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[P. 36.] Island, we will contribute according to our utmost ability towards finding materials for the same; which we shall be more particular in, when your Excellency shall please to send us an estimate of the charge thereof: And this we account ourselves obliged to, as well in duty to his most Excellent Maj’ty as for our own preservation.

Wee only further presume to put your Excellency in mind that the fortifying Piscataqua River doth as much concern the Massachusetts as this Province, whose interest on that side the River is of much more value than ours on this, &c.

Then the L Governor adjourned the Council and Assembly till the 21 Tuesday in July next.

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Province of

At a Council and Gen" Assembly New Hampshire. ) held at Portsmo, by adjournment, on

Tuesday, the 9th July, ante merediem, 1700.

The Hon ble Wm Partridge, Esq., L Govern",

Robert Elliott, Esq., )
Peter Coffin, }

John Gerrish, Esq., S
Richard Waldron, Esq.
The Lt Govern" produced an estimate or computation,
which was sent from his Excellency Richard, Earle of
Bellomont, relating to materials for the building a new fort
on Great Island in Piscataqua River, was read to this
Board, and sent down to the House of Representatives per
Mr. Charles Story, Secretary.

The L Govern' likewise produced a copy of a petition of several masters of Coasting vessels and Lumber Carriers, which was sent from the Earle of Bellomont, being directed to him, relating to their being greatly oppressed by reason of the fees demanded and taken from them by the officers in the Province of New Hampshire, — was read at this Board.

[Pr. Rec. B. II, p. 241.1 To his Excellency, Richard, Earle of Bellomont, Capt. General and Governor in Chief of his Majesty's Provinces of the Massachusetts Bay, New York and New Hampshire:

The Petition of several Masters of coasting vessels and lumber carriers: Humbly sheweth,

That your petitioners, being frequently employed to make voyages from Boston and other ports in the river of Piscataqua, as well in places lying thereupon belonging to the Province of the Massachusetts Bay, as to towns and places thereon belonging to the Province of New Hampshire, for the fetching of boards aud lumber from thence, are greatly oppressed by reason of the fees demanded and taken from them by the officers in the said Province of New Hampshire, viz: Every vessel coming out of the said river is obliged to pay to the officers there ten shillings and six pence before such vessel can be permitted to pass the Fort on Great Island; which charges do sometime amount to near as much as the freight such vessel makes: and the same fees are not only exacted from vessels coming from places in the said Prov. ince of the New Hampshire, but also from vessels coming from places in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay which lve upon Piscataqua river aforesaid, altho' one half of said river belongs to the Province of the Massachusetts Bay.*

Your petitioners therefore humbly pray your Excellency to give orders to the officers in the said Province of New Hampshire, to take such fees only as your Excellency shall judge reasonable for coasting vessels and lumber carriers going into the said Province, and not to demand or exact any thing from vessels coming out of said river of Piscataquia from places belonging to the said Proyince of the Massachusetts Bay.

And your petitioners shall ever pray, &c.
Joseph Hood, Henry Collins, Thomas Newman,
Sam' Dutch, Dan' Wair,

Steph. Ackerman,
Wm Sargent,

Johu Haman, Edward Poor, The marke X of Elias Elwell, Sam" Stephens. Henry Numan, James Sanswood,

[No date.] [P. 37.] Wm Partridge, Jun", gave in his account to this Board, amounting to 188, for riding and going to each town

* Massschusetts claimed to the middle of Piscataqua river. The dispute about the boundary line between New Hampshire and Massachusetts was not settled tinally until 1741. Seo Belk. Farm. pp. 257-259. -- ED.

in the Province to get a list of the soldiers and officers of the militia to be sent to his Excellency; was passed and allowed.

Ordered, that the Secretary make out an order to the Treasurer for the same.

Mr. Samuel Winckley's petition was read at this Board, relating to the importing 41 tearces of Rum, about one year 1-2 ago into this River, and 25 Hogsheads of Molasses, and paid full duties for the same ; But some small time afterwards exported 21 tearces of Rum out again of said River, and 13 hogsheads of molasses.

Ordered, that if it appear by the officers' Books, that such duty was fully paid, and that such quantities of liquor and molasses was exported, as alledged in said petition, that then the said Sam" Winckley have his draw-back allowed, as the law directs.

Mrs. Elizabeth Harvey's petition was read, relating to her keeping the Post-office, and desiring abatem of her excise, as for keeping a Publick House.

