Colonial Records of Pennsylvania: Mar. 10, 1683-Nov. 27, 1700; v. 2, Dec. 18, 1700-May 16, 1717; v. 3, May 31, 1717-Jan. 23, 1735-6: v. 4, Feb. 7, 1735-6-Oct. 15, 1745: v. 5, Dec. 17, 1745-Mar. 20, 1754: v. 6, Apr. 2, 1754-Jan. 29, 1756: v. 7, Jan. 29, 1756-Jan. 11, 1758: v. 8,Jan. 13, 1758-Oct. 4, 1762; v. 9, Oct. 15, 1762-Oct. 17, 1771; v. 10, Oct. 18, 1771-Sept. 27, 1775, with minutes of the Council of safety from June 30, 1775, to Nov. 12, 1776, Volume 1; Volume 1852

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Samuel Hazard
T. Fenn & Company, 1852 - Pennsylvania

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Page 41 - That all persons living in this province who confess and acknowledge the one almighty and eternal God to be the creator, upholder, and ruler of the world, and that hold themselves obliged in conscience to live peaceably and justly in civil society, shall in no ways be molested or prejudiced for their religious persuasion or practice in matters of faith and worship, nor shall they be compelled at any time to frequent or maintain any religious worship, place, or ministry whatever.
Page 26 - Certain Conditions or Concessions, Agreed upon by William Penn, Proprietary and Governor of the Province of Pennsylvania and those who are the adventurers and purchasers in the same province the Eleventh of July, one thousand six hundred and eighty-one.
Page 31 - LAWS of this government, to the great end of all government, viz : to support power in reverence with the people, and to secure the people from the abuse of power; that they may be free by their just obedience, and the magistrates honourable for their just administration : for liberty without obedience is confusion, and obedience without liberty is slavery.
Page 43 - ... five years, one for four years, one for three years, one for two years, and one for one year, and thereafter as the terms of office expire in each year one member for a term of five years.
Page 42 - Penn, have declared, granted, and confirmed, and by these presents, for me, my heirs and assigns, do declare, grant and confirm unto all the freemen, planters and adventurers of, in and to the said province and territories thereof, these liberties, franchises and properties, so far as in me lietb.
Page 44 - That the Governor and Provincial Council shall erect and order all public schools, and encourage and reward the authors of useful sciences and laudable inventions in the said province.
Page 31 - But let them consider that though good laws do well, good men do better. For good laws may want good men and be abolished or evaded by ill men; but good men will never want good laws nor suffer ill ones.
Page 40 - That all children within this province, of the age of twelve years, shall be taught some useful trade or skill, to the end none may be idle; but the poor may work to live and the rich, if they become poor, may not want.
Page 30 - For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? Do that which is good, and thou shall have praise of the same: For he is the minister of God to thee for good.
Page 18 - ... the beginning of the three and fortieth degree of northern latitude, and, on the south, by a circle, drawn at twelve miles...

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