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school. Br. Slaster has also, during | however in the end seemed a favorable the last half of the year, maintained providence, for be found the place a morning and evening worship at bis central point, where he met persons house attended by those in his employ- from several neighboring villages, and ment, and others who occasionally call. found that they were so anxious to ob

tain tracts that in some instances the Printing and distribution of the scriptures few books wbich had found their way and tracts.

to those regions were bought, at from The printing, bivding, and foundry thirty to fitiy cents apiece. In this establishments have continued through place br. D. distributed about three the year in successful operation, and thousand tracts. If indeed it was the editions of the following tracts in hand of the Lord that forced him to Siamese have beev printed, viz: The stop here contrary to his intentions, Gospel by Matthew and by Mark ; The we may hope that the ground was Acis; Serinon on the Mount; Para- prepared, and that the seed thus sown bles of Christ; History of Daniel ; also will spring up, and bring forth much that of Moses and Joseph; and a broad fruit. Br. D. was absent eleven days, sheet containing a parable by Mrs, and distributed about seven thousand Jones; beside a Siamese and English tracts, one fourth of which were ChiVocabulary. These tracts have been Beside the above tours, br. and distributed to persons calling at our sister Slafter have just gone un au houses, from five to fifty, with an ave. eastward tour, the resulis of which rage of perhaps fifteen daily. Br. will be laid before you at a future time. Davenport has also gone out regularly In all these tours the brethren have on the Sabbath, and distributed tracis, experienced much of the good proviassisted by the men employed in the dence of God, and have met niany inprinting office. Br. Slatter and wile teresting circumstances, which will be have also usually spent a portion of more fully laid before you in their the Sabbath in like manner. Four or journals. They have also done much five hundred tracts have thus usually to explore the country, and have bebeen distributed on every Sabbath. come fully satisfied that here is a broad Beside this, in March brethren Daven- field, and room for many laborers, and port and Slafter made a northeru tour that great, very great wuliitudes of souls of one hundred miles to Phra Bat, the are perishing for walit of the bread strong-hold of paganism, where they of lite. Rumors have recently gove profess to show a footstep of their god, abroad that the king intends to put a Gaudania. This journey occupied six stop to these tours, and that he has days, and about three thousand Siam- already issued orders to have the men ese, and half as many Chinese and who assist in our conveyance whipped. Peguan tracts were distributed at the We have not however yet received any numerous villages which line the orders from the king, and have reason banks of the Meinam.

10 believe that the reports were started In September, br. Sla in compa- hy some enemy to the cause of C ny with br. Buel of the General As We trust the truth will be spread sembly's Board, made a western tour abroad over the whole kingdom, and of one hundred miles in six days, and that the power of man will not be able distributed about three thousand tracts, to prevent it froni operating to the salone third of which were Chinese and vation of many souls. Peguan. In November br. Slaster and wife

Operations of the school. made a northern tour, passing up the The Siamese school has continued Ta-Chin (a river a little to the west of through the year under the care of the Meinam) and returning down the Mrs. Davenport. The average number Meinam. They were alisent eighteen of scholars has been six, present numdays, and distributed between three i ber five. They are instructed in readand four thousand tracts. In Dec. ing and writing Sianese; und in readbr. Davenport visited several places on ing, writing, arithmetic, and geogrithe N.E. coast of the Gulf of Siam, and phy, in English. Most of them inderthey directed bis course for Siri point stand English sufficiently to join in on the N.W. coast, but was driven reading at family worship. In arithashore by several adverse circumstan- metic one (who is about sixteen years ces, about fourteen miles this side of ofaye) has advanced as far as simple the place of their destination-and proportions ; the others have not gone detained there for several days. This I beyond the first three simple rules.


Reflections on this department of the mis- | here for some time, and have made sion-First Siamese convert. many converts among the Chinese,

have given up the Siamese as a hopeSuch is a brief outline of our labors less people. Having for a long time in the Siamese department. Nor bave labored for them without success, they these labors, feeble as they have been, have now directed their efforts to other proved entirely unsuccessful. Much


