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make compliance with your request im. possible. I shall be pleased, however, to contribute an article to some future number of your monthly. I note its establishment with interest and satisfac

Yours truly,

N. BatemAN.

journal. In the meantime, let my mi help in one way. I have only read # article upon Hawthorne; if all are equ to that, success is certain.

Yours truly,

Kate N. DOGGETT.-3


.Aurora, Jan. 14, 1869. Messrs. Reed & TUTTLE—Gentlemen: When I am through with some engagements that I have now on hand, I will comply with your request and write an article for your magazine. Wishing you much success, I am,



KEOKUK, Iowa, Jan. 15, 186923 EDITORS WESTERN MONTHLY-DA: Sirs: As a Western writer, as well reader, I am delighted to welcome first number of a Western literary me azine. It is true, as you say, that the is no adequate room for the productia --of Western pens in the journals of East, and it can scarcely be wondered that Western talent is coolly regarde and grudgingly paid, when so man gifted applicants crowd their verr doom

I hope the WESTERN MONTHLY prove ever fresh and vigorous, sparklin, and profound, even though my own offer ings thus fall under condemnation. I the enclosed is not desired, may I talis advantage of your kind offer and se quest its return?

Very truly yours,

Ann Arbor, Mich., Jan. 15, 1869. Messrs. Reed & Tuttle-Your favor of the 12th inst, is received, as well as copy of WESTERN MONTHLY, and I en tirely accord with you and with Mr. N. Sheppard on the subject of a Western outlet for Western thought. You have lusty and vigorous Eastern rivals, how ever, to compete with, and I am afraid you are putting the subscription price too low to enable you to compete successfully without pecuniary loss. You must be able to divert to your own channels the Western talent which is now employed -as far as it is employed — in contributing to the success of Eastern magazines. I know there are few Western contributors to the Eastern magazines, but the idea was suggested to me by my own partial engagement with Lippincott.

My engagements, however, for lectures, etc., will prevent my drawing up an article, I think, before the latter half of February, or later. Very truly yours,


Louisiana, Mo., Jan. 23, 1869. MESSRS. REED & TUTTLE—I have seen number one of your "number one magazine, and, while greatly fearing: 1 sincerely hope, it may succeed. In response to your invitation to Western writers, I send you two contributions, one, poetical, enclosed, and the other, & sketch, in wrapper. I have successfully fought the battle of a Western writer against Eastern favoritism, but I cane not forget now that I receive praises from those who once gave me only cold and often unjust criticisms; how I used to feel when my fledgelings were re. turned with only the top-knot (viz: the Western postmárk) examined. I feel sure all Western writers, who hare good memories, will wish you God speed. And I have a proposition to make. Let every Western "literateur," who has any influence, use it, in getting patronage for the WESTERN MONTALY. And let every Western editor, who wishes his own enterprise to succeed, give it a mighty boost monthly, till, like the monthly of the Atlantic, which seems to be its prototype, it no longer needs it.


Mrs. M. L. S. BURKE.

CHICAGO, THURSDAY, Jan. 14. Messrs. Reed & Tuttle-Dear Sirs: Yesterday I received your note con. taining the too flattering estimate of my abilities, by Prof. Boise. In reply would say, I should be glad to con tribute in any way to the success of a Western magazine, but it will be impossible to prepare an article for the next number. Later, when the work which now burdens me shall be finished, I will try to write something that may perhaps be acceptable for your


We welcome it as an encouraging sign in the literary firmament of the West. We have newspapers in profusion, but too few magazines devoted to solid literature.- Weckly Leader, Bloomington.

ILLINOIS. TEST of New York there is no literary monthly onblisbed. Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chiaro and St. Louis, all buy their magazine literaare from the East Western writers of ability are looz felt the need of this enterprise. If it $ 35€ made a success, it is the fault of Western rebolans and authors We most heartily recom

sad tais magazine to young men and young Indies. Subscribe for it; read it; give its publiebers pour test thoughts, and help to make it a NBCG.-Daily Pantagraph, Bloomington.

“EDUCATION of the Heart," by Schuyler Colfax, is a golden article, worth alone the price of the magazine. Journal, Nashville.

INDIANA. It is worth a place on every center-table in the northwest.-Republican, Williamsport.

TPoN . cursory examination of its literary Derits we are satisfied that it is in really good Laads.- Demactat, Allon.

THE magazine is printed in the finest style of the art preservative," and we commend it to our readers as eminently worthy their patronage.Vrtnern Illindian, Wheaton.