Whereas his Excellency, the Earle of Bellomont, our Govern', has been pleased to recommend to the L Govern? and Council, the consideration of some addition to be made to the Secretary's Salary:

Ordered, that considering Mr. Charles Story, the present Secretary, for his extraordinary service in transcribing the Laws, Minutes of Council, &c., to send for England, that he be allowed twelve pounds for his said service the year past, besides the accustomed salary of twelve pounds per annum.

Jonathan Wadleigh and Nichos Gordin, their petition relating to a Rate formerly made in the year 1696-7 for the building a meeting house at Exeter, and said Rate being not fully paid by reason of the Poverty of the people, petitioned for address [?] was read at this Board and sent down to the House of Representatives by Mr. Charles Story, Secretary.

Adjourned till to-morrow morning 10 of the clock.

[P. 38.] Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council and Gener'l Assembly held by
adjournment, at Portsmo the 10th of July,
Ante Merediem, anno Dmi., 1700.

The Honble Wm Partridge, Esq., Lt Govern",
Peter Coffin, Esq., John Gerrish, Esq.,

Richard Waldron, Esq. There not being a full Council, the L Govern" was pleased to adjourn the Council till to-morrow morning, 10 of the clock.

Province of New Hampshire.

At a Council and Gen" Assembly, held at
Portsmo by adjournment, on Thursday,
the 11th of July, 1700, Ante merediem.

The Honble Wm Partridge, Esq., Lt Govern",
Nath' Fryar, 1

Peter Coffin, lEsors.
Robert Elliott,

John Gerrish, ) Richard Waldron, Esq. Mr. Nath' Hill. brought up to this Board from the House of Representatives, an estimate made by them of what the materials for building a fort or castle on Great Island, proposed by Col. Romer, will amount to when brought to the place, being £8204:01s:04d, as upon file, was read.

[Pr. Rec. B. II., p. 244.] Pursuant to your Excellency's order, I have, according to the best of my judgment, put down what materials there will be necessary for building a Fort upon the neck of Great Island, near New Castle in Piscataqua river: 14,784 cart-loads of quarry stones, 49,280 bushels of Newbury marble lime stones, 24,640 bushels of sharp fresh water sand, one third part of that

number finer sand for the brick work, 22,000 bricks of 10, 5 and 24 inches, 3,592 bushels of Newbury lime for the use of the bricks.

Scaffolding Timber. 200 spars, one half of 16, and the other 24 foot long, 600 planks of 15 foot long and 2 inches thick, 200 pieces of 5 foot long, 4 and 5 inches thick.

For the Vaults. 2000 deals of 14 foot long and 14 inches thick, 64 pieces of 124 foot long, and 7 and six inches thick, 4000 foot of ribbs, 4 and 5 inches thick; 'tis no matter if they be

of all sorts of length, and any slabs that come from the blocks will serve for the moddles of the vaults.

W. ROMER. [Pr. Rec. B. II., p. 249.1 An estimate of what those materials for building Fort or Castle on Great Island, taken by Col. Romer, will amount to when brought to said place:

£ $. d. 1*. 14,784 Cart loads of quarry stone brought to

the place will cost 68 per load, which

amounts to . . . . . . 4,435: 4: 0 2d. 49,280 bush. Newbury marble lime at 150 per

bush., . . . . . . . 3,080: 08: 0 34. 24,640 bush. of sharp fresh water sand, at 1d per bush.,

126: 10: 0 4th. To $ of fine sand at ld per bush. brought in

place, . . . . . . . 042: 3: 4 5th. 22,000 brick brought to sd place at 208 per M, .. 220: 00:0 6th. 3,592 bush. Newbury lime at 150 per bush. at sa

place, . . . . . . . 173: 12: 0 7th. 200 spars at 120 per spar, . .

10: 00: 0 geh. 600 of plank, engaged to be 12,000 foot at £4, . 48: 00:0 gth. 200 pieces of 5 foot long, 4 and 5 inches, . . 03: 00: 0 104. 2,000 deals, engaged to be 40 thousand foot, . 50: 00: 0 116. 64 pieces of 12 foot ó long and 6 and 7 inches, 03: 04: 0 12h. 4,000 foot of ribbs, 4 and 5 inches, . . . 06: 00 : 0

£8,204: 01 04 By order of the Assembly,

HENRY Dow, Clerk pro tempore.

(Note. Another estimate makes the cost, £6,105 :14:08. Both estimates laid before his Ex. Earle of Bellomont.-E.]

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