And until recently there has certainly been accomplished in the

was not in the kingdom, a Siamese general diffusion of so large an amount who professed to be a disciple of Je, of religious kuowledge by means of But thanks to God, that can no tracts, which have been carried to al- longer be said, and may it never again most every part of the empire, and by be true. On the second Sabbath in conversations which have been held December the first convert having with persons belonging to almost every been publicly exainined and approved, part of the country. Besides this, followed the Savior in the ordinance ihere are large numbers of Siamese of baptism-bis case is quite interestwho have been connected with us ing as coming out alone. He has been as teachers, laborers, domestics or soinetime employed in the printing scholars, who have regularly attended office, and has had opportunity to gain our religious exercises, and have thus considerable religious knowledge. obtained a tolerably correct under. Truly the conversion of one such soul standing of christianity. These, as more than repays all the poor efforts they mingle with their friends, natu

we have ever put forth. But the im. raily spread abroad this knowledge, portance of this event is greatly mag: and thus the leaven is kept operating, bified by its bearing on the people. and the truth which is mighty through There have for some time been numthe power of the Spirit, is doing its bers who have professed to be conwork, and gradually bringing about a vinced of the truth of christianity, but resuli by which God will be glorified, no one seemed ready to be the first to and many souls saved.

come out on the Lord's side. It has As to actual conversions to chris- been moreover feared that a profession tianity, this niission has ever labored to christianity would expose to perseunder great discouragements. The cution and death. But the way has people seem peculiarly indisposed to

now been opened ; an example is set, consider the claiins of a new religion, and it will soon be proved whether a or ever, it convinced of its truth, to act native christian will be allowed to live according to that conviction.

This here or not.

We have hopes that this results partly from their natural indo- is but a “first fruits” of a most plentiful lence, which is manifested in all their harvest. God grant that these hopes actions, and renders them peculiarly may speedily be realized. averse to mental effort; and in consequence of wbich they prefer to rest Chinese department Attendance on pubsatisfied with the most vague ideas,

lic worship. and without any definite opinion as to In the Chinese department daily the truth of a subject, rather than take morning and evening worship has been the trouble to examine. There is also maintained by br. Dean, attended by such a servile connection between the about a dozen adults, besides the chillower and the higher classes, that the dren of the school. On the Sabbath, mass of the people can scarcely be worship has been attended in the chasaid to have a inind of their own. In- pel mornings, and prayer meeting at dependence of thought or action is br. Dean's house in the iniddle of the unknown among them. They have day; and at four p. m., a meeting at the but little inducement to examine any subject, since whatever might be the * Sometime since a Siamese who had been result, the fear of displeasing their employed here by Mr. Jones as teacher, and masters would prevent them from who accompanied him to Malacca, was baptized changing their opinions or course of by Rev. Mr. Dyer-he is now residing ai Siu

gapore, and continues to give some evidence conduct. Hence, as before said, we that he is a child of God. Besides, there have bave not been encouraged by seeing been at different times some iwo or three con multitudes of the Siamese turning to cernivg whoin our brethren of the A. B. C. F. the Lord. To such an extent do the M. have felt somewhat encouraged 10 hope influences of which we have been that they were truly children of God—but none

have given such evidence, as that our brethren speaking operate, that the Catholic have felt at liberty to admit them to the privi. Inissionaries who have been laboring leges of the church.


house kept for the purpose at the ba- derstanding of the Old. His discourses

In the morning the congrega- show that he possesses taleuts suited to tion varies from twenty-five to thirty- the work of an evangelist. He has for five, beside the children of the school. some time taken his turn with br. In the afternoon the number is some- Dean in conducting the exercises of what lees. Beside the devotional ex- worship on the Sabbath. The other ercises of our worship, a portion of young man is the school teacher, who scripture is sometimes read and ex was baptized in October last. In talplained, and sometimes a single text is ents and promise of future usefulness unfolded in the form of a sermon. he is not perhaps inferior to the other,

but wants his experience and knowlObservance of monthly concert.

ledge of the scriptures. From these On the first Sabbath in each month, two converts we expect, with the blessthe prayer meeting is conducted as a ing of God, much in reference to the monthly missionary concert. On the building up of the cause of Christ in first Sabbath in Dec. (the day on which this place, and it is by no means imthis arrangement was recommenced, it possible that before China shall be having been discontinued since the opened to foreign missionaries, these absence of br. Dean when on his visit young men may spread the gospel far to China,) the meeting was quite inter- and wide among their countrynien. esting, and the contribution at the We sincerely hope that should the close amounted to $4,27. In view of time cone when our little church shall the small number and general poverty be called to send missionaries to Chiof the members of the church, we con na, the churches in America will not sidered this a very encouraging com- be backward to lend a helping hand, mencement. lu what manner the or if we soon become convinced that church will prefer to have these con- the interests of Zion here demand that tributions expeuded is not yet decided; these two or any others of our native perhaps in employing some of the brethren be instantly employed as more advanced of ihe native converts evangelists, we niost sincerely hope to distribute tracts and converse with that iħe Board will not be obliged to say the people, both here in Bangkok and we bave no money for their support. also in the surrounding villages. In We believe that it is from the good this way the gospel may be carried to haud of the Lord that we have receive many places where we cannot go ed these two members of our church, either on account of prohibitions from and that in giving them he promises government, which would not affect good to this people. We however feel native converts, or because of our ina- it our duty to be cautious in promoting bility to endure the effects of the cli-them, and shall endeavor to cultivate mate as well as they.

in them a spirit of deep piety, and to Additions to the church-Two young men knowledge of the holy scriptures.

enlarge as much as possible their of promise as native assistants.

