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accused is held

to benguiltless ; but if he fail to

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and mixed with water, and given to the accused uses the following as a favorite prescription for to drink. If vomiting follow immediately, the injection in gonorrhæa :

Plumbi acetatis..

3 ss vomit, the contrary was held, and he was im. Zinci sulphat.

.gr xvj mediately stoned or clubbed to death. The Extract, krameriæ fluid.

f 3 ij Berlin Museum possesses the material originally

Tinc. opii.....

..f 3 ss Aquæ. q. s. ad.

. Z vj sent to it by Oertel, and recent experiments M. S. Give as injection. with it develop the fact that the material now

The source of albumen in the urine of some sent from Africa under the name “ Hayah " is an extract of the same, and the active principle pregnant women, says Professor Parvin, is obtained from both is identical. We await probably a discharge, as leucorrhea or cystitis, further developments with great interest.

being washed out of the vagina when urinating; therefore, it is much better to use a catheter,

or have the vagina thoroughly washed out CLASS-ROOM NOTES.

before collecting the urine. [From the Philadelphia Medical Times, the College and Clini cal Record, and other sources.]

Prof. Bartholow considers the most effective Dr. Parvin considers iodide one of the best

treatment for chronic neuritis is galvanism and uterine hemostatic and antiseptics.

morphine hypodermatically. Place the posiFrom the fact that many physicians use the

tive pole to the affected part, and negative to officinal solution of subsulphate of iron full

the periphery. Repeat this treatment daily

for a few minutes at a time. For very obstistrength as a hemostatic, it is not generally known that if diluted, one part to eight of

nate cases, use flying blisters locally, and inwater, it is very efficient, whereas full strength ternally iodides of potassium and colchicum. it naturally defeats the object of its intention. A young woman was recently delivered of a - Professor Parvin uses this efficient formula strong, healthy child, in the maternity ward of for carcinoma :

the Jefferson Medical College Hospital, who Iodinii,

.3j had performed upon her an amputation of the Brominii.

3 ij

cervix uteri in the fourth month of pregnancy, Acid, carbolic.

for epithelioma, by Dr. William E. Ashton. Alcohol....

.f3 viij

The operation was performed under strictly M. S. Apply, and then introduce a saturated solution of bicarbonate of sodium.

antiseptic precautions, and no unfavorable The following used through the nostrils has

symptoms followed. a high repute for asthma :

The great secret of applying plaster-of-Paris

bandages is to have all the sizing out of the maB Menthol.

3j Cerat.

3 ij

terial used, so when a piece of muslin to be Ol. amyg. dulc.


used is thrown upon water it sinks readily; if Zinc oxidi..


it does this it will readily absorb water Acidi carbolici.

and plaster and will set quickly; a little salt M. S. Apply every few hours.

added to the water is an advantage; a roller Professor Brinton has, among his formula, made of lint is better than cotton to be applied this one for a hair tonic:

next to the part. (Dr. Allis.) R Quininæ sulph. Alcohol..

Prof. Parvin says the term placental souffle is Tinct. capsici..

still used improperly by many physicians inTinct. cantharidis...

stead of uterine souff, the correct disignation; Spirit, ammon, aromat. .āã 3 ss that the placenta is not concerned in the Glycerin,...

. 3 iv

sound, is proved by the fact that the souffle Aquæ. q. s. ad.

Oj M. S. Apply.

is heard some days after confinement, and For a woman with chronic muscular rheuma- is synchronous with the pulse of the mother,

has been heard in uterine fibroids. The sound tism of the arm, Prof. Da Costa ordered the

and of very little value as a sign of pregnancy. following remedies: Internally, fifteen-grain

, doses of muriate of ammonia, and externally, VOMITING OF PREGNANCY.-Prof. Stewart a liniment containing

has found oxalate of cerium, gr. ij, before meals, ☆ Aquæ ammon.


to be the best general prescription for the sickSpirit. saponis.

3 ij
ness of pregnancy.

Where the sickness is
Lin. saponis.

fŽlij alarming, he often gets good results from M. Rub the part well.

bromide of soda, gr. xxx, every two or three Dr. Horwitz, chief assistant to the surgical hours. The latter preparation he also condepartment of Jefferson Hospital, frequently 'siders of great use in sea sickness.


