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cthers, from the disposition of the heart, to love him and to imitate him. I have been beloved of my Heavenly Father and favoured with ten thousand blessings; for which, like Joseph of old, I have been hated by my brethren, and in one sense, sold into Egypt ; but, like Baron Trenck, I have come out of Jail, and walk proudly before Kings and the whole world! My friends are glad to see me, and to treat me with respect; my enemies are ashamed and afraid, and hide themselves from my pres

More than 2000 people, east of Hartford in Connecticut, subscribed to have my Memoirs printed, and have received them. About 1500 in the county of Saratoga, where I used to reside, and in that neighborhood, have subscribed to have them re-printed, and more than 3000 have been printed in Vermont, and sold; and have been read with very universal approbation and admiration. The design is to promote the cause of truth and justice, and to suppress lying, perjury, wickedness and vice. I know that this book is trile, and there is hardly a fact of importance which is not supported by the testimony of witnesses who are now living, and certified by the civil authority of the state. AMMI ROGERS.

I beseech thee, O Merciful God, to grant that this book may be entertaining and useful to all who will read it, or hear it read: be pleased to give us patience and re signation in all our afflictions, to direct us in all our doings with thy most gracious favor ; guard us from all error, and lead us into all truth and righteousness, and at last receive us into that blessed and happy world where all tears shall be wiped from all eyes, and where one unclouded day of bliss and glory shall surround us forever and ever: grant it, o Heavenly Father, for Jesus Christ's sake. Amen. Our Father who art in Heaven, &c. Amen.

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