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Hepatic Vein

Left Ventricle

Abdominal Aorta

Hepatir Veins

External hac

Left hypog'istrir Arter

Lessels to the interbeltof Bode

Right Ventricle



Right & Left

Common iliac.

Portal Vein


bilical Arterios


Umbilical struct

Rught hypogostring

Internal ilior Arie

A compend of diseases of children

Marcus Patten Hatfield



Price of Each Book, Cloth, $3.00; Leather, $3.50.

No. 1. SURGERY. Manual of the Practice of Surgery. By Wm. J.

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Guy's Hospital, London, etc. 227 Mc Lug'aving "The illustrations are mostly new and well executed, and we heartily commend this book as far superior to any manual upon this subject."-Archives of Gynæcology, New York.

“Sensible, practical and complete.”—Medical Brief.

“I have carefully read it over, and, as a teacher of midwifery, I consider the book ought to become one of the recognized text-books; the treatment and pathology of the various subjects treated are clear and concise."-J. Algernon Temple, m D., Prof. of Midwifery, and Gynæcology, Trinity Medical School, Toronto. No. 4. PHYSIOLOGY. Fourth Edition. By GERALD F. Yeo, M.D.,

F.R.C.s., Professor of Physiology in King's College, London. Fourth

American from Second English Edition. 321 carefully printed Illustrations. “The work will take a high rank among the smaller text-books of Physiology.”Prof. H. P. Bowditch, Harvard Medical School.

“By his excellent manual, Prof. Yeo has supplied a want which must have been felt by every teacher of Physiology.The Dublin Journal of Medical Science.

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P. BLAKISTON, SON & Co., Publishers and Booksellers,



University of Breslau. Translated from the Fourth German Edition by EDGAR F. SMITH, M.A., PH. D., Professor of Chemistry, Wittenberg College, Springfield, O., formerly in the Laboratories of the University of Pennsyl

vania, etc. Illustrated. I must say that this standard treatise is here presented in a remarkably compendious shape."-J. W. Holland, M.D., Professor of Chemistry, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia.

“This work brings the whole matter, in simple, plain language, to the student in a clear, comprehensive manner. The whole method of the work is one that is more readily grasped than that of older and more famed text-books, and we look forward to the time when, to a great extent, this work will supersede others, on the score of its better adaptation to the wants of both teacher and student."- Pharmaceutical Record. No. 6. CHILDREN. Second Edition. Illustrated. By J. F. Good

HART, M.D., Physician to the Evelina Hospital for Children; Assistant Physician to Guy's Hospital, London. American Edition. Revised and Edited by Louis STARR, M.D., Clinical Professor of Diseases of Children in the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania; Physician to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. With Illustrations, 50 Formulæ, and Directions for preparing Artificial Human Milk, for the Artificial Digestion

of Milk, etc. "Nothing that concerns disease as found in childhood seems to have escaped the author's attention. From introduction to the end it is replete with valuable information, and one reads it with the feeling that Dr. Goodhart is writing of what he has seen at the bedside. It need scarcely be added that the revisions and additions by the American editor are of much value, neither too full nor too spare, and very judicious.” - Journal of the American Medical Association. No. 7. PRACTICAL THERAPEUTICS. Fourth Edition. With

an Index of Diseases. By ED. JOHN WARING, M.D., F.R.C.P. Rewritten and Revised. Edited by DUDLEY W. BUXTON, Assistant to the Professor

of Medicine, University College Hospital, London. "Our admiration, not only for the immense industry of the author, but also of the great practical value of the volume, increases with every reading or consultation of it. We wish a copy could be put in the hands of every Student or Practitioner in the country. In our estimation, it is the best book of the kind ever written.”-N. Y. Medical Journal.