It is neatly printed, and gotten up with excellent care and taste, and its contents are well worth perusing. We wish the new enterprise success. Being a Western production of great merit, it should be bandsomely sustained. - Examiner, New Castle,

ÀYONG its contributors are some of the leading literary men and women of the West, and we feel af in saying that the WESTERN MONTHLY will be just what we bave long felt the need of, a publicabe which has for its object the development of Fester enterprise and intellect.-New Era, Car

The number we have seen gives promise of usefulness to the reader, as well as prosperity of the publishers. There is no reason why a publication of this description may not be a success in the West. The field is wide, and heretofore has been unoccupied.--Plaindealer, Wabash.

The initial number is filled with well written and carefully selected articles, the most prominent of which is a lecture by Hon. Schuyler Colfax, on the “Education of the Heart,” accompanied with an autograph letter.-Plaindealer, Anderson.

CHICAGO is the center of almost numberless liter. ary eaterprises, but none that we are more heartily in sopathy with than a movement just put on Lot for the poblication of a monthly magazine. TL-irst number is out, and in point of mechanical exication, as well as the character of its contents, it is most creditable beginning. We hope it may are the patronage that will make it as good a Earline az any in the country. The West bas the talent to make such a magazine, and the enterprise deserves to be supported by our people. Omiral luimian, Beardstoron.

MICHIGAN. We hail with pleasure the advent of a new magazine called the WESTERN MONTALY, devoted to literature, biography and the interests of the West, the first number of which has been issued this month by Reed & Tuttle, of Chicago. There is no good reason to be assigned why we should be “ provincial” and buy all our literature at the East; and, with the list of contributors already secured by the editors, the WESTERN MONTHLY seems destined to supply & want long felt by Western readers.- Eagle, Grand Rapids.

WE rejoice to see an effort made to develop Western talent, and trust the undertaking will prove decidedly successful.-Herald, Bronson.

A: Taz olject of this new publication is to furDit & medium for the development of Western

terary talents, it should and must receive a supfort that will enable its publishers to successfully

opete with their Eastern contemporaries. We Lelete that the West, superior in enterprise and predive ideas, is not deficient in esthetical and litary tastes. We have men and women of large tranfire culture and splendid attainments, whose Witage will not be excelled anywhere for chaste342 parity of style, and solidity. With their

istance, we cannot see why a Western magazine had oot be more attractive to Westeru men and women than any of the Eastern publications. Then let os give the WESTERN MONTALY a helping hand, so kung as it is a true representative of Westen character.- Sentinel, Woodstock.

It is nicely printed and well filled with instructive and interesting reading matter. - Demoocrat, Grand Rapids.

OHIO. TIE article entitled, “ Education of the Heart," by Hon. Schuyler Colfax, is one of the finest things we ever read-nothing nicer appears in any of the Eastern pnblications, (and we have most all of them on our table,) than this article; nor is this the only one that is meritorious.-Union, Port Clinton,

TBx contents of the first number are of a first cines e baracter, biography, science, history, fiction and poetry each finding a place in the well-filled sages.-Union, Rock Island.

The literary matter is high-toned, and written by the most popular authors in the land.-Union, Wapakoneta.

W bave before we the first number of this new cundidate for public favor, and, after a careful Darusal of its contente, we have no hesitation in a Tarding it a conspicuous place among the leading publications of the country. In its chief features, bucever, the WESTERN MONTHLY has broken Treml and occupies a field entirely and excluVrly its own. Its table of contents is rich and Tarkling, varied and interesting, healthy and taeful, The Great West should feel a pride in the Dew magazine, and manifest a becoming interest is its prosperity.-Democrat, Centralia.

THE publishers are entitled to the thanks of the reading public for publishing Schuyler Colfax's address on the “Education of the Heart," delivered at the commencement exercises of the Aurora (II.) Seminary. This address alone is worth a year's subscription to the magazine, independent of the many other good things published in the first number,Chronicle, St. Clairsville.

CHICAGO. We wish it success in its efforts to secure pabu favor, and the names of its conductors and cot tributors are sufficient guarantee that it will de serve it.-Republican.

MISSOURI. We have received the initial number of this new candidate for public favor, and we must say, without disparaging the claims of others, the WESTERN MONTHLY is a superior publication, both in matter and appearance, and supplies a want long felt of a number one magazine published and sustained at the West. A glance at the contents, of which we give below a synopsis, will satisfy any one of the fact that topics of no small importance are to re. ceive treatment in its pages, upon which is engaged some of the finest literary talent, of both male and fernale, the West affords.-Gazette, Brookfield.

