth a Justice of ye Peace, are Impowered to make assessments on ye visible Estates of ye Inhabitants, & of

parte as they shall prudentiall aclude of suche se Town

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