Cases Determined by the St. Louis, Kansas City and Springfield Courts of Appeals of the State of Missouri, Volume 172

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Page 676 - To constitute notice of an infirmity in the instrument or defect in the title of the person negotiating the same, the person to whom it is negotiated must have had actual knowledge of the infirmity or defect, or knowledge of such facts that his action in taking the instrument amounted to bad faith.
Page 59 - The mere fact of looking and listening is not always a performance of the duty incumbent upon the traveler, for he must also exercise care to make the act of looking and listening reasonably effective.
Page 388 - We do not agree with counsel for defendant that the court erred in admitting the evidence tending to show an oral agreement that plaintiff was to have a new machine. Such evidence cannot be considered as violating the well-settled rule that evidence of a contemporaneous oral agreement is inadmissible to- contradict or vary the terms of a written contract. When parties enter Into a written contract, they are presumed to have given expression therein to their entire agreement; but where the instrument...
Page 129 - Every corporation operating a railway shall be liable for all damages sustained by any person, including employees of such corporation, in consequence of the neglect of the agents, or by any mismanagement of the engineers or other employees...
Page 410 - Such notes, made payable to the order of the maker thereof, or to the order of a fictitious person, shall, if negotiated by the maker, have the same effect and be of the same validity as against the maker and all persons having knowledge of the facts as if payable to bearer.

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