“It is, indeed, one of the most practical works that has ever attracted our attention. Combining the merits of Wood, Beck, Stillé, and the U. S. Dispensatory, it forms a volume which no young physician can afford to be without.”- Chicago Medical Journal,

“This work is a monument of industry and perseverance. It is invaluable both to the Practitioner and Student."-Canada Medical Journal, No. 8. MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE AND TOXICOLOGY.

Second Edition. By JOHN J. REESE, M.D., Professor of Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology, University of Pennsylvania, etc. Second Edition.

Enlarged. “The production of this admirable text-book by one of the two or three leading teachers of medical jurisprudence in America, will, we hope, give a new impetus to the study of forensic medicine, which, inviting and important as it is, has heretofore been strangely neglected in both legal and medical schools."-American Journal of the Medical Sciences.

“We heartily second the author's hope that this treatise may encourage an increasing interest in the students for that most important, but too much neglected, subject, forensic medicine."--Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.

We lay this volume aside, after a careful perusal of its pages, with a profound impression that it should be in the hands of every doctor and lawyer. It fully meets the wants of all students.

He has succeeded in admirably condensing into a handy volume all ihe essential points.- Cincinnati Lancet and Clinic

*** Other Volumes in Preparation. A complete illustrated circular, with sample pages, sent free, upon application.

Price of Each Book, Cloth, $3.00; Leather, $3.50.

P. BLAKISTON, SON & CO., Publishers and Booksellers,



FROM PROF. J. M. DACOSTA.-"I find it an excellent work, doing credit to the

learning and discrimination of the author."



Compact and concise, including all the Words and Phrases used in medicine, with Pronunciation and Definitions.

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Ophthalmic Surgeon to the Philadelphia

Hospital, Clinical Chief Ophthalmological Dept.,German Hospital, Philadelphia.


Small, Square 8vo, Half Morocco, as above,

NOT CONTAINED IN ANY with Thumb Index,


Plain Dark Leather, without Thumb Index, 3.25

Among others IT CONTAINS TABLES of the ARTERIES, of the Bacilli, giving the Name, Habitat, etc.; of GANGLIA, LEUCOMAÎNES, MICROCOCCI, MUSCLES, NERVES, PLEXUSES, PTOMAÏNES, with the Name, Formula, Physiological Action, etc.; COMPARISON OF THERMOMETERS; WEIGHTS AND MEASURES, of VITAL STATISTICS, etc.

OPINIONS OF PROMINENT MEDICAL TEACHERS. “ The compact size of this dictionary, its clear type, and its accuracy are unfailing pointers to its coming popularity.”John B. Hamilton, Supervising Surgeon-General U.S. Marine Hospital Service, Washington.

“It is certainly as convenient and as useful a volume as can be found, regarding contents as well as arrangement.”Julius Pohlman, Prof. of Physiology, University of Buffalo.

“I have examined it with considerable care, and am very much pleased with it. It is a handy book for reference, and so far as I have examined it, it is accurate in every particular.” -E. H. Bartley, Prof. of Chemistry, Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn.

“I consider this the dictionary of all others for the medical student, and shall see that it is placed on our list of text-books.-A. R. Thomas, M.D., Dean Hahnemann Medical College, Philadelphia

“ It will be recommended among our text-books in our new catalogue.”-S. E. Chaillé, M.D., Dean Medical Dept., Tulane University, New Orleans.

“Compact, exact, up to date, and the tables are most excellent and instructive. I prefer it to the larger and older books.”—Prof. C. B. Parker, Medical Dept., Western Reserve University, Cleveland.

“I have given your New Medical Dictionary'a critical examination. Its size has made it convenient to the study table and handy fo: frequent use. At the same time it is comprehensive as to the number of words, including those of the latest coinage, and concise in its definitions. The etymology and accentuation materially enhance its value, and help to make it worthy a place with the classical books of reference for medical students.”-J. W. Holland, M.D., Dean Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia.

The anaAr Students will find this an extremely useful book of reference. tomical tables will be of great use in memorizing the arteries, muscles, etc.

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