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ERRATA. Page 22, 17th line from tho top, for fail read are a forl. P. 62, 6th line from the bottom insert not after does. P. 165, 5th line from the bottom, for deeds read duels. P. 267, in the text of Sermon xvi. insert the death of. P. 336, 17th line from bottom for unjust read just. P. 391, 17th line from top, for external read eternal, P. 394, 6th line from bottom, omit to after not.




Acts, xxiv. 14.--But this I confess unto thee, that after the way, which they call heresy, so worship I the God of my fathers ; believing all things, which are written in the law and the prophets.

After Paul returned from Greece to Jerusalem, he went into the temple to preach ; but the Asiatic Jews stirred up all the people and laid hands on him and would have killed him, if the chief captain had not taken him out of their hands and led him to the castle. When he came upon the stairs, he requested and obtained leave of the captain to make his defence before the people. After this, the chief captain carried him before the Sanhedrim, the highest ecclesiastical court in the nation. In pleading before them, he so wisely managed his cause, as to disunite them in opinion, which defeated their design to condemn him.--But though the council dismissed him, yet a number of the people conspired against him and bound themselves, by an oath, that they would not eat, nor drink, till they had slain him. When this was made known to the chief captain, he sent a band of soldiers to conduct him in safety to Felix, the governor. Felix im

, mediately sent to Jerusalem for Ananias with the el. ders, to come and exhibit their complaints against Paul. When they were come, they employed one Tertullus, an orator, to be their advocate. He opened their cause with peculiar address ; and exhibited their complaints. After the governor had heard them, he beckoned to Paul to make a reply. In his reply, he absolutely denied the charges, wbich had been alleged against him.

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