Besides those who have been bapDuring the past year six Chinese tized there are a few who may be conhave been added to the church by bap- sidered enquirers—wo have requested tisin, four on May 31, and two on Oc- baptism-one case is quite promising toher 11, making the whole number of —of the other we have more fears. native converts now living, including one who has returned to China, with Printing and distribution-Desirableness whom we correspond, and also the of employing native assistants. Siamese convert, of whom we spoke We have during the year published above, sixteen. In this little circle of editions of the Enquirer's Guide; a converts are two young men of good Temperance Tract; and the History of talents and education, who are em- Elijah. The temperance tract was ployed as teachers; one, br. Dean's prepared to ineet the present exigency; private teacher, has been a piember of intemperance prevails to an alarming the church about three years, and has extent since tlie suppression of opium. for some time been employed to some Besides these we bave purchased of extent as an assistant missionary. He the mission of the A. B. C. F. M. at manifests a very encouraging anxiety Singapore 4054 tracts of different kinds, to improve in religious knowledge, and have received gratuitously from and has already become able to ex- the same mission 8,397 tracts publishplain correctly inost of the New Tes-ed at the expense of the Am. Tr. Soc., tament, and has gotten a general un- I also 330 from Mr. Gutzlaff. Many of

these tracts remain still on hand. The and arithmetic by Mrs. Denn-and
junks from China, which regularly since the arrival of br. and sister God-
come here in large numbers about the lard, they have been instructed in
first, and return about the middle of reading and writing English, with very
every year, were fully furnished with encouraging success. The scholars
tracts. We have also endeavored to attend all our religious exercises, and
spread them abroad through the vari. many of them have acquired a cousid-
ous parts of the city, and have given erable amonnt of biblical knowledge,
large numbers to the boatinen who but as yet we see no special fruit in
come with sugar from various parts of their conversion.
the country. The brethren of the Aside from the labors which have
Siamese department have also spread been detailed, and various others which
abroad large numbers of Chinese tracts cannot easily be mentioned, our time
during their tours to different parts of has been occupied in the study of the
the country. We think, bowever, that langnages to which we are devoted.
if our time and health would permit, Some of us find study to be our chief
or if the Board were able to firnish labor for the present, and all of us find
us the means for employing native as that our work in this department must
sistants the business of tract distribu- be coëxtensive with our lives. To be-
tion and free friendly conversation come able to use a foreign language
with persons of all classes at their own with fluency and effect, is a labor of
houses, might be pursued to a much which we cannot easily form a correct
greater extent than it now is, to good estimate, without actual experience.
advantage. Something of the kind is We find occasion to use great patience
necessary to rouse up the attention of in this labur, and often feel it one of
the people, and lead then to come and our greatest trials that we are obliged
hear the gospel. The risefulness of to communicate the gospel of salvation
our Sabbail, exercises, which are now to the perisbing souls around us in so
contined to a very limited number of broken and so imperfect a manner.
hearers, would be greatly increased, in-
asmuch as larger congregations would Friendly intercourse with other mission-
be gathered by these means. At pres-

ent we olien feel that we are laboring
ai disadvantage. We are not able our.

We cannot close this brief review of selves, in addition to attending to all the past year, without an expression of the duties which devolve on us here thankfulness to God for the reinforceon our premises, 10 go into all the lanes ment, consisting of five missionaries, and streets and compel them to come

one of whom is also a primer, withi in: and without such compulsion we their wives, and one single lady sent must ever expect the number of en by the A. B. C. F. M.; and also, of one quirers and of attendants on our re- missionary and his wife sent by the Gen. ligious exercises will be sınall-and Assembly's Board, who have arrived our labors, sufficiently arduous to con

here during the past year. We have vey the knowledge of the truth to large telt our hearis encouraged and our niultitudes, benefit only a few. We hands strengthened by their arrival, ofteu feel very anxious io enlarge our and trust we shall ever be enabled as plans of labor, so as to lay the truths we thus far have been, to work together of the gospel before the minds of this barmoniously for the conversion of this whole people immediately, and to keep mighty empire to God. One of these it so constantly before them as to give missionaries is engaged in the study of them no peace until they yield to its the Fuhkeen dialect of Chinese, the othclaims ; but we find ourselves limited ers are all devoted to the Siamiese lauboth in the measure of our own ability, gnage. We could not but sympathize and also in the means for calling in deeply in the affliction, when a kind, no others to our assistance.