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Prof. Parvin advises that prolapse of the

VOMITING OF PREGNANCY.-In one of his vagina be treated by astringent injections, lectures, Prof. Woodbury said that often the having the bladder frequently emptied, especial- best way to treat the persistent sickness of ly if a cystocele is associated with the prolapse, pregnancy was to make some application to the which is frequently the case, and apply a suita

os uteri, and inform the husband that it was ble elastic ring pessary; if the pessary is un

terribly caustic in its action, and the dressings comfortable or cannot be worn, a large tampon must on no account be disturbed during the of absorbent wool, dipped in a solution of continuation of the treatment. tannin and glycerin, introduced in the morn- FROM THE DERMATOLOGICAL CLINIC.--For ing and removed at night, may suffice.

chronic eczema on inner part of thigh, Prof.

Shoemaker ordered strychnine. If it produce For a case of simple goitre of six months' standing, Prof. Da Costa prescribed liq. iodinii no impression, then he would give hoang-nan; comp., gtt. iij, three times a day, gradually in

also use soap for its stimulating and cleansing creased to ten or fifteen drops three times a

effect. Locally he ordered : day. Locally:

☆ Ext. erythroxyli fid.....

f3j Bismuth subnit..

3 ij R Lodinii,

:3 ss

Boro-glyceridi (50 per cent.).. .f3 iij

3 vj
Aquæ calcis...

Ung, zinc, oxid.

.3 ij

M. S. Use on affected part. 01. bergamot.... M. S. Rub over gland twice a day.

Prof. Shoemaker considers arsenic in combiIn exophthalmic goitre a murmur is heard nation with mercury and iodide of potassium a over thyroid gland; in simple goitre murmur valuable and happy addition for the treatment is absent.

of tertiary syphilis; and for the eruptions of Sycosis MEMTI.-Prof. Shoemaker prescribed clinic:

this stage he applied locally on a patient at his for a case of sycosis: Washing with sapo

R Calomel.. viridis twice a week the following ointment:


R Oleati plumbi..

Cerat. plumbi subacet.

3 ij
Olei cadini..

gtt xv
Ung. zinci oxidi...

3 ss

M. S. Use locally. M. And internally, Donovan's solution, gtt. x, three

For a girl, twelve years of age, suffering with times a day.

lupus, he ordered : CHROMIC ACID FOR EPISTAXIS. - In cases of

B Syr. phosphatum comp.. persistent and dangerous epistaxis try chromic Syr. malt...


ij acid. First put enough in to give the water a M. S. Teaspoonful three times daily. slight pinkish tinge, and if this is not sufficient R Oleati hydrargyri.. increase the strength of the solution, and em

Olei cadini..

3 ss ploy it as a wash till the hemorrhage is stopped.

Ung. zinci ox.


M. S. Locally. Prof. Waugh lately recalled two cases of diphtheritic epistaxis cured by this means which

INTERMITTENT FEVER.-Dr. Vogler (German would otherwise have died, having resisted all Hospital) recommends for the constipation in treatment until he tried chromic acid

intermittent fever, a powder consisting of

calomel, gr. iv, ipecac, gr. j, bicarbonate of Fecal OBSTRUCTION.—To break up large soda, gr. xxiv, aromatic powder, gr. xij. focal masses and secure an evacuation of the Divide into powders, xii; give them as necesbowels, Prof. Woodbury advises magnesii sary. After the sweating stage is over, he gives sulphas, gr. xx, every two hours, with irriga- a pill of quinine, gr. iss, capsicum, carbonate tion of the bowels by warm soap suds, through of iron, and nux vomica, āā gr. ss, oil of cloves, a rectal tube. If there is defective innervation, q. s. Give one pill 4 or 5 times a day. he also employs Faradism. A digital examina- For the enlargement of the spleen, he uses tion should not be neglected.

the biniodide of mercury ointment, and rubs CARE OF THE HAIR.–To keep the scalp in

the abdomen with this every other day, for good condition, it should be washed with an

about 10 or 12 days, especially over the spleen. unirritating soap once or twice a week, and Dr. White related a case in which there was afterwards rubbed with a coarse towel. To an abrasion on the penis a day after connection, prevent loss of hair, applications of oil of ergot which was thought to be benignant, because are good, with or without oil of eucalyptus; or the initial lesion of syphilis never appears so of preparations containing naphthol or tannate soon, but in which the characteristic lesion apof quinine ; or the fluid extract of soap bark. peared on the abrasion at the end of three


3 iss

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AT THE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL.–Dr. Goodell exhibited a large dermoid cyst, containing

Original Communications, bones, teeth, hair, etc., which was removed

Short articles on the treatment of diseases and experience

with new remedies are solicited from the profession for this from a patient while operating for ovarian cyst. department; also difficult cases for diagnosis and treatment, The latter, which was strangulated by twisting

Articles accepted must be contributed to this journal only.

