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The Petieon of Jno. James, Timothy Metcalf & Tho. Lincey, Mariners, belonging to the Friends Adventure, was read, shewing that the Mr. of said ship deney'd to pay them their wages, being demanded according to contract made with them in England.

Ordered that John Tost, high Sherife of this County, bring the said Petieoners before the Gover and Councill to-morrow at Eight of yo Clock in the morning.

Adjourned till 21st 1st Mo., 83.

& Council, etcall abnging tog

Att a Councill held at Philadelphia ye 21" of ye 1" Mo., 1683.

PRESENT: WM. PENN, propriet'y & Goper of Pensilvania & Counties annexed. Jno. Simcox, Jno. Hilliard, Wm. Haige, Jam : Harison, Chris. Taylor, Edma Cantwell, Capt. Tho. Holmes, Wm. Biles,

Lasse Cock, John Moll,

Fran. Whitwell, Wm. Clarke. Jno. Richardson,

The Seamen belonging to ye Friends Adventure, viz': Jno. James, Timothy Metcalf and Thomas Lincey, were brought before the Gové & Councill, & were ordered for a tryall before them.

The Petieon of Jno. James for himself & in behalf of ye rest of y said Ships Comp being read, requesting y' they might be put in capacity to address to ye Gov' & Councill, it was ordered they shall have a hearing, & vpon the hearing, it was Ordered by the Gov' & Councill, that the Seamen should bring vp the goods Left at Vppland to Philadelphia, & ye then the Gov' and Councill will take care to order that yo said Seamen be paid their wages.

Whereas, Edward Southerin is returned to serve in P. Councill for Sussex County, & that he hath not yet made his appearance to pform that Service, It is ordered by the Gov' & Councill that he give his attendance forthwth in Councill att Philadelphia. . Comittees for proposing several Bills : Jno. Simcox,

Wm. Haige,
Wm. Clark,

Edma Cantwell,
To whom it is referred to propose Bills concerning Rules of County

Bills of Exchange protested.
Publique affairs.
Sailors Wracks..
Act of Oblivion.
Capt. Tho. Holmes,

Wm. Biles,
Wm. Clayton,

Jno. Richardson,
To whom it is referred to propose Bills concerning :
To arrest Goods in case of Danger.

Limits of Courts in Criminal Causes.
Justices of the Peace to Marry People.
How farr Exect" and Adm" are obliged to proceed, & how to pay.
Publique houses to credit no Vnresident for above 20. or else to lose it.
Not to remove his Neighbour's Landmark.
Punishm' for those ye shall presume to alter their Neighbours Eare

or Brand Mark.
James Harrison, Christo. Taylor, Jno. Moll.
Francis Whitwell, Jno. Hilliard,

To whom is referred to propose Bills for: Hoggs to be Ringed. Coroners to be established in each County. Seryants without Indenture to be judged w' shall be allowed them

att ye Expiration of their times. How to bind any over to the Peace. Twice a year a Grand Jury.

Capt. Lasse Cock, desiring Leave of the Gov' and Councill, to go about ye Societies' business, Leave was granted him. Adjourned till four of ye Clock in ye afternoon.

Post MERIDIEM. Griffith Jones and Thomas Fitchwater, came wth a written Message from the House of Assembly, Containing the thankful acknowledgm' of ye House to ye Gov' for his kind Speech to them yesterday, gratefully embracing his Offers, proposing what they desired might inserted in the Charter. The several Committees appointed to meet at Several Places. · Adjourned till 22' 1• Mo. 83.

Att a Councill held at Philadelphia ye 224 of yo 1* Mo, 1683.

PRESENT : Wu. PENN, propery & Govern' of Pensilvania and Countys annexed. Capt. Wm. Markham, Jno. Hilliard, Edmo Cantwell, Capt. Tho: Holmes, Wm. Clayton, Jno. Simcox, Christo. Taylor,

Wm. Clarke, Jno. Richardson. Jam : Harison,

Wm. Haige,

Fran. Whitwell. Wm. Biles,

Jno. Moll, The Several Committees brought in their Bills to the Councill to be considered of. Wm. Haige & Capt. Edma Cantwell desired Leave for some time to go about their business, wch was granted them.

Several Bills relating to several Matters, carried by John Moll and James Harrison to the Assembly, by Order of the Govern' & Councill. Adjourned till 23' 1• Mo. 1683.

At a Councill held at Philadelphia y• 234 of yo 1" Mo., 1683.

WM. PENN, Propriet'y and Govern' of Pensilvania & Counties

Capt. Wm. Markham, James Harison, Wm. Clayton,
Capt. Tho: Holmes, Wm. Haige, Wm. Biles,
Christo: Taylor,

Jno. Moll,

Jno. Richardson, Wm. Clarke,

Jno. Hilliard, Jno. Simcox, Fran: Whitwell,

Several Bills relating to carried by Tho: Holmes to the Assembly, by ord" of ye Gopi and Councill.

The Law of Weights referred. • The Question was asked in Councill whether Peace Makers should sitt once a month.

It was proposed what should be the punishm' of Manslaughter,
Ordered that the Seal of Philadelphia be the Anchor;

of the County of Bucks a Tree and Vine;
of the County of Chester a Plow;
of the County of New Castle a Castle ;
of the County of Kent three ears of Indian Corn;

of the County of Sussex one Wheat Sheaf. . Adjourned till 4 Clock in ye Afternoon.