doubi, but mysteriou providence sud

denly removed one member of the reCondition of the school. inforcement, br. Bentiam, a missionThe Chinese school at present con-ary of great promise, from his labors, tains vine boys and three girls, nine of by drowning, very soon after his arwhorn are boarders. The average rival. At first we could scarcely ennumber of attendants, during the year, d:1re the stroke, or see why it was inhas been ien. They have been in-flicted, but we are constrained to trust structed in the Chinese literature by a the wisdom of the providence we could native teacher, and in the scriptures pot comprehend, and we would desire

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to bave our work done, that we may | death and resurrection. The persons be also ready.

baptized are, a Tamul Catechist and We solicit an interest in your prayers wile, a Teloogoo man, and the wife and those of all the friends of missious, of a Tamul reader. The busband of and hope you ever enjoy the rich the last is also a Baptist, laboring in blessings of the gospel wbich you are counection with the Indian Miss, Solaboring to spread abroad, as well as ciety. The conection between the all the temporal favors which a merci- first and the London Missionary Soful Heavenly Father is accustomed to ciety was dissolved by its missionary bestow on his people.

immediately subsequent to, and in consequence of, bis baptism).

As a friend has kindly offered to furnish Teloogoos.

the means requisite to bis support for the present, we have advised and arranged for his departure bither, 10

labor among the Tamulian population The following coinmuuication recently re- of Nellore and vicinity, and to be assoceived, is from Mr. Van Husen, missionary to ciated with us for the time being, that the Teloogoos, dated Nellore, May 13, 1811. we may judge of his qualifications for

evangelical labor. Visit of Mr. Day to Madras, accompanied by M'Carthy, an assistant-- Dis

Encouraging prospects at Bangalore. solution of the church at Madras-Vis While br. Day was in Arcot he learnit to ArcoiBaptism of several candi- ed that there were a number of perdates.

sons in Bangalore, auxious to be bapSince my last to the Board I beve tized. Iu a letter just received from experienced some interruption in the br. Mills, we learn that there are ten study of the language, in consequence waiting for an opportunity to express of an affection of the heart, and addi | their faith in Christ, according to his tional labors in the absence of br. Day. own appointment. We have just conMy associate baving returned, and

cluded to send Nullamuthu, the native

my health being now in a good measure re- assistant, to ascertain the true state of stored, I hope soon to be able to prose- things, and to encourage and strengthcute the study of the language with re

en the disciples. The leaven of truth newed energy and diligence. All the is evidently exerting its own natjie members of the niission family are in energy, and will continue to do so, unthe enjoyment of usual healili, but are

til the whole lump shall have been

leavened. experiencing severe lassitude from the inteuse heat of the season. The ther

Labors and prospects at Nellore. mometer ranges from 900 to 104°, but will presently reach its maximum. A house and lot were recently purOn the 21st of April, after an absence chased iu town for 420 rs. The locaof about two months, we had the tion is favorable for the objects of the privilege of welcoming our beloved mission. It is well adapted to answer brethren to the mission family in the the purposes of a zayat, a school, and enjoyment of the ordinary blessings a dwelling-house.

Here on every of a kind providence. On their ar- Lord's-day evening, we examine the rival in Madras, they fouud the state school in the catechism, first lessons of the little Baptist church to be such, and portions of scriptures, and speak that, after careful and prayerful inves- to the people who may be in the street, tigation, they deemed it necessary that in the door, and in the house. We the church should be dissolved. The cherish the hope that a wide door will church at Madras was constituted a here be opened for the promulgation of few years since, while Mr. Day was the gospel, and that we may be permitstationed at that place; it was an Eng- ted to see the salvation of our God. PerJish church and was composed chiefly sons from the adjacent villages occaof persons from the army.

sionally call at the missiou house for It was accordingly disorganized, and conversation and books. About two our brethren departed for Arcot. Here, months since an old man from Ongole after an examination and approval of came to Nellore on business, and learnfour individuals as candidates for bap- ing that there were missionaries in tism, br. Day proceeded to plant them the place, immediately called to see together in the likeness of the Savior's I us. He says that almost ten years

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