The editors are not responsible for views expressed by conof its pedicle, and was already becoming dis- tributors.

UD Manuscript cannot be returned. colored, would, in his opinion, have burst and

Certainly it is excellent discipline for an author to feel that he set up fatal peritonitis in a few days had not must say all he has to say in the fewest possible words, or his

eader 18 sure to skip them: and in the plainest possible words, the operation been promptly performed.

or his reader will certainly misunderstand them. Generally, a's , a downright fact may be told in a plain way; and we want

downright facts at present more than anything else.-RURKIN, In whitlow, Dr. Agnew claims that the finger should be opened down to the bone without

Answers to Inquiries in February WORLD. waiting for suppuration to occur, as then it is Editor MEDICAL WORLD: often too late to save the tendons.

He ex

Dr. Harman (p. 62) should try galvanism, hibited a case in which this was not done, and the flexor tendons were so injured that amputa positive

pole to the spine, and the negative to

not faradism, to the testicles, applying the tion was necessary to render the hand useful.

the mouths of the seminal vesicles, by an inDr. Osler, at the Philadelphia Hospital, sulated sound. The negative pole should also December 14th, 1887, laid particular stress on be applied to the testicles. The organs should the fact that under ordinary circumstances the be allowed rest for a long period. pulmonary second sound is of less intensity than For a "pile ointment," (page 65) we have the aortic, but when forced inspiration is made used the following for many years : White lead, and the breath held, in a state of health, or in lard, of each one ounce; tannic acid, two cases of mitral stenosis or regurgitation, the drachms. The lead must be painter's lead, not pulmonary sound preponderates.

the dry carbonate of the druggist, which canDr. Osler claims that for one case of heart not be made into a smooth enough ointment murmur, due to aortic stenosis, we have twenty for tender hemorrhoids. But the operations by of murmurs from other causes, the most injection for internal piles, and dilatation of frequent being atheroma, either of the valves the sphincter for externals render salves rarely or the ascending aorta. He advises that in all necessary. doubtful cases the murmur be forgotten en- Dr. Wesselowski's case is surely one of tirely; and that the other heart symptoms, chronic laryngeal catarrh. A laryngeal examiwith the general condition of the patient, be nation should disclose the exact nature of the taken as the guide to prognosis.

difficulty, and indicate the proper treatment.

I think Dr. Amundson's case (p. 75) is one MYALGIA.-Prof. Waugh recommends this

of hysteria or reflex spasm. I believe that prescription in acute myalgia:

hysteric manifestations are always reflex, and R Extracti belladonna,.. Ammonii chloridi.,

that the exciting cause can be found if looked M. S. Give as a dose three times a day.

for. In many cases this will necessitate an in

quiry into the sexual relations. The fact that Pillows covered with camel's hair are said to the affection has existed four years without perinduce sleep.

manent palsy militates against the idea of a

centric lesion; the preservation of consciousDr. Lewin (Berlin) states that a resinous

ness is significant. extract of Kava, “ Piper Methysticum," pro

The exciting causes are so various that only duces a local anesthetic effect similar to that

a patient and thorough examination can show of cocaine.

which is present in this case. Bromide of An inquirer asks regarding O'Dwyer's tubes. ethyl has proved the most successful palliative They can be obtained at Lentz's, 18 North in many hands, with the triple valerianate pill 11th St., Philadelphia. The price is, $25.00 internally. In one case I found a displaced net.

womb as a cause ; in another a tape-worm; in

a third, a tender, red spot on the os uteri, Ptomaine of Phthisis.

which I cured with carbolic acid; and in a A Scotch physician affirms that “ptomaine is fourth, the symptoms resisted all treatment unobtainable from the sputa of phthisical patients til a brother physician cured the case by marthat will produce progressive emaciation when rying her. administered subcutaneously to animals." · He Dr. Derby's case (p. 76) is suspiciously like also adds that "opium and belladonna antag- cancer, but may be ulcer.