POST MERIDIEM. . Several Bills relating to sent by Order of the Govern" & Councill to ye Assembly by Thomas Holmes and Wm. Clark.

Bills relating to Weights and Measures sent by Order of the Governer & Councill to ye Assembly by Wm. Clayton and Jno. Hilliard.

Adjourned till 24" 1" Mo., 1683.

At a Councill held at Philadelphia yo 24th of 1* Mo., 1683.

PRESENT : WM. PENN, Propery and Govern" of Pensilvania and Countys

Capt. Tho: Holmes, Chr. Taylor, Capt. Wm. Markham,
Wm. Haige,

Jam. Harrison, Wm. Clarke,
Jno. Simcox, · Jno. Richardson, Fran: Whitwell,
Jno. Hilliard,

Wm. Clayton, Wm. Biles.
Jno. Moll,

A debate was held concerning Marriage, and Parents Disposing of Estates.

Wm. Haige desiring Leave to go about the Societies' business, it was granted him.

Several Bills relating to carried by Order of Gov' and Councill to the Assembly by James Harrison and Christopher Taylor.

A Petieon of Jno. Tost for ye paym' of 120£ sterl due from Grif. fith Jones being read, Ordered y James Harrison & Wm. Clarke this afternoon take up & make an end of the business.

A Petieon of Charles Pickering read.
Ordered he shall be heard the 26 Instant in ye afternoon.

Several Bills ordered by the Govern" & Councill to be carried to the Assembly. by Wm. Biles and Jno. Richardson.

Adjourned till 26% 1 Mo., 83.

At a Councill held at Philadelphia y® 26th 1* 1683.

PRESENT : WM. PENN, Prop"y & Govern" of Pensilvania and Countys An

nexed. Capt. Wm. Markham, Wm. Clarke, Jno. Hilliard, Win. Haige,

Capt. Tho. Holmes, Jno. Moll, Wm. Biles,

Jno. Simcocks, Jno. Richardson, Wm. Clayton, James Harrison, Francis Whitwell, Chr. Taylor.

Ordered in Councill that Jno. Moll, Wm. Haige, Wm. Clarke, be a Committee to bring their report to morrow morning of the Fees of Officers belonging to ye Custom house.

Ordered in Councill that Wm. Biles, Francis Whitwell, & James Harrison do consider of ye Dutys and fees of Coroners, and make their Report To morrow morning.

The Speaker with Three Members, came to this house with several Bills.

The Councill ordered a Conference to be had whye whole house of Assembly concerning some amendments this afternoon.

A Conference beld in Councill concerning the Petieon from the Assembly, relating to Fishing, Fowling, Mines, Quarries, and Minerally.

Christopher Taylor & Jno. Moll ordered by Govern' and Councill to carry ye old Laws to ye Assembly for them to look over.

Adjourned till 27 1 Mo., 83.

Att a Councill held at Philadelphia yo 27th 1* Mo., 1683.

PRESENT: WM. PENN, Propery and Govern' of Pensilvania & Countys An

nexed. Capt. Tho. Holmes, Jno. Hilliard, Wm. Biles, Jno. Moll,

James Harrison, Jno. Richardson, Wm. Clarke,

Jno. Simcox, Capt. Wm. Markham, Wm. Haige,

Wm. Clayton, Christo. Taylor. Fran. Whitwell,

John Moll and Thomas Holmes ordered by the Govern' and Council to go to the Assembly to have a Conference about the Amendments.

Wm. Haige and James Whitwell ordered by the Govern' and Councill to carry several Bills to the Assembly relating to Mariners, and a bill to give every prov" Councill Man 3. p day, & each Assem.

bly man 2: 64 p Day, &c. . Adjourned for two howers.


The Governour and Councel being sett, Capt. Wm. Markham desired leave to be absent a small time, whch was granted him.

It being putt to the Question whether the 19th Article should be Inserted in the Charter, was past in the negative.

It being putt to ye Question whether those words in ye 17th Article of ye Charter : That after the Death of the present Govern' the Gopi & Councill should begin ye said Article, It was Resolved in ye affirmative.

It being proposed whether the Charter should be transcribed, it was resolved in the affirmative.

Ordered by the Govern' and Councill that Thomas Holmes, Wm. Clark, John Moll, Jno. Simcox and Christopher Taylor, do consider the amendm's of the Charter, and give a report concerning the same To-morrow.

Adjourned till 28th 1s Mon., 83.

At a Councill held at Philadelphia ye 28th 1" Mo., 1683.

PRESENT: WM. PENN, Propory & Govern of Pensilvania & Countys annexed. Capt. Wm. Markham, Jno. Hilliard, Wm. Biles, Capt. Tho. Holmes, Wm. Haige, Christo. Taylor, Wm. Clarke, Jno. Simcox, Fran. Whitwell, James Harrison, Jno. Moll,

Jno. Richardson The business of Charles Pickering & Walls, Seamen, was this Day heard before ye Govern' & Councill, and it was their opinion that ye Seamen, excepting one of them, namely, John James, had done · their duty. • Capt. Wm. Markbam and Christopher Taylor ordered by Governer and Council to carry to ye Assembly several Bills relating to.

Timothy Metcalf ordered to pay 5' for being disordered in Drink.

The Speaker wth several other members, brought several bills to this board.

The Govern' and Councill were pleased to inspect the fees.
& Adjourned till 29th 1 Mo., 83.

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