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Like natural sculpture in cathedral cavern;
The frozen God still couchant on the earth,
And the sad Goddess weeping at his feet :
Until at length old Saturn lifted up
His faded eyes, and saw his kingdom gone,
And all the gloom and sorrow of the place,
And that fair kneeling Goddess; and then spake,
As with a palsied tongue, and while his beard
Shook horrid with such aspen-malady:
“O tender spouse of gold Hyperion,

95 “ Thea, I feel thee ere I see thy face ; “ Look

up, and let me see our doom in it; Look up, and tell me if this feeble shape Is Saturn's; tell me, if thou hear'st the voice “ Of Saturn; tell me, if this wrinkling brow, “ Naked and bare of its great diadem, “ Peers like the front of Saturn. Who had power “ To make me desolate ? whence came the strength ? “How was it nurtur'd to such bursting forth, “ While Fate seem'd strangled in my nervous grasp ? 105 “ But it is so ; and I am smother'd up, And buried from all godlike exercise “ Of influence benign on planets pale, « Of admonitions to the winds and seas, “Of peaceful sway above man's harvesting, “ And all those acts which Deity supreme “ Doth ease its heart of love in.-I am gone

Away from my own bosom: I have left ' My strong identity, my real self, “Somewhere between the throne, and where I sit 115 “Here on this spot of earth. Search, Thea, search ! "Open thine eyes eterne, and sphere them round " Upon all space : space starr'd, and lorn of light;

Space region'd with life-air ; and barren void ;


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Spaces of fire, and all the yawn of hell.Search, Thea, search ! and tell me, if thou seest “ A certain shape or shadow, making way " With wings or chariot fierce to repossess “ A heaven he lost erewhile : it must-it must “Be of ripe progress-Saturn must be King.

125 “ Yes, there must be a golden victory; “ There must be Gods thrown down, and trumpets blown “Of triumph calm, and hymns of festival

Upon the gold clouds metropolitan, “Voices of soft proclaim, and silver stir

130 “Of strings in hollow shells; and there shall be “ Beautiful things made new, for the surprise “Of the sky-children; I will give command : “ Thea ! Thea ! Thea! where is Saturn?"



This passion lifted him upon his feet, And made his hands to struggle in the air, His Druid locks to shake and ooze with sweat, His eyes to fever out, his voice to cease. He stood, and heard not Thea's sobbing deep; A little time, and then again he snatch'd Utterance thus.—" But cannot I create ? “ Cannot I form? Cannot I fashion forth “ Another world, another universe, To overbear and crumble this to nought? Where is another chaos? Where?”—That word Found way unto Olympus, and made quake The rebel three.-Thea was startled up, And in her bearing was a sort of hope, As thus she quick-voic'd spake, yet full of awe.


“This cheers our fallen house: come to our friends, " O Saturn ! come away, and give them heart; 151

I know the covert, for thence came I hither.”
Thus brief; then with beseeching eyes she went
With backward footing through the shade a space :
He follow'd, and she turn'd to lead the way
Through aged boughs, that yielded like the mist
Which eagles cleave upmounting from their nest.


Meanwhile in other realms big tears were shed, More sorrow like to this, and such like woe, Too huge for mortal tongue or pen of scribe : 160 The Titans fierce, self-hid, or prison-bound, Groan'd for the old allegiance once more, And listen’d in sharp pain for Saturn's voice. But one of the whole mammoth-brood still kept His sov'reignty, and rule, and majesty ;

165 Blazing Hyperion on his orbed fire Still sat, still snuff'd the incense, teeming up From man to the sun's God; yet unsecure : For as among us mortals omens drear Fright and perplex, so also shuddered he

170 Not at dog's howl, or gloom-bird's hated screech, Or the familiar visiting of one Upon the first toll of his passing-bell, Or prophesyings of the midnight lamp; But horrors, portion'd to a giant nerve,

175 Oft made Hyperion ache. His palace bright Bastion’d with pyramids of glowing gold, And touch'd with shade of bronzed obelisks, Glar'd a blood-red through all its thousand courts, Arches, and domes, and fiery galleries;

180 And all its curtains of Aurorian clouds Flush'd angerly : while sometimes eagle's wings, Unseen before by Gods or wondering men, Darken'd the place; and neighing steeds were heard,

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195 la mithin each aisie and deep recess 1!indricos in close cresters stood, said and fail of fear; bike anxious rien vir onde pairs gather in panting troops, "un earthquakes jar their battlements and towers. 200 La nou, while Saturn, rous'd from icy trance, Veit step for step with Thea through the woods, liy rrion, leaving twilight in the rear, Came slope upon the threshold of the west; Then, as was wont, his palace-door flew ope In smoothest silence, save what solemn tubes, Blown by the serious Zephyrs, gave of sweet And wandering sounds, slow-breathed melodies ; And like a rose in vermeil tint and shape, In fragrance soft, and coolness to the eye, That inlet to severe magnificence Stood full blown, for the God to enter in.



lle enter'd, but he enter'd full of wrath ;
Hlis flaming robes stream'd out beyond his heels,
And gave a roar, as if of earthly fire,
That scar'd away the meek ethereal Hours
And made their dove-wings tremble. On he flared,





From stately nave to nave, from vault to vault,
Through bowers of fragrant and enwreathed light,
And diamond-paved lustrous long arcades,
Until he reach'd the great main cupola;
There standing fierce beneath, he stampt his foot,
And from the basements deep to the high towers
Jarr'd his own golden region; and before
The quavering thunder thereupon had ceas'd,
His voice leapt out, despite of godlike curb,
To this result: “O dreams of day and night!
“O monstrous forms! O effigies of pain !
“O spectres busy in a cold, cold gloom !
“O lank-ear'd Phantoms of black-weeded pools !
“Why do I know ye? why have I seen ye? why
“Is my eternal essence thus distraught
"To see and to behold these horrors new ?
“Saturn is fallen, am I too to fall ?
“Am I to leave this haven of my rest,
* This cradle of my glory, this soft clime,
"This calm luxuriance of blissful light,
“ These crystalline pavilions, and pure fanes,
“Of all my lucent empire? It is left
‘Deserted, void, nor any haunt of mine.
“The blaze, the splendor, and the symmetry,
“I cannot see—but darkness, death and darkness.
“Even here, into my centre of repose,
“The shady visions come to domineer,

Insult, and blind, and stifle up my pomp.-
“Fall!—No, by Tellus and her briny robes!
“Over the fiery frontier of my realms
“I will advance a terrible right arm

Shall scare that infant thunderer, rebel Jove, “And bid old Saturn take his throne again." He spake, and ceas'd, the while a heavier threat







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