The initial number of a new magazine, entita the WESTERN MONTHLY, has just been launche upon the great sea of American literature. lfit subsequent numbers prove equal to the first, thi new candidate for public favor will surely meri success, and we hope it may meet with it, a they will if they will only set their standar high. Other similar attempts have failed, not be cause the Western people would not sustain a first class home magazine, but because there was not to support. There is but one Collyer, but then are other writers of great merit, and we belief the WESTERN will be laden with the products o their brains. The initial number certainly give promise of a brilliant career.- Evening Journal

It is the very thing that is needed. It is well gotten up, and ably edited. We have examined it with much pleasure.- Eagle, Booneville.

Those who desire a magazine, equal to the Allantic in many respects, and superior in some respects, should at once subscribe for the WESTERN MONTHLY.-Times, Weston.

IT presents a neat and finished appearance, and is filled with choice and instructive reading. It is devoted to the interests of the West, and will supply a want long felt by Western readers.--Herald, Shelbina.

THERE are several commendable features aboa this initial number of the WESTERN, and we wishi success.- Post.

WISCONSIN. This magazine fills a vacuum that has long been felt; & journal devoted to the interests of the West and Western men, edited and compiled with the ability of European or Eastern periodicals. No man who recognizes the influence of hightoned and progressive literature, should fail to support this able journal.- Post, Appleton.

It is, as its title affirms, devoted to literature, biography and the interests of the West. Tot is a field broad enough to occupy the attention of the ablest pens, and we wish the publishers ab und ant success in their undertaking. There ie 10 good reason why a Western magazine should not be liberally sustained, and if Western writers will improve the invitation extended to them, to give it their best contributions for a liberal compos tion, and Western readers patronize home produo tions, this magazine will realize the most sanguine expectations of its publishers.--The Sorosis.

Its literary merits are of the first water, and cannot but help being recognized as a first-class Western production.-Ledger, Sun Pruirie.

MISCELLANEOUS. We find it an invaluable magazine, and just the thing that is needed in the West.-Nemaha Fancy Journal, Nebraska.

We take pleasure in recommending the WESTERN MONTHLY to our friends as being a very useful publication. Its literary contents outvie any enterprise of the kind in the Western States. The best, and a really well written article, is the notice of “Hawthorne," by Rev. Robert Collyer. It would do credit to any periodical, wherever published.--Democrat, Madison.

Its contents show care and ability, and we see to reason why it should not receive a liberal support. The price is only two dollars per year; just half that of the leading Eastern magazines.- News, Denver, Colorado.

THE magazine shows a strong hand and, we pre sume, will add anot ber to the list of really succes ful periodicals.-Tribune, Denver City, Co.

IOWA. We are glad to welcome this new monthly to our table. The West has now that degree of wealth, culture and independence which will render it safe to depend upon it as a supporter of a monthly magazine devoted to literature and science. Heretofore we have depended upon the East, even as in earlier periods the whole country depended upon Europe, for its literature. We hope this magazine will receive the support it merits. The finest article of the whole number is the critique of “Hawthorne," by Robert Collyer.Republican, Toledo.

The first number surely promises well, and makes a good show of Western vim as well as Western talent.--Liberal Christian, N.}. Caty.

The articles are a credit to the literature of any country. The January number gives promise that the task proposed will be ably and thoroughly performed. Western people are large-hearted and liberal and they cannot fail to give this new, commendable and needed enterprise, a more than libe ral support. Begin with the first number.-Re publican, Vermillion, Dakota, Ter.

TAE number before us is a model of typographic neatness, gotten up something after the style of the Allantic Monthly, and is teeming full of interesting and instructive matter. The West should sustain a magazine of its own, and we trust the WESTERN MONTHLY will receive that liberal patronage which this, the initial number, indicates it is every way worthy of.-Times, Cedar Rapids.

THERE is no other magazine in the West of like classical character and pretention, and we hope that this literary enterprise of the Mississippu. valley will meet with a welcome and encouraging reception.-Journal, Fremont, Ohio.

We have long felt the want of such a periodical, and in this our wants are supplied. The WESTERN MONTHLY should be in the hands of every Western reader.--Herald, Carroll City.

It is worth the money. The twelve number: bound will make a pretty volume of readable matter. Constitution, Warren, Ohio.

ITs corps of writers already includes many of the best in the country, and to literary persons in all callings it will be a valuable visitor.-Sentinel, Osceola.

Tue first number, though by no means up to what the publishers intend to make the magazine, is a very creditable production. With both the publishers of the WESTERN MONTALY we have the pleasure of personal acquaintance. We hope theit new enterprise will meet with liberal and substantial encouragement.--Gazette, Rockford, lu,

It is a literary gem, and should be well sus. tained.-Gazette, Cedar Falls.

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