Introduce a specu, onise it," a suggestive point, if experience lum, take a look at the abraded surface, and should confirm it.

perhaps touch it with nitric acid. 22
gr xx



Dr. Cushman's is a peculiar case (p. 76). It On Accidental Concealed Hemorrhage. is a cardinal rule to look to syphilis as the

(Continued from February Number.) cause of nocturnal pain. Peripheric neuritis Editor MEDICAL WORLD : of this sort is a well-authenticated manifesta- I shall to-day cite another case of accidental tion of lues, and a mercurial course would concealed hemorrhage, which occurred in my probably clear up the diagnosis and the disease practice about a year ago. together. The abortion and subsequent illness I was sent for at II P.M. to see Mrs. A., a would thus be accounted for at the same time. Swedish lady, aged twenty six years, who had

On the same page Dr. Ashworth asks the usually enjoyed good health. Upon reaching best method of treating syphilis. He evidently her bedside, I found her in labor with her has not the “Manual." When such masters as second child, and crying from constant aching Fournier and Hutchinson require three and and cutting pains in the back and loins. She four years of mercury to eradicate this poison said they were worse than she ever had had froin the system, we lesser lights can hardly before, and earnestly desired to be relieved of hope to cure it in as many weeks. I prefer the them. My attention was called to the great palcontinuous administration of mercury in doses lor of countenance and rapid feeble pulse (120 just below the salivation point, and kept up per minute). On examining her per vaginam, I for a year, at least.

found the os soft, undilated, and not affected So many have written to me concerning the by the pains. I learned that during the afterpilocarpus treatment of erysipelas that I must noon, while she was walking across the room, say a word on it. I heard an old country doc- she felt something give way and drop suddenly tor say there were over 500 varieties of ery- to the bottom of the abilomen, and she nearly sipelas. He saw erysipela; in every case he fainted away. She gradually recovered a little mat; in which he was as scientific as after resting in the recumbent posture, but congynecologists, who see the uterus at fault if the tinued to feel exhausted. About 6 P.M., she patient has corns.

began to experience pains, which increased in Jaborandi is not, as far as I know, of any use severity until 9 o'clock, when they began to in erythema, acne, or any other skind sease ex- act as powerfully as when I saw her. I ordered cepting genuine erysipelas ; but for that it is an her to be kept in bed and have frequent unfailing specific. 'Twenty drops of the fluid draughts of tea and coffee, and I administered extract should be given every two to four hours a draught containing a quater of a grain of until sweating is induced. After that it is con- tartar emetic. tinued in smaller doses until the disease is cured. I visited her again at i A.m , as I had been I generally add digitalis, to keep up the heart. sent for to relieve her agonizing pain. I found

Pruritus ani is sometimes a symptom of rectal her now more exhausted and gave her some disease, in other cases of general plethora. Local morphia without any benefit. At 2.30, she had applications are of little use. I once applied a copious discharge. At this time the os was a two per cent. solution of sulphate of copper, the size of a half dollar, membranes tense, but even while the smarting continued the vertex presenting. I ruptured the membranes patient felt the itching, as he expres ed it, and the head followed immediately, and the deeper in than the burning of the vitriol. I pains altered magically, becoming more tolerathink the itching is due to the blood stretching ble, intermittent and expulsive. Soon the head the vein' walls. Carlsbad salts do well with emerged, followed by a terrific gush of coaguplethoric persons.

lated blood. The body was expelled more We have not space enough to give instruc- feebly, with considerable hemorrhage. Child tions as to the method of treating uterine dis- was still born. I immediately sustained presplacements, for that would require a book. In sure upon the abdomen by the hand. general, remove all pelvic cellulitis by glycer- I have taken the trouble to go over many ine tampons, replace the womb by pressure cases mentioned in different treatises and hoswith a Smith pessary, and support the organ by pital reports, and thus comparing about twentya suitable instrument until, by the use of three cases in number, and, having added my glycerine tampons, the weight has been reduced two cases, it seemed remarkable to me that in all to normal. Then it may consent to stay in its these cases the symptoms were nearly alike, so proper place without the pessary; but the that on analyzing them I find that the chief womb is an essentially feminine organ, and diagnostic symptoms are: takes a deal of coaxing. In aged woman I use I. Sudden fainting and collapse, with blanchthe abdominal supporters with cup pessary; in ing countenance. others I prefer the Hodge, Smith or Emmet. 11. Continuance till delivery, more or less,

William F. WAUGH. of the same; but such as to cause great alarm 1725 Arch St., Phila.

to the medical attendant.

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III. The intense continuous stretching pain,

Successful Prescriptions. which patients described as “bursting."

Editor MEDICAL WORLD : IV. The tense state of the membranes, if unruptured, also continuous.

While studying in Dublin, I made it a point V. Ia most cases the existence of all the

always to note down what we called “the pet

prescriptions" of the physicians and surgeons symptoms of excessive bleeding without external manifestation by the presence of dis

of the various hospitals. These being free to charge of blood ab utero.

all students to come and go as they pleased, it Ephraim, Utah.


was a matter of no small pleasure for us to cir.

culate among them, and imbibe the varied (TO BE CONTINUED.)

teachings at the clinics, as they were usually

delivered to us in a fashion not calculated to A Peculiar Knife Wound.

rust in the cerebrum. I wish to tring some of Editor MediCAL WORLD :

these treatments to your notice, and, in doing I was called at 12 o'clock at night to see one so, will endeavor to be as concise as possible. J. J., a German, aged 24. I found the I shall commence with some of the prescrippatient in a very bad condition, and that tions of my revered old preceptor, Arthur he would soon die. The story they gave Wynne Foote, LL.D., M.D., "Prosessor of me was that he had been cut on the leg, Practice and Senior Physician to the Meath with a knife, at 9 o'clock. A doctor had beep Hospital. called, had dressed the wound and left, saying This was his usual treatment in it did not amount to anything. Two hours

DIPHTHERIA : later another one had been called in, with the

R Tincturæ ferri chloridi, same result. I found him in great pain, with Spiritus etheris sulphurici. āā.f3 iv a desire to pass water, but unable to do so. Potassii chloratis. I found a small wound on the thigh two inches

Syrupi limonis.

.fz iss below the trochanter on a line with the crest of


.q. s. ad...f3 viij

M. f. mist. ilium. With the probe I found its direction

Sig.--13 ss every third hour. If dissolution is immi. upward and inward. It passed under the sarto- nent give same dose every fifteen minutes. rious muscle over the femoral artery, under Pou

Gargle in same disease : part's ligament directly toward the bladder. I did not probe any farther, but tried to draw his

& Glycerini carbolici,

Liquoris soda chlor. .....āā....f3 ss water. I could get nothing but blood. He Aquæ rosa

... s. ad...f 3 vaij died in two hours. Dr. W. went with me, and the family gave us permission to open the

Sig.--Gargle every hour freely. body. We found that the knife had passed as This mode of treatment in his practice above and entered the bladder. There were yielded a nearly uniform success, but in rare three distinct wounds of the bladder, as if the cases had to be governed by circumstances. knife had been churned in the wound, making He never used strong caustic applications. but one outside, but had changed its course in

IN NEURALGIA side and entered the bladder in three places. I gave my testimony at the trial that the leg must

Of fifth pair arising from cold or exposure he have been strongly flexed, and that it was, in

used to give this powder : my opinion, impossible for him to fall on his R Croton chloralis.. own knife and produce a like wound. Also,

Quinine sulphat. ij

M. f. chartulam No.j. the knife had been partly withdrawn twice and

Sig.-One such powder every hour for three or four again sent to the hilt, making three distinct doses, wounds. Three others gave the same testi

This acts very promptly, and, in cases whose mony. Yet the assasin was let go free. I have

origin is as above stated, it may nearly be seen many strange wounds during my practice called specific, and its effect is, as

, a rule, and also during the war, but this was a very lasting. From the physiological effect of the peculiar one. Two doctors had passed it as drugs employed in the foregoing, these deduchardly worth dressing.

tions may be found reasonable. I have seen Brooklyn, N. Y. R. W. St. Clair, M. D.

him prescribe for the same trouble, whose

origin was of a uterine reflex. Editor MEDICAL WORLD:

R Extr, cannabis ind I think the binders much improved by your slight de

Extr, hyoscyami.

.gr. 33

Extr, colchici.. parture in the matter of tying ; they are simply perfect

.gr.) Morphinæ acetatis..

gr 4 now. Respectfully,


M. f. chart. No.j. Longmeadow, Mass.

Sig.-One every second hour, until pain is relieved.

M. f. garg.

.gr. v

.gr ss

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